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NFL Networks snubs Dolphins' fine upset victory

Did you guys catch the replay of the Dolphins stirring upset of the New England Patriots on the NFL Network this week?

You remember the game, right? It was one in which a team that had won only once in 20 games completely dominated a team that had won 21 consecutive regular season games. It was a game for which a Miami defender (Joey Porter) was voted NFL defensive player of the week, a Miami offensive player (Ronnie Brown) was voted NFL offensive player of the week and Miami's head coach (Tony Sparano) was today selected the NFL's coach of the week.

It was improbable and exciting and, and ...

... apparently not worthy of NFL replay coverage.

An NFL Network spokesman confirmed to me Thursday evening the channel was not replaying Miami's game this week. I asked why.

"We're replaying other games," he said.

And that is true. The NFL Network had a blast with the Giants and Cincinnati and others. But it couldn't find a time for Dolphins vs. Patriots.

This is frankly a major oversight by the network. What, it couldn't play Football Follies 11 times instead of 12 times this week? It couldn't nix that eighth showing of the 1969 Minnesota Vikings diary?

The NFL Network severly dropped the ball not replaying the historic upset. It disrespected the sizeable Dolphins fan base. It did us all a disservice.


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an historic upset

What were they thinking? At least, here in Cali we have another option. I'm a Dolphin fan on the west coast and our cable provider provides a free on-demand video channel, which includes the NFL network. I can see the replay of this game and any other previous week's game anytime after the Monday night game finishes. Granted, it’s only 30-minutes, but at least it’s another option.

As Aaron Neville said," Tell it like it is".

I agree Mando... I kept searching for the game all week.

DirecTV...live it up.

yo dolphin doug what cable company do you have? bcuz comcrap doesnt offer that sort of on demand play, at least not in DC. help me out!

Heck, even the NHL Network (yes, there is one!!) is showing the Panthers vs. Oilers PRESEASON game replay TWICE today!!

Just as the NFL covered up Spygate and the commissioner ordered the tapes immediately destroyed, we see who the chosen favorite sons of the NFL front office are.

If the game featured Tom Brady throwing 4 TDs to Randy Moss over a hapless Dolphins team, it would be replayed ad nauseam.


I am a lifelong Dolphins fan living in Upstate NY and can't believe the NFL will not re-air one of the most remarkable upsets of the past decade. Just makes you wonder how much pull Robert Kraft has with League execs.

Any how, what really burns me up is the NFL's exclusive deal with Direct-TV and it's "Sunday Ticket". Why can't the NFL allow games to be purchased individually through Digital Cable the way MLB and other sports do? Instead of brokering such a deal the NFL is fixated on selling it's product to foreign markets where the game is barely understood and followed while they neglect the fan base that made them what they are.

Roger Goodell W-T-F are you thinking?


Mondo, thanks for bitchin' about something worthwhile for one. Yea, the NFL Network sux. But it is run by a bunch of Jet fans, so what do you expect.

In truth, NFL Network works hard to avoid mentioning the Dolphins at all - Patriots, Vikings, Raiders, Cowboys, Eagles, they all get extensive coverage.....but not the Phins. I guess that is the price paid for not making the playoffs and for going 1-15.

NFL Network sucks anyways . . . . they're a joke!

All I have to say, if had been the JETS upsetting the Dolphins (under the same circumstances) the NFL Network would have re-played it until the replay machine broke. Wonder why?

Time for pitchforks and torches!!!!

Respect is not given it is earned.Two wins in last 22 games not much respect can be asked for. Win and the rest will take care of itself. Huge Lifelong fan and feel that when this teams rebuilding process is complete, that respect will return for years to come. Besides it NfL networks loss. Big fan base big ratings bad decision on the networks part. NFL Ticket is another way to not allow this to be an issue. Join with other area fans to have one purchase so all can view and all share the cost. You will not miss another game. I have it and share with family and friens who otherwise would miss the game.

I looked for this replay all week to no avail. I'm not convinced it was left off just because the Dolphins have been bad. They were bad a couple of years ago when they had a great upset victory over the Bears and that was replayed (I still have it on my DVR). It wouldn't surprise me if this was because it was against the mighty Patriots. Very disappointing.

If any of you out of area fans want to watch the games online send me an email r.berry@rocketmail.com

The only thing is, they usually replay close, more dramatic finishing games. This was a total white washing, i.e., not necessarily interesting to watch after you already know the result .... unless you're Dolphin fans like us. Week one, they replayed the Colts-Panthers game for instance.

Jay, not only are you a goofball for making grammar points over a blog entry, but you're wrong on top of it. "An" is used before words beginning with H only when then H is silent. Armando was correct.

Notice all the prime time games featuring the Dolphins this year... Zilch! Remember for years Miami was one of the most featured teams in prime time because we were always good. Now that we're bad I guess we have to take our medicine.

I don't like the NFL channel at all. Every announcer except Rick Eisen is an ex-NFL homey. They are afraid to say anything inflammatory or be the least critical for fear of pissing off one of their homeboys. There is absolutely no objectivity. Instead of journalism they have opted to make it some kind of training ground for ex-players who think they can be announcers. First we get to pay full price for preseason games, now we get to watch amateur announcers cheer on their homeboys.

Hey NCFinFan-

What part of NC are you in?

You honestly think that game will be re aired plz. the pats are the nfls babay they dont want them to be embarassed. i bet you goin to see some major stuff happen when the pats play again as in the refs gettin some bad calls in i honestly think that they wont let them sink

Come on Armando, you are overreacting... In my opinion, it's not a disrespect by NFL NETWORK, cause they usually replay the closest games of the week or an historical game... I can agree with you if you think that this was an historical game from this point of view: cause the Dolphins cut the Pats 21 straigh wins, but I'm tired to read all of you calling this win as "an historical win"... My God!!!! We have fall so much, to call this game one of the Miami's greatest victories??? Anyway, I don't agree in that point, but who cares if NFL Network don't replays the Fins victory, We deserve all this because we have been one of the worst teams in the league in the past few years and maybe the worst last season... Take it easy... To me it's most a disrespecting thing to don't have a monday night game in the last... 3 or 4 years... We are no more an atractive team for the primetime... Thats really sad... Period. Greetings from México... Go Fins!!!!! Belive in now!!!!!

Kraft is the puppet master of the NFL
commish. He sits on all the important NFL boards, I think including broadcast. No way is he going to allow his teams complete butt kicking to be shown more then it has to be.

Salguero Rocks!

Some of us were smart enough to TIVO the game in high-def!

I hate to say it, but due to our Fins being 1-15 last year and sliding down the mountain for the past few years, we get ignored. In a way I'm OK with being ignored. I kinda like being under the radar. Hopefully we win more games and gain more notoriety for winning rather than losing. Take it as a message from the NFL Network that clearly says "Win more games". I do think we are on the upswing. For the 1st time in years I feel legitimate with the Trifecta behind us rather than our past losers like Wanny, Saban and that other idiot GM that we finally got rid of. I'm actually GLAD I can't remember his name. For everyone else still whining about no replay, call Mama McNabb, maybe she'll make you some Chunky Soup to feel better.

The thing that bothers me most is how Deion Sanders asked if they really had to even watch the highlights of the Dolphins vs. Arizona game. Sure it was a bad performance but where is his objectivity? Basically, he didnt want to be paid to walk through the Dolphin highlights.. then the next game where they played brilliantly - gets completely ignored.

Mondo, thanks for bitchin' about something worthwhile for one.

Posted by: Ghotirule


The NFL Network serves as a place where ex jocks who would have no other marketable abilities go after retirement to tell us how much they know about football even though most cannot master common English.


I knew this was going to happen. It's not an oversight either. The owner of the Patriots (Bob Kraft) is schmoozing Commissioner Goodell and pleaded with him to not air that game. That's what happened.

The game that has the offensive AND defensive player of the week is not shown? Something tells me they dont believe it was real. I just pray we show up for the Chargers, then people ( even me ) will start believing.

Email them.. Flood their mail box!


Put your fingers where your brain is! Get Typing and report back..


I love my Dolphins but what are you talking about historic upset? The Dolphins beat a Brady-less team! All this goes to show is that the QB position is the most critical position on a football team. The Pats are loaded on offense with studs at almost every position and they couldn't win. Why? Because there was no Brady. He makes the whole thing go round so I'm sorry but this isn't a "Historic Upset" without Brady quarterbacking the team. Yes I'm proud my team won but at the same time let's not act like we're all that because we beat a team without their best player! And so what if we didn't get on the NFL Network, there were better games that week that were more exciting!!! We'll get the recognition when we deserve it and honestly a team that has gone 2-17 the last 19 games doesn't deserve any! I want my Dolphins to improve and then we'll take the NFL Network's respect and everyone elses!! Go PHINS!!!

They must have replayed the JAX - IND game at least 3 or 4 times because just about every time I tuned in they were showing that.

You would think they could have cut out one of those repeats at 2am to show the Patriots losing for the first time in over a year. I know a lot of people who couldn't care less about Miami but still wanted to see the Pats dynasty crushed.

are you serious, Mando?? while it was great we beat the stinking Pats, the game was over in the first half. not a lot of drama there. they only replay 4 games a week, and they keep it to close games, decided late in the game. you had Jax/Indy, Chi/TB, Den/NO, NYG/Cincy. i think those were more compelling games than our romping of the Pats.

It was obviously the biggest upset in the NFL the past two seasons. It was obviously historic. And the NFL network screwed it up royally.

As for the Patriots being without Brady, I'm not so sure he would have kept the Dolphins from scoring 38 points. He's a good quarterback but as a defensive end or linebacker, he's very limited.

After we dispose of the Charger's maybe we'll be shown on NFL Nework.
I know, I doubt it.

The NFL Network's decision not to rebroadcast the Dolphins game will lead to the downfall of that flegdling network as it will be swallowed up by Comcast's refusal to put it on its air and ESPN's decision to embrace the Dolphins.

Rich Eisen ain't nuthin'

Hey Julio, maybe they were without Brady, but what was the Defenses excuse?

The manner that we dominated the game, on the Patriots home field, and given lasts years standings (1-15 to 18-1) mean this is a HUGE UPSET...

I have DirecTV, and this is probably my final year of paying for it and Sunday Ticket. Between the prices going way up, the charge for all the games in HD, and the fact that I could care less about the NFL Network, especially with disses like this, have me ready to either move back to Cable or check out Verizon FiOS TV...

This stings, especially seeing we were worthy of loosing a home game to go play in England, now one of our biggest games in recent years is being snuffed. Screw NFL Network.

Let's get to the superbowl and not worry about getting replayed on NFL Network. Come on Armando....you get paid for this crap??? You have no passion for the Dolphins!!!!

Tell it like it is Armando. But mistakes like this happen to a 1 and 15 team.
Your anger will be heard at the NFL Network,and thanks for fighting for us .

Jesus Christ, I've been commenting about this all week and then you write an article about it? Can I have your paycheck please?

Anyway the reason they didn't replay the game is because:

a. They only replay four games a week.
b. The four games have to be decided in the fourth quarter, preferably in the last 3 minutes or overtime.
c. The score differential has to be less than 7 points.

This is the formula they have always used. This does not mean they will not show the game in a condensed form at some point this season, just that they could not show it on the 'NFL Replay' show. They can still show it on the Realtime Replay format or choose to show it as a 'classic' game (which they show on fridays i believe). As someone who couldn't see the game on my big screen, having to watch it on the computer, I was disappointed they didn't show it, but it's not the end of the world, and it wasn't a Dolphin diss. They simply do not show blowouts on NFL Replay.

And for the guy who complained that you can't buy individual games - you can. They are $45 a game on DirecTV. Gets expensive, but you can purchase Dolphin games if you don't want the Sunday Ticket.

Tinshaker, you are a genius for commenting about this all week long before I got around to writing this blog post. Brilliant by you. Feel better now?

ATTENTION: Guys and gals I'm sorry for this but I wanted to point something out and it has nothing to do with this blog but everything to do with how we should act as fans and human beings. There is a story on Newsday.com about the Seahawks website making fun of New York in particular the day of 9/11 and how New Yorkers were "humbled"( there is also a link to the site) . The site displays a picture of the collapsed towers and then 20 to 30 jokes about how people died etc. It's absolutely the most disgusting stomach turning thing I've ever seen in a sports forum. All I ask is that anyone who has a minute to spare please write a quick letter to their sponsors (their biggest is stubhub.com) and express your outrage. 9/11 was about the USA, NOT NY, and as United States citizens we shouldn't put up with that kind of ignorance. I hate to give these pieces of garbage any publicity but it's the only way to get the site shut down.

I agree that the Dolphins getting snubbed is NO ACCIDENT. The Patriots are the darlings of the NFL and I bet the league is mortified that Tom Brady is out for the year. Add the fact that the Dolphins absolutely GUTTED THE PATS and I am sure this is a game the league wished never had happened. GO PHINS!!!!!!

DVR People!

I love my Dolphins but what are you talking about being snubbed out of a historic upset? The Dolphins beat a Brady-less team! All this shows is that the QB position is the most critical position on a football team. The Pats are loaded on offense with studs at almost every position and they couldn't win. Why? Because there was no Brady. He makes the whole thing go round so I'm sorry but this isn't a "Historic Upset" without Brady quarterbacking the team. Yes I'm proud my team won but at the same time let's not act like we're all that because we beat a team without their best player! And so what if we didn't get on the NFL Network, there were better games that week that were more exciting!!! We'll get the recognition when we deserve it and honestly a team that has gone 2-17 the last 19 games doesn't deserve any! I want my Dolphins to improve and then we'll take the NFL Network's respect and everyone elses!! Go PHINS!!!

This was no upset, I'm sorry people. Without Brady this isn't the same team, plain and simple. We're fully aware that Brady doesn't play defense but he if he did play quarterback against us you can bet your life my beloved Dolphins wouldn't of scored 38 points. Why? Because Brady would have kept he offense on the field longer than crappy Cassel did. So Brady does make a huge difference to the Patriots on both the offensive side of the ball and defensive side.

It pisses me off when people dont give the dolphins credit for not only beating the cheaters on the road but making them look real bad, they didnt know what to do but anyway we have to understand that it meant more to us than anybody else.
hopefully we'll have a good game vs the chargers.
deion sanders is a punk!! period!

Hey Armando, congrats on the more prominent placement of your blog (and mug) on the web sports page!

The new herald layout looks good.

Here is an idea: how about offering all NFL games for purchase on iTunes? Heck, even if the dolphins game was not available for purchase and download for two more weeks I'd still pay for it! The NFL needs to wake up and keep up with the technology!

Who cares, Dolphins won, that's all that matters. On the other side of the world,
we only see the Dolphins highlights on ESPN's Sportscentre, NFL primetime, and the video clips on nfl.com. But you have a point, the NFL need to re-assess the criteria for which games to replay.

Thank you Armando! Yet I have to be force fed the Monday Night Miracle 20 times in the off season...Who cares if it was a blowout...with all the bs that is on over and over. You would think that they could, as you said, change the lineup a bit and stop running the same crap over and over! I guess the NFL Network doesn't care about ratings. Coach, Defensive and offensive players of the week...when us the last time that has happened? IDIOTS!

And now to chime in on what I've read...

The sports media in general have absolutely despised the Fins ever since the '72 season, when they apparently violated an unwritten rule that no NFL team shall ever win all of its games in a season. And with the heart of sports media being located in Jets, Pats and Bills country the problem was only exacerbated. SI actually picked the Redskins to win that season's Super Bowl, and to do so convincingly! Imagine an unbeaten NFL team being picked to get whipped in the Super Bowl today.

Even when the Fins were making the playoffs on a regular basis the media, particularly ESPN, hated them and took every opportunity to make snide remarks about them and paint them in the worst possible light. So when the Fins got bad they had no chance.

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen replays of classic games in which the Fins lost, and that 2000 Jets game has to be the most replayed regular season game of all time--in any sport.

As far as NFL Network only replaying close games that's flat-out not true, as they replayed the Fins win over the Bears (31-13) and last year replayed the Fins' loss to the Browns (41-31, Browns got off to a huge lead). No, there is every reason to believe the network refused to replay this game both because the media in general hates the Fins, and the Pats are just as clearly the NFL's darlings. ANY other team would've been darn near given the "death penalty" like in college football if they'd been caught cheating like the Pats. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

Armando is to be congratulated for pointing out the ludicrous double-standard. You can guarantee had the Pats won that game 38-13 it would've been replayed!

As I type this, NFL Network is replaying a regular season game...from 1994!!! That's right, they'd rather replay games from 14 YEARS AGO than show the Fins beating their darling Pats! Un freaking believable.

NFL Network just plain SUCKS! After the game, do you think they would have shown Sparano's post-game conference? NO...they showed Bellychicken...the NFL Network has LONG snubbed the Dolphins - I'm not sure what all the hullabaloo was for years between the NFL Network and cable. I've had the channel with my satellite and they RARELY show anything Dolphins. I'm planning on removing it from my channel guide as soon as I log off!

The NFL's TV marketing is atrocious and the NFL Network is a joke.

Roger Goodell burned all the tapes of Sunday's Pats anihilation at the hands of the Dolphins. He said we can't have stuff like that falling into the wrong hands. Bill Bellichick and Bob Kraft agreed.

right on Armando

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