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Changes coming to Miami Dolphins lineup

The Dolphins are back at work as they prepare for the Arizona Cardinals and there are changes afoot in the lineup.

Seems second-year man Ikechuku Ndukwe is the choice to replace injured Donald Thomas at the starting right guard position. Thomas, you will recall, is out of the season with some unidentified foot injury.

Also today, Ronnie Brown is getting work in practice ahead of Ricky Williams at the running back spot. While this does not guarantee a change at the starting RB spot, it is a departure from the past couple of weeks when Williams was getting most of the first-team work.

I am also told the team is trying to find a place for Ernest Wilford to be active for Sunday's game but a final decision on that has not yet been made. Seems if this happens, Derek Hagan may be inactive -- but again, that is not decided yet one way or the other.


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Good work Armando Ronnie did look better but it probably be still a time share and i'm sure each back will have his day

and we got to get Wilford in there so that we can at least have someone who is tall enough and big enough to position himself better for those jump balls......

Even though we lost it seemed like a different team I'm excited because had not the jets been lucky with that 30 yd hail mary we would have won........

The Rookies Langford and Merling looked good seems like they are going to be the real deal..

Again thanks Armando for the updates

Go Phins

Is Wilford looking that bad??? He could be such a threat with his size alone!!! I just dont get it?

How awful must Derek Hagan be after the WR performance we saw last weekend? Is David Boston still available?

And I almost forgot about Fasano that kid is a beast I hope that was not a one hit wonder.....He looks like a Player......and if he is the real deal it looks like he may have alot of big games like that him and martin were the only ones getting open all game.....the team is looking good other than the recievers.

Go Phins

Will the team ever announce the details surrounding Thomas' foot injury?


That O-line looks REALLY shaky...... I wonder how long Pennington can go before he gets injured.......

BREAKING: Season's over if Fins lose to Cards--0-3 into break - - doom & despair loom large

The report about Hagan being inactive conflicts with 2 other sources stating that Hagan has actually replaced Ginn at the top of the depth chart.

I hope Ronnie gets more touches...I don't know why the new regime likes Ricky better, Ronnie looks like he's 100% to me. We better pound the rock against the Cards...at least 35 rushes

Ginn should be the one inactive.

what is this team's fascination with greg camarillo? he's terrible. he doesn't even deserve to be on an nfl roster and we think he's good enough to start just because he plays hard in practice? cut him... jesus. hagan and wilford should both be active. its common sense. and don't bring up flexibility and special teams. what other team needs their number 2 and 3 receivers to play special teams???????????????????why can't we dress 5 wide recievers, but we have room for 3 tight ends?why did we cut mauia when grigsby wasn't good enough to get past week 1?why couldn't lehan play,was he that hurt?andre goodman is garbage, he should be thrown out on the street next to camarillo

If Ginn won't get any catches, and won't field a punt...what use is he other than a decoy? Even a decoy needs a bone thrown to him once in awhile.

Yes though, the team looks different this year. The O-line, while not dominant, looked respectable at times Sunday. CP had a lot of time many times on Sunday...other times they just fell apart, like RB or FB missed their assignments.

Come on Phins, go get the Cards...I'm tired of this losing crap.

I hear alot of comments saying Wilford should be active , but I don't think so. Just because he's 6'4 doesn't mean anything if he can't catch the DAMN ball!! Also Fasano is 6'4 and has the size to make those possesion catches and as we watched last weekend he didn't drop any balls!!! The down side to Fasano is he can't block! As for Camarillo he should be the inactive one , the new regime is only giving him a chance because he was the reason for our only win last year!

I truly think we need to make a move to get A. Boldin from Arizona.

Hey Mando,

Is there any news on Chad Jackson? Do you know if Brandon London will be ready to play in any games? We definitely need some WR help. Wilford is such a waist so far.

haha getting sick of the phins is the funniest guy ever..great comments i agree

What is with Ted Ginn. He barely runs his routes and when he does they incorrect routes. If he is that quick why not put him in as a slot receiver once in a while. I agree, the phins should go after Anquan

Wahts the word on Chad Jackson?

Actually Camarillo is leading our WR corp in catches so I don't get that argument. Everyone wants to talk crap about our WRs, but keep in mind that Pennington completed 26 passes, 12 of them to tight ends, 7 or 8 to running backs. He wasn't targeting our receivers, especially Ginn who was wide open a few times downfield. Chad threw about 6 poor throws to the receivers who didn't have a chance to make a play on the ball.

I was thinking that the Dolphins should have put 'CHAD' on the jerseys of both Penne and Henne instead of their surnames. Also should have given them numbers like 6 and 8. That way they could interchange them throughout the game and possibly confuse the defenses into thinking, 'oh, Penny can't go deep so let's crowd the line' only before they can adjust they realize it's actually Henne in the game and he throws a pretty bomb to Ginn wide open downfield!

HA HA! I should be the OC.

I say we go after Anquan Boldin... Question is, what do we give for him???

It's still the first game and with the Tuna watching, I'm sure we'll make our adjustments for Arizona. I'm pretty sure they are going through their checks and balances from the last game and will make their adjustments accordingly. I'm sure with Ronnie working more with the first team will mean he will start and probably get a bulk of the carries against Arizona. At least that what the should do and they should leave him in there on Third Downs as well.. I'm surprised they don't run that Fake Dive and then pitch with Ronnie and Ricky... With Ricky at FB and Ronnie at HB... We do need a WR with more experience out there than Camarillo and Ginn. Wilford should play and if they get another veteran WR I say they go after A. Boldin...

Go Dolphins!!!

Cali-DolFan wrote : "I'm surprised they don't run that Fake Dive and then pitch with Ronnie and Ricky... With Ricky at FB and Ronnie at HB.."

hmm, no it would be better to fake the hand off up the middle, then have Ronnie stick his hands out for anticipation of the pitch, but then have the QB roll out the opposite direction and throw downfield. It would freeze the CB on ronnie's side, and cause the defense to shift over towards the middle/left while the QB and his receivers slant right.

Madden players I hope you're taking notes! LOL.

"Whats the word on Chad Jackson?

Posted by: | September 10, 2008 at 01:49 PM".....

..... Word is that he.... "sucks"


I'll let u b the OC if you let me b the assistant head coach/secondary coach.

First, its not whether wilford will make a difference, its if penny can throw anything besides a free throw lob ass pass.

Second, and we will find out real soon Sunday, can the secondary cover two threats at one time?

Third, will the D-line save our asses again?

Forth, is Henne taking any first team snaps? cause i don't see mr slow hand lasting much longer. penny moves & reacts way too damn slow. its not the receivers, its the opposing secondary has figured out where the pass is going and two defenders are all over his jump shot. IMO


now my freaking comments are getting flagged 4 review. wow


I'll let u b the OC if you let me b the assistant head coach/secondary coach.

First, its not whether wilford will make a difference, its if penny can throw anything besides a free throw lob pass.

Second, and we will find out real soon Sunday, can the secondary cover two threats at one time?

Third, will the D-line save our butts again?

Forth, is Henne taking any first team snaps? cause i don't see mr slow hand lasting much longer. penny moves & reacts way too damn slow. its not the receivers, its the opposing secondary has figured out where the pass is going and two defenders are all over his jump shot. IMO


I couldn't disagree more, Pennigton is our only chance to get the 6 wins people are talking about for this year. If he goes down for any reason our season won't be much better than last year. I love Henne for the future, but we need Pennington's experience. He doesn't make the huge mistakes that our young Qb's made all last year either. I agree we need to do some stuff downfield, but I promise you we would have looked like a much worse team last Sunday without him.

We are contendors with him, without him we are only a very young rebuilding team.

I'm surprised at how many fans forgot this team hasn't really played much football together and there are a lot of young players still developing.

After one game some are saying Ginn and Hagan have to go yet they are calling for Wilford who got beat out in camp by everyone. I don't get that kind of thinking at all.

You watch if we win this Sunday and Ginn plays well, we'll have the same critics talking playoffs and saying Ginn might be a pro bowl level player some day.

Can we allow this young team some time to develop? Probably not!

wilford must play......and the dolphins need to run and run and run some more....i am calling out the dolphins secondary to come up huge in this game vs arizona you know who you are and ill be watching you all very closely.

I respect your opinion Jon....but beck is no henne, that's from a former beck backer.

i understand penny won't make any mistakes, just he also won't make the big play either.

no pain, no gain.

henne is alot more mobile and has one hell of an arm. remember, two un-proven rook qb's won this past weekend and we didn't !!

Yea I see what you mean hurricane. I just fear turning Henne into a Tim Couch situation, if he is truly ready to go that's fine, but I don't want to ruin him by rushing him in there. Look how good Rodgers is looking for the Packers now after waiting a few years and soaking some stuff in.

Beleive me though, if for some reason Henne ended up in there and played awesome, I'd be the first to jump on his bandwagon. I just like him and don't want to screw it up by rushing him in. Remember Pennington is brand new also, maybe he can get us a few wins to get the good feeling back around here before dumping on Henne.

can someome please tell me why ronnie and ricky can't and do not line up in the same backfield.Ronnie blocked for cadilac at bama. This would give a defence a fit. Not knowing which one was geting the ball or simply extra blockers to help this young offence.

How about a 2nd and a conditional pick for Boldin? anyone?

We brought in a veteran for Henne to learn from and add some immediate stability to the position, it would be nice if we did the same at WR. Maybe Ginn needs a mentor, at the very least the receiving corps needs a veteran presence. For the teams sake, for Chad's sake, and for the young guys' sake.

I guess Wilford isn't the answer, that's fine. Then they need to find one.

haha! Tin i love your idea with the ol' chad switcheroo! That'd be great, Also I agree with phinfanatic about Ronnie and Ricky in the same backfield. If nothing else it would keep the defense on their toes and perhaps opening up the middle of the field for Penny to make a couple completions to the WR's. As for all the 1st game haters, we knew this team would need some time to gel and get it together, because they are all so young and dont have a lot of time together. Look at the Raiders, they spend all this money on free agents and first round picks and there is STILL no hope for them in sight! Just keep lookin' up and trust the Tuna. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and thank god we aren't Raider Fans!!!!

guys relax let sparano figure it out im sure he knows what he is doing. Miami did great against a playoff contending team did anybody hear a jet tell ricky williams and stay out .. smoke that bit@# when they shoved him out of bounds? I couldnt stop laughing. Im very pleased with the progress but i do wish jason taylor was still there on d.. I thought by letting him go we would make a big offseason addition but apparently not.. take care guys go phins..

I would like to see R&R on the field at the same time. One out of the backfield for a pass or block and the other running a play or catching a screen. Both R's are good receivers. We have a good tight end in Fasano.

Getting sick of the fins,

The Fins did dress 5 receivers last week. Ginn, Hagen, Camarillo, Bess and London (he was # 17 and played on special teams). I wish they would have put him in there for the jump ball in the endzone. And for the rest of you, quit dreaming about Boldin, it is not going to happen. The problem right now with the WR's is the 3 best should all be playing the slot (Ginn, Bess, Camarillo). The Fins don't have a legitimate outside receiver. Hagen should be, but he's not. Wilford is strictly a possession type guy. Next year the Trifecta will address the WR's in the draft.

Hey Mando, when is the enxt time you are going to be on 790? What do you think of Fosano, do you think Pennington benefits a well rounded TE since he is known for the short passes?

Hey Mr. Bungle if you havent realized yet Teddy Bear Ginn has a hard time running crossing patterns. He'soft. But you know Cam Cameron said we drafted the Ted Ginn family so im hoping his dad can at least run some post patterns. Im a huge Dolfan and this recieving corp we have is a nightmare. This is serious. Every team we play is going to run eight man fronts. They would be stupid not to. Ted Ginn is going to stretch the defense, yeah right. He's'a threat on special teams so he should return punts and kickoffs thats it!

Dolfan Corona
The NFL Greenzone

JP: Thanks for asking. I will be on Fins Unfiltered tonight 7:30-8:30 and again Thursday 7-8 p.m.

I also have a regular Saturday show, this weekend going from 11-1. And I will be on the pregame show Sunday.

Look for Fasano to be Miami's leading receiver this year.

Corona: The Jets did not use eight or nine man fronts. That is the troubling thing about Miami's lack of running game Sunday.

Also, I'll let it stay this team but please refrain from using this blog to advertise other blogs. Otherwise I'll just delete your comment.

Dolfan Corona, Sparano said the Jets weren't using 8 men in the box, they just beat our guys with their front 7.

So when Ginn was catching passes on crossing routes last year, he couldn't do it? That's basically where he had most of his success, over the middle on slants and crossing routes. The guy has one rough game and now he's no good. Some of you guys amaze me.

Armando, "Look for Fasano to be Miami's leading receiver this year."

Because of one game?

Are we going to do this every week? So if one of our defenders has 3 sacks this Sunday, will we predict he'll finish the season with 15-18?

It was one game!

Really? All that money and they want to let EW walk around the sidelines....what gives, if Sparano has an issue with him maybe he should trade, maybe it is more personal than talent. What do you think they saw in him to begin with to give him that kinda money? He didnt have those issues in Jacksonville, always seemed to be praised for his hard work ethins and dedication....maybe the Fins are looking for something more, if so....do the deal, let him play somewhere else.

Bungle: Not because of one game, but because Pennington is more likely to attack the middle of the field than not due to the fact throwing outside is much more dangerous and requires a stronger arm. Also, it doesn't take a genius to see that Fasano versus a LB is a better matchup than any Miami WR vs. a DB.

I'm not using your blog to advertise, if I were doing that I wouldn't comment on your blog at all, but just sign in with my URL for the purpose of spamming. I've been a dedicated reader of your blog for quite a long time Armondo, and I doubt that my blog would be competition for yours.


Mr. Bungle I agree with you on your opinion that fan expectations are to high. Before the season started people (especially on O's blog were talking playoffs). Which was a ridiculous assumption on a rebuilding team. We should be happy with building a youthful core. However, I disagree with your assessment of Ginn. The guy had a bad game and has not shown the ability IMHO to be a quality #2 receiver, let alone a #1. No disrespect to Camarillo but as of now he is our best WR which is scary. The guy does catch everything thrown remotely near him though. I just wish Hagan would take a cue from this, and Ginn would learn to be physical.
Tinshaker, I would support you for OC as long as you don't say things like failing fast forward. Definitely would love to see Brown and Ricky in the same backfield occasionally.

I have to agree with Armando that there is a good possibility that Fasano leads the team in receptions. If for no other reason that it looks like the trifecta will be rotating the starting WR's all season long.

Armando, can I listen to the radio show online? I am in Fort Myers and dont think I can pick up 790 here.

Edswood, to be honest, I've never even heard that comment spoken, just seen references to it here in blogs/articles, etc. I missed that whole thing and have no idea what it means. Sounds like something George W. Bush would say. Not sure I could cut it in professional coaching, however. I simply don't have the stash of sporting cliches!

Harricane, you can't be assistant head coach if I'm the OC! The OC is usually the AHC!

Fasano was my reserve fantasy TE for week 1, believe it or not. How many points is 80+yards and a touchdown? Probably exactly how many points I lost by....

Ok my bad on the eight man fronts but you know what? Ted Ginn has to show something this year to keep this offense balanced. Maybe I was hard on him but Bungle, did you see the play in the first quarter when Pennington threw that pass down the middle and Ginn didnt make the cut?

N,ow you can say that it was just bad route running and miscommunication between him and Chad, or he just didnt want to get smacked, and he would have except he also would have caught the ball because Chad put the ball right there.

You know Bungle, the great ones make that cut in traffic. I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm wrong but I did watch almost all of the Dolphin games last year and I never saw Ginn catch any balls over the middle. Slant patterns yes.

Look for the Defense to rise up in Phoenix. This young defense is looking stout. The defense will clean things up in the film room and will have a plan for attack on Warner. Ronnie Brown will have a good game.


Couple of questions if can be answered
i completely understand tha anyone can basiclly start in not certain skill sets ex FB or the o line because u onli need to be big an strong but if we are going to be respected again we cannot let anyone go an jump in at reciver eg camarillo ,hagan start wilford an ginn because they are the most talented after all they are skill sets, if i see paul same with andre goodman we have a spare 2nd an 5th thats easy enough to go an get lito sheppard lets step are game up an start bringing in skill set players sign terry glenn or joe horn teach these guys how to play
lets go DOLPS!

Worse than Bush, it was CamMoron. But he did also say that the sun would come out tomorrow. Which is nice.

Edswood: You can listen at 790theticket.com. It is streaming live. You can also call the show if you want toll free at 1-888-790-3776.

Corona: I'm not singling you out. If you've read this blog you know lots of folks try to do it so I kind of have to keep the rules the same for everybody. Thanks for being on here.

Ginn played a bad game. If he does this 3 or 4 games in a row than you have a point. But we all knew he was a raw WR when we drafted him.

I don't think that what we saw against the Jets will be the norm all season long. Are the Colts going to look bad all year as well?

A couple of weeks ago everyone was reporting how good Ginn looked and how he was becoming Pennington's favorite target. Now he stinks.

It was ONE game.

Donald Young's out for the year? Terrific. Another wasted draft pick on another useless gimp. Nice job, Parsmells.

Hey Getting Sick of the Fins,

If you know so much about the Game and all the players talents why don't you apply for Jeff Ireland's job, i'm sure the Tuna will heed all of your advice and dump Camarillo, Goodman, and the rest on your say so...NOT....give it a chance and see how this season pans out before you go spouting off and demand roster moves...granted....i can't i figure out the Wilford move (inactive) seeing as how Hagan didn't make any plays, but, you've got to admit...the game and the players were more intense than with CAM or WANNSTEDT running the show....i'm sticking with the TRIFECTA for as long as it takes over the idiots mentioned above....

I have been a dolphins fan for 20 years, I'm not giving up, and I do trust the current front office. BUT, goodman and camarillo are not their players and trust me they will both be GONE when we upgrade at the skill positions next year. maybe the reason camarillo looks so good in practice is because that stiff goodman is guarding him. goodman hasnt made a single play the entire time he's been here. you don't have to be a professional evaluator of talent to realize that. open your eyes. this is from today's herald from his own words: ''This is my seventh year, and I haven't proven that I'm a quality NFL starter.'' HELLO, even he thinks he sucks. and the fact that camarillo leads our receivers in receptions only proves my argument..that's the problem! their receivers caught, what, 2 passes last week? and we can't find room for a proven nfl starter like wilford because he dropped a few balls in practice and he can't play special teams. That's just not a good roster decision. I'm sorry, it's not. read armando's column about sparano and ireland still getting to know their roster. he raises a lot of good points. hell, the title of this blog is "changes coming to miami dolphins lineup." go fins...just cover your eyes when goodman tries to cover fitzgerald or boldin this week.

Ted Ginn's receiving skill will be evident when Chad Pennington plays the QB position like a man. I saw at least 10 other qbs this weekend firing fast balls into tight coverage and giving the reciver a chance to make a play.
Those fastball plays are in the Man's section of the playbook.

Oh common everyone. It was this brand new teams first game, agaisnt a good team, and they barely lost. We will be fine this year and even better next year.

It's Donald Thomas--not Donald Young, and I hardly think a sixth round pick was a waste. Oh, and by the way, I hardly think you're going say much when the Dolphins run on Arizona's defense.

Has anybody seen the NFC west lately? I thought the fins had problems. Here we are, bagging on Ginn, and the Seahawks have no wideouts to bag on. They are so injury-ridden I almost want to give them Ernest Wilford for a seventh round draft pick.

Dolphins will win this week. I mean, I wouldn't want to fly home with a pissed off Tony Sparano after a loss. Arizona to Florida--that's a long flight.


You forgot to say thanks to Zaz, great job as always on the radio mando. Would be nice to hear everyday, after Dan's show, some actual sports. Not 'can Shula form an orgy, with some decent looking girls' talk. (even though I enjoy this immensely). I know we just started the season but do you think the Fins will be drafting another QB this upcoming draft, since this is a rebuilding process? Or is it too soon to talk about Drafts in the middle of Sep.? If its too soon, I will go and ponder the terrorizing thought of Shula rounding up some ladies...

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