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Joey Porter named defensive player of the week

Linebacker Joey Porter has been named the GMC Sierra defensive player of the week in a voting conducted on NFL.com

Porter, who had three sacks against the Patriots, was selected among five finalists. It is coincidence that the defensive player of the week honors the first two weeks went to Pittsburgh Steelers defenders and Porter, the winner this week, is a former Steeler.

What is also interesting is that Porter had a game that lives up to his reputation and the contract he got last year from Miami. My prediction is he will have a season worthy of that contract. This doesn't look to be a one-game wonder to me. I think we should all believe in Porter because he is being put in a position to succeed this year.

That wasn't the case last year.

So the questions to you are:

1. Has Porter been worth it for the Dolphins so far?

2. Do you blame his struggles last season on him, or the way he was utilized or both?

3. Do you agree with him that Joey Porter this year will be like "night and day" from the Porter you saw a year ago?



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Barring injury, #3 sounds good to me.

1. Of course not. He has sucked until this year because he was used entirely wrong.

2. Entirely on how he was used. Cameron knew nothing about personnel.

3. Yes. He'll be the game-changer we signed him to be now that he's in the proper position and scheme.


a) No, he has not been worth it, SO FAR. Give me two good years, and I will change my answer.

b)Both. He was injured in training camp, and Dom Capers had so many injuries and a depleted roster so he was forced to play Porter in the 4-3 more often than hoped for.

c) I agree that I hope he is right. Time will tell.

I think the entire team will be night and day from last year.

I don't think we can expect much record wise but I've already seen a change personally.


He's shown leadership, now he'll be utilized correctly since last year's resident dumba$$ Dom Capers isn't placing him out of position.

And he's got better talent around him, no offense ZAch and JT.

No. Both. Hope So.

I have to see it to believe it.

He definitely isn't worth $20 million.

But I don't blame him for the lousy season last year.... all blame goes on Cam.

not many are worth 20 million, maybe if you could get a two for one price, as in the manning bros.

1. No
2. I blame his struggles last year on his injury AND the way the coaches misused him. He didn't get going until the end when he started feeling closer to 100%.
3. Well he did pretty damn good against one of the best o-lines in the league so I have to say it looks to be true.

1. Not yet
2. A little bit of both
3. Not quite, but sort of

He hasn't been worth it so far, but I don't think he was being used last year the same was he was used in Pittsburgh.

I suspect that he'll finish this season with a better overall year than last year. How much better is to be determined (he's looking good right now, I'll give him that much).

Salguero rocks!

I hope he has a good year, but I still think that Adalius Thomas, who was a FA when Porter was signed, would have been a better player for the money.

1. Has Porter been worth it for the Dolphins so far?
Definitely. After that azz whuppin on the Pats... a resounding Yes. ask the owners has he been worth it; i'd bet they'll say yes.

2. Do you blame his struggles last season on him, or the way he was utilized or both?
who cares. new day, new season, new team.

3. Do you agree with him that Joey Porter this year will be like "night and day" from the Porter you saw a year ago?
here i have to disagree. he's the same dude; he's in a position to succeed now tho.

Porter will have a good year. He has 4 sacks already and its early. This is good because there isn't too much left in his tank.

Thomas would have cost us more. I don't know what he cost the Patsies, but you will find that players will sign for less on teams that are likely to make the Super Bowl, than they are for perennial cellar dwellers. Before you go off on me for calling us that, take a hard look at the past decade. Like what you see? Neither do I. Neither would Thomas, without a pant load of bank.

As for the actual questions?

some of both
He is playing well right now, lets see how he finishes this year.

1. No
2. Him
3. More like Night and Twilight. Too early to tell.

Ask me again around Thanksgiving...

Was he worth it, NO… His dissention last year was partially the reason for the terrible season. I have little patience for players who show the lack of respect that he displayed. Who knows when it will show up again if things don’t go his way?

Perhaps he was out of position last year, but he knew what he was getting into when he signed with a team that had Jason Taylor. He clearly came in for the payday, which he got. If he felt he could not play in the position he was signed for then he should have thought about playing somewhere else. To whine about it later shows more disrespect and selfishness. You got your money, shut up and play.

The coaching staff this year is more adept at putting players in a position to be successful. So he may do better, but spouting off after 3 games when he already has back issues is foolish. I would expect nothing less…

Ask these questions again after 16 games and perhaps my answers will be different.

I believe the players, the media and us fans should all do the same
Take it one game at the time.
That way u won't b desapointed
For me he already done what I did not expect:
Embarrassed the pats!!!
Good job Joey!!!

Last year is over. The coaching staff & organization were an abomination. Don't ever make any comparison ever again with the 2007 'Phins. We are an up and coming team that will be FEARED!

He was totally misused. But more than that, I do not think he felt any need to perform for the coach, either. Wasn't he the one that asked for permission to stay in Pittsburgh a few days and did so anyway when Cam said no?

Respecting your boss sure does help to keep you fired up when things are tough. He obviously had no respect for Cam.

This year he is being used in a way that will allow him to perform - and his respect for Sporano and Parcells doesn't hurt. He will have a very solid year.

He's certainly turned it on this year, and that's nice to see. Last year is hard to say -- EVERYONE was terrible, and regardless of coaching, he didn't make plays. This year he is definitely making plays and earning his money.

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