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Live blog from The New Beginning [update]

It is a New Beginning!

At least that is what the billboards next to South Florida Highways keep insisting. We shall see today.

I'm sure you are all excited the Dolphins' regular season opener against the New York Jets is finally here. I know I am. The Dolphins are also. I got a call from one very excited Dolphins player very early this morning. Yeah, he noticed I picked the other team to win in the paper today.

He was awake and itching to get going but couldn't find anything to do so he started calling people to get them going. Not the kind of wake up call I expected today but that's fine.

I sat down one-on-one and did a question and answer column with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano for today's Miami Herald. It is a must read before today's game.

You'll get the answer to what he's thinking today, what he's most confident in and what worries him the most about his team. He also discusses his approach for reaching players.

The live blog will begin in the comments section at the start of the game so join me there.

Yeah!!!!! Fired up!!!!

UPDATE: WR Ernest Wilford, who got $6 million guaranteed money this offseason, is inactive today. Yikes. So much for recent improvement that coach Tony Sparano reported. But if you read that Q&A you'll understand why the coach doesn't call out players.

Cornerback Michael Lehan and rookie Shawn Murphy are also inactive.


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that's fruitty umbrella drinks, edswood.

We saw that on the pregame show Armando. Nice to see Porter can yell at an old man (Cox), but cant run one down (Farve).

Pennington is looking awful.

Pennington is messing up but good

2 crappy throws in a row

The search for a quaterback continues. Just don't put in that bum henning.

Ricky 3 rushes six yards so far.

There D-line is playing better than our O-line so far. Loading up 8 or 9 in the box.

BP doesn't look too happy......

what was that

Boy the jets found a new way to beat us. Put in their quaterback on our team.

Believe it or not, there were actually a smattering of boos after that last incomplete. Talk about no patience about Dolphins fans.

Pennington throws a bomb, to nowhere. I think it is still floating. Might land by halftime.

It's over......back to the drawing board. Huizenga & Ross to fire Tuna before halftime.

Pennington looks rattled...

The hemaroids must be flaring up on BP

wow 3 people out on 3rd and 9.... dont give me this conservative crap!

Is Pennington going out with Carrie Underwood or Jessica Simpson?

receivers are not getting any separation. Bad throw to ricky though

At least the fins cheerleaders are still smoking hot.

We've been patient for 5 years Armando. How much more patience do you want? I knew you know nothing about football.

Absolutely excellent play-action fake. Every single Miami LB bit up and so did the safeties.



I need a new hobby.......2007 revisited (& 2006 & 2005 & 2004, etc.)

And the season ends before it begins.

Holy crap that looked like last year...

Although Goodman was chasing, that is Crocker that has to have deep responsibility.


Is Armando a Jets Fan! WTF!

well thats going to be on the highlight
reel all week

Crocker sux.......

and this is the bum that starts over Jason Allen?

Now that is how you throw a bomb. Goodman got smoked, and Tuna's boy Crocker stood there picking his wedgie. For the love of God play J Allen. Hey it only took 8 minutes to lose hope for the season. Somewhere Cam is cackling like a schoolgirl on prom night.

I've seen enough.
Parcells is a fraud and was bound to fail at some point.
Sparano's an idiot.
0-16. Book it.

FYI Brady maybe just hurt his knee real bad. Do not wish injury on guys, but it is noteworthy

Thats horrible, he just blew it

Bess already getting respect

Anyone care to actually say whats happening? Im working and cant see the game (Dallas, so no radio either).

'WTF', 'burnt' and 'holy crap' doesnt paint a great picture. ;-)


Let's see what the next series will be. Run Ricky Left. Run Ricky Right. Play action on 3 and 15. Is Dave Wandstet still available?

Oh, you guys better get used to Dan Henning's Run on first, run on second, and try to run on third if you can philosophy.

Woe is us.

Yes, he will throw the occasional surprise, but he is a predictable signal caller for the most part.

Where are all those fins homers like JinVa telling me how great the fins are going to be this year. How Hagan is Pro-Bowl, Beck rules, Sparano swallows, and yada yada yada.

if noodle arm cant hit the dinks and dunks this season is toast. who knows how that 1st drive turns out if he completes that gimme for a 1st.

Ricky runs no gain

Dallas--what's happening is another embarrassing, unmitigated disaster. Count yourself among the fortunate.

Run Ronnie Run

Hey dolphanforlife, it is the second possession of the first game of a new season. Booing at that point is ridiculous. You truly have no clue.

Ronnie Runs first down

how long till the heat becomes a factor? we will be down by 45 by then...

Pennington thows to a shadow

Pennington expecting Ginn to come inside the defender. Ginn goes outside.

Our receivers suck!

Pennington throws for a loss of 1

For the guy who needs a picture of whats happening. Pennington has no arm and has lost his accuracy. Favre still has it. Crocker sucks big ones, little ones, all ones. Henning is more conservative than Herm Edwards. Ricky is running as best he can with 8 in the box. Fins basically getting there ass kicked in every facet of the game. Paint a picture for you

Pennington throws to another shadow. Its been fun. I'm going outside to watch the grass grown

from bad to worse

Brandon Fields sucking. SEcond awful punt in a row.

WTF! Can't punt either?

Nice punt Fields. Kicked one better in Pop Warner

Jeez...this is practically a whole new team from the last two years...ease up a minute on them

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