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Dolphins make it truly fun to see Sunday's win

FOXBORO -- It was truly gratifying to go into the Dolphins locker room late Sunday afternoon after the incredible 38-13 victory over the Patriots and talk to the players about success and great plays and, well, something other than losing.

It was great!

During my early years covering the Dolphins I dealt with winning teams almost every year. I covered teams that believed a punched ticket to the playoffs was a right rather than a privilege. I covered teams that mattered and had a swagger and an excitement about them.

The Dolphins played like that Sunday, like the good ol' days. It has been a long time as everyone knows. And it was awesome.

I guess this is where I address the improvement column. I wrote in Sunday's Herald the Dolphins had shown no improvement in the first couple of games this year from the start of last year. I still believe that. The Dolphins were no better after two games this year than after two games last year.

And I don't think any right-thinking fan could argue the opinion which I backed up with statistics. Fact is, no one argued the point with me before Sunday's game. I got plenty of hindsight emails from people busting my ... chops after Sunday's game.

But none came before people knew the outcome of this game.

I was nonetheless wrong when I failed to suggest that Miami's course toward improvement could change at any point this season. Because that is what happened in this game. The Dolphins, for one day, showed improvement. Despite how unpredictable and even improbable, the Dolphins made a giant leap in one week and in this one game.

The Dolphins went from losing one 34-10 to winning one 38-13. They went from losing to a perpetual doormat to destroying a perennial winner.

We'll see if that improvement continues.

Interestingly, and I think importantly, I didn't hear any boastful predictions out of the locker room. Players didn't predict this is the beginning of big things. Players didn't act like all their problems are solved. Players didn't even buy into the, "We knew we'd do this all along," mistake.

Ricky Williams, Vonnie Holliday and others instead spoke of building on this victory. They spoke of needing to clean up some issues that persist. They spoke of not taking two steps back now that they've taken one forward.

It was good to hear.

It was fun to watch.

It was great to cover.


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All this negativity aside you doing Zazlow tonight for the Fins show Mando? Armando any chance you can call some assistant coaches or head coaches and ask why don't people use these 'college' plays mroe often since they ripped a new one to the pats? It is going to be really interesting for a team to stop that double threat of Brown and Williams and a passing game. Finally, do you think this was sheer desperation on the Fins part or did they see a weakness in the pats defense?

Drswarmy...Yeah that's nice. You predict things about as well as a meteorologist so nice referrence.

drsamii, please forgive me for not getting your call name correct. Been a long morning.

JP, I'll be on Fins Unfiltered at 7 p.m. tonight.

Hey folks, new post is up on the Dolphins wildcat formation.

Hey Mando calmdown baby its ok nobody saw this coming, not even the spread offense. Were all Dolphin fans right? Your a sports journalist. All you have to say is BOY WAS I WRONG! The people who you are threatning to take off the blog follow you religiously do you even know that? I check out your blog from time to time but cmon. That game was great everything went right. I think you will agree consistency is the issue here. Im keepin my mouth shut about this game. If they can beat Denver, and Buffalo were on to something. Oh yeah Mando I saw yesterday that Ginn went across the middle and made a catch, MAYBE I WAS WRONG about him not showing any heart.


Here's my problem with you. This, while you might mistake it as being so, is not YOUR blog. This is not a blog about how effin smart Mr. Salguero is. This is supposed to be "Dolphins in Depth" not "Depths of Salguero's wisdom".

Were you actually surprised that you get ripped on a daily basis by fans who read your articles which refelct negatively on their team?

Either which way, there is no need to spend time in your post justifying your last one. Report and give opinions on the team, leave out the other stuff. If you get ripped somewhere along the way so be it. But be the bigger freakin man already, because clearly you haven't been up until this point.

I accept your apology. I agree with Dolfan Corona. I think you would have had less of a public outcry..like you had...but keeping it simple and with some humor: "BOY WAS I WRONG." It would have been all good. We know they have not been the best but a lot of us have hope for this team, and when you are trying to find anything you can to be optimistic about in your team, it gets kind of tired hearing about how they suck and there is no hope. Also..c'mon dude...you gave the coaches an A+ and the running backs just an A. C'mon, they deserve an A+++

Great Win. The improvements are there and the Big Tuna Crew is still on the job...don't get it twisted. More wins to come...I GUARANTEE IT!

Good Grief People,

Relish the victory. Go to your happy places for the next two weeks. Personal attacks on somebody with defective crystal ball is a waste of time. Nobody's opinions are always right, certainly not any of us who post here. I for one appreciate the service being provided to us. The live blogging, the inside scoop and the opinions thrown against the refridgerator door to see which stick.

Find something else to take your frustration\agression out on, like maybe the dummies who see someone who is best suited to be an inflatable sex doll as their next VP.

this is to JP request, Jp did you buy chance get to hear Sparano's Press Briefing today? He said they have just scratched the surface with this package. Did Anyone notice Patrick Cobb was on the field in this package as well. So in answer to your question about trying more colledge plays I think based on his The coaches comment we are going to see more plays out of this package. Also to everyone lets enjoy this one its been a long time comming. Not one fan me incuded can not say they do not say things during a game or after a loss to demise their team only to wake up the next week and be back cheering them on . Its all part of being a fan its our right. Armondo is no different I'm sure a fan he gets frustrated and put it in writing for everyone to cretic. Thats his opinion and thats his right as a fan and a writer.take it or leave it. He never claims to be perfect in everthing he says and if you think he is then you have the problem.

Mando, this is now the 3rd time you said something to the extent of me saying what a great player J.Allen was and that he would be starting. I think you are getting your Chris S's confused. I've seen two others on this site who are Chris S.'s, fairly popular first name and last initial, NO? For one I would never make a definate statement about someone starting in camp, considering I'm not there and I'm not in the coaches meetings. Not too mention I'm not much on lame predictions like some...
You want reasons why I recently started giving you crap, even though in the past I would defend you and even think that people were going overboard on you???

1. Your EGO has runnith over. You really don't have a backround in X's and O's via Coaching or playing, but you now act as if you are somehow an expert on such, because you write for the Dolphins.
2. Again with the EGO, someone else mentioned, it's now become about Mando trying to be right on predictions of failure instead of just giving us the information we want to hear.
3. Aruging with coaching decisions, when it's obvious you have no clue what goes into certain decisions or gameplanning. You are the type who will complain if we threw the ball 3 times at the goaline to no success, and do the same thing if we ran the ball 3 times on the goalline to no success.
4. The calling out of Parcells and making comments about him owing it to us to speak publically??? When you really mean, you want him to talk to YOU for your own selfish reasons. Us REAL fans, don't have a need to hear Parcells get in front of mic and give politically correct answers. You would complain about that too, because you seem more interested in National Enquiror type of conspiracy journalism.
5. Piggy backing on that, you expect coaches to throw players under the bus or expose gameplans and schemes etc. You seem almost aggrevated when the coaches won't you give some juicy gossip that you can go report on. Fans don't want that crap, when are you going to realize that? Real fans, and people who understand the game, know why they won't let you into practice or get into details about gameplanning or wouldn't throw a player under the bus. Why can't you get that concept?
6. As far as saying who should leave etc., and using "WE", it's obvious that many here feel the same way, do you actually read the comments of your blog? You do realize that You basically work for us, right? You aren't reporting real news etc, you are reporting to MIAMI DOLPHIN FANS. Unfortuneatly, we are limited to our resourses, so we are stuck with you. Maybe you should be the one more appreciative of your readers and start listening to there complaints about the way you cover the team. There is not one single person here because of YOU MANDO, we are all here because of the Dolphins. What part of that don't you understand?

This is a great building block for confidence while going into the bi-week. Of course we have to see if any consistency comes out of this performance. The Fins played a near perfect game. If they had not let that one return go as far as it did and blocked a NE kick, then I would say it was perfect. The Fins were very close to that and I am really proud of it! Here's to hoping the rest of the season is a winner!!!

It's parallel to the school's nerdiest nerd not just punching the school's bully gangster, tough-guy, or jock in the mouth. It wasn't just breaking their nose or knee. This was a major beatdown in the bully's neighborhood done right in front of all the bully's adoring fans and followers.

In prison this would be parallel to a regular guy wasting a major gang leader in front of his fellow gangsta's and asking, "Who's next?"

That's the swagger I eventually want to see in the Dolphins after taking humiliation and being dissed for a long time.

I am so tired of your ego getting in the way of your reporting. How old are you --15??? Get over yourself

Mando I got your message in your "reply"--you dont want to hear from people who disagree with you. You are a shallow, superficial excuse for a journalist. Oh wait, you're a sports jock, I forgot, you dont have to abide by professional journalistic practice.

Frackin egocentric blowhard.

AndyK: I can tell when you post as AndyK and I can tell when you post as FinsFan. Dude, it must be really crowded in that head of yours with so many confused, bitter voices living in there.

Mando you really dont understand...NO ONE CARES that you were right or wrong on the Pats pick...the issue is you spent so friggin much time trying to justify what you said...just another sign of an insecure, shallow ego...and you seem obsessed with insulting anyone who disagrees with you...sad, and truly pathetic

This guy andyk thinks he speaks for us. Boy, you don't speak for me oK? I enjoy the way Mando writes. I enjoy reading what he's got to say. I basically grew up reading the guy. So if you don't appreciate him or his blog, get out and stay out.

Willi if you read back Mando slams a lot of readers today. And I have read the Herald for 30+ years, too, which is why I bother to respond to Mando at all. He is not up the standards of the Herald.

And willi, blogs by definition are places where it can get hot. Grow a pair.

andyk, yeah Mando slammed a couple of readers. Looking at what he wrote about you posting as multiple names, they were all you.

As for me growing a pair, dude you name the time and the place and you can find out first hand whether I got a pair or not. Little toad.

Poor Armando. Some of his readers hurt his feelings. :(

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