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Porter's controversial comments [updated]

God bless Joey Porter because he always has something interesting to say. Today, after he spent a few minutes speaking both truth and blasphemy about New England's quarterback, he threw in these words that likely will resonate in New England the next few days:

"We're going to come after the guy. I don't want to say something that will come back and bite me. It'll be good to go out and get our first victory," Porter said of Cassel and Miami's game against the Patriots. You can get a complete rundown of what Porter said here.

Now, as guarantees go, this one isn't exactly blatant. Porter did a much better job guaranteeing a win last year for the Dolphins and in previous years with Pittsburgh.

The guarantee in Pittsburgh was backed up with a victory.The last time he guaranteed a victory for Miami, the Dolphins lost. That happened when the Dolphins were 0-3 and Porter guaranteed victory over the Raiders.

This one, meanwhile, is more risky. In case Porter is the only one who has not noticed, the Patriots are 2-0. They went to the Super Bowl last year. The Dolphins, meanwhile, stink right now. And the game is in New England.

So predicting the Dolphins will go up to Foxboro, Mass. Sunday and come away with their first victory is indeed bold ... or maybe Joey knows something we don't. Let's hope.

Anyway, Porter made his comments today and also spent several minutes pointing out current Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel is not Tom Brady -- implying not as good or dangerous as Brady.

That is true so Porter is on the money there. Matt Cassel isn't in the same galaxy with Tom Brady.

But why tweak a sleeping giant?

What are the chances Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi and Randy Moss and the rest of that prideful New England bunch are going to find out what Porter said? What are the odds his words will echo in their Saturday night meeting? What are the chances they will want to take out their Porter frustrations on the Dolphins?

Worse, what are the odds they can do it, too?

So where is your money on this one? You think Joey Porter will back up his talk or the Pats will find a way to make him wish he hadn't said anything about Cassel or winning?

I guess what I'm asking, in other words, is who do you trust more -- Porter predicting a victory or the Patriots defending their honor?

Want to know where I stand? I'm going out on a limb here. I say Porter has a good game. But I still think New England wins.

[Update: The Patriots are reacting to Porter's comments with a public shrug, according to Reiss's Pieces blog at the Boston Globe. Said safety Rodney Harrison: “The great thing about football, the great thing about sports, is that you get an opportunity to prove it. It doesn’t matter what I say, what he says, or anyone else in this league says. You have an opportunity to prove it, and just prove it on Sunday. Talk is talk. Just prove it. … It’s Joey being Joey. He’s a great player.”

On the other hand, you think Harrison is dumb enough to share his displeasure publicly? No way. He will do it with teammates, however. I guarantee you.]


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bangee, everyone has a typo here and there but you might have as many typos as correct words. My brain hurts now.

Tinshaker, I despise the Dolphins being called the fish.

"I'm looking forward to going up and playing this guy and hopefully we can do whatever it takes to get our first victory.''

This is what he said Armando you idiot. Why are you trying to start trouble?

Posted by: Moneyjacket

Mr. Bungle - the post above is what Armando responded to with his "monkeybrains" comment.

everyone has an off day , but ill get um next time lol

Gosh dang it, I sweaya I just saw da ghost of Brian Cox runninn his big mouff about sumpin. I hope he ain't gittin us in a wuppin! golly!

Porter should only be allowed to speak the same amount of words that he has sacks in his Dolphin career. 8 "I am stealing a paycheck every Dolphin game."

Tin I had a feeling you were going to say that about him needing to get on the field. I understand where you're coming from but it's not just this regime that has no faith in him. Three different coaches have kept him on the sideline for the most part and one of them was the guy who drafted him in the first round and was known to be a defensive minded coach. He has some more time to prove himself and hopefully he will excel in the nik and dime. That way he can get the opportunity. I'm all for Jason Allen playing and he seems like a good kid. But I want the Allen that was so heavily hyped after the draft, not another mediocre player, we have enough of those.

idahomer, it sounds like Armando knows monkeyjacket is someone else using different monikers.

NYScott, he has been playing well in the dime, but I'd like to see him at FS, or at least on a number 2 receiver. I see where you're coming from and I guess you're right they're giving him one more chance, I just wish it was a more significant chance because I believe he could be a playmaker and we really don't have one in the DB. We have a couple of decent guys in Bell and W. Allen, but neither one of those guys is going to make much of an effort to get INTs.

Chad Henne beat more RANKED teams than any other QB in NCAA history.

As soon as the Dolphins fall 10 points behind the pats BP is going to tell TS to tell CH to get ready.

I'd rather have a dead bunny rabbit, so cute and fluffy and dripping with blood because its head is chopped off, be our starting linebacker. Joey Porter talking trash, about any team, not just the Patriots, makes me think of Steve Urkel walking into a bar and challenging the biggest baddest biker dude to an arm wrestling match, and talking trash the whole way while he was getting his ass kicked.

Hey Joey - the Patriots are looking forward to kicking your sorry xyz this weekend. Keep talkn the smack and enjoy getting back.

I can't imaginge anything more meaningless. The Pats will obliterate Miami with or without Porter's comments for motivation. The Pats can sleep walk to victory in this one or they can poor it on and embarrass the Phins by 50. Does it really matter? Either way one team will be 0-3 the other 3-0 and there will be no doubt about which team is better.

What was Porter's wonderlic score back in the day?

Joey Porter Better Hope He Already Took His Mandatory Drug Test Early In The Preseason...dolfans Relax Theres Only 1 Season Left Of The Wannstadt Curse

We all know the Pats are a good ball club and Miami is rebuilding. As a pro, you still have to have faith you can win any Sunday. Joey is a vocal dude , he could have said worse. I like he still gets fired up , as should all Miami fans to support our team. This turn around wont happen over night. Give the dude a break and yeah I hope we beat the Pats in their house , gotta have faith!!

let's be real, we all know randy moss will have 200+ yards and will be on every highlight show making our corners look silly, catching the ball off their helmets and just going up and taking "jump-balls" away from us like we're 5 yr olds playing with grown-ups in street ball. but atleast joey porter has enough pride to say something , i know he makes an ass out of himself and he and we both know it's not gonna happen but i like how he's sticking up for his team. we need that, im sick of us getting embarrassed and keeping quiet about it like "we know we suck". maybe me living in Philly, im away from the situation but if were gonna continue to blow atleast we go down swinging.

Joey Porter Needs A Drug Test.....badly

"I guess what I'm asking, in other words, is who do you trust more -- Joey Porter predicting a victory or the Patriots defending their honor?"

Looks like Joey's the winner in this one.

There are ALOT of wishy-washy Fins doing what they said Porter would be doing this morning.Having a nice big bowl of your words. Why do we have some of the lamest sports fans anywhere? You cant jump on a dude for trying to stay fired up during rough times. Porter did his thang Sunday with a vengence! The fans need to get behind our guys and they will feed off of it. Get off the beach , couch , or whatever and get your butts to the games and give these guys some support. Fins fan since '68 in the house.

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