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Dolphins beat Jets in the draft's first round

Last April the Dolphins used the first pick of the draft to select Jake Long. The New York Jets used their first round pick, the sixth pick overall, to select outside linebacker Vernon Gholston.

Advantage Dolphins!

While Long has come pretty much as advertised so far and will start at offensive left tackle for Miami in the regular-season opener, Gholston has not quite started so fast. In fact, he's been awful.

I had Michael Lombardi, a 20-year NFL personnel man with Oakland, Cleveland and other teams, on my radio show over the weekend. First of all, he doesn't think the Jets are going to be very good at all. He picked them fourth in the AFC East, behind New England, Buffalo and Miami.

And he hates Gholston.

This is what Lombardi wrote in the National Football Post after the Jets preseason finale against Philadelphia.

"I watched Gholston last night and he is not playing well right now. What is most alarming is his inability to come off the blocks without explosison or to play the game with any physicality. Coming out of college, he did not, in my opinion, have one-step quickness. he has to run his feet to generate power -- much like a boxer who needs to "wind up" to throw a punch. Gholston is a poor rusher, playing right into the lineman. As a dropper, he has no chance. If he is in coverage, he is a HUGE liability. The question the Jets should be asking themselves is, 'How are we going to dress him on Sunday?' He is not a special teams  player and won't be on the field as a rusher with the defense. Difficult to imagine drafting  aplayer with the sixth overall, he is not a quarterback, and he does not offer any help on Sunday."

Long, meanwhile, has met every expectation of the Dolphins coaching staff. He still needs to improve his technique but coaches are riding him hard to get that done. Head coach Tony Sparano, in particular, has been spending time with Long to get him better as quickly as possible.

He is not a Pro Bowl player now. But with some experience and some improved technique and some time, he has the makings. The Dolphins believe they hit paydirt with the guy.

The Jets with Gholston? Not so much.

5 p.m. update: The Dolphins are about to announce the cutting of cornerback Joey Thomas and the signing of safety Tyrone Culver. The team also will cut Jayson Foster off the practice squad and add nose tackle Anthony Toribio. Culver was waived by the Packers when the team cut to 53 players.


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wow....a positive article. refreshing.

I hate the Jets as much as any other sane person, but let's be fair. Neither player has played, or started, a regular-season NFL game yet. It's often said it is unfair to really judge a rookie until his third season. Maybe we should at least wait until his third - or even first - game before we start awarding the Dolphins any prizes for their first-round draft prowess.

Any day you can pick on the Jets is a good day, so even if he ends up being a hall of famer, its still fun to hear he stinks today (so glad we didn't draft him!!!)

LMAO, the Jets are going to be at the bottom of the AFC east for a while. 1st mistake was drafting Gholston so high. 2nd mistake overpaying for that linebacker Pace just so we couldn't get him. 3rd mistake mortgaging the future for an OLD great quarterback who will more than likely be gone next season.

If we can't finish better than them this season then Bill , Jeff ,and Tony have done nothing!!!

I don't remember an NFL team buying the Super Bowl like the Yankees buy the World Series (hasn't worked for them lately either). So I don't expect a lot out of the Jets. It seems like the Dolphins were always one or two players away, yet they never made it and only went down hill every year. How can a 4-12 team be one or two players away from a championship. The Jets mortgaged their future for today. Man, that sure sounds familiar.

What has an indpendent observer said about Jake Long? We know what the homers think.

I would hope the 1st overall pick looks better than the 6th overall pick...moron. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to suggest that!

You guys need to keep up.

They morgaged the future on Favre? If they get to the playoffs he costs them a 2nd round pick. Or what the fins wasted on Feeley, Culpepper and Beck.

I would wait on Gholston, don't remember anyone thinking Mario Williams was a good pick even after a complete rookie season. Now he's a pro bowl player. Gholston is learning a new system and a new position.

Oh and Pace, the Jets offered him one mil more than the fish.

Hardly overpaid to keep him out of miami.

Offsets his state income tax, nothing more.

Funny that the author needed to ask someone about the Jets and Gholston, but didn't ask or post what that "personnell man" thought about the fish and Long. As if a personell man out of Oakland should be trusted over the Jets FO who have drafted a hell of a lot better than the Raiders.

Interesting, especially how Gholston owned Jake Long in last years Ohio St. Michigan game. Maybe too much was placed on that one game for Gholston.

Great to hear Big Tony has been spending some one on one time with Jake.

I do believe we see him having a TE on his side early on in the season to break him into it a bit.

One thing I would like to know is if the coaching staff have asked Jake to bulk up any. Granted he is big as it is, but he is a very lean 310lbs on that 6'7" frame. Has there been anything on that?

Gholston was a flash in the pan. Easily the most overrated player in the draft. Just like the Jets to jump all over him. I didn't know a fan of any team in the top 10 that was TERRIFIED their team would draft this lemon...except the Jet fan I know. He was rabidly convinced that VG was the next Strahan.


Turns out there are THREE things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and the Jets blowing their #1 draft pick.

To begin with I am neither a Jets or Dolphins fan. This article is written way too early to mean anything. More important is the fact Jake Long was a LT in college and he is still playing that position. Gholston was a DE and is now LEARNING the OLB position. There is a HUGE difference in those situations. In addition, Jake Long has not faced the best DEs in the league week in and week out, so to call him a great pick is a little premature.

Also, I find it humorous that people want to pick on Gholston and say it was a terrible pick by the Jets when Chris Long was taken 2nd overall and has 1 tackle this preseason, Gholston has 13 (9 solo). By the way Long has been starting with the first team in the preseason, should we call him a bust already? By the standards of this article we should.

This little article/blog/BS is laughable and a disgrace to objective journalists everywhere.

It usually takes a yr exp for a Def End to fully grasp the technique needed in NFL (Mario Williams). Also, the system has to fit the player (Jevon Kearse). People are saying Chris Long isn't doing well either, but give him a yr. Just like a receiver needs 2 yrs exp. A receiver comes on in his 3rd yr., a def end comes on in his 2nd yr.

No one's picking on Gholston. We're picking on the stinking J-E-T-S.

I hate the jets, but you can't judge VG for another 4 months. Reporters think we VALUE their opinion. I wish people would stick to facts and stop projecting. I'd like to know one projection that is worth a cr@p. None of the so called "Projections" mean a d@mn thing. Any thing can happen on Any Given Sunday.

Good comment on the switch from DE to OLB. It's a very different system. When an OLB drops, he just has to cover a small circle of space. He's a good player. He'll do fine with what he has to cover.

Btw, has anyone seen Matt Roth in coverage. Now that's a laughable site. But, I bet he leans up over the next season and does better next year.

A bit early to say Gholston is (or will be) a bust. Dude broke some of Mike Vrabel's records in college and I think we can all agree that Vrabel's a pretty decent player. He may not be an overnight sensation, but as some folks have mentioned, neither was Mario Williams.

Any chance Gholston had went out the window with the Jets picking him. Welcome to the toilet bowl Vernon. You've joined the delusional doormats of the AFC East.

Delusional doormats of the AFC East?

No, the fish didn't draft him, the Jets did.

When you just finished going 1-15, it's not the time to call others doormats

Just like the Jets to jump all over him. I didn't know a fan of any team in the top 10 that was TERRIFIED their team would draft this lemon...except the Jet fan I know.


If the fish drafted as well as this Jets FO did, you wouldn't be in the predicament that the fish find themselves in.

I would trust them more than any "fan" that you know.

nice thoughts... though, those who draft jason allen shouldn't throw stones.

Our outside LB, Joey Porter, is going to rip off Favre's right arm, then beat Gholston over the head with it... and then toss it to Beck so Beck can surgically attach it to his right arm. The question is: Will Beck fumble Favre's arm? Beck's hands may drop it, but Favre's hand will hold on to Beck.

Not only is he making the transition from college end to nfl olb, Gholston missed quite a bit of practice time because of his college's graduation rules.

Premature to consign him to the dog pound.

And Pace has looked great in the preseason.

Martin K.............LMAO!!!

I agree with some of the others that its WAY to early to write Gholston off yet. We all knew he was a workout warrior, which pumped up his value before the draft and the Jets pounced. But to call him a poor player is ridiculous. He'll make some big plays this season, just like in college. But I wouldn't expect him to consistently play at a high level for an entire NFL season, just like he didn't in college.

I agree thats its far too early to start calling players as busts already. I remember the talk surrounding Mario Williams being drafted number 1. I'm still not sure if he should have been a #1 pick but they guy was coached up and elevated his game. It takes time especially if you're switching positions, ala Matt Roth.

I guess that if I were a fin fan and have been owned by the Jets the last 5-6 years I would hate the Jets just as much.
Vernon Gholston and Jake Long will both be good players on the long run....regardless of what this Raiders guru may or may not like.

It's a little known fact in Ohio that most Buckeye players are on roids. Not spreading rumors here, it is a fact! Anyone remember Katzenmoyer?

where the hell are all these sucky jet fans coming from who cares about VG or the jets are doing....yes its definately to early to judge but i think Armando is just trying to say how it looks to this point and up to this point he is correct.

Armando I have a quick question for you if you can answer it, it will be great.....in your opinion how much time do you think Ricky will play this game against the jets do you know if they will try to bring Ronnie back slowly or do you think there going to share the rock right off the bat....Got to get my fantasy line up in and i'm wondering if i should start Ricky over another Running back?

What a joke of a blog. Seriously? After three months, you're ready to say the Fins did better than the Jets? Well, they better of, considering the Fins were picking five spots ahead of the Jets and, most importantly, picking first overall. Never mind the fact that Gholston is learning a new position.

Stuff like this is why the newspaper business is failing. Great job, buddy.

Jets are statistical loosers and always will be..Still dreaming of ol broadway joe...14 winning seasons in 41 tries = doormat

"When you just finished going 1-15, it's not the time to call others doormats"
Posted by: lf911sc

Sure I can... the Jets have been doormats their entire existence. You want to talk history or just 1 year/ last year? You jetoffs are dumb as rocks.

Firstly I am a huge Phins fan living in NY, so all I get in the papers/tv is Jets news. Vernon G. is considered a disappointment here so far but as others here have said it takes some time before a draft can be evaluated.

Also while I think the Phins will be greatly improved from last year, and have a great chance of beating the jets week 1, I do not think we will finish ahead of them in the standings. If we do beat out the jets in the standings this year- it will wreck the Jets. They built this team to win NOW whereas Miami is building a future. The future however takes time.

I'm reading LOTS of excuses from the "not Yets" already. What rock will you all crawl under come Monday??
You cant compare history between the yets and Dolphins. Not in the same class what so ever.
How bout your .450 winning % yets?

To Baconator - Stop with the stupid everybody at Ohio State is on roids. I guess you would say that about Michigan if Gholston has went there?

To Finfan in Orlando - Armando is not correct at this point. He is clearly bias to the Fins and is trying to write off Gholston already. You admit it is too early to judge, yet you agree with the article. Which is it?

To Geoff - AMEN!!!!


When was the last time the fish won a championship? 73? Jets in 69?


Go back 10 years and show me their dominance or where the Jets have been doormats.

Sorry that you want to ignore relevant history and go back to the glory days, but open your eyes. The Jets have been the better team and until the fish can make up the defecit, will continue to be the better team.

You would realize that, unless you are dumb as rocks.

Why haven't Huizenga or Ross disciplined Tuna over his grievous error in allowing Westhoff access to Fins practices. This mistake will likely cost us two touchdowns Sunday. It amazes me that Tuna still has a job, considering that this error comes on top of an abysmal, chaotic pre-season. Shameful.

Two things: Armando is not an obvjective journalist. He's a columnist and blogger and gets paid to give his opinion you drips. Try to figure out the difference

Secondly, you excuse mongers saying Gholston is playing a new position doesn't change the fact he's sucking at the new position. And if the Jets new they were going to ask the guy playing a different spot, maybe they shouldn't have drafted him.

There are only two players drafted in the Top 11 that are not starting on Sunday -- Gholston is one of them so he is already a HUGE disappointment.

Armando is right. Gholston sucks right now. He didn't say the guy is going to be a bust. He wrote that Gholston is not as good right now as Long. Anybody that doesn't agree with that is a turdbrain.

...Oh and the Jets blow.

These jet fans are delusional but you know what they say: ignorance is bliss.

BOO-hoo-hoo I'm a Jets fan so that automatically means that everything the Jets do is great and anyone that questions any of their moves is stupid. I love the Jets because they have always done the right thing and have been to so many superbowls. Releasing Chad, who spent 8 years in NY giving his all, and signing a QB whos heart isn't in it and will retire after the season was a very smart move. So was paying outrageous contracts to players who are past their prime while ignoring Coles and others. I love the fact that we play in someone elses stadium and I'm also mad that we wont be allowed to spit on women who won't show us their breasts at that same stadium (GIANTS STADIUM). I'm so proud of the fact that NY voters voted against building us a new stadium because it was going to mean higher taxes. It shows how much NY loves the Jets. You guys are all idiots because you are picking on Vernon Gholston. The whole league is saying this guy is struggling, EVEN ON THE PASS RUSH, but I will be mad at you guys for that. Oh yeah, our mascot is a midget fireman which makes perfect sense doesn't it? After all we are called the "Jets". GET IT?! Planes = Vertically challenged firemen. You guys are so stupid I mean seriously, try to show some more class like our hero Namath did when he was drunk on national TV trying to feel up the female reporter on the sideline.

Just wanted to point out that Matt Roth has also made the switch from DE to LB and he is excelling. AND he wasn't picked anywhere close to number 6. Gholston has plenty of time to get better but as of right now he has been a dissapointment, much like the history of the NY Jets.

anyone of you Phin fans wanna back up your trash talking and bet on Sundays opener at your home???? if we stink, you guys stink worse because our record is 16 wins of the past 20 games. who sucks now?

yes i did say it was to early to judge what there future is but as of right now Long looks better than Gholston and I believe that armando is correct up to this point and an opinion is not a judgement.......an opinion can change this is an opinioned based blog just like i would say that pennington is better than Henne right now but just because I say this now it dose not mean that Henne won't be better than Pennington one day and that my opinion won't change and as of right now Long is the starting LT for the Miami dolphins come this sunday and Gholston is not even going to dress for the game I maybe wrong on that but I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.....and as far as the Mario Williams is concerned I do not think you can compare them. Mario had 47 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 Fumble Recovery and even defeneded 4 passes and started every game for the crappy Texans as a rookie......I don't think Gholston will come close to that this year but not he could end the season strong with upside and become the next LT nobody knows what the future holds not even the stupid jet fans......but right now IMO Long is better again, right now, as of today which would be the only thing that anyone can base there opinion on and I believe that is what Armando is saying........

Go Phins

Looks like the Tuna hyped up Gholston as the next LT and those stinkin' JETS took the bait!

JETS=LOSERS. Just check out all time records:

322-394-8 regular season
8-11 Playoffs

Dolphins -
369-267-4 regular season
20-19 Playoffs

What does this say? Dolphins have winning records in both regular and post season while the stinking JETS have losing records in both.

What else? Dolphins have 39 playoff games to JETS 20. Thats half as many palyoff games than Miami playing in the SAME DIVISION.

When the JETS start 0-3 after losing to NE and SD we will hear the Kellen Clemens calls. Favre s ucks.

just beat the stinking jets!!!


That was a classic comment!!!! ahahahahah



Wow, all these jets fans. Someone must have a link from their blog to this site.

I think the Jets made some bad moves, but Gholston will probably NOT end up being one of them. Someone said he has way more tackles than Chris Long, the wonder boy. And I'm not surprised. No way would I have drafted Chris. I'm very happy with OUR draft, and our super pick of Jake Long. It's paying dividends for us. I'll give props to Gholston, though. I haven't watched him in other games, but when he played us (Dolphins), he had some serious tackles and stopped our drive in it's track. He didn't pass rush us much but his tackling excelled on third downs. And he's only going to get better.

Go Dolphins!

lf911sc, rayzor

Kiss my Dolphin a** and go crawl back to the NY sewer you came from.

This blog is for winners.

"I had Michael Lombardi, a 20-year NFL personnel man with Oakland, Cleveland and other teams,"

Oh I would def take the word of a personnel man w/Oakland and the Browns , with the great decisions those teams have been making with players........please.....


You are really reaching in this article. Let's compare first round draft picks not even a week into the season. You above all people should know preseason is meaningless. Obviously Dolphin fans are hyped because of the preseason. I think that is the humor in this whole situation. I keep hearing how the dolphins will keep this close and win. They have the advantage. What advantage, this is a team that won one game last year. What are you guys so happy about ? You have proved nothing.

Jet Fans shouldn't even be allowed to speak to Dolphin fans, they are the worse fans in the nfl. Dolphins Stadium should change it's name to whoever the visiting team is. Because you dolphin fans hardly ever come out and root for your team. You guys aren't loud and you make your team play 16 road games every year. You can't even sell out the first home game. Sad. Come sunday, Dolphins Stadium will be Jets stadium.

Like a famous U player used to say when he wore the green and white for the Jets. It is not a rivalry till you win some. This isn't a rivalry, You Dolphin Fans wish it was.

Let's see, 47 more wins, and 127 fewer losses? Yeah, our team sucks so much more than the Jets.
Go away, Jets Trolls. Stroke each other on a Jets blog.

"Go back 10 years and show me their dominance or where the Jets have been doormats."

I dont feel like wasting more time on you but go back to the beginning (not just a timeframe that suits you BTW) and look up SB appearances, playoff appearances, Championships wins, etc. and you'll see that the Jets are the "doormats" everyone knows them to be. (as stated before jets= .450% and Dolphins=.600 winning %.)What is so hard to understand????

Yes, I know the only goal each year is to beat the Dolphins but come on- that's weak and so much envy for the storied franchise that is the MIAMI DOLPHINS.

Last thing bottom feeder, you come to other teams forums with your mouth- expect to get smacked down. Done and done.

Oh I would def take the word of a personnel man w/Oakland and the Browns , with the great decisions those teams have been making with players........please.....

Anyone is better with the 1st round picks than the Jests. You wish you had the Browns team losers. The Raiders may end up better than you soon...
Things that dont change....death, taxes and jet fans excuses.

I'll give props to Gholston, though. I haven't watched him in other games, but when he played us (Dolphins), he had some serious tackles and stopped our drive in it's track. He didn't pass rush us much but his tackling excelled on third downs. And he's only going to get better.
Go Dolphins!

Posted by: Samantha

WTF! They haven't played the Dolphins yet?

So your definition of a good fan is someone who acts like a Blivit? If you are not loud, and obnoxious, you aren't a good fan? Your most famous fan got that way because he could spell Jets, while sitting on his brother's shoulders. Can you see how ridiculous someone would look, sitting on someone else's shoulders yelling "D-O-L-P-H-I-N-S! DOLPHINS! DOLPHINS! DOLPHINS!"?

Watch how fast the disappearing act comes after the Fins win 16-13. They will blame it on the refs or the Florida heat being too much for Old Man Favre. Im going to laugh when all that investment in FA goes for nothing. Typical NY to spend money like its nothing and flop (a la NY Yankees/METS). Jets are a joke and are beating their chest after going 4-12 last year. All this talk of winning a Superbowl this year when they beat an injury depleted team for half their wins. Why dont we start comparing the Marino years where Miami dominated if we want to pick a 10 year period. Look at all time records and the proof is there. J-E-T-S = L-O-S-E-R-S and it will be clear on Sunday. Let the fist fights begin!

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