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Live blog from The New Beginning [update]

It is a New Beginning!

At least that is what the billboards next to South Florida Highways keep insisting. We shall see today.

I'm sure you are all excited the Dolphins' regular season opener against the New York Jets is finally here. I know I am. The Dolphins are also. I got a call from one very excited Dolphins player very early this morning. Yeah, he noticed I picked the other team to win in the paper today.

He was awake and itching to get going but couldn't find anything to do so he started calling people to get them going. Not the kind of wake up call I expected today but that's fine.

I sat down one-on-one and did a question and answer column with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano for today's Miami Herald. It is a must read before today's game.

You'll get the answer to what he's thinking today, what he's most confident in and what worries him the most about his team. He also discusses his approach for reaching players.

The live blog will begin in the comments section at the start of the game so join me there.

Yeah!!!!! Fired up!!!!

UPDATE: WR Ernest Wilford, who got $6 million guaranteed money this offseason, is inactive today. Yikes. So much for recent improvement that coach Tony Sparano reported. But if you read that Q&A you'll understand why the coach doesn't call out players.

Cornerback Michael Lehan and rookie Shawn Murphy are also inactive.


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I do like Will Allen

Good teams and the Dolphins have not gone in the same sentence in years Armando.

What is JC's problem

Just like UM last night facing a Heisman winner
now we face a hall of famer
it takes a moment

No pass rush from the OLB's. Porter just doesnt have it anymore.

This secondary sucks and Defense sucks ass

Running away from Ferguson and toward the rookie ends.

Farve is clutch. The media will love it even more too.

Can anyone get near B.F.?

I'm with you on this JC but remember we have not been in the playoofs since


That's a load of B****X what you think so don't be annoyed if some of the lads and Girls are angry.

Our Secondary is weak I wouldn't have made Wilford inactive without an injury either. He proved a lot with the JAGS.

JC has played sports and coached...you never build a winner on negatives like you all...
simple simple simple
if you do not believe in game 1 under new management with new players
why are you even here?

Did I say I loved Will Alen

I'm sorry, but Will Allen needs to make that play instead of celebrating a PD

Rookie ends are getting hammered.

I could run on this defense. we need to go back to the four three D

d line getting blown off the line

Will Allen is the only player on D making a play. And Ferguson by his just being there.

Goodman might have gotten away with a PI there.

Yay for the Rookie.

There's the beef

Well, Kendall Langford seems to have made a play.

BIG 7 - 0 !

Langford is a steal in the draft...been saying it for weeks..solid person solid talent coachable

That's what I'm talkin BOUT!

Jets may go for this on fourth down.

No respect for Miami

porter no factor at al

Yeremiah Bell looks like he has his speed back catching Thomas like that....good sign...this team looks tougher still young but tougher

Mike Nugent is hurt. Wow.

I guess Ted Nugent is hurt if they are going for 4th and 13...

WTF was that!

ARMANDO: Are you with me on Will Allen and why we got rid of a pro-bowl man in Madison....Allen never made the big plays with the Giants.

That was always the knock on Allen.

I like our new guys on the D-line expect a big improvement from last years mess. Tom Brady is hurt YES!!!!

Uh, Madison was INACTIVE for the Giants game the other night and was rumored to the "on the bubble" coming out of preseason.

Porter has been a factor too....he kicked a jets' ball off the tee in warm ups. He is the equal to a manager in professional wrestling.

Did you see what they were about to run before the time out came...Mangini is a joke for sure...go back to organizing film buddy...his first year was a fluke....
I am telling you this is our game right now
Mark it Mark It Mark it
MArks brothers oh yeah!
Ricky has no mileage for a couple years..Ronnie looks tough....we need to get the TE more involved and Ginn

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Who the hell put this secondary together!

I cannot freakin' frackin' believe that TD by the Jets. I cannot believe it.

can't believe WHAT I JUST SAW

what the hell are the DB's doing? farve just put it up for grabs!

Jets going for two. Wonder who is going to kick off?

Going for 2? A lot of resepct for our secondary...

yeah our coverage is our best asset my butt... we get pressure with four people and farve throws it up 50 ft in the air and the guy is still wide open...

see there is the Favre magic..this man has made a living on stuff like that...unbelievable...oh well...the play they called once again was a bad one....we have a chance do not blow up the blog with crazy statements that was pure luck folks..
no wishing ill will on others...it will come back on us....mmmmmmmm....i point off the traiditonal 14...always ends up in the other teams favor at the end...do i see 21 - 20 Miami win now? :)
keep on keeping on! The defensive line is getting to him...hot hot hot


doomed inexcusable embarrassing backbreaker

And we were in the dime D

Nugent (thigh) is questionable to return

Hell, I was trying to hold on to some hope that we would make it to 8/8 this season. Guess I was dreaing to large.

That one play was worse than ANY play from last year. ANY play. On either side of the ball. Parcells can just get the **** out of town and take his butt-boy Sparano with him. Absolutely horrible - and predictable! Before the snap, I said, "touchdown". During the 25 seconds the ball was in the air, I said, "touchdown". Why bother? I'm going to go beat the hell out of my car. That'll do more good than watching this piece of crap team again. Wake me up when we've announced that Wannstedt's coming back.

Favre may have made a living on this, but that should have been a pick...Remember this guy has thrown more INT's than anyone else in the NFL...

the play was blown watch it again...he tossed it up the same way he did in Green Bay

WTF C-mon defense farve is washed up put him to sleep already!


Maybe I was wrong about Armando. Way to show some passion for the Dolphins guy.

How did Starks miss that sack? HOW?????

the loss of the kicker hurts them greatly...also, Feeley will be a Jet on Monday..now that hurts....

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