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Dolphins hold 17-16 lead going to 4th quarter

The Dolphins have overcome a 9-7 halftime deficit to lead the Bills 17-16 at the start of the fourth quarter.

The Bills took a 16-9 lead in the third but Ricky Williams scored from 3 yards out to give the Dolphins back their lead.

One thing you should remember: Trent Edwards has the highest fourth-quarter rating of any QB in the AFC East. Chad Pennington has the lowest. We'll see what happens.

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"When the Dolphins coaches have no faith in the players how do you expect the fans to get behind them?" What does that even mean?

Will Allen hold on to an interception!!!

Wow the defense made a play-nice INT

Did Will Allen actually hang onto the ball?!?!?!

lets go fins

YEEEEHHHHH Willyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Oh nice, if he had just stayed behind his blockers a little more on that INT.

thats what we needed!!

Refs finally show some Mercy!


It's about time Will Allen actually caught a ball...GO PHINS!!!

Holy crap, Allen didn't drop it!

Why am I worried the offense will give that turnover back?

wow i cant believe we caught a ball on defense...INT


We get so few turnovers and we can't do anything with the ones we do.

Earlier FG would have been nice for a 7 point lead.


Huge FG. Buffalo cannot go ahead with a field goal.

Hey, who's that for great insight?

Because the team is young and inconsistent. Need time to grow before we can be comfortable with them.

I meant how's that ...

field gol, touchdown would have been better

I Hope Mia. Wins So I Dont Have To Hear Berman Say Nobody Circles The Wagons Like The Bills

Failure to get 7 after interception = Grounds for Dismissal; that drive shall haunt this franchise for decades

Remember the Houston game? We need to be ahead by more than a TD.

Thanks Armando that was very helpful. I was wondering how it all added up and couldn't do the math. :)

Is the whole Ginn family on the field today? 150yds wow his grandma got quite a motor on her.

Well, 3 is better than nothing

Credit to Starks on that play as well. Could have used some more time coming off the clock though.

good job either way, lets see how the defense holds up

Defense has to step it up!!!

the fact we have no running game will hinder us in the 4th, unless we can start pounding them............throw a skinny post to teddy!!!! FTW

a 3 and out would be nice right here

CMON DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get this stop for the love of Pete (in o-town)!

Will Allen gives. And will allen takes away.

The houston game was in last 2 minutes. That is when this game gets scary if its close cause these guys have had a few problems closing out games.

Allan Intercepts ,ginn Having A Career Day ,i Must Be In Alternate Universe

They can pass at will against our secondary.

Here comes the boom. Boy the Dolphins are a joke. You idiots still think you have a chance to win

Hoe the hell did he get that pass off??

Bills WANT to victimize Jason Allen. But not yet.

Way to go defense! You guys are the best. How weird is it for the Dolphins d to go in the locker room after the losses and know it's their fault? Haven't seen that around here in a LONG time.


Trent Edwards extends ball and, well, pretty stupid for him. Very good for Miami. Joey Porter grabbed it from him.

I told you crybabies to buck up!

F**CKIN AAAA!!!!!!

joey porter is a beast this year!!!

Defense steps it up lets get 7!!!!


J-Peezy for Defensive MVP!!

Porter Is The Man!


Well, Bills running backs are only averaging 4 yards a carry now. Not really sure thats a great improvement. C'mon D!

SMART, SMART play by Joey...How about all those people eating crow? (BTW, can't believe I even used that g.a.y. term

wow a stop when we needed it...run the football sparano!!!!!

lovin this f**ckin game!!!!

I thought Moses stripped that ball? No?

UH OH 3RD AND 1. Haven't been good here.

let's not play conservative here!! go for the jugular!!

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