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Upset special: Dolphins blow out NE, 38-13!

FOXBORO -- The Dolphins out-coached, outplayed, out-thought, out-executed, you name it they did it to the Patriots today. But mostly they administered a beatdown on New England, 38-13 the stirring result.

New England coach Bill Belicheat agreed with me.

"I thought that Miami played a real good football game," he said. "They did everything a lot better than we did. They outplayed us. They out-coached us. They certainly dominated on offense and defense. I thought we were competitive in the kicking game but that was about it, not on the offensive or defensive sides of the ball."

Ronnie Brown went crazy on the Patriots defense. Using what the Dolphins refer to as the "Wildcat" formation in which Brown lines up in shotgun and either runs, hands off or passes, the running back scored four touchdowns, threw for another touchdown and gained a game-high113 yards on 17 carries.

Ricky Williams contributed 98 yards on 16 carries. Wow.

Brown had TD runs of 62 yards, 5 yards, 15 yards and 2 yards -- all of them out of the "Wildcat" formation. Miami's other points came on a 39-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter.

Although the Patriots scored their first TD of the day on a Matt Cassel pass, the Dolphins defense clearly outplayed New England offense also. New England's TD was made possible primarily because Ellis Hobbs returned a kickoff 81 yards.

That kickoff came after Ronnie Brown threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano to give the Dolphins a 28-6 lead. That is not a misprint. Brown, who ran for three previous scores, lined up in the shotgun and took the direct snap. He rolled left, which is his dominant hand, and pass to Fasano.

The Dolphins have clearly found a chink in the New England defense's armor as Brown tied the team record for rushing TDs in a game with three.

Brown scored from 5 yards out iwth :54 seconds to play in the half. Three of the scores have come on a play in which Brown takes a direct snap from center as Chad Pennington lines up at WR. Brown simply keeps the ball and finds a running lane that one can fit a truck through. He's done this twice. The third time he passed.

New England early on was able to match Miami score for score. The difference was Miami was scoring touchdowns. New England has two field goals.

So the score here is 21-6 so far after Stephen Gostkowski connected on his second field goal of the day.

Ronnie Brown is on a tear! He went over from 15 yards out for his second touchdown of the day as the Dolphins stretched their lead over New England to 14-3 in the second quarter.

The Miami TD answered a 37-yard field goal by Gostkowski that New England used to close the gap with the Dolphins to 7-3 early in the second quarter.

The Dolphins took a 7-0 lead when Brown took a direct snap from center and ran in from 2 yards in the first quarter.

The Dolphins have shown a lot of fight so far. They got their first interception of the season -- that by Randy Starks -- to stop a first quarter New England drive. Then the Dolphins drove 74 yards for the go-ahead TD.

It was the first time this season the Patriots have allowed a first-quarter touchdown and the first time this year Miami takes a lead in a game. Anthony Fasano caught passes of 23 and 24 yards on the drive to help the Dolphins.

It's a beautiful day for a live blog and we will have that in the comment section today.

Meanwhile the news today is that Brown got his first start of the season ahead of Ricky Williams at running back.

As reported in this blog often this week, Renaldo Hill is starting for Chris Crocker at free safety.

I ran into future Dolphins owner and current partner Stephen Ross before the game. He is here. It is interesting, to me at least, that Wayne Huizenga is not here and I didn't see him on the road last week, either. I don't know what that means, but I just figured you'd like to know.

For the Patriots, meanwhile, starting running back Laurence Maroney is out. Backup Lamont Jordan is questionable. The starter will be former Dolphins running back Sammy Morris.


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Ronnie looks quicker than Ricky, now they just need to not get behind and actually run the ball.

Yo Arm. What Do U Think Of Dave Wannstadt ?

Anybody know where i can watch this game streaming live on the internet?

if anyone has links to radio or tv to watch the phins, would be very very much appreciated i live in philly. go dolphins!

I just told my girlfriend no thank you, I have stuff that I really need to do.
But the only thing I have to do is watch the Dolphins.
Dolphins: please do not give your fans urine facials today.


check those for the game.

Somebody said that Keith Traylor used to get hemheroids weekly and would force the rookies to clean them out with rubbing alchohal on a q-tip

Come on, give us a W one time!!

Pumped, 3 in the morning here in Sydney. Fire up fellas. Boxa.

I have a good feeling..I really do...second full games for back ups tend not to go well recently...Joey Porter step up to the mic please...Ronnie Brown please use him ...at least Cam knew something....Brown and Ginn are legit..put them with Dallas, Denver, Giants, Philly and they are all pros

point the finger to the coaching

Is there anywhere to watch it online..>Sidney friend?

Live stream at http://www.justin.tv/medieval954

Wow The Guys On Espn Say Its Not Fair The Pats Get A 2 Week Bye

Will Ian Eagle cheer for the Pats today...usually does. He should be doing minor league baseball games.

Is it just me or is Porter like the villian wrestler in the 1980's that talked smack to Hulk Hogan eventhough everyone knew that the Hulkster would win.

Here we go. Gotta love the Dolphins commitment to special teams.

wow we looked slow on that one huh

How the hell do we defer? Are we that stupid?

no negative talk in the 1st today deal?

Pats come out in three wide and throw on first down.

Great, that mean Sammy Morris is gonna run all over us.

Wow, the Dolphin stop the Pats!!!
The Dolphins stop the Pats!!

so far so good

Pennington to Camarillo on first down. Ball was low but good catch.

Patriots confused on third down presnap... but it doesn't matter.

nice gun chad

keep it positive why tear apart your own team

Did Joey Porter Pass His Drug Test ?

jump a route?

There U Go Porter Sticking Foot In Mouth

Ugly hole. Vonnie Holliday got double teamed up front.

here comes the boom


Joey Porter getting a sack and a large round of boos.

Joey porter is such a clown

I Find It More Enjoyable Rooting 4 The Opponate,that Way You Always Win

Back to back sacks for Dolphins but that was a quick whistle.

Is there a better strem than Justintv? I am thankful but wondering. Good sack and in the grasp calling..something going Miami's way

Is this the dolphins?

Interception for Randy Starks. Great news! It is the first interception of season for the Dolphins.

Unfortunately now the offense comes on the field.

Nice, Randy Starks will have more INTs than Will Allen, all season.

like I said the 2nd game for a backup qb is always rough


Justintv very fuzzy - what game are they showing?

Starks interception...would have never called that one...

we must score this drive

SPREAD THE FIELD and Trickeration

god this hurts


by the way, so you guys can understand: There is no wind here today. None.

Defense playing like men.

Hey, big gain for Fasano coming wide open over the middle.

Damn did Fasano drop that shoulder!


Ted Ginn. Unreal.


Offisde defense. Ginn caught it and fumbled forward fast.

anywhere lese streaming?

Dolphins using two minute drill!!!

Field goal coming.

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