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Dolphins, Chargers tied at 3-3 at end of 1st Q

ng The Dolphins and Chargers are tied at 3-3 with only a couple of minutes left in the first quarter.

Both teams scored on their opening drives with San Diego getting a Nick Kaeding field goal and the Dolphins answering with a 47 yarder from Dan Carpenter.

The field is in great condition so far today but skys are now overcast and threatening. In fact, it is now raining.


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Fins clean up run D on first down. Minus two.

Complete pass but looks like holding in the backfield.

Actually, the penalty is personal foul offensive face mask call.

where is everyone today

Great defensive stand.

someone tell me why we werent starting Ronnie the first two weeks?

Everybody is here Naples. Not to worry.

we look good

when is ricky going to get the ball?

our defense has definitely tightened up. Looking pretty good.

Fasano false start on second down. That's a no-no. first penalty of the day for Miami.

Come on Fasano. Don't make me loose faith in you

there ya go G Money ricky got the ball happy? Thats why he doesnt get the ball much.

Ricky is being swallowed up.

San Diego defense is definitely better disciplined than what NE showed. Wildcat is going to need some tweaks to work today.

Camarillo makes young player mistake. Doesn't run to the marker to ensure getting a first down.

quiet today

nice punt, keep winning the field position game and we will win the game.

very funny pete. i meant in the wild cat formation

i like the way we look so far. i think we pull this one out

Interesting note: Tomlinson is not wearing his blacked out visor today.

nice play joey

wow, nice!! Porter is a beast!!

Way to earn your money Porter

I see you Joey

guess its me and u G.......and Mando

Dolphins hold. They definitely are playing with confidence on defense.

nice stop. we are at least winning the field position game.

Ginn on the punt retun. He got jacked up as he watched the ball bounce away. Flag on Chargers so Dolphins will get another chance.

penalty on the chargers rekick

maybe he runs this one back

wow. they have a hell of a punter. 65 yards!!

Can we get a roids test on Cypress?

man hes got a boot on him

he must be on something. what a weapon.we cant win the field position game with a punter like that

Anyomne still wondering why Ginn hasn't been returning kicks?? 9th Overall - -shameful!

At least the Fins are fun to watch again....

Bubble screen to Bess. Gains seven yards.

Miami is all smiles out there are they're having fun. What a difference a year makes, huh?


i am the biggest ginn backer, but he hasnt shown anything yet

Now the Dolphins are using the no-huddle.

Mando..... Is the Bess experiment over yet? He sucks on kick returns

Nice play by Chad and Bess

bess is good

Bess makes nice adjustment on an underthrown pass for 24 yard gain. Better to be lucky ...

we should hsve stuck with the no huddle

I watched Wilford run that route. It would be timed via calander instead of stopwatch.

2nd and 15

I hate that play. It works in College, not in the pros

Ricky has lost about 3 steps from what he was a few years ago...slooooow.

i think ricky was going to throw that one. nice d by the chargers

ricky is about as elusive as a two toed sloth

I say go for it.

Great effort by Camarillo to get near first down. Crowd imploring to go for it. I say kick.

i dont know, i am on the fence about this one. do we play field position or go for it?

Dolphins are going for it. Disagree.

They are just using Ricky wrong. He is a power I and a sweep running back

our d is playing well, i say pin them back with a punt. its a very long field goal in the rain

dont give the chargers field position if we miss

We got it.

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