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Live blog from The New Beginning [update]

It is a New Beginning!

At least that is what the billboards next to South Florida Highways keep insisting. We shall see today.

I'm sure you are all excited the Dolphins' regular season opener against the New York Jets is finally here. I know I am. The Dolphins are also. I got a call from one very excited Dolphins player very early this morning. Yeah, he noticed I picked the other team to win in the paper today.

He was awake and itching to get going but couldn't find anything to do so he started calling people to get them going. Not the kind of wake up call I expected today but that's fine.

I sat down one-on-one and did a question and answer column with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano for today's Miami Herald. It is a must read before today's game.

You'll get the answer to what he's thinking today, what he's most confident in and what worries him the most about his team. He also discusses his approach for reaching players.

The live blog will begin in the comments section at the start of the game so join me there.

Yeah!!!!! Fired up!!!!

UPDATE: WR Ernest Wilford, who got $6 million guaranteed money this offseason, is inactive today. Yikes. So much for recent improvement that coach Tony Sparano reported. But if you read that Q&A you'll understand why the coach doesn't call out players.

Cornerback Michael Lehan and rookie Shawn Murphy are also inactive.


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Apocraphyl, thine name is Dolphins.

I dont know why youre all complaining! I have to deal with watching Jason Campbell throw the ball for 60 minutes a game. Im thinking i made a bad decision coming here..........

I though chad pennington look very good at the end of the game. He almost outplayed brett farvre for damn sakes with young ass wr's and no time to throw... We lost by a 4th and 13 50 ft in the air throwup by brett... That can be fixed

Just makes me wonder what could've been if they ran with Ricky OR Ronnie on those 2 4th and goal plays...

hope tony knows he needs to give are best player more touches next week and i am not talking about ricky williams.. RONNIE BROWN!!

Positives this game. The TE's did awesome, Pennington driving when he needed to, the D-line doing a decent job.

The Negs, the WRs BLOW, the penalties were out of hand, the poor clock management, the HORRIBLE playcalling inside the 5. The secondary getting worked, the lousy kicking game, but all in all, I still have hope for this team. Look for Bill to make some moves on the WRs and the DBs.

Yes I agree whole heartedly ronnie needs more touches

Ricky is not a #1 anything!

Clock mis-management! You always take the points!! 4th and 3, you kick a field goal. You take the time out before the 2 minute warning, it gives you 10- 15 seconds more, those are all coaching F Ups, same as last year. They get the 3 earlier you go for the tie and overtime!!!!!!! I'm not impressed with the COACH! Waited till it was desperation time to open up the playbook! Way to conservative in the first three quarters! Defense front is mediocre at best, giving up to many yards o nfirst down 4 to 5. Secondary well they just flat out lost the game 2 count them 2, they give up 2 big plays, both were game killers. On the second TD Reynaldo Hill blew the coverage he did'nt stay in coverage he moved up for a potential QB run and got burnt stupid stupid stupid stay in coverage!!! I would say that was the worst play of the defense and it looks like alot of the same as last year always close but we manage to beat ourselves by giving up at least one big play per game. So safe to say management has not managed to get rid of the mental errors that are drive and in this case game killers. As well as managements mismanagement of the clock and failure to take the points! ALWAYS TAKE THE POINTS!!!

Painful but I'm hopeful... At least it wasn't all over 'til the very end... Go Fins!!
Finsfan in Chile

I ain't going anywhere. I call it like I see it, and what I see is horrible. Horrific. Worst of all time.

YEAH? I have no hope for this team, we will be picking in the top 5 again this year. So what big play reciever and shu down corner and cover FS and knock your head of SS are available Mr. Ireland?

WELL,we need to draft better o line and d line players.the current crew are good for backupps except maybe the the new guy from georgia.wide receiver is a glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring,glaring weakness on this year s dolphin team.The tight ends looked much improved and made big plays at crucial times.The running game was so so but not consistent.SPECIAL TEAMS LOOKED GOOD.Coaching seemed ok.Too many penalties and Long has alot to learn yet.Hes in a blur.Obviously the jets d line was formidable.They basically won the game along with a good secondary of theirs.OUR DEFENSE ON favre s hail mary throw for his 2nd td was a gift from the dolphin secondary.THEY WERE ASLEEP - GOD KNOWS WHY ON A 4TH DOWN PRAYER PASS.that was the key mistake of the game.bar none.Too much sloppy play and mistakes by the DOLPHINS TO OVERCOME EVENTHOUFG THEY HAD A CHANCE TO WIN IT ALL WITH THEIR FINAL POSESSION OF THE GAME.TOO BAD.they showed some fight and improvement though.I LL KEEP WATCHING AND HOPING THAT THEY LL IMPROVE.

Jake Long makes Tony Mandarich look like Orlando Pace. Nice going, Bill and Jeff. That's what this season is - Bill and Jeff's Excremental Adventure.

I completely agree about taking the points... We would be in O.T. right now with another field goal... Next week, we'll all have a victory...

hate all the crap from so called fans but heres one of my own, trade for Boldin now!!! Ted Ginn had a nightmare today

it wanst worse then last year. TE looked good RONNIE looked like what he is are best player chad looked good the o-line is young the d-line looked good too. O an LANFORD is gona be sick.

what guy from georgia is on are d lone whpo played solid

Alot of work to do. Good pressure on Favre, secondary is a major problem.

Run Ricky Run


CHASE thiks this can be fixed. YEAH revamp the secondary get disciplined players with speed, that is how you fix it. I'll be shocked if this secondary is intact next year. Lets face it you are seeing the same things happening that happened last year. Oh yes that's right SAME SECONDARY!

Defense looked good for the most part. Favre got lucky on that prayer pass that was originally going to the back of the end zone but ended up at the 1 because of the hit. Offensive line struggled with pre-snap adjustments. The offensive line basically struggled through most of the game but came up big in the fourth. Pennington had no time the first three quarters but made smart decisions with the ball and gave us a chance at the end. For a rookie team to give themselves a chance to win at the end (against a more talented opponent)is encouraging. For all of you who are bitching and whining please remember that this team is in the beginning stages of rebuilding and it will take some time. For those of you who are dissapointed in the "FANS" that were in here today remember that they are either very young (or stupid) and don't even care about football and are just trying to get a rise out of you, or they are Jets fans who are just complete losers with nothing better to do. Just read past the moronic posts and feel sorry for them. Acknowledging them is what keeps them going because people like that crave any type of attention they can get. They always go away when ignored.

well, oh yes we suck, continue to call it as you see it.....but we all see it, so you're just spouting old news but if you want to waste your energy, that's fine with me.....

Marc, I so agree. I was pissed at the playcalling in that series. They should've tried to run it in at least once!

Look Ted Ginn sucks he can't get seperation. The scouting report on him out of college lacks physicallity. In college his speed made corners ply off of him but in the Pros they bump him at the line and he can't get of the blocks and it disrupts his routes. For Godsake they had a rookie onhim today and he blanketed him all day! The only catch he made was in the 4th quarter when the corner was told to not get burnt for a TD so play alittle soft! Hence the scouting report is dead on. At best this guy would have been a 5th round pick and special teams player and maybe the fourth reciever on the field!!

The secondary?! They basically only allowed one td. The second one was lucky because the guy who caught the ball wasn't even who Favre was throwing to. He was throwing to the WR running the post to the back of the endzone, was hit before he released the ball and the ball quacked it's way to a receiver at the goal line. After the first the secondary settled down and played better than anyone expected IMO.

"Oh yes that's right SAME SECONDARY!"

- Michael Lehan
+ yeremiah bell
+ chris crocker
+ andre goodman
+ a plausible run defense, so they were forced to pass more often...

"reminder, ted ginn was goin against the best corner in the AFC east....
But i agree, he has to play better then he did

i thought we never got our running game going, the OL has to do better than that and what happened with our receivers?? Fasano and Martin did it all.
I hated the last Favre's TD which could've been intercepted.

NYScott how the F do you figure one, the secondary allowed one TD! LUCK? How about out of position DB(24)did'nt stay in coverage. They caught two TD passes therfore they allowed 2 TDs. Favre threw up a prayer but if our DB is in position he makes an INT. There is no luck here. If you play solid defense these things don't happen every other game like it does to the Dolphins year in and year out!

Ignore ALL posts from people whos names don't show up in blue. They won't sign in because they like to post under different names and start trouble. They also protect themselves from backlash because when someone calls them out they just use a diffrent name. IGNORE ALL POSTS UNLESS THEIR NAME SHOWS UP IN BLUE. Don't comment on them and don't read them. You will save yourself A LOT of aggravation.

The best corner in the AFC? WOW I'll have wht he's having.

WOW! Just realized that most of you people don't sign in. Oh well, I guess I won't be reading many posts from now on.

"The best corner in the AFC? WOW I'll have wht he's having."

I said afc "!EAST!" DIP^$@%... U got a better one??????? maybe terrence mcgee, but me and espn.com will vote for REVIS...

if there kicker wasn't hurt we could have kicked a feildgoal to tie at the end....we were not going to get better overnight...

NYScott I guess you'll be posting to yourself, thats all good anyway you are naot making much sense to anyone except problably yourself LOL.

Same crap different season. Since you adressed me directly I will answer you. The WHOLE TEAM GAVE UP TWO TDS. You win as a team you lose as a team. You don't blame a loss on one part of a team. If the pass rushers wrapped Favre up that throw wouldn't have happened. There are all kinds of reasons why a play breaks down but you go ahead and place the blame squarely on a couple players shoulders. How about this for a reason they lost, THE JETS ARE A BETTER TEAM. Wow what a concept and I know to you this must be a shock because after all we were supposed to win the superbowl this year right? I don't make sense? You are in here spouting off about a team we all knew would struggle this year. I warned everyone this week when most people in here were yelling at Armando for having the audacity to pick the Jets to win. I said to stop acting as if we were good all of the sudden. A few of us pointed out the areas on the team that still need to be adressed. And we warned against calling for everyones head when the Phins lost. But you guys ignored all reason and logic and now you're pissed at the team? You should be mad at yourselves because some of you are a disgrace and shouldn't be allowed to call yourselves fans. The place was empty in the 4th quarter when we had a chance to win the game and people were booing Penny after a couple of bad series. That's great, what great fans we have.

To - Oh yes, we suck again

Get lost you freakin' loser. WTF cares what you think a**hole.

You don't know jack and no wants you here.

"Same secondary". Now there's something that makes sense. Yeaaaahhhhhh no s**t. You can't rebuild an entire team in one offseason. And when rebuilding you start on the o-line and d-line which is exactly what they did. Then you go after your playmakers which they will next offseason when they target corners and WRs. My God the ignorance is overwhelming.

ted ginn is a smelly turd on the lawn of life.

The hate in here is ridiculous. Figures that although the Jets were the visiting team, the sea of green jerseys told me who MIA's team is. I think they'll be alright. They played better and with a couple breaks our way the outcome is different. Note 2 Tuna, bring in Koren Robinson or Chad Jackson or trade 4 Boldin. Hell they used 2 throw 2nd round picks away anyway, work a deal. with no receiving threat, u have no running game.5 men cant block 8 in the box, so get a damn WR ASAFP!!!!!

It's pretty sickening when my post is going to be one of the more positive ones. The sacks that we gave up didnt come from one on one battles where the linemen were just beat, it came on miscommunications. The good thing about that is it is corrected with time and experience together, it's not lack of talent. With that being said, they need to fix that sooner rather than later. Chris Crocker, like ive said in previous posts, did nothing to win the starting job, and Allen did nothing to lose the job. Im not sure who's fault the brett favre hangtime of 4 seconds td pass was, but Crocker looked horrific out there, I don't think he will be starting next week. Offensively the problem I had the most was late in the game, down 2 posessions, why are we turning our qbs back to the pressure, with playfakes? It's evident that we are throwing the ball, go shotgun and let him see where the pressure is coming from. Go route with Ted Ginn, even if it's incomplete, the safeties have to respect that, it opens up the running game. Channing Crowder is Morlon Greenwood, and Donnie Spragan, and Robert Jones (who was the best of all of them), just another forgetable linebacker who shows up on the stat sheets, but you would swear he didnt really play. I know he has been awful, but that fade route might have been a little easier if we threw it to that garbage receiver who is 6'4 and was inactive today, as opposed to the 5'11 175 lbs Ginn. I was scared about our receivers all year, despite the glowing reports of Derek Hagan early in camp, so at this point, it kind of freaks me out that our most polished receiver is Devone Bess, but if that's the case, dont we let him start? Camarillo is a nice possession guy and special teamer, but lets be realistic, he shouldnt be starting for us. I thought Langford and Merling played well, It was hard to tell about the rookie offensive linemen, I don't think they were as bad as people thought they were, but I'd have to focus on them. The fact that we started off this slow, and still had a chance for the win at the end of the game, it did seem different than last year, these receivers have to help out the qb!

i'm bummed

Pennington is horrible: 88 yards through 3 qtrs.

tom brady out for the year

MIAMI FAN FOR LIFE. Now the facts. Linebackers giving up a whopping 5 yards per carry on the ground- PORTER shut up and stop the fricken run!! GIN is fast right? Why can't he go deep on a corner? Pennington makes a lot of money right? Why when he does throw deep he throws the fricken ball out of bounds?- at least give our guys a chance. Gin is fast right? Why can't he break one fricken tackle - he's getting tripped up by his shoe lace on the kick return. Hey Gin, if your going to let the first guy tackle you- anyone can do your job- break a fricken tackle or take your ass back to OHIO- so far your no University of Miami Devin Hester- YOUR A FRICKEN FIRST ROUND PICK, START EARNING YOUR MONEY!- Hate to be mean GIN but this is a business and if you don't produce, you will be working the produce section at PUBLIX. PLEASE ANSWER THIS FOR ME- Why don't our guys ever get open? We never catch the ball in stride and continue running. Why can other teams have guys running across the field wide open but yet we can't? Are we not as fast (GIN & BESS) are pretty fast aren't they? It has to be the system / The offensive coordinator. Nice crowd today- unfortunately, too many Jet fans.

Guys, the best thing is stop pointing fingers, i mean even though we played horrible we had the chance to win. dont get me wrong im not satisfied with the results but im sure they're gonna work on it.
Our dolphins showed they have hearts and fought until the end and that's something we didnt have last year.
We'll get better as the season goes on i mean Chad Pennington needs to keep learning the whole playbook, Fasano showed he's one more weapon, RW & RB will only get better and so will the OL & WRs.
We need to focus on Fitzgerald & Boldin next week.

I saw a young team that is rebuilding. There were a few mistakes that killed us, sure. They don't pay me to play nor do they pay me to make coaching or drafting decisions so I will not call this team out for specifics.

I think over last year we looked much improved. We also need improvement but they are working hard at it.

Our lines look much better --younger but better-- and I'm excited to see how they do when they get a few games together under their belts as a unit.

crazily optimistic? Sure! It's one loss. Our season will not be made or broken by this loss.

I dont think the dolphins played a 'horrible' game like some of you have called it. Come on guys we are coming from a 1-15 season, we are a rebuilding team not a playoff team yet,,, and we got Bill Parcell a guy who knows football running our team. Our defense is better, pass rush is better,, Langford was a steal in the 3rd round.... Our O-line will eventually mesh together,,, and Jake Long should be one of the best if not the best LT as he gains experience. I think Coach Sparano is a wonderful coach,,, he is a in your face non sense kind of guy... The dolphins need to run the ball more like 30 times a game,,, and start Brown,,, i dont think Ricky is the same from 02,,, like Ronnie 18-20 touches a game,,, ricky 12-15 touches,,,,, and play them at the same time occasionally like saban did

I dont see how non of you people did not see the clock ran out by 2 seconds on brett farve and they had a run for 12 yards to set up their third touch down. There should had being a flag for delay of game. I have it on my DVR that is BS. Isn't anyone madder than hell for that. The referrie should be fired.

what i saw today was funny..Bill and his coaches should go back to DALLAS.thats why DALLAS owner let him and his gang go...say what you want, but todays team was so messed up, it was not funny. ya sign a guy for 11 million, and he cant even score a lousey TD...as far as running ball forget it.if ricky and brown are great running backs then miami should delete team...at lest hennie got 18 play score, but it was at end of game..so why not let hennie start, miami gonna lose anyway.. but kid can get some good exp.and by next yr, he may be winner..cant see pennington doing any thing..he looked bad this week, and most of AZ's team is from U anyway..Sop would make good coach on mafioso show.and they where blown out..dont know whats on bills mind, but it aint football..he should can this coach and do job his self..he dont look good in vip box..the season is over again for Fins anyway..so just delete all there games, only thing about being on bottom is you are in 1st place for last..whew are they ugly team..

hey lew...guess what?? they ran the ball today, when game ended i belive they had 80 or so yards between both of them,and they played so confussed, that it was not funny..if penn, had some 1 who can catch football..or running backs could get more then five yrs or less, then you can say run run, but now its time to start kid, hennie..he has better arm than penn,,and tho game was blow out the kid had a great 18 play drive for TD..that i did enjoy..now if bill lets sop play hennie..that would be something..if not huzenga should run them out of town..go fish..

sorry BILL, i dont buy it.young or older players, your team has to stop their run, and old guy was QB today, and he still blowed ya out..Wanner looked like QB of old..and he took fish apart.only part of game was when ya let hennie play..kids got a arm, and he can feed good for run..so why not let him play and start..he needs seasoning anyway..and its 3-5 that you will lose all but 1 or 2 games..thats not saying much..and lets face it, you should be on field, so you can intimidate these players..seems to me, ya shoulds keep a few stars. team needs good kick in butt..and SOP may be good coach, but when player messes up, he looks up stairs to see if ya looking before he chews out player..hope team wins 1, before i pass, but i dought it, and i figure i have 5-8 yrs left..at my age its getting harded to cussya all out..anyway good luck on ya loser...ya may get 1st round again..next yr..but if ya do find a good running back or 2...those guys ya got now are overated..THEY CALL ME RICK.

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