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Live blog from Dolphins versus Cards today

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Got here extremely early for today's game between the Dolphins and Cardinals and ran into a former league source now working for the Cardinals. Asked him the real chances of his team trading receiver Anquan Boldin this year.

"Zero," he said. "Absolutely zero. I don't know what will happen after the season but I just don't see Anquan going anywhere this year."

So much for the rumors of Boldin coming to the Dolphins. While I wish that could happen for Miami's sake it just isn't in the, pardon the pun, cards. I know Boldin is from Florida. I know his agent Drew Rosenhaus would like to make it happen and continues to press Arizona to trade Boldin.

But the Cards hold all the, pardon the pun again, cards.

They have rebuffed at least one team's inquiry about Boldin and they have refused to give Rosenhaus permission to shop his client.

Understand that doesn't mean Boldin might not be moved in the offseason or some time before his current contract expires in 2010. But he is just as likely to get a new deal in Arizona before then as get traded.

So much for that rumor.

I can report to you that Ernest Wilford will be active today. The Dolphins are making Brandon London inactive to make room for Wilford on the active roster. Ricky Williams is still scheduled to start. Greg Camarillo will start at wide receiver.

Anyway, I hope you guys are ready for today's live blog. It'll start at kickoff. Join me then.


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Old joke about the Soviet Union: In twentieth year of ten year plan.

thank god for fantasy football!!!!

Who would have wanted a 24 year old shutdown corner that can return kickoffs?

95 yard td coming up

wilfor went from being too crap to play last week to being our 1 wr whats going on?

remember when the cowboys started out 1-15??? they were the worst team in football at that time. Not to compare the fish to the cowboy's of the 90's....but there is hope as bleak as it looks at the moment.

Sparano should be fired! He knows nothing about anything!!!!

Anyone ever thought that playing the fins for 8 years MADE Chad the most accurate passer? LOL...

whats up with the play calling

They are putting Ronnie in IMPOSSIBLE situations!


Is anyone watching the 2nd half?

the niners are showing way more, they cant be better than us. Can they?

What a sad, sad performance.

WHERE can I listen online ?????

Never going to win when fields has the same number of touches as ronnie Brown.

Hey, no turnovers and no penalties in the first half. Are we winning?? I love disciplined teams.

Where can I apply for the GM job? I can build a helluva franchise in Madden...It's really pretty easy...

WTF? "2 year plan"? Who said we were going to be great again in two years? Certainly no one who is running the Phins right now.

i'll wathc the 2nd, kinda like watching a car accident its gross but cant seem to turn away

I predict the score being 34-6

WHERE can I listen online ?????

Why bother?

The play-calling is horrific. This is not a well-coached team.

Half time Yeeeeeyyyy! Now let me go get drunk to make the second half bareable!

i knew we werent going to win a bunch but i didnt think we would be embarassing

I agree with Mandich regarding 'Fantasy' Football...

We need a big time WR, and Secondary Help.

I gave up doing a lot of other things to watch this.

I can't believe the amount of ignorance that infests this blog.

You can only play with what you have...I agree....


Wii...We need A LOT more than that!

i drunk in anticipation of this disaster. i had sex with an ugly chick and called my mother to tell her i love her.

I could be golfing or riding my Toro.

Hey Parcells! Better make that half-time call to your boy and tell him to straighten his play-calling or start looking for another assistant job!


I can't believe the amount of ignorance that infests this team and it's decision-makers...Can ANYONE say that we are a better team because of SUPERSTARS we don't have anymore?

quick sign another former cowboy player before things get any worst

Hey James Ireland, that's the point isn't it? If you have better players and you call these plays the players execute the play properly. What aren't you understanding about this?

Coaching $ucks Secondary $ucks last year's #1 pick and this year's #1 $uck. If Long is so good why can't we run behind him? I haven't seen him pancacke anyone yet. Big dif in College players from NFL players huh Mr. Long.

Lets find some lipstick for this pig!

Totally agree Marc...

In EVERY sport you keep Senior players to held new young players...like Feeley even...


Hey Marc! No we aren't a better team yet and we have been told this from day freaking one so what's the problem?

Ok we all understand that the team is rebuilding,but that does not mean we do not want to see improvements. I would sure hate to see the same secondary in place next year. Add 2 to the O line, get a dam good reciever or two, and steal or draft players that can cover and give the team to the other Chad.

Ohh...how horrible!!! Stav just insulted Sarah! It's so disgusting. I'm going to clutch my hankie and weep.

ok guys who are we looking at in THE DRAFT CRABTREE WR????

as bad as these guys are fans should get a refund for each home game lost.

This "Must Win" game just turned in to a "Sure Lost". Way to motivate Soprano you GUMBA!

The biggest problem (of many) remains the play of the secondary (esp. free safety) including the coaching, game prep (did they watch film of the Cardinals) and decision to play Crocker over Jason Allen. This game was really over before it started as I said last week due to match-ups and ...the TD to Boldin sealed it.

Like Feely? ROFLMAO! The guy who missed his first fieldgoal in a Jets uniform and was kicked off of 2 teams this season allready? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah that second round pick we got for a guy who will retire after this season is going to be a real hindarance in the upcoming draft.

Another Huizinga charade to sell tickets. Maybe he'll hire Vince Lombardi after Parcells quits. The Bills are 2-0 !

how do you refund 3 hours of my life.


The problem is WE SUCK NYSCOTT! What don't you understand?! We suck and COULD have been a better team! It's the same story every year a regime comes in and disgards our best players and does NOTHING to replace them! At least when JJ cut Bryan Cox, we got Zach...We cut Zach and got Aiken Ayodele??????!!!!WTF

I bet Obama would lead us to the Superbowl..perhaps we can hire him in November

DOES Wayne raise PRICES AGAIN NEXT YEAR????? YES........

What are you talking about NYSCOTT?

I said if we kept the players we got rid of:


We would not be in this mess and we had the money to keep them. Are you telling me making Wilford inactive and putting GINN in on the Corner Route makes sense??????? We could have won the game with Wilford there and then this week have more confidence. How is this stupid? Now Ginn is not in and we don't throw to Wilford? Is this great play calling???? Pennington has had surgery on his shoulder he can't throw deep so we throw deep to Wilford our slowest.

Ricky puts up identical numbers as last week. I agree with Salguero, he has lost his burst and looks fat and slow. Ronnie has the knee on his mind and Cobbs is a special teamer. Wish we had kept Chatman and hope Parmele will be on the field soon. Yes all those saying its too soon.. you were the same people saying dont give up on Cam last year at 0=13. Sparano has to come up with a locker room speech that would make A1 P8cino well up with tears. Come on Dolphins

at least we fin fans have a reason to root for the Skins. GO JT!!!!

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