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A quick look at the Dolphins in the draft

I don't want to get too far ahead of things here ... but let's take a look at next year's draft.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I don't think it is fair to expect the Dolphins to fix all their ills in one year and it is less fair to expect them to repair their 2008 troubles with the players they currently have on the roster. It will take another draft or two. It will take more free agents that, hopefully, will deliver more production than this year's free agents have.

But six games into this season, it is becoming clear where the Dolphins will be searching for talent after the season. They want a starting caliber cornerback. They want a young, beefy nose tackle. They want a play-making wide receiver. And oh, yeah, they'll have to fill some needs at linebacker in addition to rounding out more depth throughout the roster.

So today I want to focus on the draft and what it promises in the early rounds at CB, WR, and NT.

So why CB? The Dolphins have been victimized much too often the past few years by prototypical wide receivers that simply out-run, out-jump, out-muscle, and otherwise out-play Miami's cornerbacks. Recall the games Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and others have had against the Dolphins as proof.

The problem is Miami's secondary isn't necessarily a good matchup for that type of receiver. So the Dolphins will be looking for a prototypical CB to deal with prototypical WRs going forward. Where would that lead Miami early in the draft?

Vontae Davis of Illinois. He is 6-foot and 204 pounds and perhaps the top corner in the country despite being a junior.

Malcolm Jenkins of Ohio State. He is 6-1 and 200 and also has prototypical size. Victor Harris of Virginia Tech is 6-foot and 192. He could add a little bulk and be a better run-support guy, but he is said to be quite accomplished in coverage.

All the so-called gurus also like Alphonso Smith of Wake Forest but he is 5-9 and 190 pounds. I've never seen him play so I don't know if he plays bigger than his size. But this strikes me as a guy the Dolphins wouldn't include as a first-round selection because of his size. (Perhaps someone who has seen him play can comment on the guy.)

One other possibility based on his senior-year performance, size and connections to coach Tony Sparano is Darius Butler of U-Conn. The guy is 5-11, 181 pounds and is from South Florida.

At WR, the Dolphins want a prototypical receiver that will cause other teams the problems they have been dealing with for some time. Also, they want a wide receiver that will be productive because, right now, Greg Camarillo is the only WR on the roster that is producing consistently.

I personally don't see the Dolphins picking a WR in the first round unless they are picking later on and there is a value pick that falls in their laps. Why? Teams have shown themselves capable of finding quality, productive receivers later in the draft (late first, second, third rounds) and that is where the value lies at WR.

At wide receiver everyone is apparently in love with Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech. What is not to like? He is 6-3 and 214 pounds and fast as the wind. He has amazing numbers and he is expected to come out as a third-year sophomore. The question on him is whether he is a product of the freaky Texas Tech system and whether he can translate to NFL systems. (Again, only seen him play one quarter so somebody please comment if you've seen him extensively.)

Others that demand attention are Jeremy Maclin of Missouri who is 6-1 and 200 pounds, Darrius Heyward-Bey of Maryland who is 6-3 and 206 pounds, and seniors Brandon Tate of North Carolina, who is 6-1 and 195 pounds, and Brian Robiskie of Ohio State, who is 6-3 and 199 pounds.

Tate is done for this season after he underwent surgery to repair his ACL and MCL. But he is expected to be ready by next season and the surgery only means he'll be available later in the first round and likely the second or third. By the way, Robiskie is the son of former Miami assistant Terry Robiskie.

Also: I know Florida faithful will shout from the rooftops that Percy Harvin deserves mention here as a top receiver prospect. But the guy has had some injury issues this year, is not a big guy per se at 5-11 and 195 pounds, and I just don't like Urban Meyer. So there.

As you obviously saw last Sunday against Baltimore, the Dolphins are hanging by a thread at nose tackle. Jason Ferguson is great as long as he's healthy. But he wasn't healthy last year, he's battling an oblique injury now and he'll be 34 years old in November. Miami needs help there.

And I don't see a ton of help available in the draft.

Several of these guys I'm about to mention are not prototypical nose tackles so the Dolphins will have to do a better job with, you know, actual scouts and film study than what I did by making two phone calls and going on the Internet.

But here are some early names I've uncovered:

The guy that stands out the most is Alabama's Terrence Cody, who is a freakin' giant of a man at 6-5 and 360 pounds. Alabama coach Nick Saban (yeah, that Nick Saban) has talked Cody's need to stay in shape because the guy apparently likes to eat.

But if Cody is a big eater he also feasts on running backs. When Cody was injured and missed most of the second half against Mississippi last week with a knee injury, the Rebels gained 158 yards in that half, or 66 yards more than any of Alabama's other opponents had managed in an entire game.

So it is fair to say Cody stands out.

Two guys that also stand out to me are BJ Raji of Boston College and Terrance Taylor of Michigan. Raji is a fire hydrant at 6-1 and 323 pounds while Taylor is not far behind at a compact 6-foot and 319 pounds. Neither is prototypical, but I think the Dolphins must consider their production as well as size.

Sen'Derrick Marks of Auburn is 6-1 and 288 which seems kind of smallish to me, but he is perhaps the most athletic man of this bunch. The guy dunks while taking off from the foul line. Geno Atkins of Georgia, who is 6-1 and 290 pounds should also be considered a possibility. He is also from South Florida.

There you have it. The first draft update of the season comes six games in. I think that is a record.


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Cody is a beast, would not take him in the first round due to the risk of him being in/out of shape. Would like to see him slip to the 2nd round. Typically I don't like taking a WR real high in the draft, but if Crabtree is available you cannot pass him up.

I'd love to see the Dolphins land Brandon Tate, as long as he comes back from the knee injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago. Tate is a very dynamic receiver, arguably the best in the ACC until getting hurt. And he's a stellar returner as well.

Some comments:

-Vontae Davis - YES please. We need a No. 1 corner. Will Allen is a good No. 2 but after that we are sorely lacking.
-Crabtree is the real deal. He's an amazing talent.
-It's worth mentioning that Tate tore his knee up and is out for the year.
-Marks is a GREAT player, but he's not a nose tackle in the 3-4. He'd have to play end here, and we don't need one. He'll go to a 4-3 team.

Tate's Knee blew up a couple weeks ago, ACL, MCL.

vontae davis is the younger bro of 49ers TE Vernon Davis. so you know he's athletic. whether that translates on the field ...

alphonso smith makes up for his lack of size with great ball skills and physical ability. think nate clements. he's also from pahokee, and speaking of which, a late-round receiver worth looking into is DJ Boldin, Anquan's younger brother, also from wake forest and also from pahokee. he's a bit short at 5'11" but has plenty of bulk (220 lbs!).

Cody would be a terrific pickup at nose, and while BJ Raji certainly is talented, don't forget about BC teammate and fellow DT behemoth Ron Brace.

I don't see us spending a first-day pick on a receiver.

Alphonso Smith is a first round talent he may be small buts his instincts are off the wall and any ball that touches his hands he will not drop... he also has the ability to take it back for a pick six whenever...

With the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech ...

Agreed Crabtree could be the best rookie receiver in the NFL ever. This guy is not a product of the system, but rather what makes the system work. There is plenty of opportunity to see him play on tv coming up as Texas Tech has the roughest schedule than probably any other team in the next 4 games against Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma in that order. Let's not forget this guy has scored 34 TDs in 19 games. His route running is immaculate and he can turn on the speed like a lightswitch.

I would say NO NO NO NO NO to Maclin, Harvin, Heyward-Bey and their peers. We already have Ginn who is or was what those guys are right now. We need a proper WR, with WR skills, not just a speedster who can return kicks or run reverses. Maclin (best in the country right now?) is an awesome college player but will not translate to the pros.

I also like Darius Butler, but what is the connection to Sparano? That he goes to UConn? Not much of a connection if you ask me....

Mark in Ottawa, the day after the Roy Williams trade I had that same thought.

Urban Meyer doesn't like you either. At least he's good at what he does.

Nice job, Mr. Armando Salguero. I might just give you a bowl of Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup. It's a good source of lean protein.

Now that we know what needs this team has and the available talent to fill those needs, lets look at the hand Misters Parcells and Ireland are holding at the poker table:

Draft picks:
1 1st
2 2nds (own + J.Taylor to DC)
1 each 3 - 6 rounds
3 7ths (own+T.Daniels to Clevland, McCown to Carolina)

Trade bait: Ginn, Ricky, Beck
If LT is really hurt - Norv would like a Ricky reunion to salvage this season and his job. They'd give a 4th and Bill would hold out for a 3rd.

The crazy man in Oakland might like the fast #19 car (for a high 2nd rounder) to have someone Jamarcus cant overthrow.

Jerry Jones might like Beck as a new toy for Jason Garret to play behind the scenes with for a 3rd-4th rounder and as an insurance policy for Romocop. (Cameron has his man in Flacco).

If we do trade I like it because Mr. Parcells will hold out until he gets value unlike some folks down there in the past.

Yall fans come on over to Mrs. McNabbs on draft day and I'll cook up a big pot of Campbell's Chunky Fully Loaded Beef & Bean Chili. Extreme amounts of meat and beans with a full serving of vegetables. Then y'all can sit on my sofa eatin beans for hours on end and enjoy Bill Parcells playin poker like a playa on South Beach.
He smart like my boy Donovan. Donovan crazy like a man who got his drink on & be runnin cirles round dem otha players tryin be ketchup to him wit dey pants around they ankles yellin come back here boyeeee.. and he all like "no, my brotha!"

Crabtree is the real deal. I will be disappointed if we have an opportunity to take him and don't.

I'm in Blacksburg and I've seen Macho (Victor) Harris play in person. ESPN radio called him the 3rd best player in college fb pre-season. He's a cover corner, has about 4 picks so far this season, averages about 7 or 8. will go in the 1st round to someone and will start immediately.

If you watch any film you'll see that Jenkins is much better in coverage and run support then Davis. He also has more big play ability. Perhaps long term potential is why some scouts are...well at this point "Draft Guru's" are ranking Davis higher but on film I don't see it.

I do agree Miami needs CB (more then one), WR, back up NT. However, S is a big need and so is LB. The trifecta has done an excellent job of building depth along the OL and at RB so I don't see more then a pick on the OL.

How high we draft a LB will depend largely on if Crowder is resigned a few of the early LB's will tempt Parcell's but I think there is no bigger need the CB.

Also, how can you hate Urban Meyer? He runs a classy program with high graduation rates and competitive teams. Just because he beat up Miami? If Shannon and the Canes can't man up and play the game ya can't get mad at Urban. Shannon looks like a guy who is gonna be fired soon enough.

The Dolphins are doing ok and seem to be a victim of unrealistic expectations from their 2 wins. They are falling behind quickly because our Defensive secondary is adequate at best, and is particularly exposed against big play, superior athlete receivers. Boom, 60 yards in the air and we are behind...Once they fall behind, we tend to abandon the Ronnie and Rickly ground and pound. Chad P is a game manager; throwing the long ball is not his strength, but he is doing a good job. We do not have a Top Tier receiver, as Mando notes, the type that are burning us every game...
We would all love to have the same capability, but I think that is a "luxury" that will come with time. Perhaps with Henne next year who does better with the long ball; perhaps with drafting a Crabtree who is a threat every time he line up to go deep and grab a ball, or take a medium pass and break yards after the catch.
Regarding Tedd Ginn, all I can say is that coming out of college, he was the real deal...electrifying and fast!! I am not sure if we should give up on him just yet, and I will hope that his development has been slowed by the fact of the entire team having issues in which no one is reaching their potential (it is a team game at the core)

Alphonso Smith will be in town Saturday when Wake Forest plays the Canes-here's your chance to see him in action.

People are saying that this should be a great draft because everyone wants the lucrative rookie contract before the NFL re-structures rookie contracts to be more in line with veterans when the current collective bargaining agreement expires.

Their needs are pretty glaring...CB, WR, NT, LB. In reality, I think they need multiple LBs and multiple DBs. This is a good draft to have 4 draft picks within the first 3 rounds. Maybe they can talk Baltimore and Cameron into taking the Beck/Ginn package he loved so much for another pick. A second round pick for the two of them would be a steal.

i would love to see this draft:

1. Michael Crabtree

2a.Terrence Cody

2b. Brandon Tate

3. Darius Butler

that would be a hell of a draft.

Bottom line fellas......it's going to take two more off-seasons to build a REAL contender. We should dramatically improve 3 positions next year(I'm assuming CB, WR, and NT). We should also be able to get some depth in the later rounds for OT and Safety hopefully. The year after (2010) we'll need Safety(Bell or Hill will be toast by then), ILB, and OLB. More depth on the O-Line or D-Line. We should be very good by then. After that, it's a matter of replacing players as they age(i.e. RBs, LBs, etc). Hopefully it'll be this simple!!

A guy that I really like is Juaquin Iglesias from Oklahoma. He has decent size (6'0", 204), great hands, is an excellent route runner, and has great short area burst. His only drawback is his speed, running a 4.50 40 yard. Kind of reminds me a little of Chad Johnson, but I could just be crazy.

Jeff Ireland was seen a few weeks ago at a Connecticut game scouting Darius Butler, for whatever that is worth. But i think they are hoping he slips to the 2nd round, because Vontae Davis, Malcom Jenkins, and Alphonso Smith (in that order) are all rated ahead of him. So if the Phins take a corner in the 1st round, it wont be Darius Butler.

we need help on the defensive side of the ball..but we cant ignore value... if we get the chance to pick up a stud receiver we gotta go with that...

i wouldn't take a defensive back in the first round. nfl rules really don't let them play the position correctly. Crabtree, Cody, Tate and Butler in that order.

Good post Mando! Useful information and some insite of what's needed ahead. Well done.

Hey eric,

Your right that would be an amazing draft although I am not sold on B.Tate, he's 2 much like Ginn, Camarillo n
Bess, if we are gonna draft WRs they better be over 6'2" n wit hands, we need size cause we barelly have any big redzone targets.

I personally love Crabtree. I know Parcells doesn't like drafting WRs or RBs high in the draft but this guy is a monster. The 1st time I saw him play I thought he was 5'10" or something cause his moves n vision n sick on the open field, then I realized he's a legit 6'3". The best thing bout him is that he knows how 2 get open n does everything great. Only prob is that he might be a top 7 pick n I don't think we are going 2 do that bad.

Listen guys,

I know miami needs corner's and a DT and WR'S, but remember you DONT DRAFT NEEDS FIRST you draft value, its that simple.

Listen guys,

Miami drafts for both needs and value. Last year we needed a LT and drafted an LT, even though QB was the VALUE pick.

So don't listen to idiots like finsfan who act like they know things but really don't know anything.

Crap Armando... No time today, damn work getting in the way of the important stuff! Keep this block up a while tomorrow I have some good draft stuff.

They should look for CB'S in the first rd. WRs usually take longer to develop, they really need to look at freeagency for a #1 WR.

one comment on this. I think we should address one of the 3 needs through free agency. It's hard to find the big wideout & shut down corner in free agency, so I would suggest they try to find the nose tackle in free agency. Anybody know of any young ones who are free agents next year?

I dont like you either. Get a clue, Salguero.

When in doubt make up a rumor - TJ housh or should the 'fins sign keyshawn or ricky was tempted to smoke during the bye. Hey slow today - let's talk draft!

Cant believe you get paid for this garbage

This is what the dolphins should do. Sign Nmadi Asmough CB from the raiders hopefully they will
not franchise him. Draft Ray Maualuga in the 1st Rd( trojans of USC) 2nd Rd OLb Greg Hardy (ole Miss) led the SEC in sacks and taclkles for loss last season and is currentlly leading in those categories this season, he's a Junior and will be coming out. The other 2nd pick should be used to get a ball hawking CB the kid from
Wake is just that, but he doesn't meet the trifecta size requirement. I like Brandon Tate in the later rounds. (ex.4th.) The dolphins need playmakers galore and the guys I've just mentioned are just that.

Armando, good stuff. That is the problem with Miami's secondary, they're not necessarily bad, but they are not a good matchup against big WRs and we've played a lot them so far. That being said, their tackling has been poor in the secondary most of the year.

I'm positive that Parcells/Ireland will target CB, WR and NT in the offseason.

Mrs. McNabb, you come across as crazy as the guy in Oakland. The trading deadline is over.

We don't have a 6th round pick, sent it to Dallas in the Jason Ferguson deal. We do however get an additional 6th in 2010 from Washington in the JT deal.

I think the best think the dolphins could do is this:

1st Rey Maualuga or james laurinaitis
2nd Terrence Cody
2nd Brandon Spikes
3rd CB from wake forest
4TH Brandon tate
5th Michael Hamlin
7TH Cb

Hopefully we can sign asomugha

Ya'll are missing the big picture here. The Tuna builds from the inside out. Yes those are all needs but like i said inside out. Which means wr's and db's are last on the list. We still need OL, NT, & ILB because lets face it Crowder is not the playmaking ILB that we need. I learned when we picked Ginn and his family over Quinn not to get my hopes up on any one player. As long as we get quality players and keep building through the draft I don't care who we pick.

My Draft rankings so far - positions we should consider:

Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
Percy Harvin, Florida
Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

Michael Oher, Ole Miss
Eugene Monroe, Virginia
Andre Smith, Alabama
Alex Boone, Ohio State
Ciron Black, LSU

Terrence Cody, Alabama
Fili Moala, USC
Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
Terrence Taylor, Michigan
DeMarcus Granger, Oklahoma

Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech
George Selvie, South Florida
Brian Orakpo, Texas
Tyson Jackson, LSU

Rey Maualaga, USC
James Laurinaitis, Ohio State

Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
Vontae Davis, Illinois
Victor Harris, Virginia Tech
Mike Mickens, Cincinnati

Taylor Mays, USC
William Moore, Missouri

I peronally would go after Maualaga or Laurinaitis in the first round - we missed on Willis already.

Please don't take a WR in the first round again - please never again!!! You need someone who can get up there in the play count one way or the other - as our Headcoach likes to say - so considering this what are the positions you have players that can perform from day one?

OL, DL, LB and RB in my eyes - all the other position need more time to adapt to the Pros.

So what do we have then?

We don't need RB.
OL - Carey maybe gone;
DL - NT a real need but no one qualifies for the top 15 overall;
DE - Got 2 in last years draft and still have Starks and Holliday - not really a need - but maybe one of those guys or a rookie can switch to OLB in our 3-4. Porter is not the youngest guy on the team.
That leaves us with ILB

So here my Dolphins Draft Borad for the first round - hope we will be good enough so the first two will be already gone:

1)Michael Oher, OT
2)Michael Johnson, DE
3)Rey Maualaga, ILB
4)Eugene Monroe, OT
5)James Laurinaitis, ILB
6)George Selvie, DE
7)Terrence Cody, DE
8)Andre Smith, OT
9)Fili Moala, DT
10)Brian Orakpo, DE
11)Terrence Taylor, DT

Cody is NT of course

i like that draft KILLO

I hate the Hokies (state rivalry thing) but Victor Harris would be a nice pick for the first round. He is a great cover corner, and could be valuable on special teams.

If you want to look at some good possibilities at LB, try to catch a Virginia game. Clint Stintim is a monster, and they have two other seniors who are pretty good. And their head coach is Al Groh, and something tells me that Parcells will trust him when it comes to LBs. They also have a highly rated OL in Eugene Monroe, if Miami decides to go that way in the first round. Wouldn't surprise me if they did.

We don't have a 6th round pick. We sent it to Dallas in the trade for Ferguson.

yeap... i forgot we dont have a 6th... thanks Cee canefan

Way to go Mando........

This blog post has to be one of the most impressive insults to a pro team that I've ever seen.

Keep up the good work!!

Tommya, how was this article an impressive insult. Armando targeted the positions we need to address in the draft. The Dolphins do have holes and DB, WR and depth at NT are a few of them.

Knowing how Parcells operates I would expect OL, DL, LB to be an annual priority.

My first round call would be Maualuga or Selvie but I would slide back in the 1st, if there are any trading partners, and grab LB Aaron Curry of Wake Forest. He will be a beast plus we would get some more picks.

2nd round - CB and S.

3rd round - CB.

4th round - WR. They will find the value pick.

Look for OL / NT projects to be taken later. Parcells likes beasts that he can mold.

2010 is when they will look for the long term WR in the 1st or 2nd. They will keep building line and LB depth and fix the secondary. The stud WR may have to wait.

Got a hunch about Brandon London....once he gets a shot he may surprise.

I think CB is definitely our top need. I really couldn't complain with either Jenkins or V. Davis in rd 1, but I hope the pick is Malcom Jenkins. He'd be the true #1 shutdown corner we need.
I would like to sign Miles Austin in FA, and I think that would pretty much set our receiving core. Ginn is going to continue to improve and he will be in his 3rd season next year. Austin has good size at 6'3'' 215lb and he is a big play receiver. Austin and Ginn to stretch the field, and Camarillo is a solid possession guy. Bess is a good #4 or #5 guy, and Brandon London seems to be progressing very well also. With that said, if Crabtree is sitting there in rd 1 for us, he'd be awfully tough to pass up.
I'd address the NT position in rd 3 or so with a guy like Ron Brace from B.C. He's got the size Parcells likes at 6'3'' 325 lb.
2 guys that I think are going to be really high on the Finz draft board are Brian Orakpo DE/OLB from Texas and Rey Mauluga ILB from USC. Those 2 are Parcells' kind of guys.
Here's my Finz mock.
1)Malcom Jenkins CB Ohio St.
2)Alex Boone OT Ohio St.- to replace Carey because he won't be re-signed.
2)Cody Brown DE/OLB UConn
3)Ron Brace NT B.C.
4)Otis Wiley FS Mich St.
5)Reshard Langford SS

1)CB-Chris Gamble
2)WR-Miles Austin

Big Steve, I agree with you assessment. That's the way this regime builds a team.

We might wait until the 3rd or 4th to draft a WR. If we sign WRs in free agency we might draft WRs even later in the draft. We already have a lot of young WRs with little experience.

I feel our top 4 picks, 1, 2, 2 and 3 will be CB, S, NT, LB or RT in no particular order. If we lose Carey and Crowder to free agency, we'll need to address those positions. We could also address it in free agency, but I think Parcells and Ireland want to keep adding defense to this team through the draft. RT could be the free agent target should we lose Carey. We already have three young OL as well in Satele, Long and Thomas and most of our depth.

We need to add some more players through free agency who are in their prime.

Blake, is Miles Austin a UFA next year? I didn't see him listed on the 2008 free agent list.

If we go down 2-5 at the 8 week mark: Look for the Henne cry, and who is available in the draft. Buffalo may be better than 3 of the 4 teams we lost to, including Baltamore. I think everyone believes we can beat the Bills, special teams, and the kicking games will have to step up. J. Fergurson is a bigger injury than a lot of people realize. Where's our down hill running game? Miami is suppose to have the line for it. I'm counting 7-8 in the box on all our plays. Where's the Ron & Rick receiving game? T Ginn did better on Punt returns than kick-offs. Am I right or wrong? Ginn is exciting when he touches the ball on kicks. I don't understand not wanting Ginn to touch the ball on every kick, he led the league in yardage at one point in the season last year. Although it was preseason and the Chiefs Ginn had a 59yard punt return this year )+**!!# I really don't see not using him as our primary returner. Some team is going to trade Miami a draft pick for Ted and use him exclusively in the return game.

Tommya, are you a moron or simply a retard?

Tommya, are you a moron or simply a retard?

I will second the props for Oklahoma's Juaquin Iglesias. At 6'0", 205 lbs he'd be a great fit, and he consistently makes play after play for OU. He'd help Ginn and Camarillo immediately and might well be worth the first round pick if we are picking in the mid to late teens. Might also be worth trading down for if the CB's are gone.

Also Mike Mickens of Cincinnati would seem to be a possibility at CB.

Idk, y some fo you ar really consider us taking a DE in the 1st round???

Unless Michael Johnson or Goergie Selvie are gonna make the transition to OLB then they are not huge needs. Even if they do like Gholston did this yr, Porter has balled back in his natural position n Roth has been amazing in his transition to OLB. We drafted 3 DEs in this draft in Merling, Langford n Dotson, plus we still have Holliday n R.Wright n all are great fits as 3-4 DEs.
Our needs are at CB, WR, NT n even MLB if they let crowder walk n there will def be talent in those positiosn when we are gonna be drafting.
So lets drop any talk about drafting any of these undersized speedy DEs because before we add depth we need to add quality starters at our weak spots.

Idk, y some fo you ar really consider us taking a DE in the 1st round???

Unless Michael Johnson or Goergie Selvie are gonna make the transition to OLB then they are not huge needs. Even if they do like Gholston did this yr, Porter has balled back in his natural position n Roth has been amazing in his transition to OLB. We drafted 3 DEs in this draft in Merling, Langford n Dotson, plus we still have Holliday n R.Wright n all are great fits as 3-4 DEs.
Our needs are at CB, WR, NT n even MLB if they let crowder walk n there will def be talent in those positiosn when we are gonna be drafting.
So lets drop any talk about drafting any of these undersized speedy DEs because before we add depth we need to add quality starters at our weak spots.

Idk, y some fo you ar really consider us taking a DE in the 1st round???

Unless Michael Johnson or Goergie Selvie are gonna make the transition to OLB then they are not huge needs. Even if they do like Gholston did this yr, Porter has balled back in his natural position n Roth has been amazing in his transition to OLB. We drafted 3 DEs in this draft in Merling, Langford n Dotson, plus we still have Holliday n R.Wright n all are great fits as 3-4 DEs.
Our needs are at CB, WR, NT n even MLB if they let crowder walk n there will def be talent in those positiosn when we are gonna be drafting.
So lets drop any talk about drafting any of these undersized speedy DEs because before we add depth we need to add quality starters at our weak spots.

Has last years SB been so long ago that common sense gets thrown by the wayside yet again?

High powered Offenses get shut down or at the very least significantly limited by great Defenses and NOT the other way around.

Trent Dilfer won a SB for Gods sake with a laughable Offense simply because their D just didnt allow people to score on them.

I love seeing 30+ on the board Offensively but I'd rather know that if you put 17 points up that the games a lock because of your D.

BP will turn this D into a monster because even the best O's get shut down but good D's dont!

Let's not forget about safety. Any of these guys would be a very good addition to our pitiful secondary.

Let's not forget about safety. Any of these guys would be a very good upgrade over Hill or Bell. Hill can't cover, tackle or catch. Bell can't cover a tightend.

Taylor Mays*, SS/FS, USC
Height: 6-4. Weight: 225.
Projected 40 Time: 4.45.
2007: A 6-4, 225-pound safety who runs a 4.3? Pretty sick. As a freshman, Taylor Mays started 12 games, recorded 62 tackles and picked off three passes.

Myron Rolle*, SS, Florida State
Height: 6-2. Weight: 218.
Projected 40 Time: 4.46.
2007: A player with no weaknesses in his game, Myron Rolle started the final 10 games of his freshman year, finishing third on the team with 77 tackles.

William Moore, FS/SS, Missouri
Height: 6-1. Weight: 220.
Projected 40 Time: 4.45.
Projected Round (2009): Top 20 Pick.
5/19/09: Looks to be a good fit at either safety position at the next level. William Moore had an incredible 2007 campaign, notching seven picks and qualifying as a second-team All-American.
2007: An interception machine and the leader of Missouri's defense. Voted as a Second-Team All-American.

Kam Chancellor*, SS, Virginia Tech
Height: 6-4. Weight: 225.
Projected 40 Time: 4.50.
Projected Round (2009): 1-2.
2007: An extremely athletic safety - seems like this draft class is laden with guys like that.

Derek Pegues, FS, Mississippi State
Height: 5-10. Weight: 196.
Projected 40 Time: 4.43.
Projected Round (2009): 2.
5/19/09: Doubling as a return man, Derek Pegues managed 50 tackles and five interceptions in 2007.

2007: Derek Pegues is a lightning-quick jack of all trades; he can play cornerback, free safety and kick returner. He started every game as a sophomore and picked off four passes.

Yeah we need another WR maybe 2 but I still think Ginn can offer us something. The problem is, we are not exploiting his speed down field. You do that you force defenses to back off, that then gives you the underneath stuff. Yeah it all comes back to Penny's arm. But keep in mind that Henne is the future, you dont want to give up on raw speed like that just yet. Wait till we see Henne in the line up and we will get a true picture of Ginn's value at WR

2nd half of the season is crucial for Ginn... Im expecting Henne to get more playing time as the season comes to an end. Then you will see more down field shots. Should this prove Ginn is a keeper this then changes the dynamnics of what type of WR you then need to go for in the draft.

Let the season play out. I believe that the next draft will focus on DB/NT/OL Free agency will focus on WR and LB and potentially further depth on the OL.

Although I do think if he is available in the 2nd round that USC LB #10 (cant recall his name at this very moment) could be a parcells kinda guy.

does any one know who the top receivers,cb, and nose tackles.that will be free agents this year.We do need each of those positions filled but the is something to be said about experiance.Not all new comers are great in the nfl,they are still rookies with a lot to learn.

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