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Dolphins lead Texans 21-20 going into the 4th Q

The Dolphins and Texans traded touchdowns in the third quarter as Miami continues to cling to a 1-point advantage.

The Texans got a 12 yard TD catch from Andre Johnson to take a 20-14 lead. That came after Johnson caught a 61 yard pass to set up the score.

The Dolphins answered with a six-play drive that culminated with a 5 yard TD run by Ricky Williams to regain the lead.

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renaldo hill can't catch

You absolutely have to make the INT. That is a game-winner.

Because they've been on the field all day Mando??? Nice hands Hill...

these are the dolphins i know and love

That was the turnover we needed.


Can Brown miss against us FINALLY?

whatch out for maybe a field goal fake

Kris Brown is a Dolphin killer every year.

cant believe he missed that. that cost us

Hill has butter hands. Should have intercepted that pass...now we're down 23-21!!!

got run your defense, have to throw to some wideouts now

if we lose by less than 3 again

We'll see how good this offense is now...

Not getting involved...

Defense could not stop these drives all day. Come on offense

where is the team that just ate the clock out last week ok we are down again long drive eat the clock up go PHINS

The Falcons copying the Wildcat.

excuse me, may we have some more wildcat please?

lot of mistakes today by everybody, shoulda went on 4th and 1, shoulda caught that pick, should not have challenged that play.....

that drop by hill is a metaphor for this game slipping thru our fingers, weve done everything to lose, time to drain the clock, and kick the game winner

How can anyone dispute we don't need a DB in the first round? Hill can't damn catch...it was the same against the Patsies. That was unbelievable


If you look at past Miami-Houston games, this one is exactly a replay. Close, down to the wire. And the team that gets the last break wins.

Lets not give up

camarillo is our best WR

Joel imitation is the Sincerest form of flattery

Ted Ginn is absolutely sleepwaling on his routes so far.

go no huddle boys

force the issue down field

I meant sleepwalking.

why won't they run the sreen again?

Ronnie under-used.

Ronnie has heart!

Ronnie makes his own 1st down.

Ronnie was completely uderused this game

First down. The Dolphins are so predictable out of the I formation. The run ALL the time out of that formation. A play-action pass would be awesome.

where's ricky damnit!!

wildcat hb pass right now!!

what a great run by Brown and only for two yards....blocking was not too great

We need to eat up the clock and give the D a rest

nice first down nice time comsuming drive so far

They can just sit on this short stuff. No threat downfield.

Our kicker has yet to be tested.

houstons DB's suck but i think our WR's are worse

Ginn was open deep on that last play. But the ball was out already.

for the love of god the wildcat !!!!

this is the game here on 3rd down


camarillo just saved us

Justin Smiley recovers the fumble.

what a gd gift!

Lucky Lucky Lucky

Fasano has butter fingers

heart attack if we win we are so so lucky

Ok, the Big NEEDS next year is a playmaker in our WR corp and the defensive backfield. We have no way to stop the top notch WRs outside of constant frontline pressure. QBs know they can throw with impunity.

What a huge, huge break. Greg Camarillo with the hit that caused the fumble.

dodged a f..kin bullet

thats one way to get a first down

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