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Dolphins lead Texans 21-20 going into the 4th Q

The Dolphins and Texans traded touchdowns in the third quarter as Miami continues to cling to a 1-point advantage.

The Texans got a 12 yard TD catch from Andre Johnson to take a 20-14 lead. That came after Johnson caught a 61 yard pass to set up the score.

The Dolphins answered with a six-play drive that culminated with a 5 yard TD run by Ricky Williams to regain the lead.

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It kills me when a couple people post how they are satisfied and then attack others who give their take or vent.Actually, we really don't want losers like you cheering for the fins,with your prozac feelings. Every game,every play,no matter what,we should be demanding the best from our players,coaches and fans. No real fin fan should ever settle for "next year" or "quit whining". I say these guys are pro's,all of them,and getting hefty pay for being one,including coaches and we (ticket paying fans) pay the bills. We should be mad, feeling pain,and the guys on the team should be feeling it too. You talked about playing sports, well when I am picking up guys to play on my team I sure would not want you people who are easy going satisfied, complacent losers. Go root for the jets ,please.

Why isn't Ginn returning kicks?? Does anyone know? Are they scared of him gettin hurt, or what?

Are you whiney little babies done?
Are you kidding?
This team was 1-15 last year, and i hear people bitching that this loss to the texans spells the end of our superbowl hopes. Are you F'ing kidding me?
This time was 1-15, and is now 2-3. That's a helluva turnaround. So put your pacifiers back in your mouths and root for the jets or something.
I'm glad I'm a phinfan in NY, i'd thrash the lot of you whiney little skirts, if i owned the dolphins i'd move the team as far away as you little traitors as possible.

I think people are just a bit upset because (realistically) we had this game. I think (IMO) had we gotten our asses handed to us, there'd actually be less pain...if that makes any sense.

I think people are just a bit upset because (realistically) we had this game. I think (IMO) had we gotten our hind-ends handed to us, there'd actually be less pain...if that makes any sense.

they coached scared. the pressure was on, the players played well, but the challenge was wrong, and not going for it was too, and they should have been aware the Texans wanted them to score quickly, they let Brown in the endzone, bad coaching, be aware of the clock.

so you are telling me that the guys in the locker room dont believe that they can make it to the super bowl,even now thats what they are shooting for,thats what drives them,you dont give up the quest ever. You are saying what a turn around cuz we have two wins,once again I would not be satisfied with two wins and no one,I repeat no one in that locker room is either. Please since you are in NY , just root for your jets,here, real fin fans hate to lose,we have a history of perfection and we are never satisfied,we want more.As far as the thrashin, big talk on a little screen, NY style right! GO MIAMI!WIN THE REST!


*eveyone knew the dolphins were gonna lose some more games this year, but it just came sooner than we thought an against a team that is much better than thier record shows. the texans led the colts by three scores in the 4th and only lost because of rosenfelds( x dolphin 3rd string qb. before that they went into overtime against a tough jags team.

*yes we did lose today but
keep in mind that the patriots also lost.

*even though our overall records are different the whole afc east is 1-1 in division games(except bills who are 0-0)

*if we win next week and the jets and patriots lose then our overall record will be tied 3-3.

* even though the bills are 4-1, they still have yet to play a division game and are currently 0-0 in the afc east


* The phins needed this loss right before the oct 14 trade deadline so they can really know what they should look for. what better time to have our weaknesses(DB's, WR's)exposed so that we can address them before its to late.

*first year head coach also took something from this game. TAKE THE CHANCE ON 4TH AND 1 WHEN AT MID FIELD! when the big tuna has his talk with him monday before practice i dont think we are gonna have that problem anymore.

* guys this was just a bad game. dont forget this was the same defence that shut down randy moss then a weak later shut down LT.
remember all those seasons that we would beat the monster patriots teams when no one else could. we wer'nt good, we just naturally play good against the pats. thats the same with the texans. they just naturally play good against us.


*if ronnie brown is averaging 5.1 yards by the end of the half then does he only have 6 carries in the first half.

*the coaching staff is trying to build rickies stock back up so he can be worth something in the future but lets face it. ronnies younger, more hungry and flat out better. they should not share equal carries. put the ball in ronnies hands on more 1st down plays and 3rd n short plays.

*chad is a very accurate QB but he needs to learn to look for the fisrt down marker. he threw too many balls to players that wasnt even close to the marker on third downs( which is y we only converted 2 out of 12. give the ball to ronnie on third and short

* chad is known for having a weak arm( which is why they didnt sling it on the last play of the game. it wouldnt have made it). even when cobbs was alone down the field he still had to stop and wait for the ball.

* so with the fact that penny isnt known for big plays but just accuracy, the ball should be in the hands of the guy who CAN make big plays. R.BROWN!( why does this guy only touch the ball 13 times is beyond me!)

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