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Chris Crocker to start ahead of Jason Allen

Giving up some notes as the Dolphins prepare for the New York Jets:

Chris Crocker has apparently completed his passing of Jason Allen for the team's starting free safety job, coach Tony Sparano confirmed today. The coach was quick to point out Allen will nonetheless get lots of playing time.

No lie. Allen is going to be playing a lot on special teams and is in Miami's dime (six defensive backs) package. But starting? No.

Meanwhile, receiver Greg "I saved the Dolphins from infamy last season" Camarillo got some first-team snaps during the portion of practice that is open to the media. At the very least Camarillo has won the No. 3 receiver spot. In the extreme, he might have beaten out Derek Hagan for the starting job, although that is not a certainty.

I believe the starting job could be more of a feel thing for the coaches, with the player that has the best week of practice getting the nod.

Hagan, who passed Ernest Wilford for the starting job early in camp, was brutally honest with reporters about his status. He said the coaches told him Camarillo had had a better preseason than him. Ouch.

So here are the questions:

Do you have, as Nick Saban might say, faith, trust and confidence in a receivers corps that is potentially making a lineup change after the preseason is complete? How uncomfortable are you knowing one of the starters got passed by a player who started training camp just fighting for a roster spot?

Are you more inclined to see this as a positive reflecting on Camarillo or a negative reflecting on Hagan?

And on the Allen front, after being handed the starting job because of injuries late last year and being handed the starting job early in camp because he was the incumbent, does it worry you that he couldn't hold the job?

This is now Allen's third season. By any account, it is supposed to be his breakout year. Are you disappointed he's breaking out as a special teams and situational player rather than a full-time starter after being picked No. 16 overall in 2006?



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Without excluding other classifications, there are two mayor styles of receivers: speeders and big targets. Speeders can break defensive coverage by changing route and speed, while big targets use their size and hook route to be available. Anyway, any kind of receiver should be ready for three mayor aspects: catching, supporting hits and timing.
Derek Hagan represents a nice mix of both styles, but he isn't mentally prepared for catching under coverage, so for NFL standards that means he WON'T become starter in this league.

Remember when previous regimes would not put Wes Welker on the field because of his size. They were always trying to force other receivers to perform because of their better tangibles while all Welker did was get open and catch the ball. I see the same things in Camarillo and now we have a coaching staff that uses performance over 40 times. I am very impressed with Sparano. I think this team is on its way back!

Its gotta be cliche by now, but G.C. BEGS comparison with Wes Welker. And before Wes' breakout seson, you'd have said the same thing about him, do you think an undrafted white guy can be a sucessful starting wide out in the NFL? You gotta love Camarillo's effort and he has certainly already made himself endearing to Dolfans. I'd just love to see this guy succeed.

Does everybody remember where Wes Welker came from and where he is now. Why can't Camarillo do the same. Except stay with us instead of the patsies.

i have faith in the receiving corps but not the way "nick the *ick" would say it...i hate that guy.
i think its more of a positive thing for greg. it shows he is going to fight to do his best.

it doesnt bother me that allen got beat out for the starting job. the name of the game at this point, is depth. at the very least he is a solid back up. what does bother me is that the formentioned "nick the *ick used the 16th overall pick on a back up.

Armando where are you at? Can not believe you haven't put up a blog yet about your buddy Culpepper retiring. You rode the Culpepper controversy for two years on this blog. It was the source of countless debates and flames. Eventually being replaced by the current Beck sucks, or should be given a chance debate. I can not believe you wouldn't have a final say on this issue.

Camarillo- Does the guy consistently catch the ball? Does he go over the middle to catch the ball? Does he get open....maybe not a deep threat, but open possession type WR?

Yes, yes, yes. Good, start him.

As for Allen, 3 different coaching styles/playbooks/philosophies in 3 years. I'm willing to give him the bulk of this season to earn his way into the starting spot. If not, so be it. Cut him loose like the rest of Saban's lies....errrr, players.

"Willi Chirino, are you in love with Armando?"

Posted by: Mr. Bungle

To: Mr. Bungle,
You took the words right out of my mouth, dude. You can feel the love he has for him.

The Cuban Assassin

Armando, I have a legitimate question as a journalism major. Don't you guys ever feel retarded asking the same questions over and over about non-stories? How many times do reporters have to ask every player on the team about Chad Pennington facing his old team before you realize that the players don't give a crap and aren't going to say anything you want them to about getting revenge. You know exactly what the players are going to say before you ask. Sometimes I wish the media would focus on story lines that actually exist rather than trying to instigate them.

Nick Saban's pick of Jason Allan #16 overall was not a great choice. He will be a good specioal teams player and a dime situation db. Derek Hagan will not be with the team after next years draft. Hagan has inconsistant hands and can never be a reliable receiver.

Chris: The truth is a journalist should feel retarded if he isn't thorough and does not ask the questions.

One can assume what people are going to say, but I learned long ago that different folks have different takes and on the off chance one of those different takes will come out of somebody's mouth, one has to keep asking.

Viewed another way, a professional journalist gets paid to ask questions, regarless of how ridiculous and repetitive the answers become. You can't account for those answers, but you have to do your job and ask the questions. Not always fun, not always rewarding, but that is why they call it work.

The great Michael Alexander has spoken. If you have any questions about players' futures, just ask him.

I suppose. It just seems kind of obnoxious to keep asking Pennington over and over about playing his former team, when he is completely the kind of guy that will entirely play down such a story line. You do know that, so by asking aren't you just trying to get him to slip up and say something you can write about to cause controversy?

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