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Dolphins trust Ricky Williams, but not that much

Ricky Williams revealed earlier this week he is taking a university math course once a week during this fall semester.

Maybe he should have done a little bit better figurin' before he agreed to his new contract extension. According to Yahoosports.com's Jason Cole, the extension Williams signed is quite unimpressive and shows the Dolphins belief in the enigmatic running back is limited.

Williams, listed as the agent of record on the deal, negotiated his own deal in part because his agent Leigh Steinberg is not currently certified by the NFL Players Association. But Williams must not have even gotten some friendly advice from Steinberg because I doubt any agent would have signed off on this deal.

The deal pays Williams $1.5 million in roster bonuses due in increments of $93,750 per game this year. That will be due Williams in addition to the $730,000 base salary he was originally scheduled to get. The deal also pays Williams $3.4 million in base salary next year.

The problem for Williams?

There is absolutely no guaranteed money in the deal. He'll get his $93,750 for each game only as long as he's on the 53 man roster. Williams agreed to give the Dolphins an extra season without getting a signing bonus or any other guarantees.

If he quits at any point this season, Williams loses the game bonus for the games he misses. Even if he gets hurt, through no fault of his own, he gets zilch for any game if he isn't on the 53-man roster.

Next year's money also in not guaranteed.

Had Williams been patient, and not signed the extension he wouldn't have gotten the extra $1.5 million this year. But assuming he played as everyone expects, he would have put himself in position for a giant payday this offseason as an unrestricted free agent.

If Williams had the kind of season everyone expects this season, one NFLPA source says Williams could have commanded between $5-$6 million in guarantees from some team next season in addition to a good base salary. So not only did Williams not get any guaranteed money, but he might have underestimated his own worth.

"This will be used as another example of why players should never act as their own agents," the source told me this afternoon. "Ricky has made a mistake that has cost him a lot of money. Of course, he's done that in the past as everyone knows."

So the Dolphins are thrilled because they have zero exposure on the deal. They are telling Williams how much they believe in him and trust him -- but only as long as he produces regardless of circumstances.



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Solomon is wise. Ricky is stupid.

Bill Parcells: Yeah, Ricky, we love you.
Ricky: Thanks Bill. I love you too.
Bill Parcells: Good sign this contract.
Ricky: OK, let me talk to my agent.
Bill Parcells: No, don't do that. Just sign this contract. Trust me.
Ricky: OK. I'm a big dummy.

Yep, pretty unbelievable--or maybe it's a sign of humility, rather than stupidity.

The NFL Green Zone

Armando, I think you view of the deal is all wrong. Remember that Ricky is luck just to be in the NFL right now. Getting an extension, ANY extension, is leaps from where he's been and an accomplishment he should be proud of. It's a testament to the progress he's made.

One step at a time, OK?

You said it Mondo. Aaaaamazing.

Ricky doesnt' seem like the type to try and break the bank. Maybe Armando, he's just trying to balance the necessities with child support and a comfortable bank account. Maybe money is an inevitable evil in his Buddhistesque uniqueness.

I'd like to sit down with Ricky and discuss some real estate I think he might be interested in in the lower ninth ward.

I wish Jake Long would have used Ricky Williams as his agent. We would have gotten him for $5.57 instead of $57 million.

I agree with Dolfan Corola. Maybe Ricky feels the need to prove himself, to himself, as well as to the rest of the world.

Why would any team give Williams any kind of guarantee? It has to be incentive laden because who knows what he might do one day to the next.
He got a good deal because of who he is, period. He can't be trusted.

Who in the hell is your source. The wino on the street corner, or the RB who hasn't quit on his team?

I like Ricky, but he had to prove himself to the trifecta. No one in the NFL would want him until he proves himself. He hasn't proven to be "clean" for any length of time, or injury free. Which club offered anything to the Dolphins for him before all of these reports of his dedication and how great he looks? Answer = big fat ZERO!

You have to remember that this was similar to the deal he signed initially with New Orleans. He wanted to be paid for performance. It cost him a ton in that first deal and may cost him in this one. I have to admire his willingness to put up or shut up. You also have to remember that he owes the Dolphins a huge sum of money still from bailing on them last time. I can't help but think there is a wink and a nod from Huizenga being willing to dismiss this money if he keeps his nose clean. If that is the case, then he got a very big bonus!

This deal is good for Ricky and the team. Ricky makes his money if he sticks around and doesn't jump ship like in 2004. I think that it is a smart move by Ricky and that he is trying to make it up to this team. Guaranteed money is such a crock anyway (see a certain unproductive receiver on this year's squad for an example).

Of course, we have no way of knowing how this ties in with the money Ricky owes the team.

Perhaps there is a little "forgiveness" we don't know about.

LMAO @ commanding $5-$6 million in guarantees while being one piss test away from a lifetime ban. Sure thing, pal. Was your source Rick Spielman?

Williams has often said he's a different man from 5 years ago, so is it really far fetched to believe that he doesn't care about the value of guaraneeted money? That he's not as greedy as everyone else in the NFL? Williams, presumably, has enough money to live the way he wants; to live very comfortably. It also helps that Williams is not into luxury items.
Is it also a stretch to think that he believes he doesn't deserve the big bucks until he proves that he's an asset to the team? One can't say for sure the conversations during the contract extension, so is it fair to say that "Ricky [] made a mistake"? There is a lot of unrevealed information about the contract. In fact, the only thing shown were the numbers. I'm interested in the talks.

Hey tom@jax, that's a little angry posting isn't it?

This is a smart move from both parties. If Ricky gad the money upfront there would always be the temptation to light up that bong. Whereas now he has to stay clean and perform in order to pay the man and to keep his family feed and housed. Parcells and co have the power stance here as you would expect. If it all goes wrong then they are in the clear as far as the cap and the team are concerned. Ricky has been in more trouble than, "a teenage chinese gymnast", so its his last throw of the dice to leave the NFL in the only kind of 'HIGH' a player of his caliber should.

Seeing that we gave Josh McCown $2.5 million guaranteed signing bonus this year and gave $20 million to Joey Porter and $6.5 million to Ernest Wilford, I can totally understand why your source believes Ricky couldn't have gotten a huge payday had he waited until next year.

You have to remember that Ricky owes the Dolphins $8Million is bonus money from when he left the team. Perhaps there is an understanding of forgiveness. I personally think as far as honor goes between Parcels and Ricky that there is something beyond this signing. Also to give him and extra $1.5 million this year when he is just coming back from 3 years out of the NFL is pretty generous and really means next yer is really a $5Mil deal. I do not think Ricky wanted to commit to longer than that anyway as he really wants to move on with his life.

Gotta go with the Brain on this one....What a bout the $8 mill he "owes", Armando?

And exactly who would even consider such a player (though I personally like him) with such a history, for a 5-6 million dollar deal?

PS. Ricky Rocks!

"...one NFLPA source says Williams commanded between $5-$6 million in guarantees from some team next season..."

Just because Bozo the Clown is the interim head of the NFLPA, doesn't mean you have to quote him. Though, I guess if it allows you to sow discontent in the Dolphin nation, then you'll print anonymous sources and their cynical speculating.

No team is going to guarantee Ricky Williams anything. Hes quit, been suspended twice, and showed up for work last year out of football shape. He's lucky he got an extension. Doubt he'd have done much better next year even if he did play out his contract.

Oh yea, does he still owe the team $8 Million? Or did that slip though your reporting?

Aren't you writers the same ones that completely trashed Williams and said any team that puts any faith in him whatsoever is stupid?

Now that the team is playing it safe, and Williams is acknowledging that he has a lot of make-up work to do to fully restore his reputation in the NFL... you are essentially saying the team is cheating him and he isn't maximizing his market value?

This is a guy that lives in tents in Australia and India... I'm not sure his market value is his biggest priority.

The only thing I know as a fan, watching his strange saga unfold over all these years is that between having him in the backfield and not having him in the backfield...


I was wondering why Ricky signed that contract. It made no sense. He didn't get a huge signing bonus (like a lot of mediocre players got this offseason). Plus, there's no guarantee that he'll see a dime in his extension year.

The only reason I can think of that he would sign such a contract is that he is hurting for short term money. Maybe 1.5 million this season is a big deal to Ricky.

Mando--you'd do anything to create a problem on the team,wouldn't you? Ricky's was bound by contract to play this year. ANY increase, HOWEVER reached, is MORE than he was due to earn. If he plays well, & is unhappy, any perceived inequity can be rectified next yr. I also look forward to you relentlessly pushing this meme on radio & in print & in direct qs to RW & the Trifecta next week, so that you can turn a happy RW into a doubting, distrustful RW. You are reprehensible slime. The ONLY thing that'll make you happy is Dolphin discord & failure. The sooner the fans on this blog who take you seriously realize this, the better they'll be. AND HOW INTERESTING THAT YOUR PARTNER-IN-CRIME COLE IS THE AUTHOR OF THE LINKED PIECE, SINCE IT WAS COLE & YOU HIGH_FIVING DOLPHIN LOSSES IN THE PRESS BOX IN THE RECENT PAST.

Blow it out your ass Red Derliner

Ricky may be out there, but he's clearly not dumb. He knows--even if he isn't comfortable saying so in so many words--that he owes the Phins (and their fans)--and he's made it clear IN so many words he appreciates Parcells. This is the kind of "fair" deal most fans would like to see players sign. Ricky simply chose to. It's a courageous, respectful, honest contract.

Amaaaaazing does apply, but for much better reasons, IMO.

I think Armando and Cole were actually high fiving after double-teaming Red Derliner's mom.

A bunch of you sniveling bitties need to decide whether you are fans or not, get off your sanctimonious horse, and shut the F%$# up. What a bunch of judgemental a@@holes. You guys are probably ok with the wife beaters in the league.

Cole u suck . Who in the world is going to give a player that's one violation from being banded for life, any real money ? He's lucky they don't make him play for free.

Hey he get get his 5 million next year with 1.5 million up front this year if he plays. What other deal should anyone get if they have in the past proven to drop out. Just becaused some washed up atty says it is a dumb move on Williams part does not make it right. 5 million is still a lot of money much more than you will ever make writing for this paper. It is about time we get rid of these attorny's/ agents driving up the price of tickets to the game just so they can make lots of money. These blood suckers just milk the public for millions to support their life styles while the most of the players are out in 3 years to 4 year and the working class joe public is duped into beleiving the prices we pay these players are justified. It's not the players running up these prices it's the atty agent trying to support their fat cushy life styles!


Am I the only one who thinks that Ricky was only signed to a one year contract so that they can trade hime next year. Think about it. Ronnie Brown is coming off a serious knee injury and the trifecto knows what they have in Ricky this year. Brown can come back slowly this year while Ricky re-establishes himself as one of the better backs in the NFL. The joke of a contract he signed will be easy to move and barley a cap hit next season when Brown is healthy again and Hilliard and Parmele have developed one season.

Maybe he realized he screwed the team already and they told him they wouldnt go after the money he still owes them. Sometimes what might look stupid to others is a matter of integrity for the person involved as well. He doesnt srike me as the type to go after more than what he thinks he deserves at this time.


You should NOT worry about another man, money!!!

You sound like a cry baby, if the deal is ok with Ricky, then who the hell are you to criticize it. A grown man talking about another grown mans money UNREAL AND SAD!!!


thank walker, pat d, tai, mike & matt for some reality.

ya know, some times its better to take the known over the unknown. IMO, mr williams has shown nothing but class to this organization and why is he starting? that is his bonus.

think a lil bit before u kit on what maybe our best player. i think it shows class & commitment.

i get 2 damn tired of unio contracts that make no sense. maybe ricky is just again, trying to be modest and is gonna show wh this workx 4 both parties.

ricky goes 4 over 100 and gets 2 TDs and we win t'morrow. does any of this other crap matter? really?

rick, if ya read this blog, more r behind ya as fans & trust your heart and run like a bull. it all workx out in the long run.

mando, BTW, i like the fact he is in college and not in the garbage of what could be found around M town. just my simple opinion.


Can you ever write anything that comes stright from YOU !!!! EVER!!!. I mean you look like a fool talking about another dude's money; but to top it off you got the info from another fool!!!


Hey because of Jason Cole leaving , Armando is Mr. Dolphin, I agree with ejplayer, wink, wink is a better prediction then that of Ricky getting any guarantee ! Dont be foolish Armando and stop believing your former superior.
"Your the man now dog "! ( Sean Connery )

I think the only way this contract makes sense is if it releases Ricky Weed from all past claims from the Phins. If he owes them $8 million then this is an $11 million contract for one year. That $8 million Ricky owed was no joke; it was certified by a civil judge. Ricky could have declared bankruptcy to get out of it but he did not. I think Billy Tuna is setting Ricky Rhasta free from his past. They will keep all that a secret though, I think the Tuna has smoked a joint or two in the offseason and has a soft spot for Ricky. Rickster is still my favorite Dolphins since Marino, Run Ricky Run. On your retirement day you can buy the biggest coffee house in Amsterdam and enjoy the good life lol.

Armando, your stupid! Ricky has not done anything yet this year so he gets about 100,000 dollars more this year per game and if he does great I am sure this time next year they will give him the bigger payday or look at his trade value.

Wow Botris, that is a picture, Ricky and Bill smokin a fat one together in Ricky's coffee shop in Amsterdam, Lol. If the Dolphins win the superbowl in the next 2-3 years I think we'll all be over in that sin city, but seriously Pacrells loves this type of back. Remember he turned a washed up OJ Anderson into a superbowl MVP. I think he can do this again with Ricky, and no Im not smokin Da Erb !!!

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