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Live blog from The New Beginning [update]

It is a New Beginning!

At least that is what the billboards next to South Florida Highways keep insisting. We shall see today.

I'm sure you are all excited the Dolphins' regular season opener against the New York Jets is finally here. I know I am. The Dolphins are also. I got a call from one very excited Dolphins player very early this morning. Yeah, he noticed I picked the other team to win in the paper today.

He was awake and itching to get going but couldn't find anything to do so he started calling people to get them going. Not the kind of wake up call I expected today but that's fine.

I sat down one-on-one and did a question and answer column with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano for today's Miami Herald. It is a must read before today's game.

You'll get the answer to what he's thinking today, what he's most confident in and what worries him the most about his team. He also discusses his approach for reaching players.

The live blog will begin in the comments section at the start of the game so join me there.

Yeah!!!!! Fired up!!!!

UPDATE: WR Ernest Wilford, who got $6 million guaranteed money this offseason, is inactive today. Yikes. So much for recent improvement that coach Tony Sparano reported. But if you read that Q&A you'll understand why the coach doesn't call out players.

Cornerback Michael Lehan and rookie Shawn Murphy are also inactive.


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That punt for 9 yards.

Amazingly pathetic beginning to the Parcells era while Brett Favre looks like he hasn't missed a beat.

My hopes are flushed down the crapper after this $h*tty start. Fins once again the laughing stock of the league.

inexperinced receivers are being exposed

This is terrible...... We're gonna find out REAL quick who the leaders and winners are on this team..... if there are any......

what next---someone's pants fall down? Did we come to the game in a bus or a clowncar?

We want Henne!!!!!!

Maybe Beck was not so bad after all...

Why do I have this sinking feeling Dan Carpenter is going whiff on a kick-off?

I am going to join Armando in drinking.

Can the vets like Holliday and Crowder and Allen hold them together?

Will the new coach crack?

Will Pennington complete a pass for positve yardage?

Intrigue abounds

Man the williams sisters look good in this commercial...would not mind being in between them in a set...hahahahahaha cute commercial though
Anyway, the whole team is too geeked up right now...even Chad...the heat is a factor..only an idiot who has never been in Miami in Sept. playing outdoor sports would say it is not a factor...I have watched teams wilt over the years in Miami...duh

Flag. 15 yard penalty on Roth for late hit.

Oh, can the team keep the penalties away>

Boy I think we are going to give the 2007 Dolphins a real run for their money

Stupid stupid stupid

But these guys have been pratcicing in this heat for months...

The Captain will once again be the MVP of my season.

And now, based on that long TD and that play-fake, Miami's LBs are not attacking the run as quickly.


Tom Brady out with an injury.

Oh yeah. secondary looks top notch

Brady injured Pats are done!

Crocker arrives late on coverage of Franks... Not having a good day.

Time for Jason Allen? He was a gamer last year

When was the last time in the last 17 games we made a big play. Everyone else gets them and we cannot get one.

AFC East up for grabs!

Wow never would have thought that they could kill my looking forward to a new beginning this quick. This team sucks!!!!!

Brady is gone, and that injury looks serious. Oh well, the Pats had a nice run. In other news, even without Brady the fins have no chance to beat them.

Will Allen would have been beaten for a TD by Coles but Favre delivers a low pass. Sigh of relief.

Will Allen got lucky

Thank goodness for drops. Where are our safeties

I expected the Fins to fade late to better teams. This team looks ill prepared slow and clueless right now...shocking...

>For the guy who needs a picture of whats happening. Pennington has no arm and has lost his accuracy. Favre still has it...blah blah

I was hoping for a little football talk/analysis, not emotional rants from a menopausal jets fan. Calm down dear, Oprah must be on another channel.

I'll just check with espn gamecast. Go Fins!


We're lucky that our punter only cost us 3 points

while i am happy when NE loses...I do not wish for anyone to get hurt...maybe a Raider now and then...lol I hope Brady is ok
How about Philly? McNabb looked good in preseason.
My darkhorse for the NFC East
Based on the HBO series...Dallas already thinks they are world champions...hahahahahaha

Was that Fields who kicked the field goal for the Jets?

Brady gone. If it is serious, that mean NE will only win 9 games instead of 14.

Meanwhile FG no good and a hold against NY

Wow. Sumbitch.

Here we go, turning it around.

Jets kicker might have injured himself

Why watch this game. We suck and the NFL will give the Jets calls to help the season marketing-wise.

We finally got a break

It's a New Beginning!!!

Ahhh, poor Jets kicker.

THank god for Jim Nance and PHil Simms on CBS who just said "Mangold ahs never missed a field goal here in Miami."

Brown in the game now and catches a pass for 7 yards.


Well, there was Slant Left Ernie in the Baltimore game.

will you all stop being doomsayers...please
keep this negative crap out of here

this is a new team with little to do with last year

they need to get the nerves under control...also, we have young 20 somethings playing against older men..in the NFL that makes a difference...our grace is Chad and Ricky...

hang in there folks

Offensive line not oppening up alot of holes

Camarillo is the man



I love Rich Camerillo!

Good play to Camarillo for a first down.

How bad must Wilford be in the doghouse that he is not one of the Dolphins four active receivers today?

O line is playing fine. They are putting 8 men in box and playing the receivers tight.

you all stop complaining..if you care so much go buy season tickets or try out for the team

this is GAME 1....jeeez

Way to go QB friendly Greg C.

Goodbye Dallas loser. Check your ESPN gamecast, give your Mom a spongebath, have a nice day. Not my problem if you cant handle the truth.

It is Greg Camarillo

Wow a 2 yard reverse against a zone

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