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Bills lead Dolphins 9-7 going into 3rd quarter

The Dolphins led most of the first half but a blocked field goal by the Bills and a 47 yard field goal by the Bills as the half ended turned a 7-6 Miami lead into a 9-7 deficit.

The Dolphins have done most of their damage through the air today. Quarterback Chad Pennington has completed 11 of 14 passes for 146 yards with one touchdown. He has been actively searching for Ted Ginn Jr. today and as a result, the receiver has three catches for 67 yards.

The Bills are also having success throwing the ball. Quarterback Trent Edwards has 12 completions on 19 attempts for 107 yards.

The feel of the game is strange in that Miami has been leading much of the way and by all accounts has played better. Yet the Dolphins trail. Strange.

Anyway, the teams are coming back on the field now. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Mando did they fix this blog yet?

if we stop giving them plays and. stop the turnovers we will be right back in it

Phins have a chance if they do not give up a TD on opening drive of 3rd quarter.

NFL.COM gave Miami an "undefined" safety. According to them the score is now 9-9, woo hoo!

Powder puff dolphins get ready to feel the pain of the buffulo Bills. Lets go bills(the original and rightful kings of the NFC East)

As I say in the new post, this game feels very strange. The Dolphins have played fine. They have been the better team it seems in the first half. And yet they trail.

You guys disagree?

Tony: The blog is messed up today. Sorry. I think we broke the internet

Further proving dolphan4life is an idiot he prounounces the Bills as the power in the NFC East.

guess it is true take a true powder puff to know one

Lynch for 4 yards.

Spread them out and run on us, why don't we try that.

i agree mando i think we will be fine

The frustrating thing is the Dolphins never seem to make the tackle with the first try. There is always a broken tackle.

Yes, we SHOULD be winning now. BUT, we gave up the fumble, bad clock management, bad special teams, and blockd FG. All that = Points off the board for us, and points on the board for Buffalo.

You're right Armando. They have definitely played good enough to win today. It's the back breaking mistakes that are killing them. This will show up in the 4th quarter

Vonnie Holliday took an finger to the face or eyes.

Seems like we have had plenty of opportunities to take score more points and we've bumbled all of them.

Shades of Jim Kelly and Thurman the Dolphin Killer Thomas. Go Bills!

No Make Blogger Ur Name Isnt Ted Ginn Sr. Is It?

Mando the game has a strange feel I agree.But I dont think they have played well.Too many mistakes -again!!

when they spread our defense our guys are so confused its not even funny. where is the heart in this team the last 2 weeks. Serious steps backwards from the Patriots and Chargers game.

Wow u r such a loser

Had to get the sack there!!

Go Bills! way to go Junior Jim Kelly. Beat those powder puff dolphins!

Holliday's return is questionable.

thats should have been a sack

Mando they have played better but they keep making foolish mistakes which the bills aint and if they dont correct that then blowout in the 2nd half

The crowd here is dead right now.

Defense Getting Tired

go defense you weak sons a biatches

Hey I think the blog is working a little faster. That true?

If they score here, it's probably over.

anyone have a clue as to where the improvement is on this team right now?

Oh well, guess not.

And the Bills march on Oh my achin A##.

They can't stop us baby! Run or Pass it doesnt' matter the dolphin D is a bunch of pansies! Let's go Bills

Pete the improvement is in that last time the Dolphins and Bills played, the Bills blew Miami out something like 34-14.

Mando they have played better but they keep making foolish mistakes which the bills aint and if they dont correct that then blowout in the 2nd half

Just like I said after disasterous final possession in 2nd quarter. Game is OVER. Ugh.

More missed tackle. More missed tackle. More missed tackles.

Way to go baby! spank those punks.

wow another missed tackle

No Tackling=defeat

Anyone who doesn't see improvement on this years team as compared to last has serious issues.

There is still time for 34-13 Mando

watching this team play is like masterbating with a cheese grater, mildy amusing but mostly painful

Create a link Mando everytime you change it up...

Load that defense in the offseason. WR,DB,LB IN FREE AGENCY, and cb with first pick, db with second,wr or lb 3rd and 4th.

This game is not over yet.

Mando-ever thoght about suiting up. I bet you can do just as well-at least you probably would try to make a tackle!!!

N.name I Know

Vonnie holiday return in doubt? Has he even been playing this year? Other than reading about him i cant remember a play the old guy has made this year.p.merlin ftw!

Armando, why are we not blitzing more today ? With the lack of a secondary, should we not try to force a few turovers ? On offense what the hell are they doing giving the ball to rickey for ? I don't think he will be here next season.

No improvement + poor fundamentals (i.e., tackling) + metal errors = bad coaching - period.

same dolphins different year

OK. NOW IT IS TIME FOR US TO MARCH RIGHT BACK DOWN AND SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will the offense respond or will they just beat themselves again? Because the Bills certainly aren't beating them. They practically handed them the game in the first half. Teams learning how to be competitive and now needs to learn how to win.

ok Buffalo unveiled Lynch, how about unveiling Ronnie? How is the gem from Gannon, "it's going to be about running the ball in the second half and right now it's all buffalo" IDIOT!!! we haven't gotten the ball yet!!!!!

Pete didn't the guy in the Sopranos like to have a cheese grater rubbed in on his nether regions? Maybe he was a Dolphin fan!

Cheese Grater.....damn

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