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Live blog from Dolphins versus Cards today

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Got here extremely early for today's game between the Dolphins and Cardinals and ran into a former league source now working for the Cardinals. Asked him the real chances of his team trading receiver Anquan Boldin this year.

"Zero," he said. "Absolutely zero. I don't know what will happen after the season but I just don't see Anquan going anywhere this year."

So much for the rumors of Boldin coming to the Dolphins. While I wish that could happen for Miami's sake it just isn't in the, pardon the pun, cards. I know Boldin is from Florida. I know his agent Drew Rosenhaus would like to make it happen and continues to press Arizona to trade Boldin.

But the Cards hold all the, pardon the pun again, cards.

They have rebuffed at least one team's inquiry about Boldin and they have refused to give Rosenhaus permission to shop his client.

Understand that doesn't mean Boldin might not be moved in the offseason or some time before his current contract expires in 2010. But he is just as likely to get a new deal in Arizona before then as get traded.

So much for that rumor.

I can report to you that Ernest Wilford will be active today. The Dolphins are making Brandon London inactive to make room for Wilford on the active roster. Ricky Williams is still scheduled to start. Greg Camarillo will start at wide receiver.

Anyway, I hope you guys are ready for today's live blog. It'll start at kickoff. Join me then.


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this unreal


has the game

We are a joke. Oh we suck. Crocker couldn't even help. Where is Jason Allen?

Our secondary regressed from last year if that is even possible.

Two great athletes going at it in that long completion to Fitzgerald. Amazing power by Fitzgerald. Great catchup speed by Allen.

I can't believe the Cards are better than us eventhough they have better players.

its like a vidoegame


this link is working i am listening right now and its making me sick

Warner should get over 500 yards today. Ricky looks just plain awful !!! Cobbs should be of the field and Parmele on. I hope he is not treated like L Booker was last year..., "he can't play special teams... give me a f00kin break

cant even recover a fumble, wow we give new meaning to the word suck

Before the game Warner and his receivers spent 30 minutes throwing the ball around from inside the 5 going in. Watch it happen here.

Yes, let's waste another time out.

if allen would tackle he would not have to catch up

Huizenga & Ross MUST clean house now!

Yeah it wasn't worth spending the money on Asante Samuels was it?

We suck. Our wrs aren't good. Our team is too young. Our coach is a rookie. STAY TUNED PEOPLE BECAUSE I will be stating the plainly obvious all day as I act like I know anything at all.

We make bad old qb's look like the pro-bowl players they once were.

this is going to be a pass in the corner or a slant. That is what they were working on.

Dolphins didn't see it because they weren't even on the field yet.

great catch-up speed huh? How about another missed tackle by Crocker

I don't know how the last 3 regimes could have neglected the secondary the way they have. For whatever reason they weren't exposed the past couple of years, but, I think this is FINALLY a GREAT GAME that shows exactly how inept they are...It was all downhill when Surtain, Marion, Madison were gone....

i cant believe i smoke poles even though im a polesmoker?

Oh my god the towel boy just dropped a towel on the sideline, god we are horrible.

this team won't get better until we get NFL caliber receivers--right now, we have 2nd rate college players......think about it, our DB's practice against these clowns everyday--they don't get quality work in practice-then game time comes against real receivers and look what happens

Armondo called it!

you cant teach guys how to have heart.

Jason Allen can't be worse than Crocker...

Long day underway.

hey stupano....resign now before bill fires your sorry ass

That wasn't crocker in coverage. Bell was the closest player to him.

We'll see you IDIOTS later. This game is over. Damn these guys should all drink the Koolaid after this game F@#% the Dolphins

Teezee I tip my hat to you, I been a fan from childhood. I consider myself a diehard fins fan. Hell now I am half a century old, sure wish they return to winning before I am to old to cheer....

I am so shocked that we aren't a good team yet. They have had one off season to fix this whole thing! That's enough already, fire the trifecta tomorrow! Lets start a website.


This regime came in with such arrogance and now it's blowing up in there face.

There is 5:40 to play in the game and Will Allen has been beaten, Chris Crocker has been beaten, Bell has been beaten and somebody blew a coverage on the blitz.

Guys I have no self confidence and live vicariously through a football team. I am so mad that they are losing I am going to go beat my dog. See you losers later.

I meant 5:40 left in the first quarter.

what a terrible job by the coaches preparing for this game and the season so far. Parecells should get down onto that sideline and give Sparano a roasting. They are making Cameron look like a genius so far this season........ WHY WHY WHY do we always such ??

Not giving up yet but man isnt it hard to be a fins fan for the last few years.......

i am cursed as a phin fan

With the first pick in the 2009 NFL draft the Miami Dolphions select.....

Crocker blew the coverage on the 1st TD and missed and easy tackle on Fitzgerald's catch...he sux.

Is this still a MUST WIN game?


jesus christ your blaming the receivers because the secondary sucks

put the blame where it belongs the SECONDARY they are just bad

This regime came in telling us that it was going to take a while to get fixed and now it is blowing up in their faces!

Looks like another long season for us Dolfans.

Run of first down..wow



Arizona are beatable. We have a good D line but we have to Blitz and get Warner we can't let him have any confidence....

Time for Ronnie...They have had 2 big plays nothing more. Let's wind them down.


Down 14-0 and they are still trying to run the ball?

Once again in three-receiver set, Ginn is not in the game.

Arizona are beatable, just not by the dolphins

Run Run Run Run

I LOVE watching Ronnie Brown PUNISH people!

They have had 2 TD's in the first 10 mins nothing more

it could be worse. we could cinncy atleast we have no talent

why oh why am i dolphin fan

yeah, eat up the clock and kick a punt

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