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Westhoff returns to Jets after seeing Dolphins

You have to root for Mike Westhoff, the former Dolphins special teams coach who has put cancer to flight for nearly 20 years now.

On Monday the New York Jets announced that Westhoff, who left his job at the end of last season for physical reasons, was being rehired to run the club's special teams again. Good for Westhoff because he has recovered medically. And it is good for the Jets.

But I wonder how good that is for the Dolphins?

Westhoff, you see, was a guest of the Dolphins on several occasions during training camp. He was allowed to come to camp and view practice from basically the same vantage point as what Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland view practices.

So he got an up-close and personal view of Miami's practice, personnel and preparations.

I'm not saying that will be an advantage for Westhoff and the Jets on Sunday. But it has to make the Dolphins just a little uncomfortable knowing that a coach on the opposing team got such an close look at them during their preseason of preparation -- even if it was only for a couple of days.


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There is a quarterback out there that was cut-loose by the Panthers that reminds me of Fran Tarkenton, his name is Brett Basanez. I would hope Miami Dolphins pick him-up at some time, he is a good back-up QB.

I'll take the trade we got... Pennington has been a Jet for years and has been under ManDumbAss for a few seasons. I would wager he knows more of the Jets than Westhoff does of the Phins.

I'm sure if the Dolphins knew Westhoff was going back to the Jets, they wouldn't have given him so much access.

you dont need westoff to see the dolphins practice to help the jets win. the jets are winning this game hands down. i love how dolfans are so high on pennington when they made fun of pennington's arm and injuries so often. jets are going into town to not only embarass the dolphins, but to show why they let ol chad go.

Doesn't matter, we're gunna kick some Jets #%&$ this weekend. Pennington is set to get his revenge!!! He is such a great match for the dolphins & to groom Henne. He has more poise in the pocket, an accurate arm, with the widom of where & how to put it in there. Long will get some revenge on Goshhimmer too! The defence will open some eyes in the NFL to!!! What a great kickoff for the new Dolphins with the trifecta influence. This win will kickoff the confidence this young team needs. Then we will beat the Jets agian to end the season to get into the playoffs. Go Dolphins!!!!!!!


Do you realize that if the S-U-C-K-S, Sucks, Sucks, Sucks didn't get lucky against Miami and the Chiefs they would have only won 1 game last season? This is a completely different Miami team. Too many other teams like the Sucks will underrate them and be on the losing end. Farve will just go about his maverick ways and toss costly interceptions. The Madden curse is alive!!!

Looks like the apple (Mangini) "does not fall far from the tree" (Belichick) as they say. These guys are something else. Mangini will be gone because of the way he is mortgaging the Jets' future to win now. And noone will give him a shot after this, so he better make it a good season.

Hey Josh.....


Go Fins!

Jim, you are correct. Only a team that's close makes the kinds of moves the jets did.

4-12 is not close. Mangini knows a couple of winning (8-9 wins) will save his job for a couple of years.

This is much ado about nothing. There is nothing Westhoff would have seen in that practice that he couldn't see on any of the preseason game tapes that he is studying right now.

I would think Dolphins can equalize Westhoff by
debriefing Chad Pennington. He does know all
there plays. Maybe the signals have changed but
the plays will be the same.

Remind me again, how many times the J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK have beaten he Fins when Ricky is running. Run Ricky Run.

Don't get too worked up over the Westhoff thing, 30% of the players are gone and the team had only just aquired Pennington so the plays and formations which were installed for him wouldn't have been completed. Besides after 8 years in NY they already know Pettingtons tendencies. Miami's offensive coordinator has been around for years so his tendencies are not going to be a suprise to the Jets either.

The most improtant factors in the game will be a solid running performance, winning the turnover battle and minimal penalties.

well said harold. but that can be said for every game for us this year.

With the Dolphins new leadership, I feel they can only worry about what they can control. To think that a former coach and long-friend of the team who only observed the practices as a guest (and not as an evaluator) could give any credible info. that could help sway the result of the Week One game is a bit far fetched. I cannot stand the green either, but let's get real. Go Dolphins!

no matter how many routes you design or how many defenses you scheme, it still always comes down to blocking and tackling. The team that does those two things the best, will always win.....

It all won't matter when Farve gets winded halfway through the game and starts throwing INTs. He looked decent for small periods in the preseason but this is a full game under game conditions with everyone at full speed, he will wilt.

I always thought one of the dumbest things Wannestedt did was lose Mike Westoff. Our special teams have suffered ever since. I think we are on the right path now. Too bad we didn't get him back, however I think we are now in very capable hands. Adding Westoff would have only helped out more.


We'll all see Brett Crack Sunday. Just watching and listening to him talk to the media makes it pretty obvious how stressed and under pressure he is right now. How many times has he said he's had second thoughts about coming back? He's going to feel like he's in hell Sunday when he's baking in 100 degree heat playing in an offense he barely knows.

Brett doesn't want to be with the jets. Who would? You can see it every time he opens his mouth. Let the excuses begin next Monday. Jet trolls will disappear in the woodwork like roaches.

Whats the big deal, It's Special Teams, You kick the ball, and Go Down like a Bat out of Hell, and Knock the $#@$ out of the one with the Ball!!!! Or kick it, It's not Brain Science!


Must be a slow day in fins camp!!! Football is won on the field on Sundays!! If you are going to write about Westhoff being at several fins practices,then you need to wirte about Pennington being the jets QB for the last 8 years. Now that I beileve is way more of a advantage then freaking Westhoff

P.S Fins 24- Jets 10!! The 3-4 defence will be to much for farve, he only knows 30 percent of the palyoff and that is not good enough in a regular season REAL football game.

Execution is all that counts on Special teams.

Farve is a dimwit - he will not have the offense down yet and he will be running for his life in this game. Matt Roth will be in his ear hole all day long - when Porter isn't.

Long will dominate Gholston because Gholston still hasn't figured out coverages. This is going to be a fun game for Fin Fans.

Beat the STINKING jets!!!!!!

I will destroy any Jets Fan that wants to meet me in the parking lot before or after the game.
Willing to make arrangements to meet and get this over once and for all, you stinking green bastards.

Do you think it would be a good idea for the Phins to pick up John Linch. His experience and the fact he was with the Patriots a few weeks might give us some advantage?
your thoughts

Hey Josh you said old Chad, (8 years) what about Brett. (18) PHINS ALL THE WAY BABY.

Gotta love the Jets Phins banter. Thank god football is back in season.

Jets are going down. Ricky is gonna own them. Penny will slowly inflict pain on his former team while Favre is begging for snow. Let's turn up the heat and let'em have it come sunday. In all fairness, guys, we need to not make it the JETS Stadium come sunday. Fins should give tix to kid's charities to fill stands, thus, barring the green pondscum that invade our stadium. Let's go Fins. And, if you are a JETS fan, go post on your own site. You are just as good as Belicheat. J-erks E-very T-ime & Suckas!

this is on PARCELLS!

he let his guard down. he should have known
something was up when westoff [who cursed miami
after wanny booted him] and vowed never to have
anything to do with anything dolphins again.

and then he just shows up to camp?

out of no where?

oh well, even BP makes a blunder now and then.

this was OBVIOUS a planned move by someone.

This game should not be taken lightly. Favre is still not in top "NFL Shape". It is different throwing to 18 y o wide eyed high schoolers then facing high calibered players. Also, take into account the early Sept. weather will hopefully be hot & steamy & many teams have wilted in the 4th quarter in the past so if the 2 headed monster(Ricky/Ronnie) can get @ least 150+ yards total on the ground & if we can get Favre running around in that heat, he will be gassed by then & we will beat the Jets. LETS GO FINS!!!

Right its like westoff hasn't ever seen players run a trap, a counter, a slant, or a skinny post, or you get the point. He's not watching plays to be implemented against the jets! So whats the problem? He's gonna say wow ricky's back... Chad is still accurate... the D line gets pressure.... oh wait everyone saw that in the preseason.

Johnny Gatos comment--well done! Dolphinator, I've got your back only I live in Cali. Sorry dude :P

Millions, cool comment! Now I know why they call you 'Millions'.

I'm glad Mike Westhoff visited the dolphins camp. He will always be a Dolphin coach. Bill and Jeff probably want to bring him on board, perhaps next year. Sunday's game will be close. I'm a realist, I'm rooting for the Fins and they will win because of a much maligned Defensive line, but most of all, Chad has something to prove. The Jets dumped him for a Packer legend

This game reeks payback. Hey Jets fans, it's called Karma and its for real and you guys left a bad one. Everybody come to my NFL Green Zone Blog and tell me what you think:


Westoff's special teams can't help FAVRE today.
Brett will re-retire by the end of the day.

I'm trying to find a J-E-T-S team blog but appearently they are all here????

Da F-I-N-S are BACK!

J-E-T-S are just NOT!

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