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Dolphins lead Texans 21-20 going into the 4th Q

The Dolphins and Texans traded touchdowns in the third quarter as Miami continues to cling to a 1-point advantage.

The Texans got a 12 yard TD catch from Andre Johnson to take a 20-14 lead. That came after Johnson caught a 61 yard pass to set up the score.

The Dolphins answered with a six-play drive that culminated with a 5 yard TD run by Ricky Williams to regain the lead.

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That mark was going to get challenged either way, by whomever was unhappy by the mark.

Wasn't enough for the first down.

wrong time to challenge, we should have done this on the last series

How come Hochuli overrules that but we got screwed on the spot in the 3rd quarter?

They have to punt here. Scary. Leave it up to the defense

qb sneak no guts no glory

miami doesnt have a chance on this one.. bad challenge... this is gonna come back to bite us

ok guys do we go for it or punt

Line it up and run it when they inevitably say the replay was inconclusive...

Sneak it. No punts!!

keep running the end around with ricky, these 4th and iches are gonna haunt us.

It is not a first down, by the way. The guy had a foot on the 45 but the ball was at the 44.

You cannot score a TD, for example, by sliding in but having the ball at the 1 yard line. It is where the ball is.

agreed bad challange

BAD CHALLENGE. now we will only have one timeout left. shoulda just gone for it. hopefully they will move the ball up a little bit. maybe fourth and a foot

official from the far side overruling official on the short side on the spot???

there goes our second time out

Tony S. may have been trying to buy time...would have to take a time out anyway.

bad call, bad punt...F@%$!!!!

come on schaub win it for the phins throw another pick

don't play conservative on D.

why have we not gone for these short fourth downs!!! its gonna kill us. we better stop them

No-one can reasonably dispute it was a first down but the point is Hochuli didn't step in on an equally awful spot on the David Martin catch on 3rd and 9 that cost us...but he does on this one.

Hochuli screws it up again

6 inches!!! SNEAK.

We arent doing a very good job of managing this game

look like a rebuilding team today. the difference will be if we can hold on

punt ok d i know you are tired but crush their spirit

had to do it, field position is crucial, but the way we're playing, we're asking to lose this game. big sack needed here by porter

We are in the game in the 4th Qtr, much better than last year

Hochuli is apparently in the beginning stages of dimentia!!! Used to like the guy...

whovere has the ball last will kick the game winning FG

Good point steve...

thought we had our 3rd pick there

dang so close to the int

our secondary sucks

This drive has the feel of a win-lose proposition, doesn't it?

where is the D

Just no pressure at all.

Too many big plays given up by our D...i feel sick.

The D looks spent.

there is the cut back again. killing us.

figures no flag for holding guess the texans paid more than miami

Defense looks tired for some reason.

well took 3 plays to get past the spot we woulda converted our 4th down at

this sucks

the d is playing on fumes because the offense cant get a first down

right down the field without any resistance...how huge is our un-special teams play now???

Need a turnover

THE FAT LADY IS WARMING UP, FOR THE TEXANS.....an 0-4 TEAM and you can't even stop them........

will the texans commit another turnover

can we get a freakin stop..what is this a high school team..every damn play is over 10 yards long dammit

maybe brown misses?

Big 3rd down

We should have gone for it on 4th Down!!!

Sparano's first bad move in 3 weeks...should have gone for it on 4th. Now we have to come from behind anyways.

third down this is were we been our worse

parcells will rip the defense a new one this week. houston's having their way with us

does a 3rd REALLY MATTER

we should have had that

there it was, just missed the pick

Man these DB's suck,They mind as well let Texas score and give the ball back to Chad P.

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