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Can Pennington and Ginn work together?

Chad Pennington and the Dolphins receiver corps meet twice a week -- typically on Wednesday and Friday -- to watch film and talk and clear the air about different subjects. It's a good way for the players to forge a bond away from the field.

The group is also working together, according to coach Tony Sparano, after each practice on the field in an effort to find chemistry that way as well.

But the question I have, in all honesty, is how Ted Ginn Jr. and Pennington can bridge the divide between their playing styles and God-given gifts to make things work between the team's No. 1 receiver and starting quarterback?

I ask because I simply don't think these two guys are well-suited for one another.

Ginn is a developing player but we all know his strengths are speed and stretching the field. He is a long-strider who seems most comfortable running 9 routes and deep posts and skinny posts. He needs to go down the field in a straight line, outrun people, and get the ball thrown over the top of the defense.

Pennington, meanwhile, is a quarterback more comfortable working with his receivers on timing. He wants to know the ins and outs of their route-running so he can anticipate them coming out of their breaks and have the ball delivered to them as they come clear.

The fact is a deep sideline pass of 17 yards typically requires a QB to throw it about 24 yards on a line. Pennington can do it, but the ball doesn't really hum out there. I sails sometimes. So he prefers working the short middle of the field.

Pennington is not a quarterback you'll see throwing the ball 30, 40 or 60 yards down the sideline to the receiver. Those throws also require a strong arm. Pennington relies on the receiver catching it between 5 and 15 yards downfield then delivering YAC (yards after catch) if there is to be a big play.

Ginn, still learning to run precise routes, isn't a great timing receiver. He also isn't built for attacking the middle of a defense a lot, although he'll gladly do it if asked. Again, he is about speed and running by folks.

So how can a QB that relies on short passes and timing and a receiver that is best suited for getting behind a defense before he gets the ball mesh?

So far they have not. Pennington has completed two passes to Ginn this season. They were both of the short variety and Ginn didn't turn them into long gains because they came in traffic.

It seems to me like an obvious problem for the Dolphins. The solution?

Either Ginn has to drastically adjust his game and accept running short, precise routes in the middle of the field. Or the Dolphins need a stronger-armed quarterback that can fire over the top of the defense. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me.


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Look, the whole tone of your article is to dump Penny for Henne. It is a bit premature for that drastic a move. Give the line a chance to gel, give Henne more time with the clipboard, and give him playing time once it no longer matters, to get his feet wet. As the year goes on, move him into tighter situations, and see what he can do. By the end of the year, he should be ready to start. You guys did the same thing last year with Beck, and now most of you are calling him a bust, and any number of nasty names because he didn't come in and be Dan. Use your brain, and stop trying to ruffle feathers. Henne, and Beck both were struggling before Penny was brought in. He changed the tone, and the mindset with the young QB's, like McCown couldn't. Those of you calling down the Penny pickup just remember that. Penny's contribution goes beyond what he can do on the field. As for the premise, he had a speed guy in college too. He, and Moss both got their draft status because of the long TD's they connected on. Is Penny the future? No. Will he throw 90 yard TD's? No. Should we risk our future for the CHANCE of deeper pass. be patient.

Tinshaker, do you think Sparano is going to use a two QB system?

Trade Ginn for Coles...problem solved.

hate it when i miss the party. i work one day and u guys are all taking time off, whats up with that?

i have said it before, penny is showing us his arm is gone, nadda, finito. yea the defense is putting 8 in the box, u call it seven, i call a cb or roaming weak safety 8 in the box.cause they know henne is holding a helmet to his ear listening to hennings crap.

its not ginn. as someone said, he is outrunning penny's ability to deliver, so he checks down to the slant or flare.

its a one horse offense with penny in there. AND he is slow making reads, cause those WR are eating a sandwich in the endzone or taking a wizz around the 15 yard line.

until henne is in there to change the approach and give us a wide open offense, we are not going to win even the defence plays out of their heads. i said week one, ryan and flacco won their first start.

its not ginn, bess, camarillo or hagen. its fasano and martin and the backs getting the catches.

not too damn scared to play henne-NOW

Tree, valid points, but I just want to SUGGEST that Henne actually was NOT struggling before Pennington got signed, but was actually outperforming the other two QBs. They brought in Pennington because they didn't want to hand the team off to a rookie QB. The rookie was winning the competition. Once Pennington was brought in, the open competition essentially ended and Pennington was assumed starter until the coaches made it official.

Mr Bungle,
about the same probability of Parcells sticking around for four years.

A short history of Pennington in Miami.

August. Pennington arrives. Dolphin fans think this stinks. Weak arm and he is a hated jet.

August-camp & preseason. Fans change their minds, maybe this was a good idea after all.

September- real games. He is who we thought he was. We were right the first time.

Good call Parcells.

Tin, I think Parcells might see this thing through. Remember he's not coaching anymore. This is the first time he's ever done this job. People have a hard time separating the two, he even said that in an interview with ESPN. The job he has now is probably a piece of cake for him and still gets to compete and have his name attached to it.

Mr Bungle - ok let me change my wording then, ahem, 'about the same probability of Auburn beating LSU' ...no, wait...'about the same chance as Ohio State winning the BCS'...hmm, no...how about...'about the same chance as a Buffalo Bills fan understanding that dolphins are not fish!'

What's up everybody? Don't you think that a number 9 overall pick should be able to do just about anything... in other words be a playmaker? Mando, you're making it sound like Ginn can do one thing well, run straight and fast. That very well be the case. If so, what a waste of a draft pick. Usain Bolt can do that and no one is jumping at the chance to put him on their football team. Ginn is still young and has lots to learn. Unfortunately he was drafted in a position which requires immediate impact and he hasn't provided it. Here's my question... If Ginn were drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round, would he still be on the team?

No it is not rocket science that is why the Jets got rid of Pennington because they have two receivers that can fly down the field and he couldn't get it to them. Ginn was still learning how to play receiver at Ohio State when he entered the draft, this is why it was insane to spend such a high pick on him.

The one thing I feared about obtaining Pennington as a QB is exactly what you stated above. Pennington cannot throw over 25 yds at best. It's obvious Ginn is a speed machine that will stretch the field. So in relation to what many said previously... CHAD HENNE. Only I think Henne should at least sit a year with a clipboard and learn. I just hope with our luck lately) that by the time Henne starts, Ginn doesn't lose any speed. I said at the beginning of the season we could really use a veteran WR to school Ginn to accelerate his progress.

I have read everyone's comments about this article. It seems that we all think that Penne can't hit Ginn on a deep route or when he is burning down the field. that may or may not be true.

What could be true is that the whole offense is simply not ready to win. As a unit they are performing as individuals and not a team. That creates breakdowns in every play. We might see Ginn run a perfect 9 route and be wide open, but the call was for Camarillo or Fasano to get the ball and they drop it or the qb gets sacked. We scream because we see Ginn open and complain that Penne doesn't have a strong arm and should have hit Ginn. The 8 in the box ploy that teams are using against the Phins are because they know our offense is incapable of making a big play and that the odds are one of the R's will get the ball.

The coaches aren't ready to blame ginn, henne, penne or the refs. So, it comes down to whether or not the Phins can do it. My answer to that is "Not at this time".

Can Penny deliver to Ginn. I bet you he can but not at this time.

I meant to post this here and put in another blog my mistake so here goes:
""Renaldo's done a good job from a physical standpoint, but so has Chris Crocker,'' Sparano said. "What Renaldo has done is Renaldo's really been physical back there and he's a pretty smart guy back there. So is Crocker. They get us lined up pretty well, but … Renaldo is around the ball. He tackles. He got his hands on an awful lot of footballs in preseason. --TS"

Couple telling things here. First Sparano failed to mention Jason Allen altogether when talking about the FS position. This adds weight to my feeling that Allen wasn't getting any reps at the safety position in practices.
Second, and this sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know, but is it possible that Sparano has been watching tape and mixing up Allen and Hill? I know Hill had an interception in pre-season, but the only guy making an 'awful lot' of plays in pre-season was Allen. I know it doesn't make any sense, but all this talk about Hill always being in position and getting his hands on balls, etc, doesn't seem to match up with my eyes at all. It could be an explanation as to why I've been scratching my head so much over this situation. A bizarre explanation, but could you put it past Pasqualoni (obviously a genius) and Sparano (still struggling to find out what he's got on the team)?

The thing is they feel committed to play Penny because they brought him in..I watched every Michigan game for 4 yrs. HENNE is ready now he is never intimadated and has great down field acurracy! you guys remember the Henne - brylon edwards combo. hE COULD HAVE THAT WITH GINN! funny how everyone was open with henne in there with the cards. WHEN THE HIGHER UPS GET TIRED OF HAVING PENNY JUST BE THE LEADER OF THE TEAM AND TRY NOT TO HURT HIS FEELINGS WE WILL SEE THEM i HOPE PUT HENNE IN AND CHOOSE TO WIN RATHER THAN PROTECTING PENNYS FEELINGS. HIS WIN LOSS RECORD WAS NOT GOOD WITH THE JETS AND IT WON'T GET BETTER HERE WHERE CLEARLY HE DOES NOT FIT THEIR PERSONNEL!!!

Hey dreday- BYU is 2-0 against the mighty PAC-10 this year including a 59-0 beat down of UCLA who beat Tennessee the previous week. Not every college in the country came be in the SEC.

No it's not rocket science but ofcourse they need to adjust Ginns routes. The other problem is with comparing Coles to any of our receivers. No he's not a speed guy but he sure as hell could go up and get the ball which is something none of our wrs seem to be able to accomplish. I'm not comfortable with Henne starting for the fact that if he starts and has a few bad outings Dolphins fans will call him a bust and this crap will start all over again. He has plenty of years ahead of him and his development is not going to be hurt by easing him in. Everyone wants him to play because they think he's going to come out and be Marino like and take over the team and we will start seeing wins all of the time. All of these hopes put on one guy and if he doesn't perform well what happens? "You Suck Henne"! "Go back to Michigan Chad"! And if he does well then what? We win 5 games this year, greeeeaaaat. So that's what it comes down to IMO. It's all about the risk/reward factor. You put him in and you risk hurting his development behind a young unproven o-line and young, talent starved wr corp. That's the risk of playing him. What's the risk of not playing him as compared to the future of the team? There is none. He will develop just fine by going in for mop up and maybe the last 4 or 5 games of the season. There's no magic pill here that's going to turn us around over night, people need to be patient.

I like Henne A LOT and think he has the ability to be VERY good and I KNOW he will have great success IF he is groomed CORRECTLY but NO ONE knows what will happen if he isn't and thats why I dont want him starting or getting any significant PT until our OL is solid and the play calling is at least decent.

Someone said that AZ wasnt in prevent and was blitzing Henne left and right..you might want to watch that tape again spinner!

Starting with 9:42 left in the 4th,Henne comes in and AZ has 4 DL and 3 LB's in the box and the LB's drop back in coverage EVERY PLAY until 6:04 left and us at the AZ 30 yd line.

AZ blitzes but are off sides,and they blitz EVERY PLAY and we stall until the 4th and 5 completion where they went back in prevent once again.

Henne has did very well with a min. of 3 and 4 wideouts and the RB going in motion and the D in prevent but so did Penne against the jets, AFTER Sparano evidently told Henning to go get some coffee and took over the play calling,so this TEAM does quite well in the no huddle/hurry up/2 minute Offense with 3 and 4 wide outs because D's simple cant cover those packages and thats proven true the last two weeks when implemented.

ALL this O needs is some creativity and imagination from the scheming and play calling end of things and you guys will be swearing that Penne is the next coming and/or that Sparano must have threatened to kill their first borns.

guys guys guys the only way ginn and pennington will look good is if the running game gets going but with 8 in the box everyday and teams forceing the dolphins to rely on the pass. Well .......were in for a long season

There is only one time to put in Henne. And that is when the -line is completely solid.Why put a rookie into a rushed situation?Let the o-line gel a while. Then bring in Henne,and learn what they can do together.This team is not about now realisticly.
It wont hurt us next year losing a few games now when the draft happens next year.The Trifecta will have targets to build a team from again, and more foundation will be set with a 8 and 8 record.
What happens next is awesome. The sky`s the limit!!!

Beck started for BYU in 2004 when they opened with a win against Notre Dame


If you're gonna run down a pretty good QB at least get the info right.

Keep in mind Henne and Long led Michigan to that infamous loss against Appalachian St. where the offense was stymied by a division ii opponent's defense.

I think Henne will start after the BYE week, unless Penny looks great and we win. We would be 0-3 and the coaches would have two weeks to read the paper and hopefully be sick of losing. Go Miami!

Keep in mind Squeezle, you bone head. Check Henne's Appalachian game and figure out it wasn't Henne's fault, the defense sucked. I know Henne and he is as close to Marino in arm strength as you can get. He is a smart kid and can take a hit better than Penny and Beck. He will start early like Marino and be the next best QB of Miami!

I can not believe that Pennington (weak/noodle arm or not) cant get the ball to Ginn with enough zip in the 30 yrd range. Maybe not a 60 yarder, but a 30-40... come on ...

I just find it hard to believe a pro QB and a speedster like Ginn cant get it done !

I think if Penny & Ginn work on it - the opportunities will present. They just gotta try when the get midfield and take the gamble. Obviously our opponents wont be expecting it.

Also, Squeezle, Michigan beat Notre Dame also and it wasn't that hard for either team. Henne could throw better than Beck in Jr. High

Dont look for Henne to start anytime soon .... wont happen !!!

They'll put him in in garbage time like they did in AZ.

No chance Parcell's and crew will taint him like Cam did Beck

Frank, has Penny ever been able to throw a bullet over 3o yards? I don't think so Moss made more YAC at Marshall because Penny could not throw a good deep ball

Henne is not Beck, he played in a better conference and started for 4 years. He is the most calm QB you will ever see.

Hey Rob,

Bwa-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bone head? That's it?

That App St. game was full of field goals and failed 2 point conversions = offensive failures. You wanna compare some more stats between Henne, Pennington and Beck?

How about Wonderlic scores?

Henne ....... 21
Beck ........ 34
Pennington .. 25

How about NCAA passer rating over their four year careers (yes, Beck and Pennington also started as freshmen)

Henne ....... 133.9
Beck ........ 141.2
Pennington .. 150.9

Excellent insight. I usually only respond with criticism, but I should show respect when its well deserved.
The team needs a couple more years before its competitive. I'm hoping we get some talented wide receiver in the 1st round of the draft. Perhaps a bigger receiver that can go deep or over the middle will draw the attention of safeties and thus allowing Ginn to blow by them. Henne should be ready to take the reigns next year. Macklin or Crabtree would be great additions. Anyone else come to mind?

two words: davone bess

two words: davone bess

i live in philly and am watching desean jackson explode on the scene, if ted ginn had donovan mcnabb he would be doing the same, also im sooo pissed we didn't draft eddie royal, im a big combine guy and he clearly stood out as the best reciever, yet he went in the 3rd rd? it's soo frustrating when u know a late rd guy is gonna be a star and ur team passes on him and its another teams gain.

Armando explain why Ginn isn't returning anything shouldn't he be with Bess, I truly am confused by this.

Armando explain why Ginn isn't returning anything shouldn't he be with Bess, I truly am confused by this.

Hey Rob...you're one sided and biased.

"Beck attended Mountain View High School in Mesa, Arizona, before being recruited by Brigham Young University. He received Outstanding Male Scholar Athlete honors at Mountain View High School, a three-year letterman, and led Mountain View High School to a state championship as a senior. His overall record was 25-2 during his junior and senior seasons. Beck earned first-team all-region, first-team all-state, USA Today All-American honorable mention and Dairyman first-team All-America honors. He was named the region Offensive Player of the Year and garnered first-team Super All-State and Super All-State Player-of-the-Year honors. Beck was further recognized as the Arizona High School Football Player of the Year and earned both the Ed Dougherty and Fred Enke Awards (Arizona Quarterback of the Year). During his senior year, he was named the MVP during the state championship game and selected as the Arizona All-Star game Most Valuable Player. Fox Sports has recognized Beck as the Arizona 5A Player of the Year. Beck also currently holds the Arizona high school record with 42 touchdown completions in a single season with only 4 interceptions. Beyond football, Beck also lettered twice in baseball as a pitcher and an infielder."

SO stop the BS about Henne being any more elite as a young buck than Beck was. They are both great athletes.

henne, if u read this crap, take heart, jake and i trust u. at least jake has the same investment as u do.

make it happen.

and ps, who holds the MS rushing record (is it still walter)? i held (?) the MS (hs) passing record....but i'm not al bundy

I think Bret Hart is going to win the rumble, because he's really neat and has a great chance!

Funny stuff, Tin.

Here we go again with the "Lets throw the rookie to the wolves" chant again. Won't you people ever learn patience? I believe Parcells has seen a franchise QB or three in his day(Phil Simms; Drew Bledsoe; Tony Romo for starters), and may know a little bit more than the fans about when a QB is ready to take that step. Common sense should tell you that the Dolphins want Henne to take over as quickly as possible too, or he would not have played any downs. Just be patient, and let the pros do what they do. 3-13 or 4-12.

Not your biggest fan.

Go Fins!

Hey dolfans,

Remember when everyone thought that Don Shula needed to retire because he lost his touch. Then, do you remember when Jimmy Johnson left and Dave Wanstedt made Marino retire and everyone was happy because Marino lost his game. Then everyone was happy that we took Culpepper instead of Brees. Im done listening to you clowns, let the tuna do his job.

How much of the end of the 'zona game was really prevent? I think you'd be surprised at the type of defenses Henne faced if you really knew what type of coverages were there.

the problem is Ginn is a scared man. He is afraid of taking a hit. He may be fast but not quick. He has no business in the NFL. He should be playing flag football. He will be gone soon enough. The Eagles rookie is head and shoulders better than Ginn

How come we didn't hear these complaints in the couple preseason games where they looked like they were comfortable together?

And if they hook up a couple of times this game, are we going to hear how all the practice together is paying off, rather than how incompatible they are?

you said it, pennington is a timing qb, not one that relies on arm strength to complete passes. 60 yard bombs are not timing plays, though, it does require velocity and distance on the ball, which he can't provide.

you have to use what you have and not continue to hope that guys can play out of their minds and make a play for you. it won't happen.

put ginn in motion, he's too light a guy to get past the bump and run off the line. get him moving and it harder for a db to put his hands on ginn and it lets ginn get up to full speed faster. he should not be lined up wide on an island with a corner.

the offensive game plan for new england should be to flood one side of the field. use the running backs to trail clearing routes by receivers, or bring ginn or bess underneath hagan and wilford. overload on side of the field on every play and let pennington make the right read and get the ball to an open guy.

the offensive line is going to have to find a backbone and establish themselves somehow. brown and williams have to be able to run the ball, even if its with moderate success. run the ball to the outside and let hagan and wilford hold those blocks against the smaller db's. it also lets brown and williams create some plays in the open, instead of just mindlessly pounding the ball up the middle for 2 yards at a time.

on defense, you have to not give up the long td's. make cassell go the length of the field on you. he's bound to make a mistake or get frustrated a bit. if they start letting moss catch balls 40 yards down field it will be demoralizing.

only blitz cassell if you can get there, otherwise you will be making it easier for him to find someone running in single coverage. find the mismatch of scheme against their offensive line that will net you some shots at cassell early in the game and hope to rattle him some.

they dont have a big home run threat at running back, but you cant allow too many first downs rushing. still, putting pressure on the qb and containing the passing game should be first priority, even at the expense of giving up a few runs if they catch you on a blitz.

miami's db's are going to have to be a little physical off the line and try and slow welker down. he quick, but can be pushed around a little if you can get your hands on him.

lastly, miami has to stop making some many mental errors and giving away second and third chances. they aren't good enough to overcome that. play a clean game, no turnovers and you never know... any given sunday.

Henne will make not only Ginn better, but all the other receivers as well. It's about how open you have to be to get the ball thrown your way. Marino had a 6 inch window. Pennington needs a 3 foot window. The problem is the velocity of the ball and the ground that a DB can make up when the ball is in the air. That's why the DB's can crowd our receivers at will at the line. Even if they get beat they have time to recover. If you noticed the drive that Henne had against the Cardinals a couple of things stood out. First, the Cardinal where NOT playing a prevent defense. The coach even acknowledged that. Second, the receivers looked like they had decent seperation. Why? Because the ball got there a lot faster. Pennington is smart but he can only do so much with his weak arm. And don't tell me he can make the long throws. He can, but the ball takes forever to get there.

Squeezle - you left off a couple of NCAA highlights between the 3 qb's: As the starting qb had thier team ranked in the top 25 for the most weeks: Henne 42 out of 44 weeks. Most victories over teams ranked in top 25 during thier career: Henne - 24 victories over ranked teams.

its easy for Beck to put up great numbers when he didn't have to play any real competition. Let's face it he's just another Timmy Chang, a sucky quarterback with bloated stats.

this writer sucks... who gives a damn about ginn or penny. they can't work well because they both suck.


im a die hard dolphin fan..and i hate to say this but i realy dont see them working well together they need a guy with great throw power...thats something chad doesnt have...hes a very accurate quarterback but theres no power in his throws...and watever happen to chad jackson...can somebody please get him a dolphin uniform

I have stop shaving until the make the playoffs so they better start winning because my wife will surely leave me

To me, the answer is simple! Chad Henne has the "whole package" and Miami is rebuilding with the best players, right? If the number one pick can start immediately and "grow", I can't that be said of Chad Henne? Why do you think that the Jets did not want Pennington? Dah? So, do you really believe that he is a roll model for Henne?

To me, the answer is simple! Chad Henne has the "whole package" and Miami is rebuilding with the best players, right? If the number one pick can start immediately and "grow", Why (correcton) can't that be said of Chad Henne? Why do you think that the Jets did not want Pennington? Dah? So, do you really believe that he is a roll model for Henne?

Posted by: Victor Barney | September 21, 2008 at 09:59 AM

AHHHHH Mando did Chad and Moss not work well together?????? Come on......

just because beck went to a wac school doesnt mean he cant be a succesful qb - Tony Romo went to eastern illinois for god sake

Chad P's shortcoming is his arm strength. His strength is managing the game and not doing anything stupid. Right now he's the only veteran the Dolphins have at QB.

Chad H is young, needs time to get seasoned for the NFL. But I like his aggressiveness, but he'll make more mistakes that the team in this weak state can't afford. At the same time, he has that knack to bounce back from his mistakes.

A WR has to learn all knacks of the game. Ted Ginn has sprinter's speed and he usually outmatched the guy that opposed him in college. In the pros, everybody on that level plays the game faster. He has to learn other ways of getting an edge. It may involve nuances like:

1. Blocking well on running plays whether you shield your running teammate from an opposing tackler or putting the guy covering you on his a**.

2. Running crisp routes without slowing down. It's getting the separation needed so that your QB can target you. And that applies whether you're the primary receiver on the play or not. Mainly, that comes from desire to be the best and disciplining your mind.

3. Eliminating excuses about size. Tory Holt looks delicate but he plays the whole game. Steve Smith is short, but he'll fight for the ball and play physical like a Moss, T O, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin. Another favorite short WR of mine is of course this free agent named Wes Welker whose heart & hard work got him where is is today.

I don't want to hear excuses. Either Ginn is going to grow up and stop acting like a prissy, pretty Teddy daddy's boy, or be known as another pretty 1st round bust.

The onus is on Ginn, he has to become a complete receiver and learn to run ALL routes, whether they be deep or "timing routes". Name we one great NFL receiver that can't do both.

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