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Dolphins clinging to 14-13 lead at start of 3rd Q

The Dolphins were pretty much in control for the first half -- causing two turnovers on defense, getting big-play TDs of 80 yards and 53 yards -- and then the Texans got a special teams touchdown.

And that is why this game which Miami dominated is 14-13 as the teams prepare to come out for the start of the third quarter.

The Dolphins have gotten TDs from Patrick Cobbs on a 53 pass from Chad Pennington out of the Wildcat package and an 80-yard screen pass out of the base formation.

The Texans managed two Kris Brown field goals to trail 14-6, but then Jacoby Jones returned a punt 70 yards to give Houston life.

It should be an interesting second half. Join me in the comments section below for the continuation of the live blog


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Did Jake give up the sack to Mario Williams or was it David Martin?

Mando, is there any opening lanes for our WR?

our special teams isn't very special.

stop hating on bess he is doing what he is told its not like he is doing a terrible job. the coaches are the ones putting him in there

Martin gave up that sack, Williams lined up on the other side of the line not on Jake's side

Some first half stats:

the Dolphins have four first downs. Texans have 10.

total yards is 208-182 Texans.

No Miami wide receiver has caught a pass yet.

ronnie Brown has 5 rushes for 27 yards, a 5.4 average.

Chad Pennington is 6 of 9 for 146 yards and a QB rating of 149.3

WRs are not doing good work today yet. Not good.

I like Bess but he's not a playmaker on ST.

Dont worry bout bess we got bigger issues stopping ppl on st

Wow, Ted Ginn with a long pass play of minus-1.

what the hell was that?

Ginn is the most tentative WR I've ever seen.

ok we need to score

This is not a good sign when the Texans have three or four guys making the tackle. They're fired up.

what is wrong with ronnie? i think he is hurt

we are in trouble unless we do something

good first down

holy crap a first down over 7 yards

first down...i hope.

David Martin for what seems to be a first down.

bad spot

nope wrong again

dam. go for it

why not challenge?

one inch? we can get that

good job jason allen

Other than the FINs "dominating" one point advantage, Houston has more yards passing, more yards rushing, more return yards, more time of possession, more first downs...
Lucky for the fish they also have more turnovers...

Great tackle on the punt by Jason Allen. Dolphins getting valuable return from the No. 16 overall selection.

too much wildcat, getting old, they need to learn to play

matt schaub has kept the dolphins in the game.

crappy spot....but what would you expect of Hochuli's crew

we need to d to give the o-line a spark seems like the texans want it more. plus they are staking the box.

we need a stop

bad coaching decision, should have challenged the spot on the first down try..

roth is a beast this year

our defense needs to step up

Great work by Vonnie Holliday on the second down play. Excellent.

He had the 1st down, Sprono should have thrown the flag.

i agree if we stop them then it could change the tide

goodnight folks!

looks like lehan got smoked

Secondary is awful.

Well it was a good streak while it lasted

I give props to Channing Crowder for catching Andre Johnson from behind after his long pass play.

starting too look like the arizona game.

That 61 yard play was bad in that it beat a corner and a safety, but Crowder's play could save a TD

i hope they score then jusy maybe we'll get hungry again think they ate too much cheese

if we don't get a turnover we are in deep doodoo

Yo Armando, whats up with Rosenfels right now?

I don't wanna watch anymore

this is not looking good

They can't tackle him at all...no pressure either.

Props to channing powder my butt. I he would do his job in the middle that play wouldn't have happen

Johnson scores on a 12 yard pass. OK, so maybe the Crowder tackle means nothing.

it will be interesting to see how our offense responds to this....do they have the stones to do it?

that is 17 unanswered points by the Texans.

ok we are down time to see what this team is made of the secondary needs to wake up

I see what's wrong with the secondary. Crocker is getting playing time again. Trade this jackass!

good luck on is trying to play comeback...our offense looks anemic

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