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Pasqualoni gives answers on Jason Allen

Many of you have asked, demanded, begged for reasons why Jason Allen is not Miami's starting free safety today despite the fact Chris Crocker clearly had at least one miscommunication issue against Arizona and this week Renaldo Hill is likely to start at free safety.

... which, by the way, means Allen is effectively third-team at free safety.

I have resisted asking the questions you guys have wanted me to ask this coaching staff because they take their cue from head coach Tony Sparano and he, frankly, has admitted he's never going to publicly unmask a player with criticism or sometimes even critique. In other words, he'll talk about players but he won't tell you when they make mistakes and where they fall short of the mark.

Having said that, I could not resist the idea of trying to get a legitimate answer from defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni.

I asked him: "What is Jason Allen not showing that he needs to show to take the next step?"

He answered: "Jason as everybody knows has great position flexibility. He's a safety, he can play a bigger corner position. So we're working him in a lot of places right now. He's doing well. He's practicing hard. He's practicing with focus. He's just got to keep going. Jason's got a chance to be a good player with his position flexibility."

So I press: "If he improves what?"

And he non-answers: "Well, he's, he's ... as a corner, you know he played corner in college, I think everybody knows that. I think everybody also knows playing corner in this league is a little bit different so you have to give him enough time to get comfortable with the coverages and the press and the bails and all the zones and the mans you play. I would say if you wanted to put your finger on one word it's just give him a little time and as time goes he'll improve and improve."

Do you understand my life's frustrations now?


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A quick question about Cassels. Did we not make an int. off him last year in his only junktime drive?
A subsequent question needs to be asked.... Do we own him?????

Ginn and Jason should go heads up everyday, they might both figure it out by 2010.

It's alot easier than you guys think.
Allen is an idiot, and safeties in this defense have to be smart.
Let's assume Zach Thomas was unintelligent, he wouldn't have played at the high level that he has, same thing with allen.
CB's however, have less thinking and more reacting to do, this is where allen's natural athletisicm will take over.

and by the way mando, as the former sprts editor of thScarlet at Clark University, your work is fine by me...i have been wondering about this j allen situation for quite some time and the coaches non clarification was interesting and a good get...and i would be willing to bet that hennes decision making and the best arm since dante we have seen would make our receivers look much better than they do with penny...its a lot easier to catch a ball with some zip on it...i think the long game would open a tad more...but that seems like its for later in the year and next year...it is a painful time right now with the rooks, but all knowledgable sports fans would prefer this growth process to the same 1 and 15 with the vets like jt and zach...we were terrible for the last few years with the old gang which was worse cuz there was no future...trust me as a knickks fan (and mets fan for that matter) i know from this pain...things will improve, j long is a house, satele is improving, camarillo i think would be wes welker if he had moss and brady, and frankly, it doesnt seem that ginn and hagan have the goods, so off them and get som new guys next year...

Armando -
You're asking the wrong guys the right questions. Ask Dom Capers about Jason Allen. Heck ,ask any defensive coach that coached Allen who is no longer with the Dolphins.
Obviously, a current coach isn't going to dump on the guy.

At least Pasqualoni didn't run his mouth like Porter.

NYScott...some good points, but you state them a little too much like you're right and he's wrong.

Example: "Penny over Henne is obvious in that they don't want to break Henne before he gets going here. This is a philosophy that has been used all over the NFL by some hall of fame coaches so I don't know what the confusion is on this one." The "confusion" is...there are tons of philosophies...and different ones work for different reason. There is no constant, and too many variables. Some guys sit a few games (Marino). Some sit a year (Palmer). Some sit several years (Romo). Some start right away (ManningS). It's not an exact science, and there isn't just ONE way to handle it. Just because a fan says we should start Henne...doesn't mean he's WRONG becaus this staff doesn't do it. Sadly...we'll never know any way but the way they choose.

Also...you post a lot on theories of what you think we should do. I've read your posts and liked a lot of them. Then you say this: "I am not at practice and only get to watch the games on tv. I would have to say that Parcells,Ireland, and Sparano know a hell of a lot more about these players than we do." BS...I know I've read posts where you've questioned coaching/GM decisions. Sometimes the fans DO get it right. And often it is based on knowledge of the game, and watching as well as going TO games.

Point being...it's great to debate, but don't get caught in the trap of sounding condecending.

And we're all guilty of it. Myself included. ;)

Jimbo, You are so correct. Tinshaker get your hand off it and stop shaking your genitals.

Armando, Why o why are you so crap? Why do you get a little cranky when people question your crap articles. I repeatedly tell you that you are a useless journalist but for some reason my messages always seem to be deleted. Cant handle the criticism that your f*cked. Or is cause your a smelly rectum, so i hear.

Jimbo is the only person that seems to make sense on here.

They need to play J. Allen and stop making all these excuses it's plain and simple. Everyone makes mistakes EVERyone, but you get better by playing it's not hard, they trying to hold him back for some reason look at the numbers from last year, allen had the best numbers in the secondary, numers don't lie. Put the guy on the field and let him make plays or the defensive will cont. to get burner like toast.

How does a passing defense go from 4th in a misserable 2007 season giving up 188yds/game to 30th in 2008 giving up 272.5/game? In the meantime the rushing defense has gone from 32nd (last) giving up 153.3/game to 13th this year giving up 96.5/game. Ask that question please.

It's easy. Our run defense was so porous that there was no need to pass.
When teams did try to pass on us (like the pats) they did so without difficulty.

If your defense sucks on all fronts, but teams mainly just run against you, your passing defense will look much better than it really is.

this is called the OBAMA METHOD!

say nothing, but get all to believe you really know something, without saying anything, about nothing!

so is joe biden our defensive coordinator?

there sure playing like it.

McCAIN/PALIN 2008: real change for REAL americans!!

Translation: He's retarded and cannot pick up the schemes. Thanks Saban! I'd much rather have this guy than Cromartie

The bottom line is this; Ted Ginn, Jason Allen, Derek Hagan were kept by this regime. However they were drafted by Nick Saban and the Cameron/Mueller regimes. This regime does not have a high regard for the talent previously drafted #9, #16 and in the 3rd round. When upgrades are obtained Ireland and Parcells will most likely release or trade the aformentioned players. That is better than simply trading a Wes Welker and a Chris Chambers before there are better replacements.

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