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Dolphins lead Texans 21-20 going into the 4th Q

The Dolphins and Texans traded touchdowns in the third quarter as Miami continues to cling to a 1-point advantage.

The Texans got a 12 yard TD catch from Andre Johnson to take a 20-14 lead. That came after Johnson caught a 61 yard pass to set up the score.

The Dolphins answered with a six-play drive that culminated with a 5 yard TD run by Ricky Williams to regain the lead.

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what the hell now we need a stop

hell ya roughing the punter

Definitely a coverage sack on that one. Flag on the play, but Brandon Fields was taken to the ground.

The running into the kicker was a five yard penalty and would not have given miami a first down. Sooo.

Texans get the ball.

Offense has dissappeared and the defense is now tired.

I thought that should be a roughing the punter call...he was extended..

oh well would have been nice

Miami's receivers not getting open today with rare exceptions.

way to jinx us CBS

The Dolphins haven't allowed a point in the fourth quarter this year. CBS says the Dolphins are the only team that hasn't.

about time we got to schaub

big stop!!

Dolphins hold on third down.

is CBS retarded greenwood plays for the texans

Thank God!!!! thanks for the jinx too CBS on the not allowing a point in the 4th thing...

ok...lets get a good drive and a td

Armando were not sheep, i prefferred not to be hearded from blog to blog...

Killer penalties...

offense needs to wake up

Flag on the Bess 25 yard return. That will go against the Dolphins.

Tyrone Culver, who I didn't even know was on the team, is called for the penalty.

Look for Miami to run that screen again that cobbs scored on

Texans are coming hard on every play, the screen will at least slow then down

Time for a nice long drive...Ronnie and Ricky time!!! Let's Go Fins!!!!

we need a touchdown badly

We'll see wildcat this possession to try and give the O a spark.

im calling it now deep to Ginn

Chase, it's not my call. And don't think of me herding you. think of me directing you with a happy smile on my face, like a happy policeman helping you weave through a detour.

I'm calling it now. handoff to Brown for 2 yards.

we need to throw it they know we are going to run it

Who is this Ginn guy everyone keeps talking about???

Deep to Ginn? Yeah right, I want in on that bet. Haven't seen that play all year

We need to run it, when they know we are going to run it. Right behind Jake Long.

just one man dreaming

wildcat time..

yeah every game we have played against the texans we have lost by three points or less. lets not have a repeat this game. lets put this thing away NOW!

Where's Fasano been? No catches.

no protection


leave a back in to help

first down over 7 yards never thought i would see it

Clutch throw to bess

Davone Bess makes a big play. And Pennington threw that ball despite getting hit low as he released.

Great throw Chad!!!!

why don't they the shot gun?

seems like bess and crowder are the only ones playing

This calls for another wrinkle, if the Dolphins have one, out of wildcat. This is the moment to do it right now.


run a screen pass, slow down the rush!!!!!!!!!

we need to get into a shot gun formation

i think ginn is the guy who has the second most receptions on the team..#19..the deep threat that we don't ever use

Good hard run Ricky!!!

The Dolphins need to convert. Really need this.

i'll take 4 that gives us 3rd and short


good job ED

we got ROBBED!

The initial mark was a first down, but it got marked backward.


too many 4th and inches my god!!!

f it go for it

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