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Bills lead Dolphins 9-7 going into 3rd quarter

The Dolphins led most of the first half but a blocked field goal by the Bills and a 47 yard field goal by the Bills as the half ended turned a 7-6 Miami lead into a 9-7 deficit.

The Dolphins have done most of their damage through the air today. Quarterback Chad Pennington has completed 11 of 14 passes for 146 yards with one touchdown. He has been actively searching for Ted Ginn Jr. today and as a result, the receiver has three catches for 67 yards.

The Bills are also having success throwing the ball. Quarterback Trent Edwards has 12 completions on 19 attempts for 107 yards.

The feel of the game is strange in that Miami has been leading much of the way and by all accounts has played better. Yet the Dolphins trail. Strange.

Anyway, the teams are coming back on the field now. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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The troubling thing about that play is that Ginn didn't outrun everybody to the end zone.

Where are Martin and Fasano today ? Ginn is looking better, wow hagan may even catch a pass today ??

Big play ginn and family!!!

Typical Fins. Play good for a half-quarter.

Dolphins spent too much time celebrating that long gain and got flagged for delay. Sad.

Finally some production from Ted Ginn Jr's family

Lets go Bills. Hold em to 3

1 step forward, two steps back. Field goal does us no good.

ginn sucks, he's suppost to be the fastest player on the field?

They got really screwed on the play clock there

mando is this ginn's first 100yrd game of career?

This team team needs a lot of work at run-stuffing. Once again a 5 yard per attempt average will lose you every game.

The fans were actually chanting, "let's go offense." Nowhere but Miami.

brown completely missed that block

U Know Its Not Going 2 B A Goodgame When Ginn Is Ur Go too Guy

Here we go backwards again-pathetic

We just IMPLODE from First and 10 at the 18 yard line today. Unbelievable.

Our qb is improved, Ginn looks to be improving, our o-line has improved, our d-line has improved, our RB situation has improved. Who are these people saying there is no improvement?

What a waste.

Now you see why I was unhappy that Ginn didn't get in the end zone.

Good Job Bills!

Miami Fans in that Stadium are PATHETIC!!!!! can you hear the ROAR when buffalo makes a play?

that sucked

my god these blocked passes this year have been way too common

Hmm, scored too fast, our D hasn't rested enough to stop them.

this is Ginn's first 100-plus-yard game.

"brown completely missed that block"
he tried to block the inside guy, who got a hand on Pennington anyway - if he had picked up the outside rusher the inside guy still would have creamed Pennington. Brown and the lineman (guard?) both blew it.

Ginn actually has 131 yards.

Are you saying that you prdicted that to happen Armando? What are you the only one smart enogh to make predictions that come true? ;)

Guess 3 is better than nothing but I see the Bills going right back down the field on tis thing we call a defense.

No Name , I Know

big plays followed by a bunch of shoot yourself in the foot plays, does not = win

This is where the Miami special teams gives up a big play.

I guess you ARE the only one who is smart "enogh".


Edwards just has great awareness. Makes you wish the Dolphins had drafted him last year.

They can't stop us baby! Run Bills Run!

When Does Parcells take over the coaching reigns? Failure to have Ginn in onthe downs folowing his 60+yd reception was inexcusable.

When will the radio shills on QAM talk about the sea of empty seats?

Bad prediction Armando, they actually held this time. WRONG AGAIN! :)

Maybe Teddy needs to have Teddy Sr. and family move down to Miami, hopefully they can inspire him every week. Last time he got yelled at for going to the sideline before getting a first down now it will be about hanging on to the ball.

Dolphins do not miss a tackle on the run blitz on third down. Good job.

I Wonder If They Will Leave Some Food 4 Ginn 2nite

Every QB looks good against the Dolphins Mando

here we go td here and we are back on top

I agree. We should change coaches every season because that's how the winning teams do it. Give a coach an inferior product and then blame him when the product doesn't do well, fire him, and then start from scratch. That is the recipe for success right there! Idiots.

QAM's ratings tanked in the last ratings book.

big stop!!!

Good point, Tony T

why does every punter we play against have big days against us

Wildcat with Cobbs leading Ronnie. It's like a sweep only with Cobbs instead of aguard leading.

more wildcat

Ginn is putting up top flight receiver stats today against one of the best NFL teams. He is doing his job.

Good job by Pennington who got drilled as he released the ball to Ginn.

Teddy A-GINN!

Ginn again

Oh come on Armando!!!! hating on QAM!!! you should say full disclosure and then rant! ;-)

Finally giving Ginn the slant routes he needs.

Wow Only Took Ted 24 Games To Get To 100 Yds At That Pace It Will Take Him 85 Years To Over Take Rice For Most 100 Yard Games

Holy Tedd Ginn! Has he arrived finally?

I'm not hating on QAM. I am stating the fact about the latest ratings book. And yes, I work for 790 The Ticket. That doesn't change what the book said.

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