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Live blog from The New Beginning [update]

It is a New Beginning!

At least that is what the billboards next to South Florida Highways keep insisting. We shall see today.

I'm sure you are all excited the Dolphins' regular season opener against the New York Jets is finally here. I know I am. The Dolphins are also. I got a call from one very excited Dolphins player very early this morning. Yeah, he noticed I picked the other team to win in the paper today.

He was awake and itching to get going but couldn't find anything to do so he started calling people to get them going. Not the kind of wake up call I expected today but that's fine.

I sat down one-on-one and did a question and answer column with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano for today's Miami Herald. It is a must read before today's game.

You'll get the answer to what he's thinking today, what he's most confident in and what worries him the most about his team. He also discusses his approach for reaching players.

The live blog will begin in the comments section at the start of the game so join me there.

Yeah!!!!! Fired up!!!!

UPDATE: WR Ernest Wilford, who got $6 million guaranteed money this offseason, is inactive today. Yikes. So much for recent improvement that coach Tony Sparano reported. But if you read that Q&A you'll understand why the coach doesn't call out players.

Cornerback Michael Lehan and rookie Shawn Murphy are also inactive.


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Thanks armando for this, i cant wait for the game to start either

Come on, give us a W one time!!

The jets are going to wilt in 2nd half. Dolphins by 10.

Ah come on Armando. The fact of him making the early morning phone call couldn't be off the record....who was it?

And unless it was a rook, a bubbler or a kicker, that kind of excitement is a very, very good sign.

I just read you Q&A great job. I hope this year is differen. I've felt good about our last couple of coaches and they turned out crap. I hope this is different

I know its obvious,but to know after today we could equal last seasons tally of wins under your friendly uncle Cam Salguero, is truly amazing. I think we have the team and the coaching staff to pull out a victory. Go Miami Dolphins, we love you.

Does anyone here know where I can find the game online to watch free.

Does anyone know where I can watch the game live? My father in colombia is a Die hard fan and has been asking me. I know during the last game JustinTv was broadcasting it. Let me know guys and thanks in advance...by the way we are gonna Rock rock rock the Jets Jets Jets..YEAAAAAAAA

I don't know if they'll have it but try www.stoogetv.com click on other channels.....no downloads.......no bs on this site.

Finfan. It will more then likely be on stooge tv. Just go to:


and click on other channels around game time.


Thats the site I watched the saints game live...Im just not sure if they broadcast it consistently.. (im the one with the father in Colombia) so if anyone knows any other sites please reply

Must of been typing when you were posting it Jim.

man i woke up too early.....wish it was 1pm

thanks everyone ill be sure to try those when its closer to one

is it 1 yet?

that geezer will take a whole half of football season to take in the play book. he has all the records wwho are we to tell him how to play. hahahhahaha

Dolphanforlife is here and FIRED UP! LETS GO FINS. Jets are going down baby. Armando clearly doesn't know much about football. Thank goodness he is able to have access to information that we don't to make him at least look credible.

Got up at the buttcrack of dawn, because i couldnt sleep. Too excited! Is that a little weird?

The New Beginning is finnaly here,looking at this team and being a die hard for over 40 years,I truely believe a 9-7 record and a wild card is for the taking.The Don(coach Saprono)and the BIG TUNA,WILL GO DOWN AS THE BIGGEST TURN-AROUND in NFL history.2 years SUPERBOWL.

dolfah jeff -- Stayed up late to avoid the "its still dark and the Fins still don't play for 8 hours rut" -- so I don't think its weird at all, but my wife has a very different take.

If your in central Florida channel 10 CBS out of Tampa Bay is showing the game, which is rare for them, because of the Buc's.

All the Farve crap on tv makes me want to puke. If he lights it up today, means the NFL is fixed so it can set up future match ups with the Pats and SD.

When was the last time the Fins caught a season worth of "breaks"?

Dare I cherish the irony?

I've been a Dolphin fan since the era of Wood-Strock, live in New York, detest the Jets and their yahoo fans. And the one player, over the last decade, I've loathed more than any Jet since Mark Gastineau is Chad Pennington-- Chad, "Reporters should worship us because we're great athletes" Pennington.

And today, following the worst Dolphins season in franchise history, I'll be rooting for a New Beginning to commence and to spearhead it, of all player, I'll be looking to Chad Pennington.

Somewhere the Football Gods are laughing at me.

football sunday GO FINS ,LETS SMOKE THE ******* JETS. GO GATERS

Game time!! Bring it!!

I dont care who spearheads it at this point. I've seen my favourite LB go, one of my favourite DE go, and it really does'nt matter, as long as we win! Who ever is wearing aqua and orange is who i'm rooting for!

The heat is so over rated as an advantage

Broadcasting has no respect for our dolphins. We only get Phil Simms because of Bret Farve

Gents, here it is... Like Dan mentioned, you'll have to DL the TVants prog here: http://www.myp2pforum.eu/tvants/6-tv...tallation.html.

Once you do, here are ALL the games available: http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid=&part=sports&discipline=americanfootball


Aiden, I don't know how much an advantage the heat is for the Fins but it has a huge impact on the players on the field.

When I played Rugby, those hot weather games would soak you outside and leave you feeling like a dried sponge within. By the end of the second half it felt like you were running in deep sand.

What I don't know is how much better a team that has trained in the humid heat deals with it compared to one who has not.

Wilford INACTIVE for the game...WOW!

Hey guys, i'm up north in Montréal, Quebec. What's the forecast weather for the Miami aera ? I put Ricky Williams in my lineup and I'm puzzled putting Drew Brees or Brett Favre...

And by the way, GO PHINS!! (I've got Ronnie Brown too!)

Ugh, that guy has been SUCH a disappointment. More wasted money FTL.

Anybody miss Cam? I miss the one-liners...

Exactly Ramsterone, can't believe I'm getting a Dolphin game while the Bucs are on. Thought I was gonna have to take the kids to a sports pub and feed them quarters all day.

Fredster--hot & sunny--91>>

Weather will not be factor. Overrated is the humidity.

game is the game of the week here in illinois atleast I will get to see 1 game this year

get ready to see a heavy dose of Ricky
prediction - 30 carries for 130 and 2 tds

I miss Cam as much as I would a scorching case of herpes. All fired up here guys. Game 1 where hope still springs eternal. Hopefully I wont have to listen to Jets fans for the next couple of months. Hey Armando, what was going on between Porter and Cox?

justin mideviel site is working

I see empty seats as usual

here we go

This is more exciting than waking up with morning wood. Why is Bess taking back the opening kickoff? Is Ginn only going to be used on punts?

Is Armando even here?

This should be the shortest game in history

He normally doesnt skip out till halftime.

Pennington showing off that arm strength. Cobbs being used on third down instead of Brown for God knows what reason.

That was a buzz kill

Three and out, that is a familiar scenario. And now the New York Bretts

Farve looks hot and tired already

50 year old Farve outrunning our defense. Not a good sign.

Wow we didn't even shift the defense on that play

Jets line making holes on that fins D

Lets go D!

by the way, before the game Joey Porter and Jets assistant Bryan Cox -- yes that Bryan Cox -- got into a yelling match.

It was pretty interesting.

Bring the Heat!

Great insight Armando, I thought the same thing. Oh sorry Armando busy hitting the umbrella drinks. Our defensive MVP from las year W Allen makes a nice play.

So after two possessions, neither offense looks to be in synch. Low scoring day?

You go Bess!!!!!!!!!!

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