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Dolphins beat Chargers 17-10 to reach .500

Do you believe in miracles?

The Dolphins have just defeated the San Diego Chargers, 17-10 at Dolphin Stadium to even their record at 2-2. Don't know if it was miracle or just hard work and teamwork.

Anyway, Ronnie Brown gained 125 yards on 24 carries and one TD to lead the Miami offense. Yeremiah Bell was amazing on defense and led the team with six credited tackles. Matt Roth also had a very good day with three tackles for losses and one sack.

The Dolphins played nearly flawless, although they had one turnover. They had only one penalty for 5 yards.

This game marks the first time since Jan. 1, 2006 -- the last game of the 2005 season -- that the Dolphins have been at least a .500 team without being 0-0.

OK folks, now you know what it is like to win back to back games.

So celebrate and discuss ....


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God I wish I was at that game

One penalty???


man.... i love sundays now

Great Win. Im very happy to see this.

That just shows how horrible Cam was as a head coach

now we look more like a NFL team bring on the improvement

from mexico
biggest fan down here

Great win...Where would be if not for the fluke throw by Favre in week 1?

...and it shows the win at N.E. wasn't a fluke.


now if the jets loose, all would be great

Great win - I am stunned. After the last few years, I am just so used to either a complete blowout, like the Arizona game, or a game filled with mistakes where we lost close like the Jets game.

it has been so long since we have won back to back - in fact, I can't ever remember when it was!

great win! need to keep improving, Ronnie is the man! I was sweating when we missed the FG and SD came back to score. D played great and Awsome stop at the Goal line! Go fish I can talk smack against all loser Jet fans in Jersey!

Wheres My Viagra And Beer? Somebody Better Holla 2 My Bi@!ch

I TOLD YOU PEOPLE - Pennington can PLAY!!

paul from Jersey

very exciting day to be a fins fan. 2-2 is great. analysts still only said 3-13 or 2-14 at the beginning of the season. Well look where we are now. I LOVE IT. Go Dolphins!!!!

We have just beaten the best wo teams in the AFC, back to back after going 1-15 in our worst year EVER. NOW WE ARE 2-2, WITH A SELF BELIEF AND SWAGGER !!!!!!!. GOD BLESS THE TUNA AND THE DOLPHIN NATION. I dont want to get too excited but the effort out there was relentless from our defense. The o turned up when it had to, closing out in style. After next years draft we could have those pieces in place to be a league force again. If we had a WR and cover corner we would be a monster team.

It's almost amazing, but, heck, we're winning...I think the Cardinals are the only team that had a good strategy...If you throw deep against us all day, you win!

Miracles? Whose side you on?

They obviously are playing good and has nothing to with magic.

Not to gloat - however I was delighted when Chad Pennington got picked up - I told people this guy does more than manage a game, he is a WINNER - don't think some exotic offensive plan can ever work without a quality QB - Pennington is a WINNER.

Yeah, this was NO [BLEEPING] MIRACLE!!

I think our last consecutive victories was....2006 ? Thanksgiving Detroit Joey Harrington winning the Turkey of the day or something like that...that was the last of a four game winning streak that started with the Upset over the previously undefeated Bears

I credit Mando's "don't expect any improvement for a while/ Dolphins suck" article from a couple of weeks ago for jinxing them in a positive way.

BTW, whatever happened to that story, Mando? I can't seem to find anywhere. :)

It's pretty amazing...I think Parcells has solidified his HOF induction for sure...NOBODY would have picked these 2 wins! NOBODY (except the most dillusional fans)

I am watching cbs after game show and they barely covered the Fins. They talked about the Giants, Skins, (NFC teams), but not about the AFC Fish. Do they not realizr they are the network of the AFC?

Matt Roth was a BEAST. Kudos to the offensive line. This game was won in the trenches!

That goal line stand won it for us! Way to go front seven!

Last time Dolphins were a (non 0-0) .500....end of 2005 (has it been that long)

GO Dolphins!!

Defense executed a solid game plan.
Offense scored enough points to take a decent lead.
Defense showed up BIG TIME with the goal line stand.
Offense was able to keep the chains moving and end a close game without giving the other team one last chance.

This will was more impressive, in my opinion, than the pat's game was. We will not run the table and win out, but if they play this way each week, I feel as though they can compete against any team on any given week.

What a win, I've been watching play by play all night here in the uk,because we were so bad last year we're hardly ever on tv now.

Maybe The Football Gods Have Removed The Wannstadt Curse Early ,what Do U Think

Alllllllrrrrrrright MIAMI!!!!

What a final drive by CP, RB and the offense. Not many teams in the league finish that game off by taking a knee. Most would have had to trot the FG kicker back onto the field. Sweet, sweet win.
Oh and in your face #57 who stacked up the "wildcat" first play and then kicked the field like a moron. No since in calling this any thing other than part of their base offense now.

Next week, we will be favourites at the 0-4 Texans.
When was the last time that was the case?

Didnt The Fish Lose To The Texens At Home To Start The 4 Years Ago ?? Who Was The Head Coach? I Think It Was Wannstadt

Just guessing but I'm not the only one surprised. I thought it would be everything we could do to stay close. I thought SD would start slow and rack up the points....we would have to try to keep pace. I was wrong.

If you don't think the Dolphins turned the corner in NE, what do you think now?

We're back. The doubters didn't want to believe it last week. Now what do you say?

happyking, I saw that idiot 57 as well. Like he was kicking us to the curb. Porter got 'em back later and we have the final revenge. Long trip back to SD.

Now maybe fans of the FINS will go 2 the games, Sucks not having a home edge...

OMG, what is the media's problem???? If any other time in the history of the nlf had finished 1-15 and then beat the the two teams in the afc championship game the year before it would be the biggest story EVER! We are barely mention in these wrap up shows. ALL REDSKINS...PACKERS EVEN WHEN THEY LOSE???? I AM LOSING MY MIND. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET FIVE MINUTES OF PRESS????

I propose and would appreciate that all the "fin fans" who were posting those completely ignorant and faithless remarks during and after the first week loss apologize to the dolphins and their coaching staff...

Ronnie Brown is an elite player. He's a bit of a slow starter each season, but he's absolutely fantastic. He can catch the ball, block, and punish LB's and DB's that try to bring him down. He'll be recognized as a top-5 RB by this time next season. He's going to be a great, great player if he can stay healthy.

jason who zack what lol 2010 super bowl here we come

Have got the Yahoo Game Pass / NFL Sunday Ticket watching the fins over here in the UK. Last game, the AFC's top team destroyed in their house. This week, most analysts pick for the AFC title held to a FG, TD and not many yards. It's costing me loads to watch them, but at last, it is starting to be worth every penny!!! Go fins - let's carry this through to Houston and see if we can get above .500.

I can't believe it! This is so awesome!

How about Camarillo? He seems so valuable to the team. And he seems like he's been getting better and better by the week.

Thank God for Parcells and Obama, I'm having an orgasm OH OOOOOOH!!!! GO FINS SARASOTA BAY DOLPHAN!!!

Miracles? No, I don't believe in them. You have to give the credit to the Trifecta, they bring in Ferguson and Starks, draft the rookie DE's, move Roth to LB like they did Ellis in Dallas, recognized the talent they inhereted in the secondary, all four srarters were with the team last year, and the nickel guys too, Lehan and J Allen. It's about talent evaluation, hard work (offseason conditioning and mini, training camps) and good coaching.

Now for the O. Wise enough to pick up Pennington, "massage" Ricky, bring in Smiley (which was HUGE and under-reported in the SFL media) and draft Jake. Not to mention getting BOTH Fasano and their inside backer from Dallas for a 4th rounder. No one is perfect, they seem to have missed on Wilford, unless he turns things around he won't be here for long. And how about Davone Bess in the 7th round? Not bad.

What this team needs is a top shelf receiver and I expect they will trade for one this off-season, or pick up a FA, despite the financial cost.

Oh, and just maybe they drafted our future franchise QB.

This was a smash mouth type win, just like Parcell's envisioned. You have to give credit where credit is due, and dispense with the miracle crap.

Parcell's knew what Pennington could do, and why he was never all that good in NY, the Jets had a lousy OL in front of him for years, and have tried to remedy that with Faneca, Woody and drafting Mangold. No QB, no matter how good, can be successful unless he's got some time to throw, and a running game is established.

Rack up another great acquisition for the Tuna.

And thank you Brett Favre.

And you wanted them to go for the field goal on fourth down Mando?! Have some faith in our o-line to get a couple of yards. Kudos again to the o-line for keeping Pennington pretty clean against a tough defensive front. BUT GUYS! No one has mentioned the awesome job Sparano is doing with this team. C'mon already give this guy the credit he deserves because he is doing an awesome job!

Credit to the coaches for this win.

Ferguson, Roth & Bell lead the D.
Brown, Camarillo & the line including the TE's lead the O but also kudos to Ricky, Pennington and Ted Ginn had 2 big catches at the end but he needed to stay inbounds on the last one.

Davone Bess was not a 7th rounder.

If Pennington is protected by the OL and stays healthy, he will take this team to the playoffs. This guy is the most underated FOOTBALL player in the entire NFL. He makes everybody better, even his defense. He was the primary reason the Jets, after Parcells left, remained a playoff caliber team.

He has to stay healthy.

We have a team. Did anyone see Ricky's block for Ronnies Wildcat touchdown? It was a ting of beauty.

I thought we were done to a 2 and 14 season after an 0-2 start. We ain't the biggest losers.

i will be 12 rows up from the goal post at the crappy reliant stadium wearing my williams jersey i hope i dont get jumped and i need to figure out something for my sign..

c had
b eats
s sage
what do u guys think...

yeah armando...after you said that you didnt see the dolphins beating the chargers...you dont know football...its not a miracle..the dolphins have the fundamental pieces that make a great team...a veteran QB that doesnt make mistakes..a serious Running Game...a playmaker at tight end...a solid offensive line...and a front seven on defense that intimidate even the most experienced offensive lines in the NFL.. Throw in a composed yet aggressive head coach in sparano that is surrounded with an experienced coaching staff with pasqualoni on defense and henning on offense...this wasnt a miracle...just a victory that shouldve been expected going against a struggling team in San Diego. Stick to the fance adjectives and leave the football to the real experts...

- Anonymous Football Analyst

Mike whatever, nobody picked the Dolphins in this one and neither did I. What can I say, I like most folks are pleasantly surprised. But for you to make this a personal attack on me make you look like a dope.

Come on Mando, "nobody picked the Dolphins in this one and neither did I" Your boy Stugatz from 790 picked the fish! I'm sure others did as well.

Not a miracle, just a better opinion about football matchups than you. And stop taking things so personal!

If we can beat NE and then SD in back to back games - oh, and did I mention we dominated both games worse than even the score - then why not think we can beat anyone on our schedule? I was amazed at the level of excitement, energy and creative play calling the Dolphins exhibited today. Not since someone by the name of Marino was behind center have I seen this much energy.

Keep it up - GO DOLPHINS!

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I'm surprised that they were able to get anything out of the "Wildcat" formation this afternoon. Why is that? What is it about Ronnie Brown that makes it such a successful formation?

I'm glad we won. I just hope we don't get labeled as a hotel-motel team that has to rely on back-door trick plays. We need to be known as a team that pounds it out through the front door!

not blowing my own horn but after those two loses i came on here an said that we need to use ronnie brown cuz he is are best player two games in a row we do an we beat two very good teams but now this is over texans next i am shure u all rember that aful lose last year. so i hope we revange it.
feels really good to be a fin fan rite now so lets keep it rollin

Instead of your typical play call to run through a specific gap, the Wildcat simply gives Ronnie a choice of 2-3 gaps to run through. The beautiful thing about this Wildcat formation is there is not one particualr way for a defense to stop it.

Eddie - thanks for giving us the solution.

In the wildcat the formation and play of the skill players stays the same. What they call is the blocking scheme. RB knows the scheme so he knows where the holes will materialize and he looks for the 1 that opens first.
It's back-door football.

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