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Live blog from Dolphins versus Cards today

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Got here extremely early for today's game between the Dolphins and Cardinals and ran into a former league source now working for the Cardinals. Asked him the real chances of his team trading receiver Anquan Boldin this year.

"Zero," he said. "Absolutely zero. I don't know what will happen after the season but I just don't see Anquan going anywhere this year."

So much for the rumors of Boldin coming to the Dolphins. While I wish that could happen for Miami's sake it just isn't in the, pardon the pun, cards. I know Boldin is from Florida. I know his agent Drew Rosenhaus would like to make it happen and continues to press Arizona to trade Boldin.

But the Cards hold all the, pardon the pun again, cards.

They have rebuffed at least one team's inquiry about Boldin and they have refused to give Rosenhaus permission to shop his client.

Understand that doesn't mean Boldin might not be moved in the offseason or some time before his current contract expires in 2010. But he is just as likely to get a new deal in Arizona before then as get traded.

So much for that rumor.

I can report to you that Ernest Wilford will be active today. The Dolphins are making Brandon London inactive to make room for Wilford on the active roster. Ricky Williams is still scheduled to start. Greg Camarillo will start at wide receiver.

Anyway, I hope you guys are ready for today's live blog. It'll start at kickoff. Join me then.


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No one in the NFL starts a rookie unless they have no choice. Manning started because he was NFL ready. Marino didn't start until middle late in his first season. Henne might be able to handle it but do you guys really want to take the chance of breaking another QBs confidence (see John Beck)?

Leinart & Henne have faced each other before.

i say bring in some rooky free agent corners and safeties fresh from college who are hungry to play, cant be any worse!

There goes NYScott making excuses again...The Cards will make the playoffs because their division is TERRIBLE! We have been dominated in every aspect imaginable...

eat crap dave....u r no fan

Which CORNERBACK is the top rated Junior or Senior in college football right now?

Can we start Henne now for the rest of the year? Our offense is pathetic with Pennington at QB. What do you say Salguero?

Hurricane...what's a superbowl win like?

It is over people. See you later. Going to the locker room.

NY Scott.... its Henne, admit it

Pennington should be promoted to QBs coach and let Henne start

Anyone remember the good old days with Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain...those were the days

stop going to miami football games, let send a clear message to 'big tuna and co." that we don't tolerate rich football players making full of themselves and fans.

The Cards are a good team. An up and coming team. Henne is looking good.

guess u know how i feel

secondary failed two games in a row.....henne is the present....not the future

they better start Henne next game

pathetic defense and worse offensive play calling

surtain and madison were as small as out current breed

RAy Finkle? Weren't you theDolphins kicker that missed the field goal in the SUper Bowl and we lost and you blamed Marino for a bad hold.

Thank God that is over.Get ready-next week will be worse!!

Ricky Williams needs a piss test. He must be on the stuff again. What a useless appendage on this team.

i played HS with bigger better corners

SARAH Palon is a hottie

if the cards are an up and coming team, why can't the dolphins be one. Regression is apparently the Dolphins MO.

Chad Henne, welcome to Miami Dolphins. No wonder those rockets you threw in pre0season had so many of us looking at the best gun since Dan. Harricane, we need to have something to get motivated behind buddy. Thanks for the Stone Cold kudos. I'll be returning to your screen's soon, with "Stone Cold II", (The Juice Years)

eggs, get a block, and a beer

I'd start a cannon of an arm over Pennington's pathetic arm anyday. Henne has to learn from mistakes, and he can't learn them all watching Penningtons mistakes.

nyscott, true Manning was more NFL ready but going 1-15 didnt seem to hurt his confidence much...besides remember we really gotta go out there each week and play like a team that has nothing to lose. nobody ever improved by playing it safe. success in life is weighed by the chances that you take.....

we done better with feidler and wanny

its palin JR and yes she is smart as well

So...where are we now 0 - 2. Next week 0 - 3.

Get Ricky off the team. He is an embarresment.

This is absolutely horrible!!!Chad Henne looked good but it was to late. WE need to trade for Lito Sheperd and get him from Philly so we can atleast 1 corner that can play...Hell we should prolly sign Joe Horn so we can have a receiver....At this point I would start henne...look how Flacco is doing...Obviously we would not be losing nothing by starting Henne...Pennington sucks..thats why he was cut....THis Blows

Catch you guys next time and hopefully Henne starts....

Maybe Parcells will come to the sideline and put some passion in to them....

The management should be ashamed at the way the treated Ginn and Wilford....

maybe henne will start next week so the pats cant game tape penny,

NY Scott, u felling as shitty as i am ? where is the game plan for henne now? start henne, change the game

WHen is this going to start winning, I can't affford a new TV every week, these Flat screens are expensive.


How is it humanly possible to take a bad team and make it even worse? No really, how do you do that?

i wantd to send my remote to the screen but thought the wife would think i am crazi


i cant wait for sparanos press conference this week, should be a coors commercial clip for sure

Marc what excuses? The Cards are a better team then us. They have better wideouts. They have better lines. They have better everything except RBS. THAT IS WHY WE LOST. They have been at this rebuilding thing for over 20 years. We started this year. There is no excuse just reality. The Arizona Cardinals ARE A BETTER FOOTBALL TEAM.

i was discusted before henne came in

well the pats still havent scored 20 points yet this year so we could have a shot next week............but seriously probably not

Scott, vote for henne

i dont think theres any question about chads in this selection

start the change now....'cause the secondary is gonna give up 2 70+ every game now

i was on the 10-6 bus before the season. Optimism only brings misery and minimum wage for the rest of my life.

I know you want Henne to start but I don't see what the difference is from what we did last year. We started Beck over Lemon eventhough Lemon gave us a better chance to win and we went 1-15. I don't see how Henne is going to gain "valuable experience" throwing to 4 sh**ty receivers who can't catch a ball or get open. I don't want Hennes experience to be that of losing. Besides Pennington didn't allow all of those TDS to be thrown, we have bigger problems on our hands then the play of the QB.

we ran 16 times last week, and not much more this week, thought we were going to power run with our backfeild ,wth happened

With a lock down cover corner opposite Allen, (like Asante) and a true no1 wide reciever, (like Bolden). We would be so far along the line to being a decent team. Whether through the draft or free agency we need those two here in Miami.

Larry A....teams don't run when they play behind all the time. The Fins will be playing catchup every week. Get used to the 40-50 pass games.

I predicted 4-12 and when we win those 4 games I will be ecstatic! lol. See, all you people who were talking about the playoffs are upset and those of us who expected to suck are still happy. Get on the bus!

well said scott, but dont you want to get a good look at this guy when you have the potential to draft Tebow next season? Cant keep drafting qbs i know but we dont have a starter yet either.

Scott, Henne has a better arm and thinks quicker or is just plain smarter than Beck.. Remember, I was a bug Beck backer. Henne is a Marino in training. He looked good inpre-season and in real life ( NFL )

Tell me WHY NOT ??

spelling errors, fins cause excessive drinking......lol

i'm on the 4-12 bus now.

we are playing behind because we are not keeping the oppenents off the feild with bad pass plays,ronnie brown has been running good, keep the other offenses off the field

with a suspect secondary, we need clock control

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