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Two minute offense the answer?

Looking back on Sunday's dismantling at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals one thing becomes clear:

The only time the Miami offense moved the ball effectively was in the two-minute or hurry-up offense. I have to look back, but memory tells me Miami moved the ball vs. the Jets that way as well.

"That's our best offense right now," Ricky Williams told me.


"I think it's because we practice it so much and guys don't have to do a lot of thinking and they're more comfortable," Williams said. "Also, you're limiting what the defense can show you with different personnel so we figure them out better."

So the question: Are things desperate enough that you think Miami should use this offense more often?

Like not just in typical two-minute situations.


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This is a great idea. Why not? Remember Buffalo. they used to run a 2 minute offense all of the time. Kelly was great at it. The clock never stopped. The big d lineman got tired and it was lights out by the end of the third quarter. It is a good game control tactic.

I knew Andre Goodman would be a weak link. Cornerback opposite Will Allen is THE need on defense. The offense obviously needs an influx of receivers who can catch the ball.

Chad Jackson, from the looks of the Youtube video of him and the football catch machine, has the ability. He seems like a guy with upside. And the pickings are slim at this point in the season. I'd like to see the Dolphins give him a shot.

UHHH Yeah , And Chad Henne can throw the ball downfield unlike PennyBalls. WR'S all of a sudden came into the picture when he came in.
Tedd Ginn was even inserted after sitting for the past few possesions.
I swore I heard Sparano yell , "hey get in there kid , we could run wr posts!"
We need Sparano to grow some and stop being a typical coach who is afraid to play a guy cause he might get mentally fractured

Buffalo went to 4 superbowls with pretty much the same thing.

I think it is a decent option. let the play clock run down, though. We don't want the Marino days of fast scores, and exposed D back with a team that can't score every time, like they could. Plus it gives time for reads, and audibles. The only issue is to make sure not to set the line too soon, as they will get ansy in a three point stance for too long.

hey let's be realistic this team is pretty much sh%T!the secondary is probably the smallest in the league,crocker isn'nt much bigger than ginn!the corners are both5-10 what do you expect?expect the same next week and all season long!hopefully they can re-sign carey or else franchise him,he's one of only about half a dozen good players they have so he can't walk away!they have to play jason allen and see if he can do it what's to lose?ditto with ginn although i think he's crap!

Try this. Try anything at this point.


the real question this franchise needs to ask itself is how many games do we waist on Pennington managing a loosing team. Henne needs to be in there making his rookie mistakes and getting acclimated to the pro speed and coverages. He won't be much worse driving the offense then Penny's boring PREDICTABLE dink and dunk show that every coach in the league has the book on.

2 strikes on this 'rebuilding' so far...Wilford and Pennington...the Tuna needs to check his reputation and legacy at the gate and make the hard choices this team hasn't been able to make in a decade.

Hey Bill, get the rook in the game and play smash mouth ball with some deep vertical attack to BESS and GINN. Ronnie, Ricky, Bess, Ginn and now Fasano at end, don't tell me there aren't playmakers here its the scheme that sucks!!!!!!

Look everyone says what we need and don't need on this team however the truth is deeper than that. The Phins can pick up a DB,WR and linemen or whatever the hell else it needs but they still have Bill and Jeff Ireland making the personel calls. Remember these are the same people who turned over the roster and hand picked the players that we have already. It makes me nervous to have them pick up anymore. All of the coaches were picked by this new management and look how that turned out. Shawn Murphy they got after giving up draft picks to move up in the draft to snag him and he can't get on the field. Our first second round pick we got Merling who was injured. Jaleen Parmelee has not made it on the field yet. The coaches can't count how many men are on the field and this regime said the DBs were kept because that was a strong point on our defense. Today Sparano said he will evaluate the players and when the first practice starts on wednesday he will know more. You just got your ASS kicked and now the players have two days off??? More dumb moves. Look at other teams who splurged in free agency and are winning very well.We can talk about what needs to be done but don't you think thier choices will fail just like now? How many other teams drafted players in the second round or later and thier making highlights on ESPN and look part of the furture-plenty. Was it not a BIG CLUE that not ONE of our recivers caught a T.D. pass in preseason. The donkey and lonnie show was supposed to be an explosive running back tandem, oops another mistake, for christ sakes look at other teams who picked up rookie RBs late in the draft and boy are they kicking up some yards. I know rome was not built in a day but hell we don't even see any construction going on. For the final stinger in this whole mess the Phins had the first pick in the second round and at that point not ONE reciver had been picked in the draft so they had a choice of ANY reciver at that point, but they made the choice that Derik Hagan and Ginn are going to the the star recivers along with Ernest Wildick who got 6 mil to sit on a bench on the sidelines. We are screwed until the Phins have good coaches and a good gm who can pick talent.

i agree the scheme dont work so fix it they arent even throwing the ball deep so the are putting eight in the box all the time and playing man coverage becuase the dolphins offense is so predicable.

practise throwing the flipping ball and try use the play makers u got. bess and ginn came be minature steve smiths but u have to actually throw the ball and have them on the field for that.

the defense need to know scheme and start flipping jamming these recievers they are playing soft and the linebackers arent even there. the corners need to play bump and run break the routes before they run um . our corners are about the seem height as any in the league they are just soft.

thry need to learn to take what the defense gives them its some terrible coaching also in the game hope they take notes and watch some film. we got New England lnext so i hope we do better those guys offense arent that good this year.

things have to get better cause right now we suck big time !!!!

The problem is that, although smart, Pennington has no arm. The db's are not worried about being burnt. Unfortunately for us the running game isn't doing anything to help the receivers out and vice versa. What a mess! Is Henne the answer? Who knows!! All I want is a win before december. PLEASE!!!

Hey, bored, even if Henne does replace Penny, Penny wasn't a mistake. Henne, and Beck both really improved after Penny came on board. Make him a coach. Both the young QB's can use him, as he has a lot of recent experience, while still being young enough to relate to them.


Why arent the dolphins playing the guys that team spent huge investment on... I think Wilford should be starting regardless of how good or bad he did in training camp. Why is it that an undrafted free agent Davone Bess is returning punts and kickoff returns when we invested so much in Ted Ginn. and why is chris crocker starting ahead of Jason Allen after Crocker has given up big plays in the first two games,,, You cant tell me that Allen can do much worst,,, we still dont know what he can do starting regular at safety... and one more thing i dont think it matters is able to run the ball,,, what matters is they need to be able to drive the football,,, regardless if its running or passing,,,

I'm all for the 2-minute drill full time...Hell, it works...with that said

Someone (Parcells) should let Sparano know that the preseason is over...It's time to play the best players (Ginn, Allen), and stop experimenting...(Camarillo, Bess, Cobbs), and someone PLEASE tell Sparano that Ronnie needs to handle ALL the snaps...Let Ricky come in on 3rd down, if at all

Yes as Tony S says whatever works do it! If it take the 2 minute offense whatever works to win the game do it.

As for the original question, yes!!! They can run a variation of the 2-minute drill using and attacking the middle of the defense by pass and then bouncing the ball outside on runs. Both Ronnie and Ricky can definitely pound the ball ahead, but they do their best work on the perimiter (i.e. the runs towards or behind either OT; Long or Carey).

Lastly, everyone needs to calm down. Did you really expect instant dividends by GAME TWO??? A year after a 1-15 season. Half the players passed up via free agency, the draft or just about any other form of pickup by the prior regimes have DEVOIDED US OF OVERALL TALENT. Boldin not being drafted? Wannstedt. Missing out on Santonio Holmes & Cromartie after drafting Jason Allen? SABAN! Drafting Ginn Jr. too high, but missing on Patrick Willis, Amobi Akoye (DT), Anthony Gonzalez (WR), Brandon Merriweather(Saftey), Jon Beason (LB)? Cameron!
I mention these guys since the evaluations of talent on these players by The Dolphins all have connections to the same people who coached or Ran the team during those same missed drafts. They had the same info on them as they did the supposed busts they drafted instead. How us it two guys went to UM, one went to Ohio State and played more consistently than Ginn did, and the other two had ties to OL coaches & DL coaches from before?

Give Tuna and his crew some time. At least the damn season.

Run the two minute drill until it fails and keep overhauling the roster.

FYI: Not defending this team too much, but AZ's WR versus our corners with Kurt" I run offenses like a MADDEN '09 game" Warner as the QB, who didn't see this coming?

You know, everyone is in a panic after just the second game of the season with new EVERYTHING. It took 4 years for Parcells to build what we now find in Dallas. We haven't even played 4 games yet. These guys aren't going to the Superbowl after one damned draft. They are in need of 2 or 3 years of drafting and free-agent signings. This is why we never get anywhere in the first place. A new coach/staff/players come in and we want to put these guys in the championship game. If it doesn't work by game two, then lets scrap it all again. You have to see things through. At least two years of rebuilding before there is a sign of progress or a lack thereof. Besides lack of talent, there is lack of chemistry and lack of experience. Its not going to happen.

This team is in overhaul mode and won't be done for at least halfway through next season. I looked at the schedule for this season with a friend, and he thought that the dolphins could pull off 10 games. I think even six games is a stretch. This is a 4-5 win team, with probably a few more close ones. If they start to show improvement, it will be middle of season, when they start to hit a rhythm. Right now they are not even close to knowing who they are and what will win them games. Nothing to hang a hat on. They are basically in trial-and-error mode and if they start bailing on just being consistent and trying 2 minute offense and all kinds of gimmick crap, they won't even start to build an identity.

I certainly am tired of watching them lose, but face reality. They will take time, money, and players to get better. Experience will come. They won't be impressing us for a while. Just go out and support and we are probably looking at a .500 team next year. They'll sign a receiver or two, the O-line will get better, they'll draft some defensemen. Coaching staff will have a better feel for what the team can do. I thought the playoffs could be possible, if the stars line up. But if they don't, you can't be miserable, it was more than we should be asking for from them. They aren't going to suddenly wake up next week and have it all figured out. That takes too much luck.

They were playing prevent D. dont overanalyze the facts and start wanting to play Henne. These coaches have been around football, and been pretty succesful at it, all their lives. I am sure they know what theyre doing.

Sounds good. We have a lot of young guys that can handle the pace and as others have said it worked for Kelly and the Bills. What people failed to address in that statement is that we don't have the Bills defense being anchored by Bruce Smith. We have our defense and our only good players reside on the defensive line. And now Sparano has said he won't make any personnel moves so I guess Chris Crocker is safe. WOW! How bad is Jason Allen that he can't get ahead of a guy who left Ayodele to cover Boldin by himself? It is known that Crocker was playing the wrong scheme during that miscue and that is very dissapointing considering we have been told by the players that this is an "easy, player friendly defense". Hey lets get the Geico caveman to play free safety because if it's that easy, than even a caveman can do it (I guess Crocker hasn't evolved to the level of Neanderthal yet). What in the hell is Pasqualoni going to do about this? We are all putting full blam on Sparano but correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Paul supposed to be making adjustments to the game plan when things break down?

I dont think its "desperate" I think its common sense Armando.

Successful teams are aggressive and locking a Defense into their base by using the hurry up with at least 4 WR's = SUCCESS.

NE knows this all to well and kills opponents with it because theres no defending it with a base Defense!

Oh yeah and I just wanted to extend a personal thanks to Wanny/Saban/Cameron for all of the wonderful drafts that have brought us absolutely zero talent with the exception of Brown. Crowder makes no big plays, Moore over Boldin, trading away a ton of picks for Williams, a second for AJ Feeley, a bag of sweat socks for Ogunleye, Ginn 9th pick in draft/ can't play for crap, Beck 2nd round future QB/ sitting at #3 lucky he wasn't released (reason being we actually got more value by trading McCown!), and Jason Allen, first round bust. What a bunch of complete freaking imbeciles and what is worse is that someone was in here yesterday saying they "missed Wanny". I can't believe Parcells even took this job to begin with.

Henne has to play. Pennington has no velocity on his ball which allows the corners to press because even if they are beat off the line they know they can make it up once the ball is in the air. Pennington has to have a wide open receiver to hit him, he has no margin for error. This also makes running the ball much more difficult as the oposing defense stuffs the line. Anyone who has a TV can see the tremendous difference in velocity from Henne's ball. That means the receiver doesn't have to be WIDE open to get the ball thrown to him. Henne did not drive the Dolphins down the field with dinks and dunks, he threw the ball downfield.
This franchise has had 2 great quaterbacks, Griese and Marino. Both started as rookies. One, Griese, had a pretty bad team to deal with and he didn't win until Shula got here in 70. It didn't ruin his career. Marino turned a pretty good team into a super bowl contender. If Henne has it, a little adversity won't break him, it will actually be good for him. Maning, Elway and most of the greats started as rookies, went through some rough times and came out better in the end. Let's see what we have in Henne. So far he looks like he has a pretty good head on his shoulders.

Good post Danny unfortunately it seems as though a lot of fans just don't get it. A lot of people say they are "football fans" because they like a team but they don't really understand what goes on behind the scenes. They don't seem to understand that getting this bad took years to accomplish therefore it will take a few years to remedy. These are the bandwagon fans that will use the teams poor play as an excuse to jump off the wagon and on to a winning teams train so they can brag to anyone who will listen about how great "their" team is.

I love the Dolphins, but I can see why this franchise has been doomed of late the SO-CALLED fans. All the beer guzzling coach potato experts, who want to throw baby out with the bath water as soon as the faucet is turned on! Its 2 games into the season and these "fans" want everybody fired ridiculous and embarrassing. The new regime knows what its doing (i think), (but what I know) is that the "fans" know jack squat. Boo Hoo our team that is rebuilding got blown out by a team with the best wide receiver tandem in football, who was playing at home, and has a superior online. What a shock, here is some more shockers Obama is black and McCain is old, shocking right!

Sparano is learning on the job, and the 5 rookies in the starting lineup are too. This team has been expected to win 5 to 6 games this year and thats what they look like. Its obvious improvements need to be made throughout the roster but what are the new VP, GM, and Coach supposed to do wave the magic wand and suddenly we have the patriots talent, please!

And "fans" referring negative to this year's fins draft have to be daft, we had a good draft or maybe we should have taken Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, or Glenn Dorsey? Please again, I'll see you naysayers on the Henne, Jake Long, Langford, Merling bandwagon in 2 years! So what Denver got Eddie Royal if not for blown calls in sunday's game Denver is 1-1, if not for suspect calls in the Phins/Jets game maybe the Phins are 1-1 and I'm not even writing this post now. All the 2-0 teams are Superbowl obviously.

Get over it and let the people with the pedigree right the ship, or do we start all over again with Nick Saban part 2 a move most "fans" were initially elated with, always preferring snake oil to substance. I'll sit back enjoy watch this team mature and say go Phins in '09.

Lastly, I find it humorous that, while we are all noticing Hennes strong arm and his drive for a touchdown, we failed to notice the DBs playing 12 to 15 yards off of the line of scrimmage allowing the underneath stuff so we couldn't break a big play on them and get back in the game. Oh well, I say no to throwing Henne to the wolves. People say he can handle it without even knowing the kid. Manning did it because his coaches knew he could handle it considering he came from a football backround having Archie as his dad. Henne needs some more time to develop and we aren't going any where so lets not break his confidence all ready so we can win 5 games instead of 4. Parcells is not Cameron and neither is Sparano, they will not give in to fan panic for the sake of keeping their jobs.

FIRE DAN HENNING = Problem solved!

I was at the game Sunday and although I knew we were going to have a hard time I was not expecting a blow out! One Cardinal fan sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me how it felt to be the new Arizona Cardinals. I dont think going to a hurry up/ no huddle offense is the answer to our problems offensevly.
Our O line needs to play better, the running game is non factor. yeah they put 8 in the box all game, but we need to open it up by taking chances downfield. When Ginn was in the game he was lined up 1 on 1, why not take a chance w/ a deep go or post and let it rip and let ginn outrun the db and go get it. How about some screen plays to our RB's, let R&R do what they do best, run with some open room. Our WR's are a sad group, we have Camarillo (God Bless him for his catch vs. Ravens)as a #2!!! He is at best a #3/4 on any other team. Hagen had a decent game, Wilford needs to see more action! he needs to earn his $ on the offensive side of the ball not blocking on kick offs. WTF was Bess doing returning? Ginn's only contribution at this point in his young career is on returning!! Until he can estblish himself on offense, send him back to kick offs and punt returns! We dont need to put Henne in the drivers seat of a car heading toward a car wreck. Let him develop, the only reason i stayed to watch the 4 qr. was to see Henne get some reps. lets go old school like the Packers, let Henne learn from the sidelines for 2/3 yrs like Rodgers.

All you fans crack me up. You guys are the same ones that thought they were going to be great because of a decent camp. Remember in camp they are playing each other. So they are bound to look decent against each other. Simple fact is, is that Parcells has done this before. Let the man have more thn two games to crucify him. Trust me it hurts me just as much as you to watch this team right now. I do think that we should let Henne have a shot and grow, but at the same time look at the Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers situation. Rodgers sat and Smith was thrust in right away. Rodgers is for real and Smith???

If you remember this is rebuilding from the inside out. The D-line and O-line are fine. If opponents didn't have 8 in the box, the 5 o-linemen would be able to block them all. Next off season the DS's and WR's will be turned over (like the lines where). This is what they said they were doing. Why are you surprised?

Amen NYScott, Phin Phaith and Danny. I still say they could tweak play calling to improve with its current roster, simply as a fan, but I'll still trust this regime to do what is best on all levels. This will take time, at least one more full season ('09) and even part of '10 to really see this team's lack of depth and competitiveness as a team to escalate to a legit playoff (not a first round and their out) contender.

RELAXXXX!!! Don't need the bandwagon jumpers. Just be patient fin nation.

LOL they inherited a 1-15 team and you expect miracles in 1 season ROFL. OK now you can go back to fantasy land.

let them coach and learn together,can only get better when they get more comfortable together and gel.

Mando asked if we thought the two minute drill would work. Why not? It builds a heart beat when it is working. To upset a defense you need to take them out of their game. You just need a couple of completed passes during the drive and bang it starts. Mix in a no huddle quick snap second or third down. Get the team thinking and having some fun.

I sincerely don't believe that the Phins are going to the super bowl. But they are going to win a few this year and trying different strategies keeps the team moving and interested. It is the small successes that build big into big ones.

We have a team made up of a lot second stringers. What can we expect?

Here's a fact for ya, and anyone can look it up if they don't believe me. The Fins are the first 1-15 team ever to start the next season 0-2. That's right--EVERY OTHER 1-15 TEAM won at least one of their first two games the following season.

So they're already behind as far as teams coming off a 1-15 season go. Oh, and here's another one--every one of those teams won at least 4 games the next season, and the average victory total the season after is slightly less than 7.

In other words, NO EXCUSES.

Here's a fact for ya, and anyone can look it up if they don't believe me. The Fins are the first 1-15 team ever to start the next season 0-2. That's right--EVERY OTHER 1-15 TEAM won at least one of their first two games the following season.

So they're already behind as far as teams coming off a 1-15 season go. Oh, and here's another one--every one of those teams won at least 4 games the next season, and the average victory total the season after is slightly less than 7.

In other words, NO EXCUSES.

Here's a fact for ya, and anyone can look it up if they don't believe me. The Fins are the first 1-15 team ever to start the next season 0-2. That's right--EVERY OTHER 1-15 TEAM won at least one of their first two games the following season.

So they're already behind as far as teams coming off a 1-15 season go. Oh, and here's another one--every one of those teams won at least 4 games the next season, and the average victory total the season after is slightly less than 7.

In other words, NO EXCUSES.

Chad looked good, but remember that the only reason we got a touchdown was because of a huge first down given by a defensive penalty, and then we ended up with 8......count 'em...8 chances to score from near the goal line. And it took all 8.


To those complaining we must remember it has taken a full 8 years of dismantaling to get this bad. Heck we traded away both of our best recievers in Welker and Chambers. Our draft was great we picked up guys that will be helping build a foundation for years to come. If Henne is our future at QB, Langford and Merling are our starting Ends and Long a starting Tackle it was the best draft we've had in a long long while. They said they were starting from the center and working out. Some of you just had way over valued opinions of where we would be this year. Build through the draft stop crying for us to trade away picks for players. Last time I checked that didn't work out so good for us in the past Ricky, Freely, Culpeper etc, etc. Give the guys a chance to put some players on the field before you hang them. 5 Head coaches in as many years is never the answer. We need to settle down and let a system work.

The real question is, why are they wasting their time running a 3-4 defense when they don't have the right people? Roth is a huge liability in passing situations, Crowder doesn't make big plays when he needs to, Porter gets double teamed most of the time, and does anyone know who the 4th LB is? Anyone? You could get good pressure with a 4-3 line with Merling, Langford, Ferguson/Starks, and Holiday. This would help the secondary too.

Its painful to watch the Dolphins right now. The quarterback position is much better this year that was critical this year My hope is that we see Chad Henne by at least the tenth game. Our secondary couldn't even start for Florida Atlantic University, Theres a possibility they could start for Florida International though. The good news is were young and we have the Chiefs on our schedule. The Bad news is we have no talented players that are standing out right now. I wonder if Sparano reads these blogs because Ginn did not return any punts or kicks and thats what he is good at. Mando do you know why he wasnt fielding any kicks? and dont tell me because Sparano wants him to focus on his receiving either. Hey mando I just thought of something, with Ginns natural speed The Dolphins should try him at Defensive Back. Hey what harm could it do? Oh yeah and the answer to your question is yes run the two minute drill on offense so when we go three and out we can really tire our defense. It's a double edge sword running the two minute offense but its worth a shot. After last sunday anything is possible thats why I want your thoughts or anybodys about Ginn playing corner. We can send him to Dion Sanders football camp and have prime time work with him. Sounds funny but so was the way our secondary played last Sunday and to the person who said they went up against the best receiver duo in football how do you explain Jerricho Cotchery and Chancie Stucky.

What in the heck happened to Ginn returning kicks? Wasn't that supposed to b e one of the advantages of drafting him so high? Rediculous!

Yes we sucked eggs against a team I thought we had a chance at beating. I don't believe we are as bad as we have played so far. Ok a little simplicity here how about Ted Ginn returning some punts and kick offs, Chad Henne coming in at starter, I believe he has been able to throw a completion over 7-10 yards and that should make our WR's open for some catches. Then maybe Ted could be the threat he has a possibility of becoming. Oh yeah a 2-minute offense is fine if your able to move the ball down the field. This might help our running game, you can't have a running game when your opponent's defense coverage is short and expects you to run because you have no passing game. Am I a genius or is that obvious that we are not doing anything right why would you cover Boldin with a Line backer???I don't think I need to say anymore because I could go on all night.

It takes time and patience to bring a once great franchise back from the perils of hell we have been exposed to the past few years. I do want to see improvement though. That needs to start this week against the Patriots, because if you think they can go out there and play as poorly as they did this week and go into the bye week without totally losing this team youre crazy. Two minute offense would be a great idea although I am hesitant to advocate having our defense out there more often with quick offensive series. Offense needs to commit to th erun early and often and Ronnie needs to be out there on just about every play. He is the most talented player on our roster and can score from anywhere on the field. Remember this guy led the NFL in total yards last year before going out with the injury. Would not be opposed to running Ricky and Ronnie out the backfield together either. Thoughts?

Every time I saw Marino lick his hand lined up in shotgun, the defense was nervous and rightfully so. He could watch the play develop and tell what the coverage was and where pressure was going to come from. Simple and Dangerous.

Henne has a cannon (hard for me to say, being as I went to Ohio State) and he hasn't been beaten into indecision like Beck. Lets spend the rest of the season living and dying by the sword, I'm all for it. Don't let a defense breathe even for an instant.


It's not desperation using the no huddle. The Buffalo Bills mastered the no huddle for four years and four straight trips to the superbowl (granted they did not win). Jim Kelly was a master of the system. Granted you need a QB capable of calling his own plays and making sure the right people are on the field for the no huddle. They don't use it because the fat head coaches would have to trust the QB with play calling and they would have to give up some controls... in the 80's the QB's called their own plays, now the coaches have a strangle hold on everything. It's a useful tool and a tool that is proven to work. Miami should go with what works... give the defense some rest and put some points on the freakin' board.

Armondo you are seeing the same thing I am. The truth is the Dolphins lack talent. They cannot open holes…
Right tackle Vernon Carey and Smiley said the line was to blame for the weak rushing attack. "Right now," Carey said, "there's no place for the running backs to run, so we got to do better."
The Dolphins only move the ball when they pass on first down. It was like that in the Jets game and Pennington had one drive in there Sunday where he moved the ball. A shotgun style 2-min offence is a good idea. Why not? Especially if that is the sentiment in the locker room according to Ricky. 0-2 is desperation. What has been tried has not been working. The Dolphins consistently give away possessions by predictably running the ball on 1st down. The line cannot block well enough to pound the ball when the defense is excepting it.
The Dolphins need to become somehow dangerous. Perhaps it is time to adopt a less conservative more aggressive approach. The Dolphins are 0-2 and with minimal talent by contemporary NFL standards. Your vanilla scheming is getting blow up both on Offence and Defense.
So be more aggressive. Make sure the specials teams runs at least one trick play each game. I’d like to see this 3-4 D blitz a lot more. If you’re going to get beat like a red headed step child Sunday in basic sets and one on one then you may as well take some chances and bring pressure.
The Dolphins threw one deep ball Sunday, happen to be to Wilford. An aggressive team takes at least 5 deep shots a game. The Dolphins haven’t been able to make anyone nervous with the conservative approach for what a decade? Even when the defense was good Whanny (dime sack) would always blow it with his total predictable play calling. Remember when the Jets used to laugh at the offence while calling out the play the Dolphins were going to run pre snap a few years ago? Ridicules.
There is a culture of conservatism in NFL philosophy. Run the ball, control the clock. Win the close game with defense in the fourth quarter, blay, blay blay. Score points to win and you score points in the passing game.
The planned role out to create a little time for downfield routs. Misdirection. The flee flicker. How well does Ronnie throw the ball? Find ways to stretch the field and aggressively pass to set up the run.
Ricky and Ronnie can both be effective in a more wide open passing game. Both can block. Both can catch the ball out of the back field and make plays. Both can line up with a schemed mismatch and exploit them in the passing game.
Pounding the ball when your O-line lacks the talent to make holes and a pile of dust is not the only way to approach Offence.
John Adams Portland, Oregon

Just like the first post from klndry, why not run it?

Buffalo ran the no-huddle to perfection and it killed teams but for some reason, nobody runs that type of offense anymore. If it works in the last two minutes of the game, why not run it all game.

there hasn't been one second since marino left that the two-minute offense wasn't the better option for the dolphins.

Hi Mando! In a word ...NO! Reason being? That is a gimmick strategy to cover up the fact that we can't win by huddling and just dominating our opponent. What does that say about your own talent and confidence? What kind of message does that send? Granted, in certain situations the 2 minute can be effective. But we shouldn't use it consistently and create a "it's the only way we can win" mentality. Aside from the obvious talent deficiencies we still have in certain areas, the first order of business (which is the last thing I expected from this regime) should be fundamentals, strict discipline and unity. Play calling and game management are also suspect. Not having these basics instilled at this point is inexcusable!! They are priorty #1!! We're not rebuiling to win with gimmicks we are rebuilding to be the best!! I'd appreciate your response.

The two-minute drill puts the defense in a disadvantage because it cannot change personnel with down-specific sub packages. It basically negates a defense with deep talent from using some of that talent. Being that Miami has limited offensive talent, the two-minute drill is a sound way of attacking.

This regime's philosophy is down your throat smash mouth football.
There's no way they are
going away from that. Jeff Ireland said "Rome" wasn't built in a day and I agree.
Lets calm down and let this
play out. Eventually I believe this franchise
is going to better than it ever was!

Philosophy smasophy....they can mix it up with some no huddle every now and then. Teams know pennington is a noodle arm and they need to change how teams perceive this offense because right now they are pressing guys and getting presuure on pennington cuz they know he cant go over the top. Atleast a no huddle offense would get teams backing off the line and giving the timing routes a chance.

I cant believe how weak-armed pennington is, and how badly everyone is lying about around fins camp. he cant throw deep outs or quick outs and that limits the offense terribly.

I made the same appointment just before the second quarter of Arizona's game.
Our offense lack of the synch to work if we leave the defense to adopt diferent defensive packs.

As daddy points, Pennington lacks of arm power is hurting us a lot. But please don't misunderstand my words, it wasn't Chad's fault the way our DB were torched, nor the inefficient running attack behind a weak o-line.
No, but at least our record should be 1-1, that last instant int at Jets was 100% caused because of that pour arm power of Pennington.
In my opinion, as we're completely out of sync with too young o-line while our defense lacks of talent to compete against tall speeders on the league, we must use this season as good as possible in order to develop a competitive team. I would use a mixed game plan, starting Pennington, but giving some play time to John Beck in order to show his worth. That time would be impressively important on teaching, with both Chads analyzing and guiding from the sideline. Then somewhere among weeks 8 to 10, test Henne as starter.

**One Cardinal fan sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me how it felt to be the new Arizona Cardinals**

Ouch this hurts...

It seemed obvious that the hurry up offense is the only thing that worked a week ago!! What made this week any different? Hurry up offense has always worked. Even Pre-Marino. Too bad it's never used until it's too late!!

No Huddle doesn't mean that we are throwing the ball 60 times a game. It just means that you speed up the tempo and keep the defense uneasy. Buffalo killed us with that attack for years and Thurman Thomas gained plenty of yards running the ball. Indy ran it for years and Edge and Joe Addai both did or are doing well in it. But first you must have a quarterback who can scare opponents. Chad Pennington doesn't until we start a game in the no huddle, and Chad Henne might be the guy to put fear in the DBs but we don't know yet.

I bet Randy and Cam would have fielded a better team. Believe it. They will throw away Beck and Ginn just because. Why isn't Ginn returning kicks? We saw it in preseason. DUH.

Parcells SUCKS!!!

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