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Yeremiah Bell next to get an extension?

The Dolphins extended running back Ricky Williams' contract before this season began and now sources tell me the team is doing business on other contract fronts as well.

The Dolphins recently have exchanged contract extension proposals with strong safety Yeremiah Bell, with the idea of locking up that starter beyond 2008. Bell is currently playing out a one-year deal he signed after last season.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus is traveling and could not be reached for comment and his brother Jason Rosenhaus declined to comment. But a source close to Bell says there have been on-going discussions between the player's camp and the Dolphins.

No deal is imminent. But both sides are eager for the regular-season to begin and offer a gauge of what Bell can deliver. Bell missed all of last season when he ruptured an Achilles tendon in the season-opener.

So the Dolphins want to see Bell play up to the potential he showed during the 2006 season and in the 2007 and 2008 training camps. That would convince them to lock up Bell. Bell, confident he has come back from that injury, obviously wants to show the Dolphins he can play at a high level and stay healthy.

Both sides are expected to continue exchanging proposals because it makes sense to lock up Bell before the season ends and he becomes an unrestricted free agent. For the Dolphins, a new contract would lock up a starter and perhaps the most explosive player in their secondary in a year they have plenty of cap space to do that.

For Bell, signing an extension before the end of the season makes sense because it would put money in his pocket immediately rather than waiting for free agency. It would also provide Bell security knowing where he's going to be playing next year and beyond.

The Dolphins have two other notable players in the final year of their contracts. Starting inside linebacker Channing Crowder and starting right tackle Vernon Carey are both unrestricted free agents after this season.

A different source tells me the Dolphins have not reached out to those players and have not had preliminary discussions about extensions.

Despite this, I look for all three of these players to be locked up with new deals before the end of this season, assuming they remain healthy. I can't see the Dolphins not acting proactively on this matter.

But frankly, the deals for Carey and Crowder will be more difficult to get done. Both those deals will have to be multi-year, large signing bonus deals because that is what both those players will command on the open market.

If any of the three players mentioned in this post make it to free agency, I would think Crowder is the most likely to do that. I am told Crowder would not mind testing free agency.


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They need to move on V. Carey as well and soon.

I think this would be great, Bell has shown great upside and I believe could be a much needed defensive leader and presence on this team for years to come. Plus, if not I'm sure the Patriots would go for him, we all know they love grabbing our players.

P.S. - Anyone else think Favre is getting injured week 1? eh.. wishful thinking maybe....

Liking the way the Big Tuna is thinking. He is seeing the potential that very few of us outside of Miami see in Yeremiah Bell. Signing up the few key pieces where the fins have quality players is good for future stability. It also lets us focus on drafting the pieces we are still missing. I am a little surprised on the two players being extended since they are both on the wrong side of 30. I kind of thought Parcells wanted to go with youth. The trifecta must be more optimistic after this preseason and moved up there timetable on playoffs from 2010 to 2009. I would love to see Parcells and Ireland focused on signing Vernon Carey to a contract extension before the season ends. I consider him a huge piece of the puzzle to a successful dominant line for years to come. As us fin fans have seen in the past, it is hard to have success with inferior players at the tackle position. Carey is a solid if not dominant player who has also managed to be quite durable. IMHO locking him up to a long term contract should be the Tuna's #1 priority.

Aaron, I don't want Favre to succumb to injury during the Dolphins game. However, were he to sprain his ankle slipping in the shower during pre-game preparations, I think my conscience could handle that....

But while all the hoopla will be around the QB soap opera, the real story will be Jake Long vs Gholston. I'm surprised the media hasn't had a field day with that one as of yet.

I like for them to wait and see if he can stay healthy. I do like the idea of locking up the good players.

Crowder, Carey and Bell.

All quality players in the prime of their careers. Would like to see them all extended for 3-4 years.

We need to establish a new Dolphins identity and these players, along with Ginn, Brown, Long, Satele, Langford and Merling need to form the core of what we hope will become a Super Bowl team.


They will be on opposite sides of the line. They are using gholsten at weakside lb. Jake will be spending most of the day blocking calvin pace.

I was under the assumption that Gholston might not even play in the game let alone get a meaningful amount of reps.

I am so tired fo the hoopla going about concerning the 39 year old Brett Favre going to the Jets. Seeing Porter or Crowder lay out the aging Brett would be a nice book end to a win against the Jets Sunday.

gholston Vs Long please no competiton there at all long wins that battle hands dowbn , and plus the jets are dissappionted in hi hes not what they had hope for when they drafted him in the sixth spot in the draft.as far as carey and bell and chrowder if we are looking to be a good team we need to lock up these guys ASAP!!!!

I would not be surprised if Crowder and Carey both end up on the Jets next year. Why wouldn't they want to play for a Super Bowl winner rather than the doormat Dolphins?

I agree that we need to sign Carey but that will be very difficult to do. I see a franchise player tag in the near future. He will be tough to sign for a couple of reasons:
First, with the contract Jake Long signed Vernon will be looking for that as a starting point.
Second, he will want to be paid like a left tackle since he has shown he can play there and could potentially get a left tackle like deal on the open market:
Third, offensive tackle in his prime that can play either positions will come at a premium. As I said, sounds like a franchise tag to me.

What has the jits done since joe no name got lucky.

Why wouldn't they want to play for a Super Bowl winner...

Posted by: Jets Rule

You're talking about on Madden, right?

Crowder might want to actually make some plays this year before testing the market. Please extend Carey.

Signing Carey now will save money later. Crowder, at least wait until a little further in the season and see what he's got(without Zach). Gholston probably won't play so why showcase him vs. Long? They wouldn't go against each other anyways.

Can anyone tell me why we have not gone after Willie Anderson for depth on the O-Line?

"I would not be surprised if Crowder and Carey both end up on the Jets next year.(LMAO) Why wouldn't they want to play for a Super Bowl winner...

You must be confused with another team. Certaintly you couldn't mean the .453% doormat Jests, correct? Thanks for the laugh today.

By the way, the reason Jets fans are on this blog is because we rule here, pretty much the same way we rule at Joe Robbie Pro Player Dolphin Toilet Bowl Stadium when our team plays there.

We just come in, slap you Dolfans aside and take over. This is a Jets blog now!!!


"I would not be surprised if Crowder and Carey both end up on the Jets next year.(LMAO) Why wouldn't they want to play for a Super Bowl winner...

The only way they play for the Jets after they win a Super Bowl is if Crowder has a DeLorean that will take him back to 1970...tool.

Jets 24, Dolphins 7. Bell goes down in a heap again, Crowder snorts coke like his dad used to, and Carey has a heart attack in the second quarter after one of his infamous huge pregame breakfasts.

Impressive. The sport is also a buisness. I'm sure the new contract(s) will have the legalese that will not hamsting the Dolphins.

Wow. Are Jets blogs so bad that you have to come searching out a quality one like this? I feel sorry for you guys...fans without a home...

Carey is a priority; surprised that they haven't begun talks yet. Maybe they need to see something at the beginning of this season that we are as of yet unaware of.

Long plays the left side, Gholston plays the left side (of the defense). This puts them on the opposite sides of the field. So even if the Jets' "slow-to-pick-it-all-up" 1st round pick plays, he most likely won't come up against his college rival.

im glad they're going to locked up Y.B. i would be pretty bummed if they let crowder go to free agency. i think he has shown that he can come in here and replace zack. don't get me wrong, it will take him time to get to zack's level but i think he will. he's young, energetic, he knows the game, and his motor runs redline the whole game, plus, the "crank it up" dance rules! im not too worried about vernon carey. based on the way this new front office picks linemen. look at donald thomas, sixth round pick, opening day starter. carey has been solid though where ever they put him.

Jet fans are delusional as always. Let's see you all scurry away and hide after the Yets embarrassment this weekend.
Understand NO ONE RESPECTS loud mouth blowhards that haven't won in decades. The Dolphins will be better sooner than the lowly Jets who don't know how to win. .453% lifetime is really sad and pathetic.
You will never have the respect that the storied Dolphin franchise has...get used to it.

JETS=LOSERS. Just check out all time records:

322-394-8 regular season
8-11 Playoffs

Dolphins -
369-267-4 regular season
20-19 Playoffs

What does this say? Dolphins have winning records in both regular and post season while the stinking JETS have losing records in both.

What else? Dolphins have 39 playoff games to JETS 20. Thats half as many palyoff games than Miami playing in the SAME DIVISION.

J-E-T-S obviously hasn't come down off that crystal meth bender yet. That's ok, because his misguided a$$ won't be on these blogs for a while after his over-hyped team goes down like a cheap date this Sunday. :)

This a jets blog now? Wow, I knew jet fans were f'ing stupid but "Jet Fan" you have set a new low. Are you 10 yrs old or just a typical yets fan?

It will be sooooo nice to see you yet fans crying the blues Sunday afternoon/Monday morning.

Tin, appreciate your PC re. Farrrbre but lacking your tack, I hope he leaves the game after the D intoduces him to the 2008 Dolphins.

J-E-T-S obviously hasn't come down off that crystal meth bender yet. That's ok, because he won't be on these blogs for a while after his over-hyped team goes down like a cheap date this Sunday. :)

This is a Jets blog? Um, no. This is a DOLPHINS BLOG. And I am in charge, not any Jets fans.

Sooo ...

... To Dolphins bloggers: Do you want me to keep the Jets fan comments up, or do you want me to do as Tony Montana said, and squish them like a cockroach?

By the way, the Dolphins have added receiver Anthony Armstrong and linebacker Rob Ninkovich to max out their practice squad at eight guys. Both guys were in training camp, cut, went through waivers, then signed to the squad.

"I would not be surprised if Crowder and Carey both end up on the Jets next year. Why wouldn't they want to play for a Super Bowl winner rather than the doormat Dolphins?"

Then why in the world would they go to the Jets? The Jets signed Brett Favre to sell jersey's and TRY for a Playoff push. What happens when he's one-and-done?

Change subject for one second: Why is it that the Dolphins have not tried to sign WR Chad Jackson from the patriots. This guy isa serious talent:

squish them like a cockroach!!!!

Jets fans are cockroach's!!! Watch them scurry when the lights come on.

Keep the Jets comments up. Its fun to watch as they show their ignorance. This blog has class, and its obvious the Jets fans do not. Let them post all they want and we'll see what the scoreboard says on Sunday afternoon. If the regular season was played in chat rooms Monday to Friday, the Jets would be undefeated. Unfortunately for them, games are played on Sunday, and typically the team on the field can't back up the talk of their lunatic fans, that's why the Jets will be no better than a .500 team.
I have a feeling it will be like this all season. People will continue to doubt the Dolphins all year, and then on Sunday's this revamped and energized team will prove them wrong.

I want to see the stoopid jets fans belly up like a dying cockaroach.....

Its not surprising that the Jet Fans come to this blog. They have to play in a stadium that is named after another team. Might as well go to a blog of another team too. Jets dont get no respect. Well they havent earned it either.

"Carey has a heart attack in the second quarter after one of his infamous huge pregame breakfasts."

Oddly enough this comment made me want to visit a Shoney's or something similar. LOL.

I just want to mention that I have not been paying any attention to the Jets offseason (why would I?) so I was unaware they moved Gholston around. My last memory of him is playing RE. My bad. I guess we can go back to dwelling on Favre Vs. Pennington. Btw, what time is the game on? I might have time for a pre-game breakfast binge!

Dolphins fans, lets the Jets fans talk trash. We talk trash about them constantly, it's only fair. We will let the long arm of the Miami DL do the talking on Sunday.

I vote: squish them like a cockroach?!!!

squish squish those sucky jet fans......

Please keep the comments up Mando. Getting ready for work and hoping I find a couple of these dorks on the road today. Can you say police brutality?

We haven't reached out to Chad Jackson because he is a piece of sh*t. He was that way in college and the only team who considered drafting him were the cheating Pats who are so high and mighty that they think they can change anybody. Also Mando, any news on Camarillo starting at reciever over Hagan now? Will we rotate them plus Wilford?

Bell is an untalented 2nd stringer, who cannot stay healthy and entire season. this $ could be better spent somewhere else.

Keep the comments. It is good to shed light on darkness.

"Getting ready for work and hoping I find a couple of these dorks on the road today. Can you say police brutality?"

Not at all funny. Those like you should not be allowed to carry a gun or possess a badge. You're a disgrace to the police.

Squish the bastards!

My only worry about extending Bell is that he has not been able to stay healthy. We could shell out a nice deal for a player who is on IR.

Carey obviously has value but something tells me Parcells and the boys are not as happy with his performance as they are leading on... You have to pay bookend tackles in this league and they don't seem to be in a hurry to get it done.

Crowder has shown flashes, but he has not come into his own yet. He will need to show early that he is ready for prime time. If he were to demand a large contract at this point I think the Dolphins may pass. It's better that he let his performance speak for itself and the contract will follow.

Tinshaker, Gholston isn't even starting and he plays the strong side, opposite of Jake.

The difference, Tin, is that we talk trash about them HERE, on OUR blog, not on a Jets blog. I say keep them up, as well as the whiney bitching that will obviously follow the game, about how the refs gave it to us, about how they will trash us in NY, blah, blah, and blah.

Haven't you guys noticed that this regime concentrates on one player at a time, with regards to contracts? they went up the ladder with the draft picks, and are now doing the same with their vets. Just because talks haven't been initiated with Crowder, or Carey so far, doesn't mean that they won't by the time the season starts.

squash 'em

"Getting ready for work and hoping I find a couple of these dorks on the road today. Can you say police brutality?"

Not at all funny. Those like you should not be allowed to carry a gun or possess a badge. You're a disgrace to the police.

Posted by: THE real deal | September 03, 2008 at 03:06 PM

Real Deal you are either a Yets fan or have no sense of humor. flpd is obviously joking, and very well at that.

Leave the NY Bretts comments up. Morons are entitled to an opinion too. Personally I would rather wait until we win on Sunday to talk sh--. Let them talk, that is what the Jets do best. It is definitely not winning on Sunday's. As much as Patriots fans get bashed for being obnoxious could you imagine the Jets yokels if they were actually successful? Good luck with trying to buy a team. It has never worked for us and I sincerely doubt it will for you. So talk now Jets fans, it is much easier when your 0-0 as compared to 7-9.

Carey is now at his natural positon being on the right side of the line. Time to play like an all pro if you want some all pro $$$. NO EXCUSES V.C.!!!!!

Hunter don't forget that other team in NY (I forget there name sometimes because they are so insignificant) has also been in the league longer than the mighty Dolphins; thus making their playoff record that much worse.Armando I say leave the posters on most of them are jumping ship (or will be soon) and are gonna need a new home. lol

squish them like cockroaches!!!!!!!

Keep the comments coming AND squish the cockaroaches.

Hey jets drool just say NO & back away from the crack pipe

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