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Live blog from Dolphins versus Cards today

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Got here extremely early for today's game between the Dolphins and Cardinals and ran into a former league source now working for the Cardinals. Asked him the real chances of his team trading receiver Anquan Boldin this year.

"Zero," he said. "Absolutely zero. I don't know what will happen after the season but I just don't see Anquan going anywhere this year."

So much for the rumors of Boldin coming to the Dolphins. While I wish that could happen for Miami's sake it just isn't in the, pardon the pun, cards. I know Boldin is from Florida. I know his agent Drew Rosenhaus would like to make it happen and continues to press Arizona to trade Boldin.

But the Cards hold all the, pardon the pun again, cards.

They have rebuffed at least one team's inquiry about Boldin and they have refused to give Rosenhaus permission to shop his client.

Understand that doesn't mean Boldin might not be moved in the offseason or some time before his current contract expires in 2010. But he is just as likely to get a new deal in Arizona before then as get traded.

So much for that rumor.

I can report to you that Ernest Wilford will be active today. The Dolphins are making Brandon London inactive to make room for Wilford on the active roster. Ricky Williams is still scheduled to start. Greg Camarillo will start at wide receiver.

Anyway, I hope you guys are ready for today's live blog. It'll start at kickoff. Join me then.


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THis is a bit rediculous, the Dolphins are terrible....Penalty, Penalty, Penalty....they suck. And, anyone else sick of hearing from the commentators that the Cardinals are some wonderful team? They are playing the frickin dolphins! I am sure that 95% of college teams could beat the dolphins, not to mention a few high school teams.

"Sparano better not sugar coat this tomorrow."

True dat. no positives here whatsoever--nothing to "build on"

This is the first time that I have had to turn off the game - the worst regular season game I can recall.

cneighbor are you expecting a response??

This team is very poorly coached right now as far as X's and O's go on game day. Outmatched completely by the opposing team. Henning WTF are you doing? Terrible play calling. As for the defense? Well, when you have Boldin running rampant in our secondary WIDE open, it's not a matter of talent it's a matter of blown assignments and blown coverage. This team is a joke.

goodmans all over fitzgerald,and cant cover him just hold him on the ground,goodman shouldnt even be on the practice squad, maybe he should be selling shoes or something

Maybe Ricky can organize a peace pipe smoking to help them get over this ass whoopng

i say we rename this the fan blog. its time to revolt!!!


hopefully the coaching staff gets cut this week!!!!!!

Goodman celebrating after 1 play made all day is.............fukin priceless!!

All you fans are hopeless, Miami is gonna suck forever, there is a curse here and you guys just have to accept it..All your players play better once they leave Miami..you people don't deserve to win..stupid if Parcells hasnt one a superbowl in years and you thought he could help you win..hell no..Trade Ginn to Indi and they'll make him into Marvin Harrison..send him to any other team..he'd be an excellent player..But dont blame the players..its because you are horrible fans..that show no support..
Oh by the way can you please send Wilford back to Jacksonville we know how to use him.

Paul Soliai is this week's sacrifice to Parcell's santeria gods

let me guess, roughing the kicker...

Mando, is Ginn hurt? I have barely seen him on the field.

At least Cam would run that reverse 3x a game for Ginn.

I don't know what sport the Dolphins are playing out there... but it isn't football.

Tuna needs to call a players meeting asap and get back to basics with this bunch before the wheels completely fly off again this year.

I just got back home. Is Wilford playing this week. Doesn't look liek a good day at all

it seems like they had the peace pipe party before the game started. i think you are on to something, the whole organization should be tested

Whether its the coaches or the players, there is no doubt, this team has issues.

Sparano looks like the deer in headlights that Cam used to do. This whipping is worse than Cameron's worst performance and that is very serious. Parcells is going to have to get involved on the sidelines.

DO YOU GUYS FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU KEEP SIGNING 'MEDIOCRE FREE AGENTS' of course if we can also get a coach who know's what the heck he is doing.....

Chad Henne will be in the game next series.


These guys shouldn't be allowed anywhere near an NFL stadium. Totally depressing!!!


why did i pay for sunday ticket?

Could be worse, could be raining!!!

Henne in and they support him with Dopehat. Isn't Brown our best offensive threat?

Is Henne bringing receivers with him?


donjpaper...no, not expecting an answer...you kidding...armando just started in on some curly fries w/ranch dressing

Yeah, it's our fault for not paying $200 for tickets to watch our HORRIBLE team get demolished in person in 90 degree weather! They should pay US to watch this crap

Does anyone have Soporno's email addy?

run the ball the recievers or garbage

Why not BECK? This is BS. Henne sux.

nope..didn't bring receivers, but probably should have based on that first play

i think ill join ricky on the peace pipe to kill the pain in my brain

you paid for sunday ticket so you can change the channel after 5 minutes of watching the the fish

Is Boldin a free agent next year? If so, Bill break the the bank and pay the man. Start henne some this year as well because there is no way pennington can get the ball on a long route.

oh how i miss mediocrity in this early decade.

We see why contacts should be performance based. I have no problems with the Fins, or any other team paying out the dollars, as long as that player is earning them. We make these young men, rich men for working half a year before they even prove their worth. Boy what a way to make a living , sure beats being a correctional counselor. I should try and be a walk on, I can not run, block or catch..bet I would fit right in with the team current players.

just a quick question, if we are a few years away from being in the playoffs, why shouldnt we let Henne play every week?

That is playing like a man.


heene makes quick decisions and and the ball has more on it.

Hagan actually caught a pass! Some one call the Vatican, we got a bona fide miracle on our hands!

Time to see how Henne looks!

If I was elected PRESIDENT, I would get rid of all Dolphin updates, Dolphin talk shows, Dolphin blogs, UNTIL THEY WON A SUPERBOWL



Good idea to get some learning time for Henne

I think the league should pass a rule that every dolphins touchdown would be worth 28 points...then it would be worth watching

ronnie brown is the best thing we got and we not using him

henne is next montana

Hagan and Henne...Our future!!

some one wake me up!!! I'm dreaming of dan marino, rookie, pitt, 1983

hagan=duper all of a sudden

Henne looks good

Let's go HENNE


Where is Ginn? Out with his family?

ginn looks like he's gonna cry!!

Wow some offense. How about Henne. He is embarrassing Penny. I still think Beck is better.

Henne has ZIP on the ball, whereas Pennington's weak arm results in balls with lots of air under them

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