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Chris Crocker to start ahead of Jason Allen

Giving up some notes as the Dolphins prepare for the New York Jets:

Chris Crocker has apparently completed his passing of Jason Allen for the team's starting free safety job, coach Tony Sparano confirmed today. The coach was quick to point out Allen will nonetheless get lots of playing time.

No lie. Allen is going to be playing a lot on special teams and is in Miami's dime (six defensive backs) package. But starting? No.

Meanwhile, receiver Greg "I saved the Dolphins from infamy last season" Camarillo got some first-team snaps during the portion of practice that is open to the media. At the very least Camarillo has won the No. 3 receiver spot. In the extreme, he might have beaten out Derek Hagan for the starting job, although that is not a certainty.

I believe the starting job could be more of a feel thing for the coaches, with the player that has the best week of practice getting the nod.

Hagan, who passed Ernest Wilford for the starting job early in camp, was brutally honest with reporters about his status. He said the coaches told him Camarillo had had a better preseason than him. Ouch.

So here are the questions:

Do you have, as Nick Saban might say, faith, trust and confidence in a receivers corps that is potentially making a lineup change after the preseason is complete? How uncomfortable are you knowing one of the starters got passed by a player who started training camp just fighting for a roster spot?

Are you more inclined to see this as a positive reflecting on Camarillo or a negative reflecting on Hagan?

And on the Allen front, after being handed the starting job because of injuries late last year and being handed the starting job early in camp because he was the incumbent, does it worry you that he couldn't hold the job?

This is now Allen's third season. By any account, it is supposed to be his breakout year. Are you disappointed he's breaking out as a special teams and situational player rather than a full-time starter after being picked No. 16 overall in 2006?



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I would say we have "faith, trust and confidence" in the Trifecta in doing what's best for this organization. The coaches are not here to make the players feel better; they are here to light a fire under their ass. If demoting them doesn't do it, they don't belong on the team.

I posted this on another blog, but it applies here as well for Hagan.

Hagan dropped a couple of balls in the Saints game. One catch was clearly easier than the other with the CB on his back BUT any journeyman WR can catch a ball that is right between the numbers with no defender on him. For Hagan to be a legitimate #2 receiver, he needs to make catches consistently, regardless of whether the ball was a little off its mark or a CB is in his back pocket. I remember how Oronde Gadsden caught anything in his zip code, yet I wouldn't necessarily say he was a starting caliber WR. Of course on this team right now he would be.

IMO, Hagan is good in practice and before he starts getting hit in games. After a few pops in a real game he disappears or drops passes. He has not played like a #2 receiver, and until he proves otherwise, Sparano will keep him as a backup and maybe #3 receiver. How long before Bess gets his shot to show he belongs? Actually I see Bess as our best #3 WR option...someone who will move the chains.

Anything else?

Beat the STINKING jets!!!

Mando are you going to call out all those losers at the SunSentinel that said the coaches were just getting a feel for Crocker when you said it was a legitimate change that could be permanent?

Are you going to call out the idiots like Chris S. who said Crocker had no chance to pass Allen?

Call them all on the carpet dude....

It isn't important to play high drafted players as it is to play the best players. Ask your questions again at the end of the season.

...and when did I ever say that Crocker has "no chance" of passing Allen?

I believe I said that I thought the coaches were using Crocker to motivate Allen. Just remember, Allen has been a poor practice player since joining the Dolphins. I believe he's a gamer, and may end up playing ahead of Crocker before long.

Below is what fraud Chris S. wrote in a previous Chris Crocker blog that Armando put up. Now he's trying to act like he never ripped Armando for reporting Allen was about to go down. Read it and weep Chris S. You are a fraud!

"Armando, what is with this BS type of conspiracy journalism you've been doing lately. I've defended you in the past, and think that too many people take pop shots at you. But when you feed into BS like this or the Brown thing, It leaves me shaking my head. If you are going to tell the story, then at least tell the whole story. Yes, Crocker got some work running with the ones in 11 on 11's. But when they went to situationals, like Red Zone, Allen was back as the starter. Sparano mentioned trying to get some others work with the ones. Stop with the non-sense of trying to stir the pot. Tell the stories, don't influence them.

Posted by: chris s. | August 20, 2008 at 03:03 PM

You are not only a fraud Chris S., you don't know WTF you're talking about.

I am in no position to question Sparano, but I really thought Allen played well, and since about the middle of last season, has looked dang good when he plays....

As for Camirillo, I thought he played extremely well outside of the game winning TD - reminds me of McDuffie in some ways...always catches it and gets the first down.

Then again, I like Peelle over Martin any day too, so what do I know?

It doesn't bother me. Everyone on this team has to perform or they're out. This creates better competition and gives Parcells and Ireland a better idea on what they may need heading into next season. Hagan and J. Allen are 3rd year players who will have to step up this year if they're going to be here next year.

After bailing us out last year, Camarillo gets a pass and a chance to prove he's worthy of not only a roster spot, but a chance to be a productive WR.

Willi Chirino, are you in love with Armando?



"After bailing us out last year, Camarillo gets a pass and a chance to prove he's worthy of not only a roster spot, but a chance to be a productive WR."

That's not it at all. It's all about what he's done so far this year. Last year has nothing to do with it. Sparano has said that for all players.

The best players play. I don't care where they came from or where they are on the d charts. Allen was picked by a quitter and a loser so who cares.

Mando, great reporting as always. Allen needs more polish. he was miserable last season, but came on strong towards the end. he also played well in the preseason, but he needs to prove himself more during the reg. season.He still also makes some stupid mistakes that get him in trouble. As far as hagan is concerned, he has ALOT to prove to me that he can actually hold onto a football when it matters.
Hagan has had butterfingers since he put on the dolphins uniform. He has had more drops than i have ever seen someone drop balls in the reg. season. I could have made alot of the catches he dropped ( and no im not being sarcastic) Hagan needs to prove himself in the reg season as well and take what he says is his ( the starting job)

Despite a good training camp and preseason, Hagan is just what he is: an average WR. He will not be here next year. Sorry Jahn, I know you wanted him to succeed but it's not in the cards.

Jason Allen is a player maker that just didn't get beat up during preseason. The kid got a tough break with 2 incompetent coaches and the jury is still out on the third.


1. I Didn't have faith in the receiving corp to begin with. The Dolphins are rebuilding and started by going after the trench guys and a QB. Next year they will upgrade the WR'S through the draft and free agency.
2.Calling Jason Allen a "starter" is a stretch. The guy has been god awful sense joining the team and only started showing signs when they dumbed down the defensive play book. He started because he was the best we had last year after injuries and Crocker passing him as the starter could say more about situational play. I think they will use both players depending on what the situation is and who is better at dealing with it. They don't necesarily have to keep one as a starter and one in dime situations only. It may depend on matchups and packages put out by the opposing offense.
3. Well both really. It's a positive that Camarillo has had such a great offseason and TC but the negative side of that is he's undersized for a starting position opposite another small WR. We need a big guy over there to even things out, like Wilford but we know how that has panned out. It's a negative that Hagan, in his third year, is still struggling to grasp the starting job but the positive side is that he has shown improvement over his first two years. He has had a recent setback but that doesn't mean he won't break out at some point.
4. That's kind of a silly question as I would hope that ALL Dolphans are dissapointed in Allens lack of production. Making it more dissapointing is the fact that he was the 16th(?)pick in that draft and was taken by a man who by all accounts had his finger on the pulse of college football. He knew these guys coming out of highschool and watched their college careers from the sideline. Actually there's no sense in being dissapointed in Allen when all the blame should be on Nick Saban.

Considering that Jason Allen barely made last year's team, which, by the way, was the worst season in team history, I'm ecstatic that Allen is even getting playing time.

It's great to see him improve, even if it's little by little.

Dolphan4life I wouldn't say the jury is still out on Sapranos competence considering every where he's been his players have loved him and he's been productive. We could say the jury is out on whether or not he is the right fit for the Dolphins but you can just watch the guy work and know he is plenty competent.

Armando said: "How uncomfortable are you knowing one of the starters got passed by a player who started training camp just fighting for a roster spot?"

Of course its uncomfortable. It means our starters just plain out suck. Let's be honest here, other than Ginn and Bess, the rest of the WR's probably wouldn't make it on another NFL roster. The Jags let Wilford go (for a reason), Hagan's been a bust, Camarillo's a hard worker but he'll never be a # 1 receiver.

This season better be 2002 again for Ricky because our receivers will implode like they always do.

Tote that rock Ricky!

Woops the jury is in and I'm incompetent as I just referred to coach as Saprano! I know, I know,,,, Sparano.

At this point, its too early to judge any of these folks. Maybe Hagans needs a few real (see non-exhibition) games under his belt to get comfortable? That said, opposite Ginn whats probably most needed is a sure-handed guy and Camarillo seems to fit that description better than Hagen.

Re: Jason Allen, it sounds to me like this is not a demotion, everyone says he has had a good camp, rather this is moreso a recognition that Crocker is the best coverage guy Dolphins have at safety. Allen is playing good, but Crocker may just be better. Stop ragging on Allen, is my vote.

I, um, think I'll wait till Sunday evening to comment on this one....

Camarillo catches the ball and gets nearly the same separation as Hagan who often doesn't catch the ball -- easy decision. Frankly, I hope Bess is the # 3...while Hagan and Wilford figure out if they want to continue playing in the NFL.

Sorry guys after last years finish and this preseason I'm a Jason Allen Fan. I'm on the kids bandwagon. screw crocker.

It isn't Jason Allen's fault he was selected with pick 16. I still think he's a solid safety that will continue to improve. Maybe not a Ronnie Lott, but a decent safety. Not sure what he's making now, but maybe we keep him at a reduced cost if he isn't going to be elite.

Crocker won't have the job long..... he'll be beat deep a few times and lose the starting spot.

Camarillo, Bess, and Ginn were the best performers at the WR position this preseason..... and Sparano proved he was telling the truth when he said they'd start the guys that performed best during the offseason.

My name is Chris S. too... hmm. I think that Jason Allen is not a bust, he just needs proper coaching, every member on the team including Jerry Porter has been quoted as saying the level of coaching is vast improved. If they give him a stamp of approval that should only improve the Dolphin D...

As for Hagan, good days and bad days, short catches for long gains, then long catches for no gains... All this team needs is consistency.

Man I don't know if the Trifecta got this one right? In the preseason games I watched Jason Allen, he was all over the field making plays. I seen him come up in the box and make a tackle in the backfield, run deep and almost pick off a ball and stretch out for it. Make a pick. I just think his athleticism is off the charts, and with more PT he could develop into a pro-bowler. I think Camarillo is just keeping the starting spot warm until Brandon London gets more familure with the offense. The Trifecta want a big possesion receiver, move the chains type starting next to Ginn Jr. And that's what London is (6'4" 215 lbs.) That's why Wilford was signed in the off season, he just hasn't panned out.

This is Hagan's 3rd season. We're talking about catching the ball. It's not as if we're talking about learning how to run routes or reading coverage. We're talking about catching the damn ball. I have faith, trust and confidence that the trifecta will put someone on the field that can actually catch a ball. No problem with a starter getting replaced when he can't do what he's paid to do. This all goes back to Nick, I'm worse than the Stache at drafting players, Saban. If Saban had drafted Santonio Holmes instead of Jason Allen then Cam and his merry men of incompetence wouldn't have drafted Ted Ginn and instead would have drafted Patrick Willis. The trifecta can't fix 10 years of poor drafts in one off season. This year was defensive and offensive lines. Next year it's the wide receivers and linebackers.

I dont see where Jason Allen has proven himself. As for the wideouts, yes, they are a weakness. Why they have not gone after anyone, such as trying to trade for Boldin is strange. But maybe they see something in these guys that we dont. Maybe they will step up to the plate and shine. Sometimes there are diamonds in the rough out there. You just never know.

I guess we will have to wait and see. I felt that Jason Allen being drafted so high was a reach anyway. He should not have held out and is now paying for it.

Dolphanforlife what has jason allen done to give you any confidence in him?

Hagan, Camarillo, Bess, Wilford - all journeyman WR's. Not a playmaker in the bunch with the potential exception of Ginn. This is where this team's biggest need is, game breaking/playmakers and overall speed at the WR position. As far as Allen versus Crocker, you need to have faith in the coaching staff to make these types of decisions - where a player was taken in the draft should mean NOTHING.

Jason Allen has been given every opportunity to take that job..he just hasn't done it. So I don't know exactly why you are a fan dolphinforlife. I don't dislike the guy...but he just hasn't justified his draft rank...Hasn't really been able to beat anyone out for a starting job since he's been here (except due to injury)

What about Devon Bess? He seemed to catch everything in the preseason & ran good routes. Why shouldn't he be in there instead Greg Camarillo, if we are taking Hagan out of the starting lineup?

I was harder on Jason Allen last preseason than anybody. However, when he got a chance to start last year I found that the guy was a playmaker. I have continued to see that this preseason. The only knock on him might be his consistency. I think that on occasion he still ends up out of position. Yet I think he has more upside than Crocker, and hope Sparano doesn't confuse him more by constantly moving him around. His draft status was a mistake considering that outside Landry and Taylor (RIP) safeties should rarely be taken in the top part of the first round. As for being a bust not anymore so than Antrel Rolle who was taken before him in the same draft.

As for Camarillo starting over Hagan, I am all for it. Considering that Camarillo catches everything thrown to him, while Hagan does not. Though I think this is mostly a mental tactic, and that both Hagan and Wilford will get opportunities in the first game. Whether either one of them takes advantage or continues to drop passes we will have to wait and see. On another note, I am happy to see that Armstrong finally made the practice squad. I liked what I saw of him in preseason. I also feel that we will get to see Bess get a few chances in the game, and I hope he steps up.

I like what I have see from Bess too but don't want to expose him to too much too early. Want to see him gradually grow into that slot role a la Wes Welker. Need a secret weapon as to season progresses but don't wait too late like Camoron did w/L Booker.

Can't wait for the game on Sunday. Are you psyched Armando? I assume you will be running your usual in game blog. Looking forward to it. Hopefully this year we will get to cheer more than lament.

Hagen simply didn't use his body by sliding in front of the DB after he got a step on him. If he had step in front of the DB like L Coles from the jets he would have gotten interference or a catch.

This coaching staff does not let people take anything for granted. They approach the game and people in a simple way. Our way or the highway.
Positive for both of the receivers. Physcologically, one needs a kick in the ass (Hagan) and the other strives on attaboys. (Camerillo) Hagan has been given by God more talent. Camerillo has done it on guts, hustle and instinct.
Allen may not have it. Am I disappointed? You bet. We wasted a 13 on him. These coaches will get the best out of him. He may be lazy or just doesn't have it upstairs for the NFL game. It isn't an easy position and Nicky may have got in his head with that physcho defensive scheme. Much like the Commoron got in Becks head last year.

I don't think it really matters who the receivers are. There's no superstar in the group and the offense is going to be built around the running game. The receivers that they have are very similar in their overall skill level. They'll probably just tweak playing time based on their game plan.

Who's the nickel back? Lehan?

This is gonna be interesting to see if Camarillo shines or not. Is this a poor man's Wayne Chrebet for Pennington to throw to?

Hagan has this year to show something or he's gone . He'll get his chance, but getting knocked off the first team has to be humbling.

Jason Allen is not a bust. He's just a slow developer. He showed a little last year, he'll show a lot this year especially in the dime packages that the defense runs. He has a nose for the ball-we're talking six to seven picks at the very least. Remember, there's a method to the trifecta's madness.


It seems you're only as good as your last outing under the new regime. I believe that this is the case come Sunday and will continue to be the case for as long as Sparano will be here. He's not here to protect players' "feelings," he's here to win games and I for one love it.

I don't care if Jason Allen was picked too high as long as we have a secondary that makes plays. In short all I care about is beating the Jets on Sunday. If Allen wants to prove he was worthy of being a first round pick he'll be given his chances. Same for Matt Roth being picked in the 2nd round. Same for Hagan being picked in the third round. Same for every player.

I thought nincovitch played well,sorry to see him go. Glad to see courtney bryant gone,and daniels.

Damm Chirino you actually went back and read more than 2 weeks worth of blogs to prove some other guy wrong!!!! WHY did you get a prize; a tee shirt; autographed football.. you have way too much time on your hands... go to the gym, get a girlfriend do something. As for Allen I don't think anyone will argue the fact that he is a good athlete, I believe he is just prone to making to many coverage errors and back there at safety or corner you make 1 mistake in a game and it can cost you 6. Just my 2 cents

It's disappointing that Jason Allen isn't a starter at this point.

I'm not disappointed in him as much as I'm disappointed in the people who drafted him.

10 bucks Willi Chirino is Armando Salguero

OMG! A lineup change after preseason's ended. Heaven Forfend! What about the children??

Well Willi, I'm so glad you posted those comments, cause now I know it is another Chris S. who posted them.

10 bucks MaCo is a retard

... And I do have a lot of time on my hands, Millions, but only when I'm not running my million-dollar a month business. And I don't have a girlfriend. I have three, which is a problem for my Ferrari because it seats only two people.

Mando, if you ever want to quit your Herald job, we can talk because I think you are an eloquent, articulate man. Any corporation would be blessed to have you.

The safety needs to help make the calls on defense. I think Allen has the physical ability but lacks the vision to call the shots and make adjustments quickly. In Madden terms he has low awareness. Hopefully at some point he will have gained enough experience to be able to see the whole field and read the offense. At this point he seems to get by on athletic ability alone.

As I've said before, if Satan had drafted Braylon Edwards instead of Ronnie B and Antonio Cromartie instead of JAL, then the wr and db positions would be set. RB and S are much easier positions to fill than wr and cb. My 2 cents.

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! She is such an upgrade over NOBAMA!

Willi must have lost the other 2 fingers playing with his matchbox cars, while singing his cheesy new latin love ballad "now i only have 3 fingers left"!!

What worries me about th recievers is that we pick up a guy that couldn't make the cut somewhere else, and he is considered a possible starter in Miami

Jeeeeeez, talk about painfully honest

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