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Dolphins need to try using Ernest Wilford

I do not watch practices anymore. The policy is that media can only watch 30 minutes of tuning up and then the rest of the real preparation is done pretty much behind an iron curtain.

So I don't know how bad Ernest Wilford looked in practice last week. I have no idea if he loafed or hopped on his head throughout his drills. I have no idea if he cursed out a coach or sent them flowers.

But I do know he has more catches during his NFL career than all of Miami's other receivers combined. I do know he needs to be active on Sunday. I do know he needs to be in the game-plan, at least for red zone use where his experience and 6-4 frame are assets.

"The Dolphins need to use Ernest Wilford," Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Wilford echoed last night.

I would say so.

If Wilford hasn't been practicing well, he needs to get in gear. But how awful can it be that he was behind Davone Bess, Derek Hagan and Greg Camarillo last week?

Chad Pennington needs an experienced receiver he can rely on. It cannot hurt to see if Wilford is that guy.



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agreed. They need to do something. Man this looks like is gonna be a long season as always.

If only to use him as a red zone fade pattern receiver, we need to activate him. We could have used him on the final couple plays there where it's obvious no one will get open, you just need a receiver that wants the ball more than the DB.

I agree. That receiver core is a disgrace. The Dolphins have been blesed by the Pennington pick up or have they? I think Wolford's size would be a big help to Pennington's ball control style of quarterbacking. The receivers are not experienced enough for this type of offense. I think they are much better with a big armed guy like Henne. The style of the quarterback does not fit the style of the receiver. I am happy though about Pennington. I wonder how it would look receiver wise if they would have acquired Pennington months earlier.

I agree give him a chance in a game situation look at Hagan he looks good in practice but disapears in games maybe its the opposite in wilford.Also sign joe horn he can help the recievers adjust in the game and maybe ted ginn would bennefit in the slot were he can get off the line of scrimage

Would've been nice to have him in the game on our last drive. I've never seen Ginn come up with a jump ball before, but I've seen Wilford do it plenty.

What I do know is that Wilford needs to get cut! He has done nothing, he did nothing in Jacksonville. If you want to have a big bodied reciever with upside why not cut wilford and go for the younger, faster, more athletic, better handed Chad Jackson who is on waivers. Start rebuilding the reciever corp with him. Maybe he can beat out hagan, camerillo, or bess. I just thimk you have nothing to loose and should take a flier on this one, lots of upside and can't do any worse than Wilford or Hagan so why not go for it.
Go Phins!

USE HIM!!!! Pennington needs him in the game plan even if it is only goal line situations...what the hell could he have done that would warrant him being inactive....horrid play calling all game long, IMO Ronnie looked better than Ricky, he was running HARD and looked like he had it going for a while...this does look like a long year, wait till next week when we go against Boldin and Fitz....could be another long day for our secondary!

Armando, how bad can Wilford be? To me the fact that they did not activate him for the game means that they recognize the big mistake they made in signing him. Rosenhauss can say what he wants, but his clients SUCKED this weekend. Ocho Stinko was horrible, and then he goes on tv asking the dolphins to trade for Boldin. Let's get real, this team is winning maybe three games all year, but that will allow us to focus on the wide receivers and the corners next year. Hopefully we get another good crop of players.

I was saying the exact same thing to my friends yesterday. If Wilford is struggling to pick up complex play calls, fine, use him less. But you're telling me running a 10 yard lob route is too complicated for him?! Hmmm...Who would you rather have in the corner of the end zone leaping for the ball, 5'11 Ginn or 6'4 Wilford? Either way, the O-Line, D-Line, and Ted Ginn's family lost that game at the line of scrimmage yesterday.

I am confused on why everybody thinks we would be better off in the red zone with Wilford? Just because he is big in stature doesn't mean he uses that body to his advantage. When Pennington first came to miami he said he had to figure out where Wilford liked to catch the ball. Then he said Wilford likes to catch the ball on his body! That doesn't help us in the red zone. We need a big guy that is going to go up and get a jump ball with his hands! We don't have that on our roster unless London can do it, but if he could he would have been on the field at the end of the game, and where was hagan at the end of the game? He is quite a bit bigger then the other 3 recievers but nobody talking about that.

Nobody wants a gator reciever cheftaz...Use wilford or cut him...what a waste of money...

We need to sign Joe Horn and Chad Jackson and cut Derek Hagan and Ernest Wilford or Greg Camarillo.At the moment we have the worst receiving group in the league.At least Horn can get open and not disappear in games and Jackson has the deep speed we need.

Coaching once AGAIN lost us the game...

Its getting boring watching pop-warner desicion making when your paying fore professionals. This is my weeks section of YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

1. Wilford not in the redzone... you've got be be kidding me. Even bad he's taller and more physical than any of our guys.

2. Pennington off to such a terrible start who needs a defense in front of you. Never fot vertical even though the Jets hovered over the running backs like you know what on you know what!

3. Tight-end good for a catch but can't pick up a blitz or block at all. Martin still can't block and I think Fasano is learning from him.

4. Chris Crocker, he practices well but he sucks. He has a better reputation for the long ball then Brett Farve.

Lets add Goodman to the mix. Andre has proven than healthy or injured he still can't cover anything.

5. Running plays taking too long to develop. Offensive line was horrible. Smiley played worse than the cryptic mummy on the other side and Pace gave us our share of trouble.

6. How good are we,... really

There are three types of teams in the NFL the winners (good teams that find a way to win), the workers (un talented teams that leave it all on the field and maximize opportunities) and of course the LOSERS (Find a way to lose no matter how favorable situations are)

Dolphins have no new beginnings, its just the beginning of the same pathetic cycle, leaving us with a glimmer of hope entering every season and a sack load of disappointment after every Sunday.

Thanks coaches I thought you were different... maybe you should change the colors or uniform might be the only "new beginning" we get this year.

Cut him or use him eat the signing bonus and find someone who can play. Give him 3 games to make it or break it then Drew R can go fish and find someone else to sign if his client is washed up.


I am not saying I want the ex UF guy I am using an unemployed big recieve with much more upside than wilford as a bench mark. I just think if we aren't going to make a trade for a reciever he is the best option on waivers for us. And better then some of the options that we have on our roster.
Go Phins!

I was hoping we could activate the rest of the Ginn Family. I know they were all drafted last year and would like to see at least one of them perform.

Wilford would of grabbed that last pass from Pennington, or at least the Jets would not come up with the INT. We would of have time for one last play. Wilford is 6-4, at least, the Dolphins should use him in those situations. We could have stole a win. We need those games. It looks like last year. We came close in 6 game, but coming close is not good enough. I hope we turn this around next week against the Arizona

Wilford would of grabbed that last pass from Pennington, or at least the Jets would not come up with the INT. We would of have time for one last play. Wilford is 6-4, at least, the Dolphins should use him in those situations. We could have stole a win. We need those games. It looks like last year. We came close in 6 game, but coming close is not good enough. I hope we turn this around next week against the Arizona

There is a reason Wilford was inactive. If he's not practicing as good or better then the guys in front of him what good is he going to do in the game?

My perception: Coaches forget Ricky -Ronnie in red zone, too many rookie mistakes -team has not jelled yet- Ginn should be on special teams only and return the f-ing kicks not wimp out, Boldin and Ocho-Cinco are lookoing like real options as we're under cap and need wrs now in order to open up ground game. Pennington = slow start but took the beating and almost delivered. He cannot throw the out pass and in situations like this - or at least a couple of times a game, Henne should be given some experience plays. We are better than last year. Defense is younger and playing hard. They also need to grow. When this team gets a WR and gells, the division better watch out. We are about a year or two away. GO PARCELLS,SPARANO-learn from your mistakes, and DOLPHINS- Guys don't ever give up...Things will get better!

Trade Ricky for Chad Johnson...
Move Camarillo to the slot.
Ted moves to no. 2 receiver.
Hobbs, Ronnie & Hobbs are enough

I see many improvements over last years team and expect to actually see progress this year; however, Wilford, I don't care how awful he practices or where he likes to catch the football, would have helped out that final drive. A few inches in height and in reach means a lot in a jump ball situation.

Other things I didn't like... Crocker was awful. I was fine with many personel decisions (i.e. Camarillo) before that game; however, Crocker has proven to be bad over and again while, Jason Allen covers ground well, even if he forgets the play a few times.

Also, I hated to the play calls close to the goaline in the 4th quarter when we didn't score. Fade to Bess on 3rd? A one man route to the TE on 4th?

No one would be talking about Wilford if Pennington hadn’t made a poor decision to throw a pass in front of Ginn. There was time for another play and the pass was ill-advised. What Sparano is playing the players who show up to practice and give 100% effort.

Wilford is obviously not doing that. He took his $6 million and packed it in. This is why FA contracts get teams in trouble. Teams give their own good players contracts and the guys they put on market are there because the team didn’t think they were worth the price or they were nearing the end of their careers.

Cameron and to some extent Saban insisted on playing guys based on their pick status or cap number. That is why they lost the team because no one was held accountable for their performance on the field. The players busting their ass looked at that and said, “why should I give everything if this joke of a coach is going to play the loafer anyway!” Sparano is trying to instill a work ethic on this team. Give 100% and you’ll play otherwise you sit. A guy like Wilford doesn’t care because he got the guaranteed money. With a young team you cannot send that message. If it was a veteran team I could see holding proven performers out for injury reasons.

The bottom line is, Pennington made a poor decision and it has nothing to do with second guessing sitting Wilford. Chad Pennington is a liability in tight red-zone situations because he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw into tight spaces. He has to anticipate where receivers are going and that gets harder as the back of the endzone becomes another defender.

The team started slow but there was a lot to be excited about. Let the young guys play and gel. We may not be great this season but come midway we will start to see this team become a unit. I personally like what I saw once the team settled down.


If you read this please look into Rosenhaus urging Parcells to trade for Boldin. Maybe Ginn or Wilford and a conditional draft pick? He made that suggestion on Seven Sports Xtra just like he did with the Wilford comment. He obviously knows something since he represents the disgruntled WR and next week would be a good time for our GM to meet with their GM.

This is Parcells way of motivating...

Wilford has $1 million in escalators in his contract.

He can't hit them unless he is on the field.

Wilford? Why not, like phinfan said, maybe he can actually catch the ball in a game.

That said, the coaching was terrible. The play calling in particular. Think Parcells will have a few things to say? Bet on it.

I say get Chad Jackson and dump Wilford. What are you really losing? If Jackson sucks he will be inactive which is what Wilford was this past week. Jackson's main problem has been injury.

The UF receiver thing is so stupid. It's akin to say not to draft a UM player because he is a thug. Past results are not indicative of the future. Besides, there have been good Gator receivers (Collinsworth, Darrel Jackson), and bad Miami receivers with Yatil Green being one of the worst.

Percy Harvin will be a number one pick if he continues to develop...


Awful play calling in the 4th quarter...It was like Ricky and Ronnie weren't even there. We have 2 of the best RB's in the league and they had a combine 14 carries in the whole game ( 0 in the 4th) that makes noe sense. Maybe if we had a great QB and great receivers I could see it but come on...Parcels needs to sit Tony down and teach him how to use his best players... Bad start but it will turn around...Arizona has no D and an awful O-line...Go Phins

By the way...the whole Wilford thing is BS...He
would not have made A difference Sunday...Giving the ball to R and R more than 14 times is the only thing that will win us games...

I agree. Play Wilford and see what he can do. A "jump ball" route to Ginn is a bad play, he doesn't play physical enough to fight for the ball. The other problem is that the Fins should have run Ricky or Ronnie on 3rd or 4th down when they were on the 2 yard line..

Lorenzo Booker should still be on the team if you are going to use a smaller back on 3rd down!! If you are going to use Cobbs like that, they should have kept Booker, he is far better for that role...

Geez, tough crowd. Should they have played Wilford, probably. But then again, if he didn't show up at practice, and Sparano's trying to make a point that those that don't show up at practice won't play in the games, then I'm not going to 2nd guess him. It's not about winning 4-8 games this year, it's about making the playoffs within the next 3-4 years. So give the coaches a break. Tuna did it everywhere else (see Patriots, see Jets, see Cowboys) so what makes people think he can't do it here. I say the game went about how I thought it would (1st game, lots of rookies, lots of mistakes). I'm not ready to give up on the Dolphins just yet (see me mid-season).

Apart from playing so poorly, we had a opportunity to steal this game. The coaching staff let us down when they didn't use our two excellent running back to punch the ball in the end zone. INSTEAD THEY TRIED TO PASS ON 3RD AND 4TH DOWN TO OUR PATHETIC RECEIVERS...

If Boldin is avalable for Wilford and a secondrounder make a deal. Ginn was invisable yesterday and is so weak that every defender in the league will press him forever.And do it now because with Brady out the East is up for grabs!
Ronnie showed everyone who`s number one yesterday.
No more empty backfield plays, everytime we ran one an outside linebacker blitzed on Longs side.He can`t handle that yet.
The team looked better than last years and will grow out of the Rookie tightness afraid to make a mistake nervousness that cost them a game yesterday. The Jets were lucky. Fluke touchdown on a weak hail mary the difference. Watch out Patriots...Here come the Dolphins!!!!

Yo! i cant agree with with armando anymore than i do rite now! put in wilford! theres a slim tiny acute minimal chance that the patriots flop this year without brady...that means the dolphins chances of winning the division just grew by 33% =) ...go fins and go wilford!

Hey I'm glad everyone gets to see first hand how bad this team really is. The play calling was a joke. How do you call ronnie and ricky the strength of the team and you run them 16 combine. The receiver posistion is a shame. Thank you so much trifecta for you great free agents this year at a key offensive posistion. Are any of those FA receivers playing? Put TE slow Ernest Wilford that should really help the Qb's. He led the jags in drops how many years?

WOW you guys are tuff!! I think the team still showed improvement from last season. What I think is funny is how everyone has been saying it'll be two to three years before we are contending again, and then we loose the season opener and everyone is ready to jump ship!!!!

I've read alot of comments stating that Wilford's size would've made the difference. I beg to differ. Anthony Fasano is 6'4 and 255lbs and was active for this game, if all Chad needed was a big target he had one and didn't choose to go to him! Now I totally agree we need a play maker at receiver , but to say we would've won this game if Wilford was actice is really streching it!!!

Is it me, or does time stand still with every Chad Pennington pass?

That O-line was pretty porous yesterday and they really need to run more. Play action only works if you set it up with some resemblance of a running game.

Truthfully, I was shocked we even competed in this game and yet, we really could of won. Lot's to be optimistic about.

I now know the pain that jets fans have had for years waiting to see where one of Pennington's passes would of landed.

WR's certainly need to step up, in due time.

Parcell's guys are already stepping up. We are in good hands, just be realistic in your expectations.

Bess showed some promise yesterday, as a slot guy. Ginn showed hesitance and a lack of courage in his route running AND in returning the ball. He had a few opportunities to make something happen for a team that desperately needed it to, and he instead pulled back from catching a returnable punt. Still waiting for Derek Hagan to show up. Maybe he went to the Meadowlands? And so if you tell me that Wilford couldn't preform any better than those guys, then the answer is quite simple: cut him immediately. But at least place him in game conditions and see what he can do!

it wasn't wilford missing, it was a weak arm only throwing to wide open receivers or double coverage. pennington was horrible & horribly slow making reads.

the o-line could not make a hole for the running game or protect for very long (or as long as penny wanted). time for henne. not one but two rook QBs got wins yesterday.

bell was running in toward the line AFTER farve let go a pure prayer, and didn't hold his position, or it would have been an INT.

secondary (goodman & crocker) could not cover my garbage can. linebackers did a poor job covering backs/TEs.

what else? fasano and martin were awesome. told ya'll fasano does not drop passes.

lankford played very well, roth could not keep up with backs. jake got caught, twice. satele saved a turnover. carey could not get out of his own way and ricky almost put him in another stadium.

yea we lost by 6 points. should have freaking won this one easily. get henne ready.

pennington is so slow, he is gonna get taken down. if ya get the pass there quicker, ya don't need a 6'4" receiver. mmmmmmm...that would be henne.

frustrating and look what buffalo did. damn last place again.

This regime is trying to set a tone. Work hard and play be a selfish, lazy, prima-donna and you can sit. Everyone fusses about players attitudes but continues to play them. This staff is drawing the line and that is a good thing that will help them this year, next year, and beyond. What cost Miami a real shot at the win was passing twice in a row from the 2 yard line.

It's over fellas, save your energy--we'll be lucky to win three games.

I say lets use hagan and wilforf with ginn as a slot receiver, rotate camarillo with wilford or hagan and bring the rook to play on 4 wide receiver sets
I will also say they should use cobbs on ST only

Dump the loser, and trade our 1st rd pick for Roy Williams or Anquan Boldin. Both would be worth every penny and IMMEDIATELY provide a go to guy....that's in his prime!

I think too many of you are ready to jump off your respective cliffs without looking at some real facts. We have one of the youngest teams in the league. Two rookie starters on the o-line. Noodle arm is only there to bridge the gap for Henne. The draft purely focused on the lines, next year we will look at Wr's and Cb,s, as well as a replacement for Ferguson. Ginn is weak we all know that, I wouldn,t be surprised to see him Hagan and Wilford with other teams next season.

Remember our first pre-season game against the Bucs ? we looked lost, out of our depth and confused. I think we will show up against the Cardinals a lot better, our Wr's wont see a lot of action, Ginn will we used to return punt and kick offs, as he is only good at stretching the field a little bit. Looking forward to seeing Ronnie as the starter and Ricky filling for him. Williams looked rusty, no way as good as pre-season hype. Don't give up on Tony Sparano he's the real deal.

The Fins definitely another receiver. I think Camarillo is scrappy, but is more of a complimentary guy. Ginn is still young and needs someone else to assist with taking the pressure off. Hagan always looks great in camp but can NEVER deliver when it counts. I don't see him in a Fins uniform any longer than halfway through the season. The only saving grace were our Tight Ends. Ronnie looked better than Ricky in my opinion, but I wouldn't count Ricky out.

I dont understand you guys last week everybody was predicting the dolphins going 8-8, 10-6, 9-7 and so on. we lose the first game and you all start poining fingers and stuff i mean come on.
It was a horrible game which we didnt deserve to win however they fought until the end and we almost got away with the win.
It's only the first game, what do you expect?

I don't think it's fair to blame Pennington- I thought he played well and kept his composure, even when Long forgot to pick up Pace. He also managed to get us down to the 18, which noone has remembered. Okay, we lost and it was to the Jets which hurts more but this is about building a team for the future. If we wanted to win today at the expense of tomorrow we could have gone down the old route of expensive vets. Have some fricking patience.

Not that it would have made a difference but putting in Wilford would have helped on that last red zone drive. Why was Pennington throwing once in the middle of the zone (which was almost intercepted) & once on the right side of the end zone on a fade pass when beforehand the DB Lowery made 2 stops on the previous poession? If u look closely on the play Chad P. threw the INT ,it looked like Camarillo was wide open on the left side of the end zone. Was diappointed w/the play calling in that red zone situation. Need a WR that can outjump those DB's in situation like that. Where is Oronde Gadsen when you need him?

Definitely agree. Throwing jump balls to devone bess and ted ginn obviously isn't going to work this year. Couldn't help to wish we still had chambers in the final two minute drill to snatch one high in the end zone. Wilford better step up his game and quickly. Pennington also needs to throw the ball away in that situation and give them another chance. He doesnt get lucky like Brett Favre.

I agree Wilford and Ginn should start period.

I agree, anything is better than the sad sack gang of waiver wire players we have currently at WR.

Yeah, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the jump balls to Davone Bess and Ted Ginn, Wilford would've caught, or caused pass interference on the defender.

Pennington is not the right qb for this team/ he cannot throw long and accurate. go with the kid- henne- let him get aquainted with his receivers. the jets gave up on pennington/ did we forget

They activate London over Wilford because of Special Teams, Wilford is currently the 5th WR and wasn't worth activating. Armando, I think i'll take our experienced FO etc. , over what Drew Scumbag says. Keep agreeing with him


they definetly need sum help at the receiver end. our receivers look like a bunch of college guy. ted ginn has no idea what hes doing ut there, hes making his cuts way too late and behind defenders leaving the option for an interception and hes even getting out positioned specially in that play in the end zone at the end of the game. he is the worst first round draft pick the dolphins have ever had.

if they're going to use him then they have to use him for the majority of the game. dont you think if he only comes in for red zone situations that maybe the other team may key in on him and/or double him? then your left with the same bums that cant catch the damn ball anyway! look, these guys (big tuna and big ragu) know alot more about wilford than any of us will ever know. so let them do the coaching.

First: Chad Pennington will not start week three at this rate of protection. He will get hurt taking 4 sacks a game.

We will see Henne faster than we anticipated hence we kept Beck as insurance.

How many sacks or hurries were attributed to Boomer? Well hes gone. We need a real full back that can block run and catch.

Wilford. To Play or Not to Play?

I think a message was sent to him at the expense of the team. You either practice hard or dont play.

Could he be trade bait? Maybe? We definitely need a large Wide Reciever maybe London?

Armstrong? At least Armstrong knows how to separate in a small area. Arena Footbal league. Memories of Gadsen?

I Agree 100%... Watching the game in Cali I didn't know Wilford was inactive. I was screaming at the TV asking why Wilford wasn't in on those fade routes in the end zone... I think Wilford should start opposite Ginn and move Camarillo/Hagen to the Slot Spot.. Wilford maybe one of those players who don't practice well but perform best under the lights... So I hope he'll be activated this week because we need a Veteran receiver who actually has game experience... Man I'm still PO'd on the Chambers Trade... Ugh!!!!

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