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Clearing out the Thursday notebook

Some good stuff I thought I'd share with you:

First, Michael Lehan tweaked his hamstring in practice today. So he was limited. That could be nothing if Lehan is fine for game day or it could be HUGE if the team needs Jason Allen to start playing, which is what it looks like will happen.

Allen was expected to get some time in the dime package this week because the waiving of Chris Crocker created a spot there. If Lehan goes out, there is yet another spot.

"Jason Allen is getting better and better," coach Tony Sparano said Thursday. "He's ready to go into a game."

The Buffalo game could be the time.


I asked Tony Sparano what his perfect day on offense would look like.

"The perfect situation would be to run 40 times and throw 25 times," he answered straight-forward.

Sparano explains that he'd love to have Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams carry the ball 24 times and give the other guy 16 or so carries. He said that breakdown would typically give the Dolphins about 34 minutes in time of possession. So what does that do for him?

"It's not a major statistic but if you look at it, the team that runs the most plays wins about 82 percent of the time," Sparano said. "Your chance of winning the game goes way up."

Looking at the Miami games this year, the Dolphins have come closest to that perfect script in two games. They ran the ball 36 times against New England and 39 times against San Diego. They threw the ball between 21 and 29 times in those games. And won both.

Miami has thrown the ball more often than it has run in every other game this season. And Miami lost all of those.


Receiver Ernest Wilford talked today. It's Thursday.

He said he feels like he has finally caught up with the offense and is catching the ball better than he has all year.

Does that mean he'll be on the field this week?

Listening to Sparano talk, the Dolphins cannot count on Wilford playing more than 15 plays per game because his special teams contribution is limited. So we'll see.