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Porter's controversial comments [updated]

God bless Joey Porter because he always has something interesting to say. Today, after he spent a few minutes speaking both truth and blasphemy about New England's quarterback, he threw in these words that likely will resonate in New England the next few days:

"We're going to come after the guy. I don't want to say something that will come back and bite me. It'll be good to go out and get our first victory," Porter said of Cassel and Miami's game against the Patriots. You can get a complete rundown of what Porter said here.

Now, as guarantees go, this one isn't exactly blatant. Porter did a much better job guaranteeing a win last year for the Dolphins and in previous years with Pittsburgh.

The guarantee in Pittsburgh was backed up with a victory.The last time he guaranteed a victory for Miami, the Dolphins lost. That happened when the Dolphins were 0-3 and Porter guaranteed victory over the Raiders.

This one, meanwhile, is more risky. In case Porter is the only one who has not noticed, the Patriots are 2-0. They went to the Super Bowl last year. The Dolphins, meanwhile, stink right now. And the game is in New England.

So predicting the Dolphins will go up to Foxboro, Mass. Sunday and come away with their first victory is indeed bold ... or maybe Joey knows something we don't. Let's hope.

Anyway, Porter made his comments today and also spent several minutes pointing out current Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel is not Tom Brady -- implying not as good or dangerous as Brady.

That is true so Porter is on the money there. Matt Cassel isn't in the same galaxy with Tom Brady.

But why tweak a sleeping giant?

What are the chances Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi and Randy Moss and the rest of that prideful New England bunch are going to find out what Porter said? What are the odds his words will echo in their Saturday night meeting? What are the chances they will want to take out their Porter frustrations on the Dolphins?

Worse, what are the odds they can do it, too?

So where is your money on this one? You think Joey Porter will back up his talk or the Pats will find a way to make him wish he hadn't said anything about Cassel or winning?

I guess what I'm asking, in other words, is who do you trust more -- Porter predicting a victory or the Patriots defending their honor?

Want to know where I stand? I'm going out on a limb here. I say Porter has a good game. But I still think New England wins.

[Update: The Patriots are reacting to Porter's comments with a public shrug, according to Reiss's Pieces blog at the Boston Globe. Said safety Rodney Harrison: “The great thing about football, the great thing about sports, is that you get an opportunity to prove it. It doesn’t matter what I say, what he says, or anyone else in this league says. You have an opportunity to prove it, and just prove it on Sunday. Talk is talk. Just prove it. … It’s Joey being Joey. He’s a great player.”

On the other hand, you think Harrison is dumb enough to share his displeasure publicly? No way. He will do it with teammates, however. I guarantee you.]


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Joey who?? I dont think you should talk the smack, when ya aint backing up the smack, and the last two games....no smack available. I am sure the Pastys just ignore anything Porter says...I LOVVVE my Phins, and I ignore what he says...posting this yes, but still take what he says with a grain of salt..If Ronnie Brown had said it..then that would have been newsworthy...Porter..not so much..

Armando, I trust that his trash talk will be on their bulletim board this week. My question is, why can't Porter wait until "after" the game to talk trash? If he thinks he's helping our cause, how does motivating the Pats "help" us?

i think joey porter sucks.

Why even waste your time writing about this?

Dude this is like asking who "who is going to win, the windshield or the bug?"

Big mouth - minimal performance..

Porter -- PLEASE SHUT UP. Dumb A$$, its probably not smart to wake a sleeping giant. Everyweek you talk smack and every week you walk back to the locker room with your opponents jock stuff down your big mouth. Will you never learn?

Porter -- PLEASE SHUT UP. Moron, its probably not smart to wake a sleeping giant. Everyweek you talk smack and every week you walk back to the locker room with your opponents jock stuff down your big mouth. Will you never learn?

I'm glad Joey likes to motivate the team,fans, or even himself,but I really wish he would just shut up and make plays on the field instead. I remember the game we were "guaranteed" to win against the Raiders last year that we lost 17-35. I don't expect him or any player for that matter to come out & say we don't stand a chance but how about just winning? It is almost like Coach calling last week's game must win.We lost. I hope we enter the bye 1-2.

What are you talking about????? I watched the interview---he never said anything that implied a "sure victory". He only stated the obvious. Miami has a better chance beating than Pats with Kassel than Brady....yeah--its true. He also said Kassel wasn't Brady...yeah, that IS true. I hate the media!

``I'm looking forward to going up and playing this guy and hopefully we can do whatever it takes to get our first victory.''

This is what he said Armando you idiot. Why are you trying to start trouble?

Actually, I kind of like his attitude. I think you better feel like you are going to win. I mean, what's he going to do...predict they'll get crushed? Please. He's just saying what is being fed to them by coaches...if you don't make errors and execute the game plan, you can win.

So he thinks the team can win. You better think that, or your days in the NFL are over. The moment you stop believing you can win, is the moment you are teh 2007 Phins.

So, anyway, I never said he was going to be right in predicting a win, but it sure would be nice. There sure would be some momentum going into the bye week.

BTW, I normally don't like having bye weeks so early in the season, but maybe this is a good time to have it for this team...use the time to either regroup after a heart-breaking loss, or build energy (crank the engine?) from an out-of-nowhere victory. Let's hope its the latter.

Peace! Go Phins.


I haven't heard the interview, but according to the above posts, you seem to have taken certain liberites in your reporting. I usually LOVE reading your articles, but I must say it would be dissapointing if you stretched this story this far. I almost hope Porter is this big of an idiot, just so Mando looks better. But I have a hard time beleiving that someone on a Bill Parcells team would do that... Parcells seems to regulate what they say pretty closely.

If Porter DID say that, it's just dumb. Porter guarenteed a win against the steelers as well. Not since Namath does a guarentee mean anything. Here's a concept... let your PLAY guarentee the win... make enough plays so we CAN'T lose.

Toothless trash-talker. Pure, unadulterated idiot. IQ of 12 or less.

What he said isn't guaranteeing a victory. He's just saying he's not afraid of the Pats, which is a good thing. Is he supposed to say we're gonna get our asses kicked?

It's just like the media to take one sentence out of context and make a big deal out of it. Do you really think a pro needs to get angry at what someone on the other team said in order to inspire a better performance? You're just trying to get your article read to inspire your boss to pay you more money. It is so self-serving.

Oh my lord, when will porter stop talking bleep. I don't know if this is personal pride or brain damage I guess there is a fine line there. 1-15 shouldn't be loud they should conform to the norm but I guess in any population 5% will be out of the norm.

The Dolphins are 1-17 since Joey Porter joined the team.

when can we get rid of joey porter? if we can get a 7th rounder for travis daniels you have to believe there has got to be a team out there that is willing to trade us a sack of balls or a nice kicking tee for him

What's the big deal of saying or not saying stuff, what the heck??
As long as we beat the patriots i dont care anything else

That just Joey being Joey!

Porter got smoked most of the game.
Matt Roth had a great game, Porter...?

Final score: Pats 114 Dolphins 1 {Parcells lures Deion Sanders out of retirement but Sanders gets confused and hits a home run in the bottom of the fourth}

Porter is an idiot...why are you going to give the current AFC champs reason to whup on the Dolphins!! Ever since he has become a Dolphin his had shot his mouth off and almost the team (and Porter) has NOT back up the big talk. I am a DolFan since 73' and I'm sick of the talk...SHUT UP AND PLAY THE DA** GAME !!!

PS ... Being a live long DOLFAN, I still hope Porter is right .... GO FINS !!!!

Joey Porter said exactly what I quoted him saying. Not only did I quote him saying this, but so did other media and it is on tape.

Perhaps Mr. Monkeybrains or whatever he goes by saw a different part of an 11 minute interview.

Didn't he get shot in the butt for talkin trash.
Saying we are going to win would almost be as bad as saying "we Alaskans produce 20% of the energy for the US of A. Joey wheres your lipstick.
Go Phins!

Oh Joey, Joey, Joey....what are you doing man? Being on a team that is 1-17 with you, you need to just keep your TRAP SHUT. You haven't done SQUAT as a member of the aqua & orange, and you have the balls to say that this isn't the same team without Tom Brady? You say they'll have trouble putting up 40pts? You say that Cassel will have trouble finding Moss?? Oh my, we are certainly done for on Sunday. This is all the fodder the Patsies need to get up for this game and destroy our vastly inferior team.

All I can say is Joey, back up your words, because pretty soon, all this crap is going to fall on deaf ears. Good luck in Foxborough.

Go Joey.

Nice blog Mano, but interesting word 'trust', when used in association wiht the big cheaters, who could 'trust' the patriots?

That being said, your right, as usual the Fins will most likely continue their current season record.

The jets have had our number for years, purely psychological, and we went down to the final seconds regardless of our poor play. I said the Cardinals may smoke us do to the receiver- none existant coverage, and the game was over by halftime. But, we match up with the patriots, always have. I believe we split wins each of their superbowl wins. Langford's third sack of his young career could be the one that ends N.E.'s season.

Monkeybrains ... funny. Monkeybutt .... also funny.


Saying that Porter has 'guaranteed' a victory based on what he said is really pushing it. He never said, "We're going to beat the Patriots," did he?

He said they are going to do whatever it takes to get their first win. he said it will be good WHEN they get their first win. He never said their first win will DEFINITELY be the Patriots.

I love how you're constantly insulting your readers, no matter how wrong you may be, whether it's obvious or grey area.

I also love how you keep shutting down the comment sections recently after you write some inflammatory blog and get riled by the commenters. If you don't want this to be an open discussion, then why do it? Let Jeff take over. Wait, don't do that, then we'd have to read ALL of 'rob from psl's questions/rants.

Anyway, when are one of you reporters going to actually ASK Sparano what the deal is with Jason Allen? Have you guys been given a team statement saying Allen is offlimits?

Don't care. The Patriots had motivation to win before this was said so what's the difference.

Tinshaker, I am not constantly insulting my readers you big dummy.

But seriously, the only blog to which the comments were closed came on a day I was traveling to Arizona and could not monitor the comments. Sorry that doesn't meet with your sensibilities, but part of the job writing the blog is to monitor the blog and on that day the prison would have been without a warden. I don't think that means I "keep shutting down the comment sections" as you put it. That is totally unfair of you.

Armando you did it more than once, so its unfair of you to say you only did it once. And you only did it when no one agreed with your opinion and were trashing on you. It could be pure coincidence, I don't know, but it sure looked fishy, and I'm a Dolphins fan, I know fish!!

Tin, you keep asking the media to ask Sparano about Allen but the fact is they aren't going to get the answer you want to hear. Sparano would say something tame like "Hill gives us the best chance to win back there right now so that's my guy". He's not going to throw Allen under the bus in front of the media so they can write stories about Sparano saying "Allens just not good enough". Why would he want to do that to a player that he is trying to motivate? Allen has a fragile ego and would probably regress further if he felt the coach didn't have his back. There is no big company secret here. The coaches obviously have little faith in Allens coverage and communication skills.

If I were the Pats, knowing what they can do and what the Fins can't do, I'd ignore Porter's comments. But if they want to play the "no one respects us in the league" card, then they will probably be motived by his statements. I remember Joey's guarantee last year and we know how that ended. Even w/o Porter's comments, I figure this would be another double digit loss for the Fins. Cassel is going to look like the second coming of Tom Brady this Sunday.

NYScott, trust me, I'm well aware of the likelihood of getting a proper answer, I'm just feeling like it hasn't been asked since I never read anything about it. But you say he has a fragile ego, and bad communication skills and poor coverage skills. Well I personally don't believe the coverage skills bit since they have him as their nickel/dime guy covering WRs as a CB, so obviously they DO think he's better in man coverage than as a safety. I don't know why you think he has a fragile ego and bad comm skills, you'll have to enlighten me on that one. But then if all that is true, or at least is their belief, why didn't they trade him instead of Daniels when they had a chance. Seems to me they could get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him.

I would keep my mouth shut and let my play do the talking. If I was a Patriot, I'd look at Porter as a guy who talks too much!

He needs to look at his own play. Against the Cards, he got his a** kicked when it came to rushing a statue like Kurt Warner. No wonder why he was able to pick our defense apart. He had so much time that my dead grandmother could get open against our secondary. Matt Cassel may not be the most mobile QB, but I'll bet his OL will give him plenty of time to throw the ball to his choice of Moss, Welker, Gaffney, and Watson.

Who is Joey Porter?

According to Wikipedia, Joey Porter is a worthless blob of flesh and bones, without the the typical mamallian reflexes or autonomous regions of the cerebral cortex that permit a "homo erectus" to engage in professional football at a competitive level. Earlier studies by Svenson, Nimrod et al. (1992) also suggest that Porter lacks a cerebellum or for that matter any inhibition or self control and will therefore be relegated to sipping Colt 45 on a street corner at 10 am after frivilously spending any aquired wealth in his post football endeavors.

According to Wikipedia, Joey Porter is a worthless blob of flesh and bones, without the the typical mamallian reflexes or autonomous regions of the cerebral cortex that permit him to engage in professional football at a competitive level. Earlier studies by Svenson, Nimrod et al. (1992) also suggest that Porter lacks a cerebellum or for that matter any inhibition or self control and will therefore be relegated to sipping Colt 45 on a street corner at 10 am after frivilously spending any aquired wealth in his post football endeavors.

Porter was the missing piece for our 2007 championship run. So Mueller decided to give him $ 24,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 , He reminds me of the fat dude in along came Polly on the basketball court Calling all His shots and tossing up brick after brick. U need a "T". Seriously, take a time out, You should Win a game before you start talking Smack.

Joey Porter sticks his foot in his mouth again. It's great to be confident, but why toss motivation at the opponent?


Not one person commenting has mentioned that maybe, just maybe Joey is trying ANYTHING to get this team fired up. Yes, all the points about it firing up the Pats are true... but we stay quiet, we don't win. We practice, we don't win. We draft Jake Long, we don't win. We stay focused, we still don't fricking win. Yes, we still lost last year when Porter tried this trick, and sure, I kinda wish he didn't do it... but come on, see it from the perspective of the guys in the locker room. They are trying anything they can to mentally get over losing. They need to remember how to win again, so why not make outlandish guarantees! I'm all for it. (But if we lose again, Joey, no more of this... it makes all of us look a little more embarrassed than if we just lost withOUT the guarantee.)

I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, it's just gums flapping.

Honestly, though....what does Miami have to lose here?

Basically nothing. NOBODY expects them to win. It's like the guy that always bets on the 100-1 shot....when he actually wins one, he just says "I told you so", but when he loses, nobody cares because that's what the result was supposed to be anyway.

The Pats don't need stuff like this to prepare and get up for a game. They've been in every situation you can possibly be in and this is nothing. Porter didn't really say anything that outrageous. He really didn't.

Tin my comments about his communication skills have to do with the fact that the coaches have chosen two other safeties to play over him. And Sparano has brought up communication almost every time he is asked about the secondary in particular the free safety spot that has to communicate the shifts to his cb's and ss. No one has ever come out and said it, but we can assume by what is going on communication is the problem. Everyone knows the kid is fast so that's not the problem and as you pointed out I am probably wrong about his cover skills seeing how he is in the nickel and dime package, (allthough I ask myself if it's because of talent or because he's the lesser of two evils), so that leaves communication and intelligence on the table and we know he's not playing for a reason. I'm just trying to put 2 and 2 together here. The bottom line is that NOBODY in the secondary has stepped up and made a game changing or even big play to help this team. The first person that does will start earning some trust but IMO you just don't hand someone a starters job based on what they might do. He has chances to make plays in the nickel and dime and has been invisible for the most part. Step up and make a big play in a reduced role to PROVE you belong in the starters spot.

Does anyone truly believe that our chances for beating NE were better before Joey said what he said? C'mon now lets get real here. We're 14 point underdogs going into Foxborough Sunday with a crappy secondary, very young offensive line, no running game, and wr's who can't produce.

Tinshaker, if you know fish, you would know a dolphin is not a fish, but a mammal similar to us humans, except with more fish like qualities like fins and a tail and rows of pointy teeth to eat other fish with.

I heard that Jason Allen has a bizarre disorder that when he's on a football field he speaks only Mandarin. So that could be part of the problem.

Porter needs to shut his mouth and put it all on the field. Every time he opens his pie hole and makes a guarantee... we lose. I wouldn't say anything until our team actually starts winning some GAMES, not a game, but GAMES!

The update confirms just how much this is media driven gossip and the Pats could probably care less. It's a non-story as far as I'm concerned.


"Perhaps Mr. Monkeybrains or whatever he goes by saw a different part of an 11 minute interview."

LOL - now that is some funny stuff, thanks for making my morning. No one here has the right to call your or anyone else an idiot. Those idiots, whoops - need to respect everyone elses opinion whether they feel it is right or wrong. And for the record Joey's final comment

`We're going to come after the guy. I don't want to say something that'll come back to bite me. It'll be good to go out and get our first victory.''

could easily be interpeted as saying the phins are going to win. By the way, I for one think they have a good chance to do just that. They are not as bad as the looked last week. This team is closer to the team that played the Jets, and the Patriots (even with Moss) do not have the ability to do what AZ did to us. I think AZ finally has a team that will make the playoffs, and they are better then the Jets by far. Without Brady the Patriots will not have as much "big play" ability as they do with him. The game plan will be more conservative which plays into what this team needs (a low scoring game).

Keep up the good work, and as Tinshaker requested can we find out why Jason Allen isn't playing more - even Sparano completmented his pre season and his ability to cover as a CB and athletisim as a safety. I would have had him lining up on Fitz or Bolden just because of his size and tackling ability instead of Mr Goodbar.

NYScott is a closet NY. NE. fan that plays video games with his nephew and that is where he has learned everything about football.
Stay in NY and SHUT UP!

Porter is the biggest joke on a team full of jokes...we suck. Shut the hell up Joey and make a play once in awhile.

idahomer, who is Mr. Monkeybrains? I couldn't find that quote anywhere.

Roland probably is the only one on the blogg who realised what joey porter did , some off u are two caught up on yall footballogical crap to realse it , the dolphins are losers now , jory is giving his team something to fight for only the flipping thirsd gae we are playing on sunday.
last i check this was a 16 agme same nota best out of 5 series. some dolpins fans what somethings called instant gratification look at the patriots they werent always that good . and teams the fall in that trap will pay forthe in years to come " the jets " for getting a hundred year old qb that suppsose to take them to the superbowl this year, yea right and the dolphins are gonna win 4 straight super bwls lol.
im looking for them to be competative in New England they are playing matt cassel and a 100yr old defense this is when that two rb comes to play . im looking forward to the dolphins punishing them and it should be close.
this season aint over yet and it is going to be and interesting year

Mr Bungle,
My reference to knowing fish because I'm a Dolphin is because Dolphins eat only fish therefore they are EXPERTS on fish. LOL. Believe me, I'm the first guy to cringe when people refer to the dolphins as 'the fish.'

I agree with your mantra of 'prove it' but when the guy can't get on the field how is he supposed to? When Crocker went down they put in Hill. Granted Hill is a better safety than Crocker, and more seasoned than Allen, but to not even give the guy a shot at his true position seems like stubborn coaching to me.

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