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Live blog from The New Beginning [update]

It is a New Beginning!

At least that is what the billboards next to South Florida Highways keep insisting. We shall see today.

I'm sure you are all excited the Dolphins' regular season opener against the New York Jets is finally here. I know I am. The Dolphins are also. I got a call from one very excited Dolphins player very early this morning. Yeah, he noticed I picked the other team to win in the paper today.

He was awake and itching to get going but couldn't find anything to do so he started calling people to get them going. Not the kind of wake up call I expected today but that's fine.

I sat down one-on-one and did a question and answer column with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano for today's Miami Herald. It is a must read before today's game.

You'll get the answer to what he's thinking today, what he's most confident in and what worries him the most about his team. He also discusses his approach for reaching players.

The live blog will begin in the comments section at the start of the game so join me there.

Yeah!!!!! Fired up!!!!

UPDATE: WR Ernest Wilford, who got $6 million guaranteed money this offseason, is inactive today. Yikes. So much for recent improvement that coach Tony Sparano reported. But if you read that Q&A you'll understand why the coach doesn't call out players.

Cornerback Michael Lehan and rookie Shawn Murphy are also inactive.


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Renaldo Hill on the partial block!!

dang Pitt looks good today....Philly looks good as well..


It could be worse!

"FU chase you just can't see the writing on the wall thesy suck! Watch the Jets drivr it down with 1:42 left in the half!"

What cant i see???? I watch ever game from start to finish of the dolphins for the last 9 years... Some of your posts are the most stupid things i've read in a long time. And ive even had philosphy classes..


Dolphins just need to regroup at halftime. They really seem to have no clue on offense whatever. Sad.

God AWFUL clock management. Bull crap. Cam was better.

Ricky having trouble holding on to the ball is a litle scary...True though it could be much worse...

We drafted the wrong Long. Jake = Bust. I'm surprised we didn't draft more people from the school that couldn't beat AppState. Why stop at 2?

Worst team in the league. By a mile. It's only getting worse, folks.

The Rumblin' Fumbler fumbles! 1st half of Game One...Too bad it was irrelevant, but, I'll be d*mned if I didn't call it...

Alot of rookie mistakes by a young team.

Okay its halftime..... need a drink too!

By the way, every NFL player is wearing a patch in honor of Gene Upshaw. the patch has a GU on it. Also, there is a large GU patch on the field.

Lucky the guy's name was no Frank Upshaw.

maybe we do need to sign chad jackson? our WR's are not getting open WTF?

Button it up chase...You and the other 100 people who live in Wisconsin are just as dumb as us from Florida...

We're the joke of the league once again; get ready to see that 4th &14 td replayed more than Zapruder film.

halftime...recharge...get focused...we win win win win win win win win
watching Bourne Ultamatium do not need to hear halftime blah blah blah

Where is the quick slant to Ginn or Hagen?

Well at least we'll pick one again

B.F shows his age in the second half.
FINS win 14-13 on a pick for a TD....

the Fins can still win this game, the Offense needs to wake up and get a clue! Our DB's need to make plays when farve puts the ball up for grabs the D-line and LB's need to keep on getting in there and putting pressure on farve.

I agree on Chad Jackson...He cannot be any worse than Wilford...

If Sparano wants to take ANY lesson from Cam it should be to put the ball in Ronnie's hands 25+ times a game...Use Ricky on 3rd downs...

First half impressions:
D is playing okay but gave up a couple of big plays on the TDs.
Chad is not comfortable with his receivers-offense looks sluggish, unprepared, young!
Ricky & Ronnie seem to run well-give them the ball more
You can see why the Jets jettisoned Chad as soon as they got their hands on Favre-saying that, the Jets aren't that much better.

Marc: RB has the better hands. I don't mind the rotation. By far, their best weapons. But, I'd get RB in on 3rd downs over Cobbs. They need to rethink that part of the plan.

Se3cond half underway. Carpenter with a kick into the end zone.

nice kickoff

lucky to only be down by six with all the mistakes. GO DOLPHINS!

Allready a better start. Did we have a touchback last year

stadium's emptier than a Marlins day game--that'll help get the D pumped--we're a JOKE!

Can dolphanforlife and oh yes we suck again please go blow each other? It's the first half of the first game after a massive team turnover...good lord. Yes we've made a ton of mistakes, but you have to expect that from such a young team...

All these people calling Jake Long a bust, calling for Sparano & Parcell's head.....this team was 1-15 last year...they are in rebuild mode..you could not expect this team to come out as if they were 12-4 & moving to the next level....we were 1-15 and that's the way we're playing now....fortunately, we're only down by 7...but it could get worse in the second half if the offense can't get it together...I think the "D" is playing okay...they are keeping the game respectable imho. :-)

Kendall Langford got blocked out on that long run. Rookie mistake.

I think when chad gets comfortable he will be much better! he looks a little nervous thats all ,some throws look sharp but still no picks ! relax all you band wagon jumpers who want to get rid of the whole team after the 1st 3 and out!!!

How the hell is Jake Long a bust?? That one call would have been ignored half the time against a veteran.

This Jets offensive line is clearly much improved. And all you guys who thought I was crazy when i wanted Miami to sign Alan Faneca can bite me.

Jets are double-teamming Porter on the pass rush. Someone else should be getting to favre.

YEAH!!!! We needed that!!!

Matt Roth!Awesom!

Roth made up for missing the sack, didn't he?

So much for that Jets O-Line Mando!! hehe

Way to stay after it!

I'll bite first. Way to bring pressure BABY!!!

How come when other teams do that to us they get the ball in better field position, or run w/it for ++ yds--we get it in sucky field position

mando the same goes 4 you 2 sack fumble, dont get so wet in pant-a-loneez!

If it's the Fins of old--challenge granted, or denied but followed by pix six

Review all you want...Defintely a fumble...

Jets will lose that challenge

WTF is the mangina doing? that was a clean fumble!

It's time for Ricky to break a long one.....

Where was Mike Carey when the Jet OL clearly punched the FUMBLE forward illegally?

Way to NOT GIVE UP, Matt Roth... Unlike these crappy Fins fans...

Favre--working the refs & whineing for the TV cameras--classic.

mangina let that idiot cry baby farve talk him into a challenge.

way to lose a time out mr. genuis. thanks

Vernon Carey is down and it looks serious.

Vernon looks hurt

hip pointer

Do we even have a backup tackle?

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