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Dolphins working more this bye [updated]

I got a lot of grief from readers last year when I complained the Dolphins took not one, not two, not three, but four days off during their bye week.

On the bye week the winless Dolphins of 2007 didn't practice on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Not coincidently, that time the team could have been using to prepare John Beck for some playing time was squandered.

Things are different this year.

Although there are unsubstantiated rumors coach Tony Sparano might give the players a surprise day off Friday to go along with Saturday and Sunday, the schedule nonetheless calls for them to work. So if they follow that schedule, the Dolphins will be off only Saturday and Sunday or half as many days as Cam Cameron gave them off last year on the bye week.

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Anyway, the Dolphins are at work this morning and I can report running back Jalen Parmele is back at practice. He has been signed to the practice squad. Cornerback Will Billingsley, meanwhile, was not at practice and he has been cut from the practice squad to make room for Parmele.

Vonnie Holliday was also not at practice for what coach Tony Sparano called, "a family issue." Outside linebacker coach Jim Reid, who was taken to the hospital after Wednesday's practice experiencing dizziness and difficulty breathing, is scheduled to undergo surgery Sparano said. He declined to say surgery for what.

[Update: I have confirmed that Sparano is giving the players the day off Friday. The reason he gave for doing this is because he accomplished in the last two days what he expected to get done in three. So they will be off Friday through Sunday. And still they will have worked longer this bye week than last year's bye week.]


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The decision to cut Billingsley & to re-sign Parmalee will haunt this franchise for decades, as will the decision to indulge these overpayed underperformers by giving them an extra day off.

"The decision to cut, blah blah blah". You need some new material Schpielberg, it's getting old. Armando I was one of the people giving you crap last year over that and I was wrong. At that point I was looking for any excuse to think that Cam actually knew what he was doing. BOY was I wrong but that's what happens when you're burnt by Saban and are full of hope for a new coach. I was definitely wearing aqua/orange colored glasses. I can't wait to see how our defense will hold up against San Diegos offense. It's going to be tough and if we come out flat and let San Diego take a lead it could be over very early. We have to get in front of them so we can play to our strengths. 10 more days.

resigning a 4th string running back and cutting a 12th string Corner will haunt this team for Decades? Either your an idiot or a genius. Please by all means teach us something!

Parmalee has the second fastest get to the hole time of any funning back drafted other than Charles johnson. He as faster than Mcfadden for the first 10 yards.
I do think the dolphins will need a shifty type back like a Felix Jones to go along with all the pile driving backs they have. Sometimes you have to be elusive. Ginn is an example. If he was more elusive he would be utilized way more.
They will be drafting 2 corners, 2 linebackers,2 receivers, 1 safety, 1 running back, 1 offensive lineman, 1 nose tackle in the draft.
Billinglsy may come back as well later this year because someone will get hurt at some point.

The team was winless going into their bye week last year. I would’ve given them the extra time off also, hoping that a battery recharge would help them get their first win.

Dis new website is da bomb, yall. Like a hearty
bowl of Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak 'N' Potato Soup, lean tender chunks without da lot of fillers and shizzle. Just ask my son Donovan. He crazy like a sick rooster who done ate some bad chitlins and be all crowin up in da barn at midnight..... lawdy.

Armando, how is Coach Reid doing?

The Dolphins are getting Friday off.

Not to defend Cameron but at that point I think he was trying to do anything to get his team out of the funk. His fuzzy logic probably led him to believe giving the team more time off to forget about losing might lead to winning.

So we are debating that 4 days is more than 3 days? Is that it? Are you guys spending so much time trying to upgrade your website format that you have no time to write about anything substantial?

Mando, tell your fricken IT people or online people or whatever geeks you have working down there at the Herald that it was a lot harder finding your blog today.

I want it on the front of sports. I want it on the front of the dolphins page. Those are the two pages I look at and it was like going on a hunt for your fat little smiley face.

First, I'm trying not to be too excited about this win, even though it totally rocked!

As angry as I am about the direction this team has taken over the past decade (2 CLUELESS coaches, and a back-stabbing quitter) - every Dolphins fan should be so GRATEFUL that Matt Millen hasn't had been at the helm for the past 7 years. Whenever I'm embarrassed to be a Dolphins fan, I just flip over to the Detroit highlights and I'm completely revitalized. 31-84 over the past 7 years is so utterly disgusting, I don’t know how Detroit has any fans left!

Mando, The new Lions front office has said they won't pursue any trades but are listening to any offers for any player. Would the Trifecta be interested in bringing in a guy like Roy Williams, in a contract year for a draft pick. Or would the cost be to high. I think Roy is the exact kind of player they need. He runs good routes, stretches the defense and goes across the middle when needed.

I had a hard time trying to find this blog too, but anyway what's the point of complaining about the dolphins getting days off or not? whatever they do it's fine with me and should be with all of you!! period!!

So if Miami would have only taken 2 days off during last year's bye week they would have had 2 more wins and John Beck would be our starting QB???????? If the Phins can accomplish similar offensive results against San Diego's active defense as it did against New England' standing monuments of defense then I'll be downright giddy and looking forward to football for the holidays.

Yeah, I have to agree that the premise of this blog entry is somewhat silly. as for the guys that didn't get that Schpielman was joking, Schpielman was joking. He posts the same Schpiel every time the Fins make a roster move. As for finding the page, I had no problem. I clicked on bookmarks, sports, Dolphins in Depth. If you bookmark the page, it's easy to find.

I will devote the bye week to coming up with some new material, barring any roster changes that endanger the franchise's future.

9/25--who's the moron? Mando or NYSCROT? Just askin'

Tree269598765432, if you think this entry is silly, why do you feel compelled to comment? STFU.

Meanwhile, Mando, I think the work ethic this crew has shown this year is far superior to last year. I remember Cameron skipped out on the NFL meetings. He gave players off on Monday after LOSSES. It was stupid.

Hey Mando, you holding a grudge? LOL. You are right. the bye week is to work on stuff. Studies have shown that 48 hours without aerobic exercise will decrease you ability to run. True fact. (not a lot, but these are athletes.) The should be rested but no degrage.

Personally, I think the NFL should take a week off mid season after game 8. Everyone would be rested. Discuss that.

Great post "Dr. Know nothing". You bring up excellent points that lead to compelling arguments. Keep up the good work.

Hey is that stupid infield dirt gonna be gone for San Diego?...God I hope so

NYScott, give it a rest. You're like a broken record. People have opinions and if they don't coincide with yours doesn't mean they're right. Must be a NY thing pardna.. Boxa Sydney

Wow, some cranky people here today. Finheaven, If we don't tell Mando when he posts something silly, how would he ever know? as for your reaction, I find it somewhat ironic that your issue with my post was that I had issue with Mando's post.lol. Seems silly. BTW, I will post what I want, when I want, whether or not you, or even the Lord All Mighty likes what I have to say, so step off. I don't tell you, or anyone else what they should post, in fact I tend to defend people's right to say what they want. You notice I said that this entry was silly, not that Mando had no right to post it. If you can't see how a post lauding the team's commitment to working longer during the bye than last year, when they are working ONE DAY MORE is a bit silly, then there's no help for you. OH, BTW, Last year, the bye week was week eight. The team was beat to shhhhhhtuff. Maybe the coaching staff felt ONE MORE day off to rest up those still able to play would help more than beating each other in the head. I don't defend the Cameron regime for much, but that one point was arguably legitimate.

It's very simple folks. It's the carrot and stick approach. If the team does well (like it did last week), then they get some R+R. If they lay an egg, it's extra time.

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