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Dolphins need to try using Ernest Wilford

I do not watch practices anymore. The policy is that media can only watch 30 minutes of tuning up and then the rest of the real preparation is done pretty much behind an iron curtain.

So I don't know how bad Ernest Wilford looked in practice last week. I have no idea if he loafed or hopped on his head throughout his drills. I have no idea if he cursed out a coach or sent them flowers.

But I do know he has more catches during his NFL career than all of Miami's other receivers combined. I do know he needs to be active on Sunday. I do know he needs to be in the game-plan, at least for red zone use where his experience and 6-4 frame are assets.

"The Dolphins need to use Ernest Wilford," Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Wilford echoed last night.

I would say so.

If Wilford hasn't been practicing well, he needs to get in gear. But how awful can it be that he was behind Davone Bess, Derek Hagan and Greg Camarillo last week?

Chad Pennington needs an experienced receiver he can rely on. It cannot hurt to see if Wilford is that guy.



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coaching! coaching! coaching!...First of all Ricky should of been pitched the ball so he can run to the outside because that what he does best. not up the middle!!!..Let ronnie go up the middle. second, is they should of started with the no huddle in the first quarter because they were slow as hell until the last two minutes of the game.....Third,rotate all your recievers through out the game,Ginn,london,Wilford,DUHHH.And let pennington start dumping the pigskin to these guys in the middle 12 to 15 yards in the first quarter...This team is way to slow in the NFL..And then maybe you won't burn your time outs!!!!

Oh my god , we lost to the Jets in the final play....let's fire everybody except Wilford !
problem solved !

Nothing will change until we play a QB that can use the plays from the Man's section of the playbook. You know the section that contains the plays where the QB fires the ball to the receivers hands in tight coverage and the receiver makes a play. Any of our receivers would have had a big day had they been playing for the Jets.

To: Chad Pennington
Re: Policy Change

Effective immediately you are to start playing the QB position like a man.

Wilford should have been in the lineup without a doubt. We need some experienced receivers for Penny to throw the darn ball.
Let me run this by you Armando and to all the FinFans...what's the scoop with Boldin from the Cardinals??? He can stand the heat being from FL and the man wants traded. His track record speaks highly of his ability. We should be AGGRESSIVELY pursuing receivers of this caliber, yes? And until we can throw the ball effectively, our ground game will continue to stall...no rocket science there.

GO McCain GO! SARA Palin is a hottie!

Screw Wilford. We need to establish the run and throw the ball less. I vote to bring in Chad Jackson or atLEAST Joe Horn. Also, who said Pennington couldn't throw an out route? On the final drive it looked like an out route he hit Ted Ginn on. We looked promising.. a few mistake, but whoever expected us to play a flawless game is obviously knee deep in fairy land. This is why we brought in Bill Parcells and let him pick his guy! Parcells will let Sparano know what he did right and wrong. It's only a matter of time..

Iteresting, Monday morning quartrbacks are a dime a dozen in South Florida....woulda, coulda shoulda, but didnt. Anyone that knows EW's work ethics, knows that he doesnt stand around at practices picking his butt...has he been really givcen an opportunity...not really. If youput him out with the first team and he fails, then demand an immediate cut. Count your losses and move on after the first dropped ball...I dont hear many people calling for the coaches head...

Chad Johnson...he is apples and oranges....to Ernest....Ernest is a possesion receiver, thats what he did in Jax and that is why they gave him the deal....for those of you that say he did nothing in Jax, obviously dont read stats, he was the leading receiver last year, and didnt even get arrested, he works hard on and off the field and is dedicated to helping the Fins win...you look for the obnoxious big names in the news, TO, ocho-cinco, plexico.....whatever....Ernest will perform when given the opportunity...beides he cant do much worse than they did Sunday.

Week 1 was a reality check - this is still NOT a good football team and probably won't be until 2010. While the WR corps is already thin right now I would be calling Seattle and New Orleans to see if they would be interested in Ted Ginn, Jr. in a trade. Both of those are competing teams that need a speedy WR and have offenses that could showcase him. Candidly he's not a legit round 1 player and also does not fit the Parcells mold of a physical player who can separate and make the tough catch. Ginn will be a career 3rd or 4th WR and above average return man - nothing more. Try and get another 2nd rounder for him NOW.

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