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Dolphins continue to tweak the roster

The Dolphins continue looking for special teams and any other kind of help as today they signed running back/fullback Lousaka Polite and apparently waived tackle Kirk Barton, who was absent from practice.

Polite was wavied by the Bears this week. His ties to the Dolphins are that he played for the Cowboys, who else, from 2004 to 2006.

He is 6-foot and 242 pounds and was signed as an undrated free agent by the Cowboys out of the University of Pittsburgh.

Adding Polite also protects the Dolphins because regular fullback Casey Cramer (ankle) missed Wednesday's practice and wasn't working during the time open to media today.

The Dolphins will announce this move later today.


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is anybody else disturbed by the image of cam in front of the dolphins logo on the front page? YEEESH!

yeah why is that article the showcase of the website. Glad to see they are still looking for people for special teams. That will have to change this week as I see the ravens game being a game of field position.

Good scoop mando.


I couldn't agree with you more. Seeing Cam CaMORON on the main page make me want to puke! Why wouldn't they put Harbaugh's picture on there instead? He's the one who made the comment, not Cam.

As far as the pick-up of Lousaka Polite, it's just another stone Parcells turned over. It seems like these stones he's turning over can't seem to produce on the field and the results prove that. I'll take the wait-and-see approach on this one.

I'm dying to know if there will be any upgrades made to the WR position. I know Copper is the one of the best out there, but I highly doubt they'll sign him since he's very similar to Chad Jackson. We have to trust that this organization knows what they're doing based on the record alone. I just want to continue to repeat my deep desire for this team to draft Michael Crabtree even if it requires trading up. Just picture him and Henne leading the Dolphins offense of the future. That is my happy thought when we lose close games like this past week.

The biggest difference between Sparano and Cameron is that Sparano adjusts his system to his players to maximize their ability. best example, reaching out to Lee and implementing the Wildcat. Cameron force-fed his offense to a team that had difficulty adjusting to his scheme without ever adding wrinkles that seemed to fit the mold. Good riddens Cam.


Fail Forword baby Fail Forword

"Just picture him and Henne leading the Dolphins offense of the future."

Ben, I tried and I just couldn't picture it. Henne kept overthrowing Crabtree and when he did finally did hit him in the numbers, Crabtree dropped it. Damn!

At least they are trying to get people to fit without giving away the farm to do it. How many years was it a 1st or 2nd for a guy that sucked?

Mr Bungle, haven't you even seen Crabtree's Heisman Ad?

"Mr Bungle, haven't you even seen Crabtree's Heisman Ad?"

No Tin, but I was just joking anyway.

Mr B you gotta youtube that sheet!

Look at his stats from the past two years Mr. B.

crabtree shows flashes of randy moss. especially wit his height and play. remember the dolphins passed on matt ryan and look how he has the falcons winning. i bet dat will be the one that got away in the future. i say dont let crabtree(the next moss/ get away

well again I must add that Henne to Edwards worked really quite well. Give Henne a guy who can get open on routes and he does not miss his long ball receivers. And his stats where better than Ryans. If Henne had not Had a shoulder injury most of his senior season he would have been drafted high in the first round. Remember he broke all the Michigan records which includes some great NFL quarterbacks. We are lucky to have that kind of talent and he will prove that when he gets his chance...

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