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Dolphins beat Bills 25-16 to keep hopes alive

The Dolphins have just completed their biggest upset victory of the year and that's saying a lot considering previous victories over New England and San Diego.

The Dolphins have defeated the Bills 25-16.

The Dolphins pretty much outgunned a Bills team that entered the game with a 5-1 record and sole possession of the AFC East lead. Miami passes for a season-high 314 yards with 175 of those yards contributed by receiver Ted Ginn Jr. who caught seven passes for his best day as a professional.

Quarterback Chad Pennington completed 22 of 30 passes with one touchdown and no interceptions.

The Dolphins trailed 9-7 at halftime but they got a 3 yard TD run by Ricky Williams and a 43 yard field goal by Dan Carpenter to take a 17-16 lead by the end of the third quarter.

Then all heck broke loose.

There was the safety caused by Joey Porter. There was the Will Allen interception that led to a field goal. And there was the fumble recovery by Channing Crowder to seal the game.

The Bills had four turnovers on the day.

I am about to go into the Dolphins locker room where, no doubt, players will be talking about staying alive in the AFC East race. The question is do you believe they are capable of staying alive in the AFC East, given their ability to beat the division's two best teams?

Or do you see this as something a freak victory?

I say the Dolphins are ALIVE. And legit.


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mR742= moron.

Legit? Sure, why not? This team is playing with heart and have beaten some good teams. Will they win the division? It could happen, long shot, but could happen. It's been a long time since I felt they even had a chance at this point in the year.

Great game, fans were fired up. Too many obnoxious Bills fans for my liking, but still the phins fans were fired up!

Jonah-Good observation on Merling but fat,sluggish and stupid can be corrected.

Great stuff Boys..

Good to see Teddy break out for his best game finally. And Joey P is an animal in defence, I love it.

Now to win the games we should win.

Boxa Aus.

they are shocking people. imagine if we still had mcmicheal, chambers and jt oppisite porter we would be just a lil bit more dangerous.

Go 4-4 and then....


Hey everyone...let's try this. Let's wait and see what they do against Denver. Honestly, I think they are still "cleaning the dust out of the attic" and will continue to gel as the season goes on. Next week is week 9 and the division is still tight.

WWWOOOOT! Congrats all on this fine day!

Secondary picked up the pace this week and are redeeming themselves. Not only Ginn had a breakout game...Jason Allen showed his true potential today!

I agree with being in good shape for the long term. Being a young team, Fins will develop consistency in week-to-week performance through time.

Plus, as someone mentioned earlier...the victories coming from being an underdog make the victories so much more fulfilling.

That new wrinkle with Fasano in the backfield was awesome. Hoping EA puts the wildcat plays in Madden next year!

Just to have fun to think about hypothetically...what if:

We beat the future opponents of:
Seattle (1-5)
Oakland (2-5)
St. Louis (2-5)
San Fran (2-5)
Kansas City (1-6)

All possible to win considering the heavy weights we have beat so far.

We'd be at 8 wins.

Then we pull one or two more upsets, which we are capable of, versus:

New England
N.Y. Jets

Which we can beat 2 of those teams for sure, with a rematch of the Jets I'm sure Fins will be amped for.

It's all hypothetical but possible to go better than 8-8 this year! Keep Hope Alive!

Even if we don't, we've got the draft and free agency to build upon. Sure is good to have hope again and to enjoy the football season. Thanks Dolphins!

Armando, you've said a lot of stupid things in the past. I thought you couldn't top your prediction that the Dolphins would finish 10-6 in 2007, but you have. "Biggest upset victory of the year"???? The Dolphins were playing the Bills AT HOME. The Dolphins had already beaten the two teams who played in last year's AFC championship game! Conservative odds might say the Dolphins had about a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of winning. Just for the sake of the argument, let's go even lower and say 1 in 5.

Now compare that to the Dolphins' victory over the Patriots earlier this season. The Dolphins were 0-2. The Patriots were 2-0. The Patriots had won their last 21 regular season games. The Dolphins during that time were 1-20. The Patriots were playing AT HOME. I honestly thought the odds of the Dolphins winning that Sunday were maybe 1 in 20 although I can neither add multiply or divide.

Armando, your careless stupidity has devastated me. It's hurt my feelings. You have robbed me of my faith in journalistic competence.

I'm demoralized. And I suck.

Mando-kick no name poster in the arse!!!

Armando, are you that sensitive that you edited my entry?

I wrote, "I honestly thought the odds of the Dolphins winning that Sunday were maybe 1 in 20." Somebody added, "although I can neither add multiply or divide." Whoever amended my entry suffers from poor syntax and punctuation. There should have been a comma after the word "add" and the word "or" should have been "nor."

YES dr. Frankenstein their alive!!!!

p.s. whats up now ginn haters??? haha

kudos to Chad P. he shut me up by goin deep.

The East isn't strong this year. Obviously b/c of Brady's injury. But overall we do have a chance of competing for the division. I just don't think we'll play with the consistency needed to win it. Our schedule will allow us to put up a record we may or may not live up to. But regardless of all that, I can't help but smile at the way they've been playing. I'm not ashamed at the lack of talent or effort like I was last year. We didn't roll over but it's like our eyes were glazed over when NE was p*ss pounding us by 28. Keep up the effort fellas.

Jake Long is doing a great job.
I'm glad to see Jason Allen playing!!
Porter is better than i thought!!
Ginn Jr. suprised all of us!
How about that DEFENSE???

in the very first quarter we could tell that the bills game plan was to attack our DBs.
however ours was to attack McGee and his knee.
Good job!!!

Vote For Ted:

Everyone is always alive until the math says otherwise. It was a impressive win Sunday, however, they need to work on tackling! to many times this season they allowed YAC. Ginn, its about time you got involved! another game like this and they will have to double him up which should leave Fasano 1 on 1 w/ a LB. I still believe they should consider the RB screen play more often. Long and Smiley are both athletic enough to get downfield as they proved today. In my opinion the jury is still out with J. Allen until he gets more PT. Its a good start for him though. If he continues to play well and improve he should unseat Goodman in the starting lineup. Give Merling some time to grow, he is still young as well as Langford. If we didnt need them to play right away nothing would be said about them. We can't expect every draft pick to be pro bowl material, at least not right away.

Glad Ricky made up for his mistakes

I am a die hard fins fan living in Kansas. Each fins win is a joy to me, and the wins this season have a plus, winning against teams they where picked to lose to. I still feel that the AFC East will be a battle between both teams from NY. We are near the point of being back as a powerhouse, but still need a few items to be in place. Next year the battle for the AFC East will go thur Miami.

Great win for the Fins. Another positive step in the reclamation of this franchise. Now, they have to find some consistency. A win at Denver would be huge for this team's confidence, especially considering that they come home for 3 straight games after the Mile High trip. Fins should be able to move the ball and put up points on a bad Bronco defense. But, can the defense get to Cutler like they got to Edwards and can the DB's hold their ground against a physical group of Denver receivers. If the answer is yes, this team has a shot to be 4-4, with winnable games upcoming.

starks and soliai looked good as well. minus lehan, are we still injury free? speaks mountains of our offseason program.

thats what is producing these upsets !!

The Texans do not suck nor do the Ravens.The Dolphins lost because they did not play well.Jesus could come down and coach but they wont be a contender until they have more talent!! Posted by: Tony T Bone

Not sure of Jesus' coaching credentials and it might be disadvantageous to have a guy who can turn gatorade into something stronger. There are enough temptations on Miami Beach as it is. Mind you, the receiving corps could use some help and I do remember saying "For what I am about to receive . . ." last time I was at mass so maybe you know something I don't. Let's go get him!

jason allen needs to be on the field...he is the best tackler back there and always seems to be around the ball making plays, his hit caused one fumble, her recovered the muff on the late punt...he has good size and they usually play their sturdiest defense when he is getting extended PT....let him loose!!

I've been Pennington's biggest critic so it's only fair that I ADMIT CHAD PENNINGTON PLAYED LIKE A MAN.

the d plays much better when jason allen is on the field...he caused a fumble, recovered a muff and generally seems to be areound the ball...while he is a tweener..a bit big for corner and small for safety, he needs to be on the field...

This team is building an identity and as long as each player can bring his best to each game, there is no reason this team can't compete all year long. When I watch the Dolphins this year I feel they have a chance to win every game. I didn't feel that way last year. They're fun to watch and they're no easy task for opponents.

Ginn jr. proved why he was a top ten player in college... give hime a few more years to develop and strengthen and I see him being as good as steve smith maybe better

i want to agree with you mando...but im not too sure that we are legit just yet. under estimated, yes at times but we still have another round to play with our division. i dont remember if we've ever swept the bills or the pats in the same year (aside from '72) plus, it looks like brett can toss three picks and still get a win. matt cassel seems to be getting comfortable. denver's run-D is suspect which bodes well for R & R. seattle is just plain bad thus far. oakland doesnt have daunte to shred up our D this year. st. louis is looking better than they did at the start of the year. san fran and KC s*ck something awful so i like our chances against them. so do i think we are still alive in the afc east, sure, but we're on life support. i have faith in team tuna and the nucleus that they've started to form.

1st great win yesterday it really felt good to finally enjoy a dolphin game without felling like we were eventually were gonna shoot ourself in the foot i know teddy ginn personally and he admitted that he was afraid to get hit but after taking a couple of shots yesterday it's no so bad and we coulod expect more big games out of him.

MR742- i can't believe you said that we finally have a Qb that does not turnover the ball and make plays, and will allen is our best cb, unless you know of some better players out there right now, please let the dolphins front office and fans know, that a real stupid statement especially about pennington, hey get rid of sparano too while you are at it

"i know teddy ginn personally and he admitted that he was afraid to get hit but after taking a couple of shots yesterday it's no so bad and we coulod expect more big games out of him."

What a load of crap that was. Talking to your Fathead and believing that it talks back to you is not the same as talking to the real guy.

MR742 says the same thing every day. Ignore him.

No one has said the loss to the Ravens last week was helped by the suspension and the loss of Ferguson up the middle. With no wide body up the middle the Ravens ran all over us, therefore tempering our plans to wreak havoc on Flacco. If we would have stuffed the run, the defense could have rattled Flacco. W/out stuffing the run, Flacco had a much easier time w/ play action and the run set up the pass for them.

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

Sorry but one good game doesnt make you a superstar or anything to get all excited about...Henne FTW

In regards to Pennington doing better with better rec's or the ones we have now doing what Ginn did today; with Henne in Ginn and crew (hopefully minus Ginn) can do that day in and day out, you are the same people that last week were crying about how open Ginn and staff were all game and Penningtons reluctancy to throw them the ball.

And please dont go into how many yards $0.01 threw for, the "deep ball" (46yrds) to Ginn would have surely been a TD had ANYONE with a decent arm been the passer as he had no choice but to come back to the ball, luckily the Bills are hurting in the secondary as much as we are otherwise it would have been a pick. As far as Ginn's 64 yarder...should have been a TD, so much for his "game changing speed" he had AT LEAST 3 steps and the corner/safty had a terrible angle on him, he caught Ginn purely based on his GAME SPEED.

All you fair weather fans keep pouring it on, like I said, I'll take the win, I'm happy about it but Penningnot (SP?; I dont think so) is and always will be a sorry excuse for a QB, he is like a band-aid on a gun shot wound, sure it stops the bleeding a little.

Now to address your individual comments:

Tony T Bone - I was watching my kids Pop Warner game because unlike the Dolphins they had a shot a making the playoffs.

Spiewak - All those other teams are coming off playoff seasons not 1-15 seasons.

FinsFan - I dont smoke

Hunter = a sheep

Paul - All my statements stand as is and time will reveal the truth about Pennington

Mr. Bungle - Yes I do because this is what I believe; these players adversly effecting our team. I am not saying they should be cut today, but I wouldnt be sad to see them go at years end!

When your little panty parade is over you will see that Henne to Bess is going to be the formula for success. (Unintentional and yes it does ryhme)

Player, position Injury Return
Boss Bailey, OLB knee Next season
Patrick Ramsey, QB elbow Next season
Erik Pears, OT appendicitis Next season
Champ Bailey, CB groin 4 to 6 weeks
Brandon Stokley, WR concussion Nov. 2 or 6
Tony Scheffler, TE groin Nov. 2 or 6
Selvin Young, RB groin Nov. 2 or 6
Michael Pittman, RB neck/ribs Nov. 2
Brandon Marshall, WR groin Nov. 2
Ryan Torain, RB elbow Nov. 2
This is the Dever Bronco's injury report printed from the Dever Post. This is not counting Cutler's finger injury. I fell so bad for them (NOT) it looks like the 2007 Dolphin injury report. I think Bill Parcells is on to someting with this off season core training. No let downs play like sharks smell the blood in the water rise above. All the Xperts picked this game as a loss for the Fins, I think its very winnable. Especially with that new WR free agent wearing #19 we signed.


You should be blocked from this blog after those last comments

You must be a jets fan after those comments

Penny has had more than one good game
the defense let us down against the texans

and we played the best defense in the NFL last week and were at least comperative

and we took out the best team in the division this week and are now 2-1 in the AFC east.

Not that I think that we will still be better than 8-8 this year but all the games have been fun to watch other than the Arizona game. We've been comperative in 6 of 7 games this year.

Penny for his negatives has a lot of positives. one of those being leadership

What was it that Parcells said before the season started "we will know we have are QB when he throws 3 picks and can come back and win the next game" or something like that.

that's exactly what Penny did and Henne which is are future is seeing that first hand and learning from it.
If Henne works out which I think he will I think Penny will have alot to do with it.

We all know that Ginn is not a number one but he is not a bad 2 or 3 and probably be a great slot reciever.

But in the end buddy take it easy its a win a good win if your a dolphin fan you should be happy enjoy it.

and one last comment
Joey is a BEAST!
10.5 sacks 2 FF (should have been 3)in 7 games

Go Phins

and "mR742" stop being a hater especially after such a great game.

I think Im picking up Ginn Jr in my fantasy league.
The Dolphins are playing Denver next week and their pass defense ain't that good. (Champ Bailey is injured)!!!!
I'm worry about Brandon Marshall & Eddie Royal.
We must put pressure on Cutler!!!


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