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Baton of fault has been passed to Nick Saban

One repetitive thread on this blog and among frustrated Dolphins fans is that Miami's problems today were caused primarily by Dave Wannstedt and Rick Spielman yesterday.

Everyone complains the lack of talent on the team now is directly tied to the mismanagement those two perpetrated during their combined five seasons of heading the lunacy organization.

And that was true. Until this past Sunday.

I can say that Sunday you saw the baton of responsibility for Miami's mighty talent deficiency passed from Wannstache-Spielman to none other than Nick Saban. We saw the decisions Saban made in 2005 and 2006 hurt the Dolphins on the field against the Arizona Cardinals.


First consider the 2005 draft:

The Dolphins picked Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder, Travis Daniels, Anthony Alabi and Kevin Vickerson in that order. Brown has been a good, but not great player and certainly not one that has yet to reward the Dolphins for the No. 2 overall selection.

Wouldn't it have been better to select receiver Braylon Edwards, as the Dolphins were rumored to be considering?

Remember that Miami desperately needed RBs in that draft and picked one with its first selection. Except that Marion Barber and Frank Gore were available in that draft, were selected much later than Brown, and have so far been better players than Brown.

Matt Roth in the second round? Another borderline starter now. Cornerback Nick Collins went to Green Bay in that round. Roscoe Parrish went to Buffalo in that round. Star safety Kerry Rhodes was on the board in that round and for several more rounds afterward.

Channing Crowder in the third round? Well, Crowder has been solid as a starter. But there are questions whether he will be with the team after this season, which is his last under contract. The team has declined to discuss an extension and I'm told Crowder will hit free agency after the season. The Dolphins don't seem worried about replacing him.

That says something about what they really think of the player. Never mind what comes out of Tony Sparano's mouth. Mind what is done with playing time and with contract negotiations to really judge what the team believes about its players.

Also, the final test of any draft comes when the players in that draft hit free agency. If by their end of the fourth season those drafted players aren't worth re-signing when they become unrestricted free agents, then it is hard to argue they were worthy of being drafted to begin with.

Anyway, despite getting a good starter in Crowder, the Dolphins might have gotten a difference-maker in DE Justin Tuck, or a OL starter in Nick Kaczur, or a DB in Ellis Hobbs or another starting corner in Eric Green, who went to Arizona.

The fourth round was the one that really hurt. Daniels came in that round and was a starter right away because he knew Saban's system. But Daniels was traded for two silver dollars during training camp. And Barber was drafted in that round after Daniels and he's a Pro Bowl player. Rhodes was taken in that round after the Dolphins picked. So were Brandon Jacobs of the Giants and Brady Poppinga of Green Bay -- two more starters.

The Dolphins didn't have a sixth-round pick that year. That was shipped to San Diego for David Boston. How'd that work out?

In the seventh round the Dolphins picked Kevin Vickerson. Can't rip this pick too much because seventh-rounders rarely turn into difference-makers. But the Dolphins this weekend will face a former seventh rounder picked after Vickerson in 2005. His name is Matt Cassel.

In the 2006 draft, the Dolphins drafted a guy who I am very close to designating as a bust: Jason Allen.

Think about it. Allen was handed the starting free safety job this year in training camp. He couldn't keep it and fell behind Chris Crocker on the depth chart. Crocker is not exactly a great player as we saw Sunday. Meanwhile, rather than using the time away from the starting unit to improve and push Crocker, Allen has regressed.

When Crocker was taken out of Sunday's game, the Dolphins replaced him at free safety with Renaldo Hill. So not only is Allen not on first team, he's not second team, either. Geez. And the concerning thing is that this is the third coaching staff that has declined to embrace Allen. Remember Saban didn't start him and last year he was well down in the depth chart until everyone got hurt. It wasn't until the choice was playing Allen or Tuff Harris that Dom Capers relented and finally put Allen in the starting lineup.

The painful thing is that the 2006 first round was a gushing oil well of talent and the Dolphins didn't get even one drop in their tank. After Allen went to Miami, LB Chad Greenway went to Minnesota and has started the past 18 games. San Diego took Antonio Cromartie who is a stud. KC drafted Tamba Hali, a fine player. Pittsburgh drafted deep threat Santonio Holmes who also starts. Last year, Holmes averaged a whopping 18.1 yards per reception and almost had a 1,000 yard season.

Continuing, the Jets drafted starting center Nick Mangold. The Giants picked fine DE Mathias Kiwanuka. And Indy selected very productive Joseph Addai.

The second round of that 2006 draft, believe it or not, was a greater disaster for Miami than the first round. The Dolphins gave that pick to the Minnesota Vikings because they traded for Daunte Culpepper rather than sign Drew Brees as an unrestricted free agent. Brees has thrown 58 TDs for his new team. Culpepper spent one injury-riddled year in Miami and is out of the NFL now.

In the third round the Dolphins picked Derek Hagan. In the fourth round the Dolphins picked Joe Toledo while Denver picked Brandon Marshall out of Central Florida, which is like a two-hour drive from the Dolphins training facility. Marshall caught 18 passes against San Diego Sunday. That is typically more than half a season's work for Hagan.

Anyway, the Dolphins had no pick in the fifth round that year because they used it in the supplemental draft on Manny Wright. How'd that work out?

The sixth round pick went to San Diego in the Cleo Lemon trade. And the seventh-round selection was used on Fred Evans, who is playing for Minnesota.

The bottom line is the 2006 draft brought Miami zero starting players. The 2005 draft was better, but it didn't bring Miami any stars and certainly no superstars.

So the next time you want to blame Wannstache and Spielman for Miami's current woes, resist the temptation. The baton of fault has been passed.

Nick Saban is running with it now.


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It took this long to figure out that Jason Allen was a total bust?

Ronnie Brown needs grading sans his injuries, he has like ten 100 yard rushing games for a terrible and sporadic Dolphins franchise that lacked any offensive line before last year.

The other picks, the Matt Roths, Derek Hagains and Travis Daniels are the most painful, what should be serving as depth and mini strengths are failing miserably.

God, the Fins have such a long road ahead of them to respectability!

Brown and Crowder were fine picks that should still have been made today. I have no problem with looking back at past drafts and pointing out obvious mistakes, but you seem to be looking back at past drafts determined to fit every pick into the mistake category. It's just not the case, and you're forcing it with some of those guys.

I totally agree with you throughout, Armando. And one thing I would add is that Ronnie Brown is not even a starter now. He's gotten beat out by a 32 year old dope addict. And, as you say, the truest test of a drafted player is when he hits free agency. I seriously doubt the Dolphins will try to re-sign Ronnie Brown when he is a free agent after 2009.

Chris Nelson, you would still pick Ronnie Brown over Marion Barber today? You would still pick Ronnie Brown over Frank Gore today?

I can see there is no danger of you ever becoming an NFL GM. Ridiculous.

This is just sad. Saban was supposed to be a college-talent guru, with an insight into the college level athlete because he was coaching in its ranks. The rebuilding process is going to take 3-4 years with this team becuase it is absolutely bereft of any talent coming from drafts prior to 2008. And the Drew Brees debacle still hurts, and will hurt unless and until Henne is ready in 2010.

That was just sad to read...cause I remember when we drafted each one of those players...who by the way, the Dolphins NEVER draft who I want them to, but I TRIED to embrace each pick, based on POTENTIAL, and that Satan had to know what he was doing better than I, and whereas you can ALWAYS do the woulda, coulda, shoulda, it is just sad to see just how BAD those two years really were. Yes, I knew I felt empty after those drafts, like we just missed the boat, but never realized how BAD we missed the boat!! I want to have hope, just dont even see the silver lining with the team we have now. WHO is our Cornerstone to build this team around right now?? Is that person even on our team? Is it Henne? Should it be Tebow? WHO???!!! and for the Love of God...WHEN!!!!??!!

Armando I appreciate that this is a not a typical hindsight is 20/20 look at those past draft. You are not gloating or saying you would have done better. It is a strictly analytical perspective on something that requires scrutiny.

I appreciate it. It was a good, but sad read.

I like candy bars.

Look, I stand by my assessment. You can take the best qb in any draft and compare him with the value you receive from a defensive end and why are you reading this- get back to work you goof. Don't you know you are being surveiled?

Check out my new book on how to grow a rich luxurious mane of hair.

PLease don't drop me!

I agree with everything except for Brown. The O-line has been bad, no QB's, and no receivers. For 2 years it was basically Brown, one good player(Chambers), and a bunch of mediocre players.

The difference between the Wanny regime and the Saban regime, is that Saban only took 2 years to blow his drafts, but Wanny took a grand total of five!

Huzienga's only mistake was giving Wanny and Spielman 03-04 to call the shots. After losing the '02 season finale and missing the playoffs, with 8 Pro Bowl players, they should've hired someone with real football acumen to run the personnel side.

Ronnie will be fine as soon as the line opens up holes.
I am probably the only fan that hasn't given up on Jason Allen.
He played well in the preseason and the coaches seem to put players in the dog house if they are paid well and have one slow performance.
Play these guys and quit pulling them out of the line up so we can see which way to go next year.
If the coaches quit playing yo-yo with their puds and the players we might end up with some cohesion.

I know everything.

Good stuff. And bad stuff. If you know what I mean.

What is this game of 'football' you guys keep talking about? I am confused.

Next year the baton will be passed to Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller. Here are the picks:
Ginn, Beck, Satele, Booker, Solai, Mormino, Fields, Mauia, Smith, Wright.
The phins roster for 2009 will likely only have Satele and Fields on it. The 9th and 40th picks are busts 1 yr after they were picked.

During that period 2005-2006. Our current regime was rebuilding that Cowboy franchise!

Get ready people it will come full circle once again!

What's really painful is that, if Dolphin fans were polled before each pick in the past 10 drafts, the team would be solid - if not great. This is not hindsight is 20/20 either. The calls and posts were loud and clear for many of the great players listed here (and some not listed here) BEFORE each draft. Then each regime tried to sell their picks to the fans. There wasn't too much of that this year. Next year, I'm sure the fans will be calling for skill position players (Michael Crabtree?).

Hindsight is 20/20.

This is the worst article yet for you. It's like blaming and old goverment for a new goverments problem. The dolphins could have fixed this team easily this year. They had the money and the picks. The problem is an incometent, inexperienced coach and an ego in the front office who was not worth bringing in.

Jake Long was the right move at first pick. Faneca should have been picked up in Free agency as well. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas should have dealt for a second and third round pick as soon as those jerks got in office. Asante Samuel and the corner from San Fransico should have been picked up. Ernest Wilford Dante Stalworth(who was available cheap) Ted Ginn and Family should be at wide out and Ronnie Brown should be going noth to south in the power I behind Maui and catching out of the screen game. There goes your 8 and 8 team. The organization is poorly managed period. Everyone is being paid high salaries. Fix it and stop looking in the past.

Jason Allen is not a bust. I don't care if he practices poorly when he is on the field bad things don't happen in his direction of coverage.

hi Dolphin Addict; You can give up on Jason Allen now, officially, he would not even be on an NFL roster (for any team) and not teh DOlphins had he not been a former first round pick.

He has been an utter disaster as a player because he has bad preparation and even worse instincts.

Not to rain on your parade :)

Oh no....Wannstedt and Spielman are not absolved of blame simply because Saban's drafts were not much better. Wannspiel started this plane wreck....Saban merely stole the last parachute.

I am really good. That is what my agent tells me anyway. I am sleek, fast and elegant. I also am of pure pedigree and stock. I mean, I must be good because I was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, right? I don't know why you people keep attacking me... I just need more time and coddling, oh and more money according to my agent, because ... well, did I mention that I am kind of a big deal around here. Huh?... what is cover 2 zone? I don't know - I will get back to you on that? And no! I don't know what a wide receiver is so stop asking me. I just have a hunch that they are something I should run away from if I ever see one... I have to go now. I am a really important first round pick... thats right fellas - first round.

Can I play?

Please release or trade J. Allen. Played well once in the starting line up last season. He and Bell are the only safeties w/enough athletic ability to play on Sundays. Look at his tackles per game once in the starting lineup. I'm tired of us playing players that have a connection w/a coach(ex. Crocker and Bowles). Also, Torbor needs to be on the field, pick any LB and set them beside Crocker on the bench.

Hey we were all great 1st round picks, too.

I'll give you a seventh round pick in the 2014 draft for Jason Allen.

Yes, please release me. This football game is hard.


Dante Stallworth is not even on the field for the browns because he is hurt just like every year I would not want Stallworth for free.......I guess you were expecting super bowl after a 1 - 15 year.......The Arizona game was bad I must admit but we could have won the jets game and we where in it all the way until the end.......Only 22 of the current 53 players where even here last year 6 new starters on offense and 4 new starters on defense and you expect all these guys in less than 2 weeks of training camp 4 preseason games and 2 regular season games to be super bowl contenders......Arizona is not so bad of a team they have been playing together for more than three years and Boldin and Fitz are probably two of the best recievers in the NFL and Argueably the best Recieving Tandem in the NFL Not to mention that they have an experienced super bowl QB throwing to them but yet our unexperienced team was going to beat them.......Let the fins get a few more games under there belt and we will finish with 5 or 6 wins which was the prediction most people thought anyway.........You are expecting two much and you are letting yourself down.......
I don't think brown is a bust I think Ricky is starting because of browns injury last year brown has looked better the Ricky in both games and I think by mid season Brown will be starting....The two Rookie DE we got this year are looking good especially Langford.....Henne looks like he has what it takes but I think its best for the team to bring him along slowly for God Sakes look at Aaron Rodgers what a beast and he rode the pine for 3 years and look at lienart after rushing him to soon in his career (They where both drafted in the same draft) is riding the bench because the coaching staff decided that he is not ready......I understand your frustation but be patient and if you do not see the difference between this team and last years team you are not watching the games........We really need a big reciever whether Ginn is a bust or not I don't know but I'm sure he is never going to be a number 1 reciever.......I don't get why he is not in the return game my only thought is that maybe they where saving him for the offense but then barely played........The point is the team needs to play together more plus add a few pieces in the secondary and to the recieving corps.....The O line will be fine they just nee to play together more DL and LB look good......Running backs look good but need holes and that will come as the O line adjusts.....QBs look better than they have since Fielder and will look better as the Oline improves......Just be patient.....But to expect more than 5 - 6 wins is crazy......But I think there will be plenty to be happy about as the season progresses.

Go Phins

Well argued Armando, but I must insist on continuing to blame the Blunder Twins for Miami's woeful state. Why? Because it's fun and it involves mustache jokes!

Case in point: Schnellenberger. You're laughing already. Charles Bronson. Robert Goulet. Jamie from Mythbusters. See? It's a never-ending font of personal amusement.

So you go ahead, and take your reasons and take your facts and take your logic and write your well-supported blog posts; I will continue to be amused by clumsy male facial hair.

In conclusion: Jake Plummer.

Its pretty lame to judge a draft with hindsight.

Facts are, Nick Saban won a lot of games as head coach of Miami with what he had, good or bad. You might also argue that if he stayed on he would have had more time to develop the talent he saw in these people.

Ronnie Brown is a great RB who has fallen victim to circumstances, injuries, coaching changes, competing for playing time with Ricky Williams..etc

Channing Crowder is a solid LB. Nothing wrong with that pick.

In general, if you get 2-3 keepers in a draft thats a pretty good success rate. Go back and look at the Shula years, despite being the greatest coach ever he had some really stunningly bad drafts on occasion.

Its pretty lame to judge a draft with hindsight. -- Jed

Please Jed, tell me how the hell else would you judge a draft? With a crystal ball a few days beforehand?

I think Ellie Mae has made you crazy dude.

Armando, I agree with you to an extent... I have and will continue to place the blame squarely on Wannstedt/Spielman. Those guys did not have a clue how to evaluate talent, at least Saban had a plan and Jason Allen was slotted at that 16th pick by nearly ever pre-draft mock. I am in no way defending Satan, but the trade for Culpepper was celebrated at the time and Crowder is a good player. Fred Evens would have been a good player if he had been given a second chance by Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes-Fail-Forward-Fast. Travis Daniels played really well as a rookie until he hurt his ankle and was never the same afterward.

But, more than anything that comes into play is the lack of continuity in the coaching staff. Each coach/GM has their own scheme, their own player type that fits into their own system. Ted Ginn would not have been given a whiff by Parcells, but GTSFFF saw him and his family as a good fit in the let’s-be-nice-to-everyone system. Why was Beck chosen instead Quinn? Because Brady was perceived as a “me first” player, while Beck was perceived as the best fit in the let’s-be-nice-to-everyone system. Who knows, (thank God we didn’t have to find out) if the Goodie Two Shoes system would have worked given enough time to get his type of players in here, same with Satan.

Now here we are with another system... On the whole it looks like nearly every player selected high in the past several drafts except Ronnie Brown has a bull’s eye on his back. And this is not unusual... How many bad teams remain bad because they lose and the coach is jettisoned and then the next coach and the next? What comes out of it is not necessarily bad players being selected, but players who do not fit into the next coach’s system. After two or three rapid coaching changes the team ends up with a mix of players who don’t fit into any system.

The only fix is the fix we are seeing now. Just get rid of the players who don’t fit no matter the cost. Have faith in the coaching staff and personnel people and allow them the time to rebuild the team to fit into their system. For us the fans it sux because the Dolphins will not be good for another two years... The only thing we can do is have faith in Parcells, Sparano and Ireland and give them the time it will take. Watching Philly and Dallas last night showed me just how far behind we are in the talent department. Two years might not be enough.

Would of, could of, should of...Hindsight is easy...Better yet, how is this mess going to be fixed?

Unfortunately there has been nothing to indicate that this latest "savior" (Sparano) is any different from the last two (Saban, Cameron)...I knew we did not have much a of a chance against AZ but to be so completely outclassed is unacceptable. We should be able to at least compete in the first half before our lack of depth kills us.

Nothing in the AZ game indicates that we are any different from last year. In fact, last year we were able to keep games close...That three year plan is looking more like five...

Saban won a decent amount of games with veterans. As a talent scout planning for the future, he totally blew it. That said...I agree its lame to judge a draft with hindsight. Fact is, the team was in a rebuilding mode under Cameron (whether they admitted it or not) and they are now as well. This team will not win more than 3 games..but people will be ok with it because they love Parcells. They were already calling for Cam to be fired last year at this time...don't hear anyone crying for the trifecta's heads yet. By the way, don't paint me as a Cameron lover, was pretty glad to see him go. Its just ironic. Our main problem in my opinion is still the same. Everyone knows they can light up our secondary and will continue to do so at will.

Good points!

Hey, why isn't Ginn returning kicks - a skill he can actually use to produce touchdowns!!! What, like we're scoring too many on offense? Sorry, I know this isn't what today's blog is about, but this is bothering me!

passing on a player like Drew Brees is a mistake that can haunt a franchise for ten years or so. very depressing.

Trifecta urinating on fans faces: Nobody believes Pennington gives us better chance to win this weekend than Henne.

Dear Wayne Huizenga,
If you're going to urinate on the fans faces don't compound it by telling us its raining.

Disagree wholeheartedly with the Jason Allen comments. There is something else going on in practices/meetings that we can't see. Everytime Allen is on the field in games the defense/st looks serviceable. When Crocker is out there it's a disaster! Allen made the only highlight plays for the Dolphins in the Arizona game. They need to play him. When Crocker got his stinger the guy flailed around like he had been decapitated. I like Hill, but he's not Allen in terms of talent.

Diddn't Dave and Co. pass on Boldin to take a linebacker that never played a game? Then trade Adawale to chicago for a receiver when he could have had the guy that torched us on sunday? It will take at least 2 more drafts to get out of this. Be Patient.

Every draft is full of what should have been done. There is no team in the NFL that can say every pick it makes is great and they all turn out great. You can say all you want about well we should have picked Brandon Marshall. Marshall was a 4th round pick by another team that worked out. Marshall obviously wasn't a can't miss prospect. The same media people who blast Allen now calling him a bust (which he is) are the same idiots who ranked as a first round talent when he came out. Just about every mock draft had him going top 25. Miami picked him. The ONE thing no mock draft or pre draft work out can tell you is how a player will react when given the money. Some want more. Some start chilling. Allen obviously got what he wanted (held out for 15 days doing it) and our franchise pays the price, but to say we should have picked someone else is like saying I should have taken Michael Dell up on his offer to start a business. Some players pan out, some don't. That is the way it is.

My point exactly Armondo!!! The fins have made poor decisions since JJ came on board. While we were going through these horrific drafts, Dallas was building the team we all saw last night under Parcells. It's going to take time.

Finfan in orlando I agree with you regarding the young defensive ends however I am out of patience and am not interested in hearing that line anymore. A full decade is more than enough patience for 70 men making 6 figures or better a year. I want results, and results are not hard to come by if you are smart or at the very least competent in the Free angency market and draft. No regime to date has done that. What should I do, just relax for another three years to have the coaching staff fired and start from scratch once the team goes 5 and 11 in 2010/

This is all crap, I remember when Shula used to draft people who'd never even played real football just because they were 400 lbs and 7 feet tall. I don't remember names, because they were busts.

By the way, it's not looking back you morons. It's explaining why we just got the crap beat out of us again. There is no coaching staff in the nfl that could make the dolphins a .500 team this year. Look at the picks this year. The defensive ends, Long, and Henne. Something tells me Bill Parcells knows a little more about draft picks and football than all of us combined. All of these picks will be starters for the fins for a long time. It's a 2 or 3 year process. Relax and just drink malox for the rest of the season while watching the fins play.

Okay, let me take any draft since the NFL started and talk about what could have been for EVERY SINGLE TEAM! The draft is an art and there are no guarantees. JT and Zach could have easily been busts too. My current issues are that we need to play ALL off our players to see what they have on the field. Give them ALL chances. I have $6M reasons to play Wilford. I also want to see if Allen really is a bust. Lay off Ronnie until we have an OL and he's healthy. This is a rebuilding year, we need to evaluate talent on the field. You can't do that when half of the team never sees the field.


Yes you should relax and wait for this team to flourish and it will eventually....and if you don't then change your name!!

Tinshaker, I agree in regards to J. Allen and that I believe he's a gamer. His 3 picks were against McNabb(2) and Brady in his limited starts in 07. Played well in pre-season. But, if the new regime doesn't like him, let him go. They outsmarted themselves on the Crocker move and are hesitant to turn back.

Daryl in Charlotte this team this organization goes nowhere for the next 5 to 10 years because of the dumb decisions like hiring a coach with no experience being in charge of an NFL team. You want to fix the Draft. Bring back the GM who gave us Marino, Clayton, Duper, and Kieth Jackson. That how you fix your offense. Dig him up if you have to.

Excellent post Patrick, couldn't have said it better myself! If you look at all the dominant teams in the NFL they have had the same head coach for the past few years and choose THEIR players to fit THEIR system. Expecting magic in ANY head coaches first year is completely irresponsible no matter how big a fan you are. Give Sparano time to get HIS players with the next couple of drafts and we will see improvement. Thats it!

I agree with you Mando. What really needs to be pointed out is that the biggest hole when Saban came was at QB. In two drafts he selected exactly ZERO QBs. That's where he really did the franchise wrong.
Even having obtained Culpepper in 2006, he still should have drafted one. Seriously, even the Pats drafted one despite Brady still having many years left in him. We now know how that has worked out...

PS - no one should have really expected much at all from this year's team. Just think of how great another top 10 pick will be next draft with this regime in place.

Why am I so stupid?

It really is not realistic to think any draft pick of the past would have fared any better than some current Dolphin players.

Had Ronnie been drafted by Dallas he might just be the best RB in the game.

The problem IMO is when JJ was beaten up by you same media people, after a loss or two the world is coming to an end....

If blame is to be past it should fall strictly on he owner, Wayne is a nice guy from what I have learned but to have the turnover this team have suffered over these past few seasons is jut foolish. The best teams are the ones that have allowed the coaching staff to stay for years….. Each time you show the current management the door that sets back the team and negates the previous draft picks that seem to not fit in with the new regime. And a year or two into the new staff the media beats them up and they stir up the fan base and heads roll…..

I did not like last year but it was only one year, did they really have to fire the previous regime? Cam had Ronnie playing his best ball, I don’t think the GM did that bad of a job……

Nick and JJ was hounded and pestered to the point they wanted out.

Stability will be the key to success.

In regards to Jason Allen; If the last two regimes didnt like him, are we too assume he's actually a good player?

As for this year's regime not liking him, that's not saying much. Aside from the draft class (which the jury is still out on) their offseason FA acquisitions have been some of the worst ALL-TIME.

Put that logic in your pipe and smoke it ;)

The biggest reason there is no talent isn't the bad draft picks as much as the bad trades that depleted our draft picks.

Go back to the trade for Ricky Williams then couple that with the 2 second round picks for AJ Feeley and Culpepper. Did we give up a third rounder for Lamar Smith who broke his shoulder in his first game against Pittsburgh??

That is 3-5 picks in rounds 1,2 & 3 that should be starters and major contributors to this team right now...

I don't agree at all. I am a HUGE fan of the Dolphins' recent drafts.

That was Lamar Gordon, not Lamar Smith. And I believe it was the 3rd game of the year (hurricane game)

you may continue.

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