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NFL Networks snubs Dolphins' fine upset victory

Did you guys catch the replay of the Dolphins stirring upset of the New England Patriots on the NFL Network this week?

You remember the game, right? It was one in which a team that had won only once in 20 games completely dominated a team that had won 21 consecutive regular season games. It was a game for which a Miami defender (Joey Porter) was voted NFL defensive player of the week, a Miami offensive player (Ronnie Brown) was voted NFL offensive player of the week and Miami's head coach (Tony Sparano) was today selected the NFL's coach of the week.

It was improbable and exciting and, and ...

... apparently not worthy of NFL replay coverage.

An NFL Network spokesman confirmed to me Thursday evening the channel was not replaying Miami's game this week. I asked why.

"We're replaying other games," he said.

And that is true. The NFL Network had a blast with the Giants and Cincinnati and others. But it couldn't find a time for Dolphins vs. Patriots.

This is frankly a major oversight by the network. What, it couldn't play Football Follies 11 times instead of 12 times this week? It couldn't nix that eighth showing of the 1969 Minnesota Vikings diary?

The NFL Network severly dropped the ball not replaying the historic upset. It disrespected the sizeable Dolphins fan base. It did us all a disservice.


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What we needs is a Dolphins Greatest Games DVD like they have at NFL.com for 49ers, Bears, Cowboys, Packders, Steelers. We rank right up there, with back to back SB wins and multiple SB appearances, and the perfect season. I've been following the Phins since they started as a franchise in 66-67. Last week's game was an instant classic and should go on that DVD, since it's the beginning of our turn-around. Could also put in the historic longest game ever against the Chiefs, the high scoring loss to the Chargers, etc. As a franchise we have been in tons of classic games, so why don't we have a Greatest Games DVD?

you know what when ever i see the dolphins for free i laugh at the NFL. I watch my Fins for free every week. NFL sunday ticket can go straight to hell. You know Mando I guess you are a true Dolfan too notice something like that.

you know what when ever i see the dolphins for free i laugh at the NFL. I watch my Fins for free every week. NFL sunday ticket can go straight to hell. You know Mando I guess you are a true Dolfan too notice something like that.

Hell yeah Mando! I love how they show most ofthe preseason games but can't show all the old regular season games even though they are the NFL Network. What a scam.

What do Rod Woodson, Prime Time, Mariucci, Baldinger, and Pat Kirwan aka. Tom selleck have in common ?
They all suck and were never offered a job in football after being cut !

What really sucks is 75% of the nation can't actually gripe about this because Time Warner and most other cable systems DON'T SHOW THE NFL NETWORK!

The Phins won because Lady Brady wasn't there? That is such horse dooey.

I don't get the NFL Network here because it costs a fortune, so I read the blogs and watch the few games that the Phins are shown. However, when they were winning I seen them a lot. Like 12 weeks a year. Over the past couple of years they were stinky. Very stinky and I am glad I didn't get to watch the blowouts.
I was surprised to see them last week but because the gods of the NFL, Patriots were playing they shove those games down my throat. I get to hear things like: Mr Brady, you look very handsome today. Are you going to pass for a touchdown thingy? Response: Yes, I feel pretty darn good about how I look, I didn't shave my face so I could look mean like a pirate but my legs and ass are as smooth as a baby's bum. Teddy said I looked scary.

Another option to see a 25 minute version of the highlights - iTunes has a video of the game - $1.99 - to see Belcheat humiliated - PRICELESS!!!


Just as the NFL covered up Spygate and the commissioner ordered the tapes immediately destroyed, we see who the chosen favorite sons of the NFL front office are.

If the game featured Tom Brady throwing 4 TDs to Randy Moss over a hapless Dolphins team, it would be replayed ad nauseam.

Posted by: Tikkanen


Don't you guys know that the Patsies are the "darlings" of the NFL? They don't want to show their "prize" getting their butts handed to them over and over again.

I'm amazed that we weren't penalized more in that game to give the "darlings" more of a chance.

Screw NFL Network. They can't work out a deal with Cablevision so that us in Long Island can't watch it anyway. Ah well, screw Cablevision too.

So true, I kept looking for it too. I knew the NFL Network was going to be a piece of poopy-dooky-doo. There I said it.

What do you expect from a network that has hired a former cb so lazy & cocky he couldn't tackle or explain "cover 2" because all he had to was lockdown one receiver (Deionna). A former coach who was fired by the miserable Lions(I'mamoochie), another coach who couldn't win a playoff game (Moron/Mora), and a running back who can't talk about football players without referencing himself (Faulk). I have to be kinder to the Michigan scrub (Eisen)out of respect to the 2 maize and blueers we have representin' us.

I e-mailed the NFL and let them know what I thought. I went to the NFL.com website and sent them an e-mail to complain about their not re-airing the game. I suggest everybody else do the same thing.


I probably watched this game 10 times since last sunday. I have a DVR and Directv Sunday Ticket. I create my own replays if NFL Network doesn't want to do it.

This wasn't only one of the biggest upsets in the last decade, but is could rank within the top 2 or 3 in NFL history.

When you think that the Dolphins were coming off one of the worst losing streaks in the modern NFL era & the Pats were coming off the longest winning streak of any team, & the Dolphins take it in such a dominating fassion, one has to wonder. There were many record-setting aspects of this game, & for it to go unnoticed as far as the Network's replay analysts is concerned, it is very telling, even if you are not a Dolphin fan.

This was a Historic game.

It can only be that there is some corporate pull by the ownership of the Patsies with the NFL heierarchy. Very disappointing. It could only be worse if the refs deliberately rigged the game. What a disgrace.

That's why i record the games on my DVR then record the onto DVDs. Then i watch them anytime i want.

Voice your displeasure at the NFL Network site:


Rise up, Fin fans.

It's the same ol' same ol.'

The media elite (North East) hates the Dolphins and always have. Remember Howard Cosell and how he would REFUSE to show the Dolphins unless they lost?

The BLUE Patriots got beat by RED Dolphins and you actually wonder why they won't show the game?

Even when this team is totally turned around, you can rest assured the media elite will be sure to pass them by in favour of more "established" teams like the Jets and Patriots. Oh well.

Looks to me like the North still hates the South (maybe they should grow up?).

I bet today's Jets game will be on an infinite loop this week on the NFL Network. I really hate the Jets.

its because you guys suck balls and it was a total fluke and you wont win another game this year miami sucks

BTW, the P.O.S. NFL Network IS showing the New Jersey Glider game as we speak...so I guess it WASN'T about showing close games like previously thought...it's about protecting their baby New England Cheatriots...Screw the NFL Network!!

This is outrageous! Rush Limbaugh LOVES faltbool, he clearly is NOT racist, and yet trashy pop tramp Fergie gets to be a part-owner of an NFL team while Rush Limbaugh suffers from liberal-media created phantom "quotes?" Why does SHE get a free pass and Rush gets screwed? She probably doesn't know a Quarterback from a Safety! She's probably too busy rapping about her latest drug enabled sex-orgy to care about faltbool!!! And yet RUSH is the controversial one?!?!?I can't believe this. Whoever the "group" is that dropped Rush Limbaugh, they better be ashamed of it... I hope to God they reverse their decision, because this is upsetting.

It is time to launch a obcyott against Dave Checketts and SCP Worldwide. The enabler of Sharpton et. al. must pay.Here is what they do:" SCP Worldwide owns a diverse array of properties that include the National Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues, Scottrade Center, famed Kiel Opera House in St. Louis as well as the Blues' AHL affiliate Peoria Rivermen. The company also owns and operates Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake and its home - Rio Tinto Stadium - a soccer-specific facility with related entertainment elements in Sandy, Utah as well as KALL700 Sports Radio in Salt Lake City."Dave Checketts has allowed the Sharptons of the world to throw US in the grease. Checketts has empowered every kook out there to now smear Limbaugh's entire audience, and that is EXACTLY what Soros and Emanuel will do.Dave Checketts must pay for this. This is horrible, an incredible blow to free speach. He must pay. I know we usually are against obcyotts, but Checketts alowed himself to be intimidated by Al Sharpton, and he has now made it possible for the Left to brutalize Limbaugh's listeners and supporters. Just watch. They will now smear us all. The thing to do is to make the cowards pay-Dave Checketts.

If Rush does get to be part owner of the Rams, maybe there will be one team in the NFL that will clean up its act an stop employing gang mbmeer wanna-bes. The NFL has gone the way of the NBA in allowing players to behave like thugs and crybabies. I used to be a huge fan, now I only watch occasionally. Clean up the image of your players NFL, start getting or demanding owners to require players to act decently again.

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