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Dolphins hope to have right look for Marshall

The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos run very similar offenses because Houston coach Gary Kubiak worked as the Denver offensive coordinator throughout their Super Bowl days.

The similarities are especially striking in the No. 1 receiver both teams have: The Texans have Andre Johnson. The Broncos have Brandon Marshall.

So the Dolphins assignment this week is to keep Marhall from having a similar game to the one Johnson had against Miami. Johnson caught 10 passes for 178 yards.

It is striking that these two players are built out of a similar mold. Johnson is 6-3 and 223 pounds. Marshall is 6-4 and 230 pounds.

So keeping Marshall from hurting the Dolphins as much as Johnson did has been on the forefront of coach Tony Sparano's mind. The Dolphins have been spending a lot of time in practice trying to get a good feel for what Marshall is likely to do, with receivers Brandon London and Derek Hagan playing Marshall on the scout team.

I asked Sparano if he's concerned the success or lack of success the defense has against its scout team this team offers an omen of what will happen Sunday?

"Yeah, and I read an awful lot into that, probably too much sometimes," Sparano said. "It keeps me up a little bit at night sometimes. Our guys, right now, we have two guys that are running around out there that have the jersey on. We put them in the jersey so the defense knows where the players line up and that's been Hagan and London today, the two of them.

"So you go one play and then the next guy comes up and he gets going. Hagan and London are big, strong guys that can get the ball, that have consistently done that in practice for us right now. So, that's been a pretty good situation for our defense to have those guys running down the field and the ball getting up to them. Now when you're seeing them catch a ball, and then another ball, and then another ball, and it's not contested, and you're not getting over there, and doing some things to pull the ball out and competing for the ball, it concerns you, yeah."

According to Sparano, the Dolphins did just fine defending the looks Hagan and London provided. "Today we had a good day out there," he said.


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what is this s*#t!

I wonder whether London and Hagan are as good as Brandon Marshall...

Jason Allen could be a key factor in doing a better job than was done against Houston. His physical strength should allow us to get a better bump at the line and hopefully throw off some routes. Let's face it, we're not going to shut them down. Let's just hope we can keep them contained.

So that's what Hagan's doing these days..playing scout. I didn't even see Wilford's name on the playing scout...

Mando, we all know that Wilford's signing was a $6-mil mistake, WHEN will we ever see this guy on the FIELD? I'm guessing we won't be expecting this guy (and Hagan) to be back next year.

Any word on Crowder's extension yet?

Many Thanks! Ray from San Diego

It amazes me how coaches put "similar" players in a position to mimic stars on opposing teams. Of course the DB's did a good job against Hagan and London...neither guy is nearly as gifted as Brandon Marshall. I'm the same size as Santana Moss, that doesn't mean I could "be" him in practice.

This is kinda depressing. The one bright spot: the Fins shut down Randy Moss..... of coarse that was without Brady throwing the ball.

Every time I think the Fins don't have a snowball's chance in hell they prove me wrong....

So I'll just cross my fingers and drink some beers on Sunday and hope these guys prove me wrong again.

I feel confident in Miami to beat Denver. Miami plays Denver really well and considering the Broncos can not stop the run, Ronnie should have a monster game. We will score some points and i feel Joey Porter and gang will get some pressure on Cutler. Denver is overrated. Forget all the media analysts, believe me no one wants to play Miami.

I watched Marshall play in person for his last 3 years here in Orlando. The guy is physically a freak, he used to be 245 when he played here. Unless they line up JA against him, Will Allen will be molested all game. Bell is going to have to double him in man every play, try to jar him when he makes contact with the ball.

The only plus side is that Cutler has no idea how to check down and make reads. His eyes from snap to throw are on his presnap determined receiver, hopefully either Hill or Bell can jump a route and grab that thing.

McClovin you're telling us to forget the media analysts so why do you come to the blog of a media analyst to make that statement? Weird.

"I'm the same size as Santana Moss, that doesn't mean I could "be" him in practice."

That is hilarious.....

I agree. I think its a little ridiculous to assume our secondary will be able to contain Brandon Marshall because they were able to do the same to Hagan and London.

Regardless, I think its going to be a shootout and agree that if Ronnie gets the carries he will have a monster game.

Dolphins 21
Broncos 17

it's difficult to find exceptional players, players who dominate their position. every year teams draft from the college ranks hoping to do just that! so my question is,.. How do you let Pat Surtan, the best corner out their, go to another team?

go fins!!!

What do Sparano's comments about the physicality of London and Hagan tell you about their role or lack of role in the game-day offense - especially Hagan? Why the heck can't that guy get on the field if during practice the guy can emulate Brandon Freaking Marshall?

I love the way the dbs played agaisnt buffalo. The were up tight at the line of scrimmage & bumped the receivers off the line. A complete turn around from what happened agaisnt Baltimore.

Baltimore had the ball near the dolphins 15 yard line & the receiver runs a curl route into the end zome & 3 dbs are standing there behind him as he scores the TD. Not once was one of those dbs in front of the receiver on any part of the play, in your own red zone. Horrible!!!!!!!!!! Much better scheme against buffalo. Keep it up. Anyone notice this difference???

Dont be discouraged DCFins. If I am elected president I will not allow the NFL to discriminate against you simply because you are not as fast, quick, strong, agile, and talented as Mr. Moss. I guarantee you will get equal snaps and pay as Mr.Moss. If he does dare to catch more passes or score more touchdowns than you, I will withhold game chacks from Mr. Campbell until this disgusting travesty is rectified. All you have to do is vote for me and I guarantee everything will be OK.

true that moss should share his wealth. Viva Barack Castro!!
We dont need change----we need Solutions 2 very different things

Way to derail a decent Dolphins discussion with childish, ignorant rants guys...congrats.

Back to the Fins...Pressure up front is key. They need to knock Cutler around so Marshall doesn't have the time to kill us. I have no idea which Fins team is going to show up on Sunday so no prediction.

Guys I dont see what the big deal is here. If you could, you would have Marshall in for practice, like that could happen. So you bring in a guy that plays like him to practice againts. If we could do that, we would put that guy on the team. But since we cant do either we use who we have and hope they give us the best look they can. Nobody thinks Hagan plays like Marshall, if he did, he would be starting

Hagan and Londons skills aren't being compared to Marshalls, read the story. Thier size is being compared. Sparano wants our DB's to contest for the passes, make tackles, and disrupt thier passing game, not just stand around and let the guy catch it.
The only way to prevent Marshall from eating Dolphin sandwiches all day is to attack Cutler. DO NOT let him get comfy in the pocket.


I understand the concept...I mean the Dolphins have to use what personnel they have to practice. I'm just saying playing against Hagan and London in practice will not give the coaches a good indication of how the DB's will look against Marshall. So, saying the DB's look good out there today doesn't mean a whole lot in regards to Sunday's matchup.

Krueg, you are right....pressure is the key...our DB's will get roasted if Cutler has time. I hope they get it done, Cutler has only been sacked 4 times this year.

It's real simple....

Generate a pass rush and you won't have to worry too much about Brandon Marshall.

Although my fantasy team will suffer greatly as I start Cutler and Marshall, if you do not give them time to get the play off....

You get the idea.

What the hell is this crap Hagan cannot even hold a candle to Marshall.Our corners look good in practice all the damn time why because they are covering these guys not Marshall,Andre or Fitz,we need to look out for Royal as well.To win this game our secondary needs to step up again and we need to get our running game back on track my boy Ronnie needs to prove these haters wrong give him the ball 20 plus a game will you.

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Mondo's lost his F******* mind in his old age...how he has a job; I have no idea.


I'd like to introduce you to a little thing called the follow up question.

Like say "given Hagan's performance in practice when will he be making regular starts?"

Just a thought.

Fishinator let me introduce you to my crank up your smartass.

easy fellas big game comin.can you say 4-4?

I think that Marshall is gonna get his yardage and catches, we just cannot cover big physical receivers. However outside of him I think we will plug the run and get pressure on Cutler, and Ronnie and Penny should have fun picking apart this putrid Denver Defense. Fins Win 31-21

What needs to happen with the big receivers against the Dolphin defense is a switch from a basic zone coverage to a trick using a form of the zone blitz. The bigger receivers against us have been able to use their bodies on quick slat routes to catch short passes and turn them into long gains by being physical. We can’t make our corners any bigger but we can mitigate the QBs ability to complete this pass…

Instead of the safety coming from over the top to help the corner on the slants we give the same look, except the strong safety charges the line and takes over for the OLB who sneaks back into the slant lane. The QB is forced to pull up or throw a potential pick. A quick slat is a timing pattern and there are not a lot of second looks or third looks because this is quick hitter. Once the QB has to reload a lot of bad things can happen for the offense.

The deep outs are another staple of the big receivers against smaller corners. On this one the help has to come from over the top with some heavy hits from the safeties. In conjunction with the zone blitz the coverage has to roll to the side of the big receiver with the free safety. The draw back of this especially if it is not disguised well is the offside corner is in man coverage. We don’t really have a shut down corner and that is why we don’t move to this coverage. It also gets a little more complicated against 3 and 4 receiver sets.


r u nuts ?

cut Penn, Ginn, W allen and J allen

the wk after Penn, Ginn, and J allen have breakout games
even W Allen got a pic

i agree an upgrade would be nice
but u play the hand u got
these players are under contract for a few more yrs
so cuttin them makes NO sense

if ur gonna post at least make a valid pt
or propose some sort of alternative

dont waste ppls time w slop on a blog

the fins are looking really good this year, and it must finally be fun to be a fan in miami but the broncos get back on track this week 28-14

Johnson had a few lucky catches and had to fight for the ball on more than one occasion, plus if the offense plays like it did last week and Ginn Jrs game wasn't a fluke, we should do just fine.

.Anyone Wanna Predict The Dolphin's Game Plan For This Week???....Think The Broncos Are Are.....Confident?? Ginn Is A Real Threat ..( At Least THIS Week..Thanks To LAST Week )Denver's Secondary Is Depleted AND..Pretty Bad.........Of The Two Teams Going Into This Game......Which One Is Worried?
Y'all Think That Cutler Isn't Scared Shitless Of Joey P.??......A Rookie Lineman???.....PLEASE??

......Sorry 'Bout That Second..'Are'...Boys & Girls

......OHH..When's The Last Time ...As' A Dolphin Fan...ANYONE Was CONFIDENT...In..The Current Administration's Approach?....It's Called PROGRESS! Not...Jimmy Joke,.. Not Wanny Spielman( We Shoulda LISTENED To The Chicago Fans!!!!)
Anyone Here Think That THIS Crew Would Trade A Second Round Pick For ........An AJ FEELY??
Hell?? Anyone Here..ANYONE...EVER THOUGHT There Would Be..WINS..VS..The Pats,..The Chargers,..AND..The 'Heralded' Bills??
...Enjoy The Ride Fellow Fin Fans....This Team Is Being Built The Right Way! Just Gotta Be A Little Patient.( I Know...It's Hard...Marino Spoiled All Of Us..)

..Oh.& I Think Ziggy & Patrick..Nail It Big Time. Big Physical Receivers..Simply..Overwhelm Our Secondary!.....'Ball Hawks,.Athletic..Blah Blah Blah..'..INTERCEPT THE GODDAM Ball??!!!

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