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Dolphins clinging to 14-13 lead at start of 3rd Q

The Dolphins were pretty much in control for the first half -- causing two turnovers on defense, getting big-play TDs of 80 yards and 53 yards -- and then the Texans got a special teams touchdown.

And that is why this game which Miami dominated is 14-13 as the teams prepare to come out for the start of the third quarter.

The Dolphins have gotten TDs from Patrick Cobbs on a 53 pass from Chad Pennington out of the Wildcat package and an 80-yard screen pass out of the base formation.

The Texans managed two Kris Brown field goals to trail 14-6, but then Jacoby Jones returned a punt 70 yards to give Houston life.

It should be an interesting second half. Join me in the comments section below for the continuation of the live blog


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damn porter sucks we need to cut him

Langford with the batted pass. Good work.



porter needs to earn his pay today

HUGE third down!!!!

that was pathetic..

Once again Channing Powder leaves the middle soft

When a QB runs for a first down it really breaks the back of a defense.

no stops = lose


we just can't stop them on third down

Channing Crowder is actually playing a very good game.

Our Defense needs to step up.


Get off the field.

Mando...the defense looks soft! What the hell????

funny how ppl get so negative! when we get behind, this is the nfl games are gonna be close, penningtons so called noodle arm is the best thing ive seen around here in decades, the guy is a leader and brilliant!!!, lets go Miami, a new day has began

Come on Schaub throw us an int...

dolphins d has been on the fiwld a loong time this drive. we need a 3 and out big time!


Crowder walking off on his own. Reggie Torbor checks into the game.

come on d the texans are trying to answer us back time to shove it in their faces. INT

Who will replace Crowder?

we need a sack we have had pressure but no sacks

Akin Ayodele will call the plays on defense for at least one play. He gets the coach to player helmet now.

Thanks Mando

Schaub needs to get his bell rung...he has way to much time

d is wilting. lets go


we need a long drive into the 4th to wear down texans, our d looks like its getting gassed, i wouldnt be surprised if the texans broke one

Too much time in the pocket.

they are not getting enough pressure on Schaub

i agree a sack or a good hit to make him start thinking twice

Look at the difference once Powder goes out

big play here

we have no pass rush

Aren't the Dolphins lucky the Texans have decided not to throw the ball again to Andre Johnson?

Gary Kubiak is a dummy.

Will Allen has a knee brace on the outside of his pants. Did he tweak his knee in this game?

3rd down defense is like last years today

Who's worse...our offense at converting third down or our defense stopping third down?

We are going to lose this one. Damn!

maybe that will fire us up

Jason Ferguson jumps offside and takes Schaub to the turf causing a little ruckus. Funny.

There are wearing our D down.

Defense is going to lose us this one...no question.

the defense sucks

any links were in can watch the game on line?


Wow, what a big play!

we are lucky..but I'll take it!

thank god.

We caught a break on that one. Better lucky than good

HUGE PLAY!!!! Our pessimism is actually reverse psychology???

That was HUGE

nice lucky play and after a nice article about bell this week

good job will allen


Hochuli's crew has not called a penalty on the Texans.

AND how long were they going to wait to give the ball to Miami on the fumble?

Wht a terrible crew.

Andre' Johnson fumbles!!! I guess someone will say that's why they weren't throwing to him.

By the way, Crowder's injury was a shoulder. And he's back in the game.

For the seconds straight week the texans are winnin the gm for their opponents... Thank god the Dolphins are catching a lotta breaks

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