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Live blog from Dolphins versus Cards today

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Got here extremely early for today's game between the Dolphins and Cardinals and ran into a former league source now working for the Cardinals. Asked him the real chances of his team trading receiver Anquan Boldin this year.

"Zero," he said. "Absolutely zero. I don't know what will happen after the season but I just don't see Anquan going anywhere this year."

So much for the rumors of Boldin coming to the Dolphins. While I wish that could happen for Miami's sake it just isn't in the, pardon the pun, cards. I know Boldin is from Florida. I know his agent Drew Rosenhaus would like to make it happen and continues to press Arizona to trade Boldin.

But the Cards hold all the, pardon the pun again, cards.

They have rebuffed at least one team's inquiry about Boldin and they have refused to give Rosenhaus permission to shop his client.

Understand that doesn't mean Boldin might not be moved in the offseason or some time before his current contract expires in 2010. But he is just as likely to get a new deal in Arizona before then as get traded.

So much for that rumor.

I can report to you that Ernest Wilford will be active today. The Dolphins are making Brandon London inactive to make room for Wilford on the active roster. Ricky Williams is still scheduled to start. Greg Camarillo will start at wide receiver.

Anyway, I hope you guys are ready for today's live blog. It'll start at kickoff. Join me then.


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will allen couldnt cover my grandma

Kurt warner is on pace for 800 yds, no joke!

Thank God I drafted Warner and started him this week in my money league.

this is torture

2009 draft pick anyone?

I am really Dolphan4life. IO said I was leaving but in reality I have nothing beter to do and my life is woefully pathetic.

Someone tell the dolphins D that this is not practice!!!

How long until Tuna takes over the coaching duties?

Looks like I better get use to hearing that same old song, "Can we just get a win "...

Fitzgerald is winning the battle with Will Allen.

Actually the Dolphins the last three throws have been right on their receivers but each time have failed to cause an incompletion.

somebody needs to sweep the leg on warner

Tim Tebow?

I am also Dolphan4life

Didnt the Trifecta say the secondary has surprising talent? Did that talent disappear or did the Trifecta have heat stroke that day?

Warner may not throw an incomplete pass today.


its men against boys out there!!

Our secondary is being given a clinic!

Fitzgerald is absolutely sick. They are gonna drop 35+ pts today on the fins...maybe go close to 50 because no one on the secondary is a worth a damn.

let's hope this is holding on arizona

mark my words Pacells will retire at the end of this season. Then it will be 1 down 2 to go!

Why can we not cover anyone Armando? Is it lack of coaching or talent?

Refs stop the Cards better than the Dolphins do.

this team is staring down 0-5 to start the season...are we going to even win one game this year? What positives are there other than the season will end in 15 weeks?

WOOOHOOO the refs are on our side...they are trying to keep it close for tv's sake.

tuna needs to go down to the field jerry jones style.

best play of the day for phins and its penalty on ARZ

5 yard penalty against the cards - finally a mistake on their part!

Louis Oliver: Today ... both.

The only way we will win is if the officials are nice to us.

It is not even half time yet and the Cards almost have 2 100 yard receivers. Man our secondary is just getting shredded.

An incomplete pass!!!!!!!!

this makes me sick...

hopefully they run alot

we are this much worse than the Arizona cardinals...wow, we are the Cardinals now. Robbie is spinning in his grave.

Crap, Warner just missed on one, now he can't have a perfect game...

wow they got pressure on warner

I don't want to sound optimistic or anything, but we ARE only down 14 points. Which is the same as two scores. Which is comparable to about an 8-0 deficit in basketball.

In a hole, but not left for dead.

I have never seen anything like this; is anyone felt as frustrated as me? I mean, get off the single back formation crap and open up the damn offense!!!

is kozlowski on-line too?

As painful as waching this game may be, some of the comments posted here give me a very good laugh. I thank you guys for some of the profound saying, bcause I need a good laugh to wash away the pain from seeing the fins again get their butts kicked......come on Fins win one for the fans

now is a good time to start talking about the draft.

when will we look like an nfl team?? its sad.. this organization has fallen further than any other in history..

Rackers good on a 45 fg.


That being said, is starting Derek Hagan on your fantasy team an idiotic move or do I just have too much faith in the Dolphins?


My God! I've never seen so many impatiant whiners. Nobody with any football sense expected the Parcels and Company to turn around a 1-15 team in one year. Could they have mortgaged the future by bidding for high priced free agents? SUre they could have. And maybe that would have raise this team to 6-10. But real goal should be building for the long term. That means a getting younger in a major way, which the Dolphins have done. I for one, am willing to give them some time. I want the Dolphins to be a major NFL power, as we used know back in the day. If that means sacrificing some ones this season to win a few more down the road, so be it.

Why is Ted Ginn not even returning kickoffs Armando?

we need to score on this drive, then need to stop them and score at least a field goal before 1/2 possible, but likely?

one day this franchise will have the lead in a game



We need OL and WR in the draft...that and LB, SS, FS, CB, DL, etc..

Well if we do nothing on the next possesion I am logging off LOL

lets take a poll...when will stupano utter those famous words of past dolphin coaches "We WILL GET THESE MISTAKES FIXED"

hey its only the first quarter, we have the opportunity to go down by at least 34 by the half, lmao

The problem is that we are not seeing any improvement from last season.

Losing is giving us NO confidence...

We couldn't offer PACE a contract because of Money...We cut Thomas to save money........We are way under the cut. Sounds like EGO.

This is same thing BRADY and the Patriots did to us last year. They threw the ball up in the air and our guys came down injured. They are making fools of us. In relation to HENNE some people said WILL ALLEN could play??????? The Giants got rid of him and we got rid of Madison. Very simple we didn't know what we were doing. If we done get a TD on this drive and stick to Ronnie then we are just practicing for next year and building for the future.

I have never seen anything like this; is anyone felt as frustrated as me? I mean, get off the single back formation crap and open up the damn offense!!!

orlgent--you are an idiot....there are certain things that could have been done to atleast be competitive-like getting 1 quality WR.....6-10 is nothing to shoot for, but at least an expectation for a rebuilding team

Orlgent, i agree but i did expect to look so unprepared.

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