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Dolphins clinging to 14-13 lead at start of 3rd Q

The Dolphins were pretty much in control for the first half -- causing two turnovers on defense, getting big-play TDs of 80 yards and 53 yards -- and then the Texans got a special teams touchdown.

And that is why this game which Miami dominated is 14-13 as the teams prepare to come out for the start of the third quarter.

The Dolphins have gotten TDs from Patrick Cobbs on a 53 pass from Chad Pennington out of the Wildcat package and an 80-yard screen pass out of the base formation.

The Texans managed two Kris Brown field goals to trail 14-6, but then Jacoby Jones returned a punt 70 yards to give Houston life.

It should be an interesting second half. Join me in the comments section below for the continuation of the live blog


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why would Sparano not go for it on fourth down? it was literally an inch. the spot was horrible, he could have taken some time and decided to challenge it. ugh horrible call their led to houston score

Jason Allen on D please!

Game. The real Fins are back..

The offense hasn't had to play from behind since the first 2 weeks, we'll see what they are made of. We haven't run the ball enough.

Let's see what this team is made of...do they have the heart to turn this around?

pennington's noodle arm can't bail us out.

jason allen needs to be playing he makes plays

should have went for it on 4th and inches, r we gonna blitz schaub he's sitting back there having a cup of tea in the pocket, damn it! they know they cant run the ball.

is Will Allen a scratch? Haven't seen him once today

Davone Bess makes the first guy miss again!!!! And then is tackled one yard later.

Ginn can still take one to the house...oh wait.


we really need a big time receiver

Wow, how we should have signed Andre Johnson in free agency. WR and DB's for next years draft.

here we go

finally a decent gain

Damn! a catch and rac by a WR?!

Camarillo makes the first catch of the day for positive yardage by a Miami WR.

boy we need to score now

Camarillo is all heart...

keep pennington between the numbers were hes accurate

Goodness gracious do we not know how to work the middle of the field?

Brandon London in the game as a WR now.

wildcat time

good run ricky

ok we will at least get three

On that 5 yard catch, David Martin was wide, wide, wide open for a TD.

we need 7 really bad

Wow, nice pass!!

And they went right back to Martin. Good communication in the huddle.

wow nice throw chad!!!!!!!!

All Right Miami!

its good to drive the field with the base offense

We needed that.

Nice drive, the offense answers the call.

Mando, is Ronnie hurt?

Notice that drive did not include the wildcat package. Some tough, fundamental football by Miami.

a good drive ok about time shove it in there face so you think you are gonna win not without a fight bring it texans time for the d to show up

RUN RICKY RUN!!! Man we needed that...

This is the first drag out fight we have been in in a while

thank goodness. that was a big drive. so many great throws by pennington. GREAT DRIVE!!! camarillo finally brought into the game

that's the first long drive we've had this game and no wildcat

wasnt that rickys first td of the year?

It's a shame the lame Miamuh Herald can't create a blog that on auto updates and with the most recent comment on top. This thing here is super old school.

i agree krueg if we stop them then back to those long time consuming drives

First of many hopefully finfan...

whew. at least we got a drive when needed. keep it up

big stop would be nice right now

Ronnie Brown is on the sideline. He doesn't look injured.

Special teams tackle!!! Let's go D!!! D-FENSE...D-FENSE!!!

what get me is the noodle arm comments. say all you want but if it wasn't for noodle arm we wouldn't be on the verge of being 3-2

good hit by crowder

It's about time Channing Powder did something.


Ahman Green finds the crease in the Miami line on the cutback. 13 yards.


damn how the hell do we stop LT but we can not stop this garbage running game

Porter didn't contain

What gap was crowder in on that play????

classic counter by texans

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