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Two minute offense the answer?

Looking back on Sunday's dismantling at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals one thing becomes clear:

The only time the Miami offense moved the ball effectively was in the two-minute or hurry-up offense. I have to look back, but memory tells me Miami moved the ball vs. the Jets that way as well.

"That's our best offense right now," Ricky Williams told me.


"I think it's because we practice it so much and guys don't have to do a lot of thinking and they're more comfortable," Williams said. "Also, you're limiting what the defense can show you with different personnel so we figure them out better."

So the question: Are things desperate enough that you think Miami should use this offense more often?

Like not just in typical two-minute situations.


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The only reason the 2 minute offense works is because the Dolphins are employing it late in games when they're trying to get back into things. Meanwhile, the defense is going into a prevent to keep them from getting back into things too quickly.

Every week you see teams down by double-digits look good late - for this exact reason.

You're ridiculous if you think switching to the 2-minute offense is the answer.

Nah, keep doing what you're doing and draft Tebow...

I would use more of the no-huddle two-minute offense as part of the entire mix earlier in the game, not when we have no choice.

Yes they practice it a lot. At the same time, practice on executing the basics like finishing blocks. This also applies to receivers (It may even bring out the aggressiveness that they need in all aspects of their game.) as well as our OL. I may hurt some players feelings by saying that you're playing like we would expect kids to play in a Pop Warner football league or a JV high school team. I think some of the guys are quitting.

Why do people always complain about an offense bring gimmicky? If it works, it works. Until the defense can stop it, keep running it.

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